The Best Episodes Directed by Catherine Morshead

The Bitter End

#1 - The Bitter End

Way to Go Season 1 - Episode 4

When Scott's troubles in the bedroom are exacerabated by his sexual harassment at work, he plans a special night for Julia. Joey falls off the gambling wagon and Cozzo has to pretend he's Jewish in order to satisfy a client's dying needs.

star 8.50
8 votes
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Who Am I, Really?

#2 - Who Am I, Really?

Ashes to Ashes Season 2 - Episode 8

After Alex catches an infection back in 2008, she knows the doctors think she wont pull through. Distance grows between Alex and Gene and their relationship is put under the greatest strain yet.

star 8.34
305 votes
Dead End

#3 - Dead End

Way to Go Season 1 - Episode 5

Scott and Cozzo force Joey to go to a gambling addicts group, only to have it backfire on their business. Cozzo decides to get healthy for his baby. Scott, in a desperate move to get Julia back, claims he's struggling with an addiction of his own - sex.

star 8.17
6 votes
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The Lodger

#4 - The Lodger

Doctor Who (2005) Season 5 - Episode 11

Location: Aickman Road Date: 2010 Enemies: Number 79B, Aickman Road There's a house on Aickman road with a staircase that people go up, but never down... To solve the mystery of the man upstairs, the Doctor must pass himself off as a normal human being, and share a flat with Craig Owens.

star 8.00
3870 votes
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Baby Blues

#5 - Baby Blues

Heartbeat (1992) Season 2 - Episode 8

Kate is treating a woman who is driven to despair by her inability to conceive. The woman later has a row with her husband and storms off. A young couple called The Doubleday's baby then goes missing and the mother suspects her mother-in-law of the kidnapping and a manhunt is launched for the snatched baby. However Kate realises that her patient is probably responsible for taking the baby. The baby is eventually returned by some hippies who have moved into the area. Meanwhile Greengrass buys a racehorse and starts training it up and down Aidensfield's main street to the annoyance of Blaketon who tries to think of an offence to be able stop him, but can't!

star 8.00
8 votes
The End of the Beginning

#6 - The End of the Beginning

Way to Go Season 1 - Episode 6

After Julia breaks up with Scott, he decides to get away and suggests the guys splurge on a corporate retreat at a beautiful hotel in the country. While there, Cozzo faces his body issues, Scott hooks up with his ex-girlfriend and Joey meets his childhood hero, an 80s TV star who asks Joey to help him die.

star 8.00
7 votes
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Four Friends and a Secret

#7 - Four Friends and a Secret

Four Weddings and a Funeral Season 1 - Episode 9

Maya struggles to tell Ainsley about Kash. Fearing their relationship may be getting too friendly, Gemma fires Duffy. Zara finds a way for Craig to reconnect with his daughter. Andrew has a surprising change of heart.

star 7.97
92 votes
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The Missing Link

#8 - The Missing Link

Ashes to Ashes Season 1 - Episode 4

CID investigate a murder, and discover a plot to sell stolen nuclear secrets to the Revolutionary Workers Front. When Gene and Alex get trapped in a secret Government facility at Edgehampton, the temperature rises.

star 7.94
349 votes
Episode 3

#9 - Episode 3

Downton Abbey Season 5 - Episode 3

Mary's secret assignation is very nearly blown, but Violet's quick thinking saves the day. Robert is left red faced and furious when things do not go as planned. The events surrounding Green's death come under scrutiny once again. Mrs Patmore is devastated when old wounds are reopened but Carson is unsympathetic. Branson receives an interesting proposition concerning the future of the Downton estate. A figure from Violet's distant past suggests she has buried secrets of her own.

star 7.92
1803 votes
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Found in Soho

#10 - Found in Soho

Ashes to Ashes Season 2 - Episode 1

When a dead man is found in a Soho strip club, it looks like a sex game has gone wrong. So when the deceased is discovered to be a police officer, Gene and Alex are ordered to keep the case under wraps.

star 7.91
307 votes
Episode 3

#11 - Episode 3

The Hour (2011) Season 2 - Episode 3

It is Christmas at Lime Grove and a time for much soul-searching. Kiki has gone missing and Hector's self-destructive behaviour spirals as Bel and Freddie search for the truth about what happened to her. Meanwhile, Randall tells Lix the real reason for his return but is she willing to dredge up a painful past?

star 7.90
236 votes
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Episode 1

#12 - Episode 1

Downton Abbey Season 5 - Episode 1

The story moves on to 1924, when the first ever Labour government heralds a sea change that is felt throughout the nation - nowhere more so than at Downton. A suggested plan for a war memorial unexpectedly pits Carson against Robert and Mrs Hughes. Young Jimmy the footman is the object of some unwanted female attention. Thomas gives Baxter an ultimatum. Branson's growing friendship with someone Robert considers quite unsuitable causes concern. After the tragedy she has been through, Lady Mary now seems ready to find love once more. Cracks appear in Edith and Tim Drewe's special arrangement as she struggles to keep her emotions in check - something which may have disastrous consequences for the entire household.

star 7.90
1965 votes
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Episode 3

#13 - Episode 3

Downton Abbey Season 4 - Episode 3

An extravagant house party at the Abbey gives the Crawleys a chance to reconnect with old friends. But some guests prove more welcome than others, and along with the celebrations come skulduggery and heartache.

star 7.86
2259 votes
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Episode 5

#14 - Episode 5

No Offence Season 1 - Episode 5

As Paul Abbott's procedural saga continues, there's no shortage of fresh problems for DI Vivienne Deering and her team. The police are readying a trap for the prime suspect in the serial killer case, but their best-laid plans soon come unstuck. The long-suffering law enforcers risk their operation being derailed entirely when a notorious child murderer's new identity is leaked online, so the team have to come up with a new approach - and fast.

star 7.85
325 votes
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Episode 2

#15 - Episode 2

Downton Abbey Season 5 - Episode 2

With the house recovering from the night’s dramatic events, Robert is faced with a very difficult decision. As Daisy continues to struggle with her studies, Mrs Patmore has an idea which might solve everything. Thomas has it in for Baxter. As Rose tries to convince Robert of the virtues of a wireless at Downton, Lord Merton continues his hot pursuit of Isobel. When Mary puts her reputation on the line, Anna is made a reluctant accomplice.

star 7.85
1803 votes
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Silent Scream - Part 3

#16 - Silent Scream - Part 3

Above Suspicion Season 4 - Episode 3

Conclusion of the detective drama based on Lynda La Plante's novel. It seems as though egos may get in the way of solving the brutal murder of film star Amanda Delany. Langton continues to suspect his colleagues - but will he get the confession he is after? Meanwhile, Travis, who is always determined to get a result quickly and is in the running for an accelerated promotion, follows her instincts independently of the team. Will her complete devotion to the force lead her down a dangerous path?

star 7.81
102 votes
The Bloody Mary

#17 - The Bloody Mary

Pennyworth Season 2 - Episode 7

While Alfred prepares to depart England for good, Bet and Peggy Sykes set out to rescue their old friend Lord Harwood from imminent danger.

star 7.79
368 votes
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Amy's Choice

#18 - Amy's Choice

Doctor Who (2005) Season 5 - Episode 7

Location: Upper Leadworth / The TARDIS Date: 2015. Enemies: The Dream Lord , The Eknodine It has been five years since Amy Pond last travelled with the Doctor, and when he lands in her garden again, on the eve of the birth of her first child, she finds herself facing a heartbreaking choice – one that will change her life forever. They will have to choose which is the dream world and which is reality.

star 7.77
3515 votes
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Episode 4

#19 - Episode 4

The Hour (2011) Season 2 - Episode 4

Freddie and Bel's bond deepens as they make startling discoveries about the extent of Soho club-owner Cilenti's influence. Yet when a contact's life is endangered, Bel fears they've gone too far. Hector confronts old demons with Laurie - will he upset his team and protect his best friend? Lix and Randall receive uplifting news.

star 7.77
227 votes
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Silent Scream - Part 2

#20 - Silent Scream - Part 2

Above Suspicion Season 4 - Episode 2

Second episode of the detective drama based on the novel by Lynda La Plante. After missing a promotion, it seems that Langton is conducting his own investigation into his trusted team. Meanwhile, Travis is determined to uncover the secrets that Amanda's old housemates hold. When one dies of a drug overdose, the team begin to hunt down the dealer, hoping to find answers. With Kelly Reilly, Ciaran Hinds, Shaun Dingwall, Michelle Holmes, and Celyn Jones. AD SUB

star 7.73
104 votes
Episode 4

#21 - Episode 4

Downton Abbey Season 4 - Episode 4

Amid the fallout from the eventful house party, Mary faces a pressing question about her future. Carson reveals surprisingly intimate details of his former life, and a trip to the bright lights of London sees Rose put the reputation of the Crawleys in jeopardy.

star 7.73
2110 votes
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Episode 3

#22 - Episode 3

No Offence Season 1 - Episode 3

Racial tensions in the area are on the rise when an Asian woman is murdered in what is suspected to be a racist attack. An undercover operation is organised to bring the prime suspect to justice. Deering is finally allowed to resume her place on the serial killer investigation, but time may be running out for her team to catch the murderer, as Dr Peep is convinced that he has missed his fix and will strike again very soon.

star 7.72
347 votes
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#23 - Traitor

Ashes to Ashes Season 2 - Episode 7

CID find a body buried in concrete as they investigate a drugs drop at a building site. Alex thinks she is getting better and will soon wake up in her own time. Working on the case though starts to clash with her wish to be back home.

star 7.71
246 votes
The Hangman's Noose

#24 - The Hangman's Noose

Pennyworth Season 2 - Episode 8

While Salt sits down with the League to discuss peace, Alfred confronts Gully to do the same. And Martha finally comes clean to Thomas about her dilemma.

star 7.70
360 votes
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Episode 2

#25 - Episode 2

No Offence Season 1 - Episode 2

Deering and her squad lose the serial killer case to Maclaren's team after Dinah becomes personally involved with Cathy Calvert, the girl who survived the attack. As recriminations fly, the cops spot a chance to redeem themselves when a lethal new street drug has the locals dropping like flies.

star 7.70
385 votes
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The Business End of Things

#26 - The Business End of Things

Way to Go Season 1 - Episode 2

When the guys' second client deems their assisted-suicide operation amateurish, Scott drags his bumbling group to a business seminar, where things get even more unprofessional. Joey, meanwhile, still owes money to his lender and, as punishment, has to sadistically punish someone else.

star 7.67
9 votes
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Episode 1

#27 - Episode 1

No Offence Season 1 - Episode 1

DC Dinah Kowalska discovers a pattern in the deaths of two young women and realises Friday Street Station has a twisted serial killer on its hands. With a third girl already missing, the officers - led by the capable but unstable DI Vivienne Deering - face a race against time to rescue her.

star 7.55
493 votes
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A Chilly Reception

#28 - A Chilly Reception

Heartbeat (1992) Season 3 - Episode 5

A local woman is getting prepared for her wedding, but someone it seems is trying to sabotage the event. An old boyfriend of the woman's then turns up still expressing feelings for her. The church is then sabotaged and Nick and Kate find that the culprit for the recent acts of sabotage is the bride to be's old boyfriend. A old friend of Greengrass' turns up and passes on to him a load of stolen sea food, which Claude then sells to the bride's family for the reception, which gives the her father food poisoning. Meanwhile, Kate's aunt Eileen pays her a visit telling her that she has some money that her Uncle Henry had left to her in his will. Kate initially refuses it, which puzzles Nick. Kate later explains that when she was young she found her uncle in bed with another woman, and he then tried to bribe Kate into not telling her auntie. However Eileen tells Kate that she was aware of her husbands affairs and lived to accept it. Kate then accepts the money and donates it to charity in me

star 7.55
11 votes
Love Chalet

#29 - Love Chalet

Four Weddings and a Funeral Season 1 - Episode 5

Following their spontaneous night together, Maya and Duffy try being more than friends. Craig becomes obsessed with Zara's reality show. Ainsley meets an exciting new client who could help save her business, as well as the client's ex-husband, Bryce.

star 7.45
62 votes
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The Be-All and End-All

#30 - The Be-All and End-All

Way to Go Season 1 - Episode 3

Scott dances on the edge when he falls for Julia, his first client's beautiful daughter, but has to keep her from discovering his assisted-suicide business. Meanwhile, Cozzo's wife, Debbie, becomes suspicious after finding Cozzo's large wad of money. And the guys make a dirty old man's final wish come true.

star 7.43
7 votes
An American in Aidensfield

#31 - An American in Aidensfield

Heartbeat (1992) Season 3 - Episode 9

An American motor cyclist called Charlie, turns up at the police house having just had an accident. Kate, who has been forced to move her surgery to the police house temporarily, is able to fix him up. Nick is in bed with the flu and gets little time to rest. A local, Korean war veteran is angered when he learns that the American is a draft dodger, avoiding fighting for his country in Vietnam. This angers the veteran who then picks a fight with him in the pub. Then Charlie's bike gets damaged. Charlie fixes the bike and the war veteran then tries to force Charlie off the road, but he himself ends up in a ditch. Meanwhile Greengrass acquires a couple of classic English motor bikes, claiming he wants them for a regimental museum, but in fact sells them to Charlie. Gina who falls for Charlie is tempted when he offers to take her down to London.

star 7.40
15 votes
Witch Hunt

#32 - Witch Hunt

Heartbeat (1992) Season 4 - Episode 2

Insp. Crossley suspects an old woman of being responsible for an attack of food poisoning, but Kate soon discovers it was due to something entirely different - arsenic poisoning from old wall paper. Nick points out to Blaketon that the Insp. hasn't been keeping CID fully informed which soon puts an end to his presence in Ashfordly. The police are also surprised to discover that their new Inspector is a woman - Insp. Merchison!

star 7.40
10 votes
Over the Hill

#33 - Over the Hill

Ashes to Ashes Season 1 - Episode 6

An armed robbery leads Gene to Chas Cale, a criminal he tried to bring down in Manchester. But when Chas reveals his alibi, Gene begins to wonder if he is past his prime as a DCI. Alex sends Ray and Chris undercover at the local pub in order to solve the case.

star 7.40
253 votes
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Lights, Camera, Wedding

#34 - Lights, Camera, Wedding

Four Weddings and a Funeral Season 1 - Episode 6

Ainsley doubles down on her fight with Craig; Duffy stumbles on a secret love letter that gives him hope; Kash considers taking the next step with Fatima.

star 7.37
68 votes
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#35 - Pregnant

Threesome Season 1 - Episode 1

Alice turns 30. The three have a drug-addled threesome. Alice gets pregnant. She and Mitch decide to get rid of it. Mitch changes his mind. Mitch and Richie race to stop Alice at the clinic. More happens but that would spoil it before you see it.

star 7.36
195 votes
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Silent Scream - Part 1

#36 - Silent Scream - Part 1

Above Suspicion Season 4 - Episode 1

Film star Amanda Delany has the world at her feet. The tabloids cannot get enough of her and she in turn cannot get enough of the spotlight. Then, when she arrives home late one evening from a night shoot, Amanda puts the key in her front door for the last time. The next morning, the press gathers on her doorstep - but this time the journalists are reporting on her brutal murder. DI Anna Travis is shocked by what she finds out about the actress - especially the truth behind Amanda's glamorous public image. For all her fame and fortune, it seems Amanda Delany was lonely, damaged and afraid.

star 7.36
140 votes
Treading Carefully

#37 - Treading Carefully

Heartbeat (1992) Season 4 - Episode 11

Nick and Kate's relationship is really put to the test. Nick is slacking in his work, whilst James that her quality of work has also reduced. Nick confides in Blaketon and James is there for Kate to talk to about their problems. Kate tells Nick she is pregnant but he is a lot more keen than she is and is upset when she suggests bringing up the baby on her own, because of their ‘unworkable marriage'. Kate ends up performing first aid on top of a church roof, and Nick is annoyed at her for taking the risk going up there, but she informs him simply that its ‘her job'. Later the situation is reversed when Nick arrests a man with a knife. In the final scene Kate tearfully realises the baby and their marriage is most important and is upset to think she may have ruined her and Nick's special time, but Nick comforts her, telling her everything will be all right and the couple make up happily.

star 7.27
11 votes

#38 - Liamday

Shameless Season 3 - Episode 1

When five year-old Liam denounces religion at his RC Primary School and is subject to a home-visit by his teacher and the local priest, sister Debbie has to think fast. But shaving his head and pretending that he is dying of cancer is NOT one of Debbie's better ideas. In fact, by the time the rest of the Gallagher clan realise what's going on and try to set the record straight, the news has leaked out into the wider community and Debbie's lie lands the family in true Gallagher-style catastrophe. Could things get any worse for Debbie?

star 7.25
239 votes
Reckless Driving

#39 - Reckless Driving

Ashes to Ashes Season 2 - Episode 2

The team is on the hunt for major vehicle thief Jed Wicklow, but when a car chase leads to his death, Gene stands accused of causing it through reckless driving. Alex is adamant that there was something wrong with Jed at the wheel and wants to prove that the crash wasn't Gene's fault. The deceased Jed was a Romany gypsy, and hostilities run high on the camp as CID heavy-handedly try to uncover the circumstances of his death. But in an investigation that's already met with resistance, someone in the police force also appears to be standing in their way.

star 7.14
272 votes
The Beginning of the End

#40 - The Beginning of the End

Way to Go Season 1 - Episode 1

Scott, fresh off being dumped by his girlfriend, helps prevent his brother Joey from being killed by money-lenders by reluctantly agreeing to an offer to assist the terminally ill man across the hall with his suicide. Scott employs his friend Cozzo to help build the machine that will do it. But Cozzo, whose prying wife Debbie is a police officer, decides that if he's going to take the risk, they should turn assisted-suicide into a business.

star 7.11
38 votes
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Crime Management

#41 - Crime Management

The Bill Season 13 - Episode 27

DI Chris Deakin has a word to DS John Boulton about his team's informants. Boulton has done pretty well, but DC Tosh Lines hasn't recruited a snout for months. Under pressure, Lines tries to recruit Karen Walsh, the wife of the victim of a recent attack which he'd investigated, but she refuses to grass on her husband or his associates. Lines puts pressure on the Walshes' landlord Pat Beresford who he believes was responsible for the attack, and is delighted when Beresford contacts him offering information.

star 0.00
0 votes