The Best Episodes Directed by Andy Ackerman


#1 - Wedding

Andy Richter Controls the Universe Season 1 - Episode 6

The gang goes out-of-town to a co-worker's wedding and are all put in compromising positions. Jessica and an obnoxious mailroom worker get together, and Andy mysteriously ends up in bed with Byron.

star 9.80
64 votes
Crazy in Rio

#2 - Crazy in Rio

Andy Richter Controls the Universe Season 2 - Episode 7

Freddy Pickering inherits control of Pickering Industries. But Andy and the gang wonder if Freddy should be in control of anything.

star 9.80
64 votes
Holy Sheep

#3 - Holy Sheep

Andy Richter Controls the Universe Season 2 - Episode 4

Byron has become a follower of Zumanism, which worships a giant, stunningly beautiful sheep. Meanwhile, to prove she's not shallow, Jessica tries to ignore the appearance of an otherwise great guy.

star 9.60
35 votes
Grief Counselor

#4 - Grief Counselor

Andy Richter Controls the Universe Season 1 - Episode 2

Everyone arrives at work Monday morning to an awful odor.

star 8.87
71 votes
Little Andy in Charge

#5 - Little Andy in Charge

Andy Richter Controls the Universe Season 1 - Episode 3

Andy's gorgeous new girlfriend makes a bigoted remark, and late-night partying becomes Jessica's MO for business success after a good meeting on no sleep.

star 8.87
70 votes
The Second Episode

#6 - The Second Episode

Andy Richter Controls the Universe Season 1 - Episode 4

Andy finds yet another officemate named Andy, and meets neighbors who idolize him from his frat days.

star 8.85
66 votes
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#7 - Pilot

Andy Richter Controls the Universe Season 1 - Episode 1

Andy finds his once private office is now to be shared the new Technical Illustrator to Andy's writings, a very timid and somewhat peculiar Byron.

star 8.71
77 votes
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Teenage Cheerleading

#8 - Teenage Cheerleading

I Hate My Teenage Daughter Season 1 - Episode 10

Sophie and Mackenzie try out for the cheer squad, but when Sophie gets picked and Mackenzie doesn't, this causes friction between the friends and mothers. Meanwhile Matt and Gary need to cut the worst player from their basketball team, Jack.

star 8.52
44 votes
The Soup Nazi

#9 - The Soup Nazi

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 6

While on their way to the "soup place" Elaine finds an antique armoire she wants. George makes a mistake while trying to get his soup from the "Soup Nazi." Elaine isn't allowed to move her armoire into her building, so Kramer offers to watch it for her, out on the street. George and Elaine discuss how annoyed they are by Jerry's sweet-talking with his current girlfriend, especially their calling each other "Schmoopie." Elaine makes an ordering error in front of the "Soup Nazi," gets on his bad side and is banned for a year. In broad daylight and in Kramer's presence, two "tough" guys come along and take Elaine's armoire. Kramer relates the story of the armoire to the "Soup Nazi," who says he has an armoire in the basement that Kramer can have. Jerry's girlfriend makes a faux pas in the "soup place" and Jerry disavows any knowledge of her. George confronts Jerry and reminds him about their pact. George and Susan see Jerry and his girlfriend at the diner and they begin to compete against each other. Susan appreciates that George is finally showing his feelings in public. Kramer gives Elaine the armoire and tells her where he got it. Elaine goes to thank the "Soup Nazi" but gets even further on his bad side. Jerry discovers the armoire contains the "Soup Nazi"'s recipes and Elaine takes them for her final confrontation with the "Soup Nazi."

star 8.41
1750 votes
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One and a Half Men

#10 - One and a Half Men

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 3 - Episode 10

Christine tries to control her hormones when her gynecologist says she may be entering perimenopause.

star 8.40
130 votes
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As Fate Would Have It

#11 - As Fate Would Have It

Wings Season 3 - Episode 22

The gang accompanies Helen to Boston after she lands a gig with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Caught up in a heavy storm and their fate uncertain, Helen recounts the bizarre way in which they got to that point.

star 8.37
78 votes
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#12 - Frasier

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 22

Christine realizes that one reckless evening may have jeopardized her chance to begin dating Mr. Harris.

star 8.36
99 votes
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The Real Thing

#13 - The Real Thing

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 18

Trying to send an e-mail to Barb about Mr. Harris, Christine ends up sending it to all the parents from school, nearly costing him his job.

star 8.36
101 votes
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Ritchie Scores

#14 - Ritchie Scores

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 12

Richard want Ritchie to learn the value of competition and male bonding, and signs him up for soccer. Christine disagrees, but then has her own competitive urges when fighting with Richard for attention from Mr. Harris.

star 8.35
103 votes
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Let Him Eat Cake

#15 - Let Him Eat Cake

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 14

Jealous that New Christine benefits from all the positive qualities she instilled in Richard during their marriage, Christine spites her by revealing to Richard that she gave New Christine the idea for the birthday gift she gave him.

star 8.35
98 votes
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What About Barb?

#16 - What About Barb?

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 10

Christine has trouble working with Barb at the gym and feels pressure at home to find a nanny for Ritchie when Richard is unavailable to care for him due to a trip with New Christine.

star 8.34
105 votes
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Undercover Brother

#17 - Undercover Brother

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 16

Christine finds out Richard's brother is gay, but not until after sleeping with him.

star 8.33
102 votes
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Faith Off

#18 - Faith Off

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 19

When Christine learns that Richard has been hired to remodel "meanie mom" Lindsay's bathroom, she can't help but intervene to make sure he doesn't screw up the job and risk their reputation at Ritchie's school. Additionally, she and Richard are at odds over which of them gets to be the one to give Ritchie the sex talk.

star 8.31
96 votes
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#19 - Crash

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 11

When Christine's environmentally-friendly hybrid car and Marly's gas-guzzling monster SUV hit one another, it becomes a bigger dispute than simply who hit whom. While her car is in the shop, Christine is forced to go against her principles and rent a luxury SUV when no other car is available.

star 8.30
107 votes
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#20 - Friends

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 21

On their way to Ritchie's desert camping trip, Christine, Richard, Matthew, and Barb stay at a seedy motel and get on each others' nerves.

star 8.25
102 votes
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Playdate with Destiny

#21 - Playdate with Destiny

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 7

Christine's attraction to Ritchie's teacher causes a scene at a school fund-raiser--especially after she wins a playdate with the man.

star 8.25
115 votes
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Separation Anxiety

#22 - Separation Anxiety

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 5

Barb moves in with Christine after deciding to divorce her husband. This forces Matthew into Ritchie's room, where he discovers his nephew has some odd habits.

star 8.25
114 votes
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Bahamian Rhapsody

#23 - Bahamian Rhapsody

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 5 - Episode 1

Christine and Matthew fly to the Bahamas to get Barb an illegal visa after she was arrested by immigration during Richard and New Christine's wedding ceremony.

star 8.23
141 votes
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My Big Fat Sober Wedding

#24 - My Big Fat Sober Wedding

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 20

The stresses of going to a wedding with Richard and Barb are multiplied by Christine's agreeing to be designated driver, depriving her of some much-needed alcohol.

star 8.23
99 votes
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A Decent Proposal

#25 - A Decent Proposal

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 4 - Episode 1

Christine offers to marry Barb to help her stave off deportation. Meanwhile, Richard looks to pop the question to New Christine.

star 8.22
103 votes
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A Fair to Remember

#26 - A Fair to Remember

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 1 - Episode 13

Christine volunteers to help out at Ritchie's spring carnival and while there, she runs into the mean moms -- Marly and Lindsay -- who are clucking over the attractive father of a new student at Westbridge. Christine is excited to learn that the hot dad is her ex-boyfriend, Burton, but her hopes of re-igniting their romance are shot down when she learns Burton has a new girlfriend.

star 8.22
141 votes
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#27 - Popular

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 3 - Episode 3

Roles reverse when Christine's dubbed a "meanie mom" by a father at Ritchie's school who finds Marly and Lindsay to be to his liking.

star 8.21
105 votes
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#28 - Traffic

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 3 - Episode 4

Ritchie's soccer match leaves Christine running late for an event she's supposed to be attending with Mr. Harris.

star 8.20
95 votes
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Endless Shrimp, Endless Night

#29 - Endless Shrimp, Endless Night

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 13

Christine can't help but meddle in Matthew's love life when she meets his ex-girlfriend at a party. Meanwhile, Richard hopes to get Ritchie enthused about his contracting job.

star 8.19
108 votes
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Sleepless in Mar Vista

#30 - Sleepless in Mar Vista

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 15

Christine finds out her new sleep medication caused her to embarrass herself over the phone.

star 8.19
108 votes
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Do the Right Thing

#31 - Do the Right Thing

Becker Season 5 - Episode 2

John tries desperately to persuade Chris that he chose to be with her before he learned that Reggie was leaving town, but Chris doesn't believe him. Also, Jake and Bob decide to follow in Reggie's footsteps and get out of town, and Margaret and Linda try to find out the identity of a man who claims he is a former patient.

star 8.19
184 votes
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Oh God, Yes

#32 - Oh God, Yes

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 4

Ritchie goes to church with Richard and new Christine without consulting his mother first, leaving old Christine to explain and explore her aversion to organized religion.

star 8.19
106 votes
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The Other F Word

#33 - The Other F Word

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 1 - Episode 6

Concerned about the uniformity of Ritchie's schoolmates, Christine takes it upon herself to help diversify the student body at his private school.

star 8.17
156 votes
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Mission: Impossible

#34 - Mission: Impossible

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 9

After Richie begins showing more interest in spending time with Richard and then does a bad job on his school homework project, Christine contemplates bailing Richie out in an attempt to win him over again.

star 8.16
113 votes
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#35 - House

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 3 - Episode 7

Christine finds herself forced to feign happiness when she covets the house Richard and New Christine have purchased.

star 8.14
126 votes
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Activate Your Choices

#36 - Activate Your Choices

Becker Season 1 - Episode 15

When Becker learns that his ex-wife Sandra is in town for a book signing tour, he feigns disinterest until he learns that chapters of her new self-help publication denounces "Angry Man," a pseudonym for Becker. When Becker confronts Sarah at her hotel, it becomes abundantly clear that their explosive chemistry remains fiercely intact.

star 8.12
228 votes
The Mole

#37 - The Mole

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 5 - Episode 3

Old Christine finds a suspicious mole on her left breast, and overreacts, thinking shes dying. Meanwhile, Richard tries to negotiate with New Christine regarding their house.

star 8.12
139 votes
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Snakes on a Date

#38 - Snakes on a Date

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 4 - Episode 4

Christine has been burning the candle at both ends -- working hard and trying to be a good mom. Ritchie decides he wants to join the reptile club at school and tells Christine all she needs to do is get the permission slip in on time. When Christine realizes that she's forgotten yet again, she asks the Reptile Guy (Jeffrey Tambor) to make an exception. He says the only way he'll consider is if Christine will go on a date with him. As creepy as he is, Christine is determined not to let Ritchie down, and so she complies.

star 8.10
105 votes
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Becker the Elder

#39 - Becker the Elder

Becker Season 1 - Episode 13

Becker is less than thrilled when his estranged father, Fred, makes an unannounced visit. Although Becker is unhappy to see his father, the others are instantly charmed by Fred's easygoing, jovial manner. Despite Becker's chilly welcome, Fred refuses to give up on resuming contact with his polar opposite son.

star 8.10
230 votes
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One Toe Over the Line, Sweet Jesus

#40 - One Toe Over the Line, Sweet Jesus

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 1 - Episode 4

Richard learns from a gloating Matthew that Christine is out enjoying her fifth date with a new beau, Burton, so he does what any self-respecting ex-husband would do: he sabotages the happy couple's goodnight kiss and insults Burton with lawyer jokes. But when he tries to make it up to them by inviting Christine and Burton to dinner with him and "new" Christine, his best-laid plans go awry.

star 8.09
232 votes
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Some of my Best Friends Are Portuguese

#41 - Some of my Best Friends Are Portuguese

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 1 - Episode 12

Shut out once again by the cliquey, judgmental moms at Ritchie's school, Christine runs into a down-to-earth working woman, Belinda, who invites her over for a drink after work. Belinda's job, however, isn't quite the type of position Christine expected her to hold, which throws yet another wrinkle in her attempt to fit in with the other school parents.

star 8.08
143 votes
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The Bizarro Jerry

#42 - The Bizarro Jerry

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 3

Kramer uses a bathroom in an office building and just begins working there. He is "TCB." Elaine sets Jerry up with a friend who is very beautiful, but she has "man hands." George uses a picture of her and passes her off as his dead finance Susan; that gets him into the "Forbidden City" where high priced models hang out. Elaine meets Kevin and some of his friends; they are the exact opposite of Jerry, George and Kramer. With Kramer working, George inside the walls and Elaine hanging out with Kevin, Jerry begins to feel alone.

star 8.08
1497 votes
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How I Hate Your Mother

#43 - How I Hate Your Mother

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 4 - Episode 2

Richard begs Christine for the return of her old wedding ring which was an heirloom from his mother, in hopes of giving it to new Christine when he proposes.

star 8.07
109 votes
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Long Days Journey Into Stan

#44 - Long Days Journey Into Stan

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 1 - Episode 7

Following Christine's breakup with Burton, everyone expects Christine to fall apart emotionally, but she insists she is fine and looking forward to spending time with her best friend: "me." But after being humiliated while dining out alone, Christine realizes she really did care for Burton, which drives her even crazier.

star 8.05
154 votes
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Beauty is Only Spanx Deep

#45 - Beauty is Only Spanx Deep

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 3 - Episode 2

Insecurity over a waitress flirting with Daniel sends Christine to a plastic surgeon's office.

star 8.05
105 votes
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Burning Down the House (1)

#46 - Burning Down the House (1)

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 3 - Episode 8

Christine hopes acting a bit more wild will stop Barb thinking she's uncool.

star 8.05
134 votes
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Choose Me

#47 - Choose Me

Becker Season 1 - Episode 9

When Reggie announces that she has an extra ticket to a Rangers-Flyers hockey game, Jake and Becker each makes it his primary goal to be chosen as the lucky recipient.

star 8.04
263 votes
We're All the Same, Only Different

#48 - We're All the Same, Only Different

Andy Richter Controls the Universe Season 2 - Episode 1

Andy and his co-workers compete for the finders fee offered to the person who brings a new writer into the company, which is said to be looking for a "person of color".

star 8.03
66 votes
Women 'n Tuition

#49 - Women 'n Tuition

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 8

Christine makes sacrifices so she can pay for Ritchie's school tuition.

star 8.03
115 votes
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The Hypocratic Oath

#50 - The Hypocratic Oath

Becker Season 2 - Episode 13

John's waiting room turns into a maze of boxes when Linda orders too many supplies; Reggie becomes attracted to a much younger student and Margaret learns that a former patient died and has included her in her will.

star 8.02
207 votes
Between a Rock and a Hard Place

#51 - Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 3 - Episode 5

Christine tries to get over breaking up with Daniel. Matthew learns the source of his intimacy issues is not his mother, but Christine.

star 8.02
106 votes
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The Switch

#52 - The Switch

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 11

Elaine lets a potential employer borrow Mr. Pitt's tennis racket, but the injury suffered may ruin her chances, especially when she must get his racket back. Jerry's girlfriend never laughs, but he meets her roommate who does, so Jerry decides he would like to make "the switch." George's model girlfriend may be bulimic. He needs proof, so he meets Kramer's mother, who's a bathroom matron. While there he finds out Kramer's first name, Cosmo. Kramer decides it is time to be himself and begins to use his first name. George has the perfect plan for "the switch," a menage a trois.

star 8.02
1401 votes
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The Author

#53 - The Author

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 5 - Episode 6

The competition for attention between Ray and Robert reaches an all-time high with the brothers ending up in a fight. Ray's dreams of authoring a sports book get squashed when the publishing company takes a pass on it, just as Robert receives the good news that he is being promoted to lieutenant. The Barone family doesn't quite know how to react to this most bizarre of situations in which Ray has failed at something while Robert has succeeded. But worst of all, Ray doesn't know how (or if) he's ever going to get past this.

star 8.02
376 votes
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The Big Bang

#54 - The Big Bang

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 3 - Episode 1

Christine and Mr. Harris try to establish a relationship before having sex, but Barb gives her pause. Matthew is horrified when he sees his med school cadaver was a neighbor.

star 8.01
112 votes
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Come to Papa Jeff

#55 - Come to Papa Jeff

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 3

Christine is stunned to find out the man she's seeing, New Christine's father, is also a grandfather.

star 8.01
145 votes
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The Invitations

#56 - The Invitations

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 24

As the big day grows nearer, George and Susan order their invitations. Susan lets him choose the cheap ones. George tries to think of a way out. Elaine suggests smoking and Kramer suggests a pre-nuptial agreement. Jerry, thinking of a single future with Kramer, nearly gets hit by a car but is saved by his female equivalent, Jeannie. Jerry thinks he is in love with Jeannie. Kramer tries to cash in on a bank's offer of a $100 if one of their tellers doesn't say hello. Is "Hey," hello? George tries the suggestions and strikes out. Susan begins preparing the invitations. Jerry makes a decision. Susan passes out while licking envelopes. Jerry proposes marriage; later he has second thoughts. George finds Susan and the gang meets him over at the hospital, where George gets the news, he's out. Free at last, George makes another attempt at Marisa Tomei.

star 8.01
1147 votes
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#57 - G-Word

Whitney Season 1 - Episode 20

Whitney and Alex make a surprise visit to Neal's apartment and discover that he appears to be on a date. Whitney invites the gang to dinner so Neal can share his news with Lily.

star 8.01
387 votes
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The Jimmy

#58 - The Jimmy

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 19

The guys play a game of basketball with "the Jimmy," a man who talks about himself in the third person. Jimmy sells odd shaped training shoes and George is an interested investor. Fresh from the gym, he attends a Yankees meeting about thefts, during which he sweats profusely. Jerry goes to the dental office and discovers they now carry Penthouse in the waiting room. Elaine gets tickets to a benefit for the AMCA (Able Mentally Challenged Adults) featuring Mel Torme, the "Velvet Fog." Elaine tries to meet a handsome guy at the gym, but instead talks with "the Jimmy," who makes the date for himself. On a follow-up visit to the dental office, Jerry feels the dentist and his hygienist may have lived out a fantasy during his time in the chair, the type of thing you might read in Penthouse. Kramer has a visit to the dentist complete with Novocain, later while wearing a pair of Jimmy's shoes, winds up getting a him a seat at the main table of the benefit.

star 8.00
1360 votes
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The Race

#59 - The Race

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 10

Through his current girlfriend, Lois, Jerry meets an old rival, who suspects that he cheated in a high school race and he wants a rematch with Jerry to prove he was faster. Elaine is put on a "blacklist" for Chinese food delivery and finds out her boyfriend is a Communist. George responds to a personal ad in a Communist newspaper while at work, when Steinbrenner hears about it, he wants to see George in his office. Through his friend Mickey, Kramer becomes a department store Santa, who later spouts out Communist propaganda.

star 7.99
1437 votes
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The Pothole

#60 - The Pothole

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 16

Elaine wants to have some Chinese food delivered, but lives just outside the delivery zone. In order to fool the delivery man, she pretends that the janitor closet in the building across the street is her apartment. The trouble is the landlady mistakes her for the janitor. Kramer joins the "adopt a highway" program, but his methods are a little unorthodox. Jerry's new girlfriend uses a toothbrush that had fallen into the toilet, which causes him more trouble than he could have imagined. George loses his keys, and by the time he finds them, they're buried at the bottom of recently filled pothole.

star 7.98
1221 votes
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The Cadillac (1)

#61 - The Cadillac (1)

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 14

Jerry surprises his parents by buying them a new Cadillac, when his last job really pays well. Kramer, who now knows how much Jerry makes, says it will change their relationship. It certainly changes his relationship with Elaine, she's interested again. George reconsiders his engagement when one of Elaine's friends tells him that she could have set him up with Oscar winning actress, Marisa Tomei. The cable company wants to see Kramer and he takes the opportunity to get revenge on them. George wants to meet Marisa for a cup of coffee, even when Elaine's friend is in the hospital with a heart condition. Jack Klompus accuses Morty of embezzling funds to pay for his new Cadillac.

star 7.97
1066 votes
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The Chicken Roaster

#62 - The Chicken Roaster

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 8

George reveals a strategy to guarantee a second date with women - leaving an object behind at their place. However, this strategy gets Elaine into trouble, when George leaves behind a sable hat she shouldn't have charged to the Peterman expense account. Meanwhile, the red neon sign of a new Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant beams directly into Kramer's apartment. Jerry and Kramer then switch apartments, and end up switching personalities as well.

star 7.97
1493 votes
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Hello Giggles

#63 - Hello Giggles

Whitney Season 2 - Episode 4

Whitney's reaction is less than heartwarming when Alex falls off a stage while speaking at his alma mater; R.J. tries to teach Mark about chivalry.

star 7.97
341 votes
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The Yada Yada

#64 - The Yada Yada

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 19

George's girlfriend is big on using the phrase "yada yada"; Jerry says at least she is succinct. Jerry's dentist just became Jewish and he is already making jokes that make Jerry uncomfortable. Kramer and Mickey double date but they can't decide which of the women is right for them. Elaine is a character reference for a couple who is trying to adopt; a story she tells during the interview destroys all hope of adoption. George drops by Jerry's dental appointment. Mickey and Kramer continue to fight over who gets Karen or Julie. George determines that his girlfriend might be leaving out some significant details with her overuse of the phrase "yada yada." He gets her to fill in the details and discovers more than he wants to know. Jerry confesses to a priest about what he thinks about Tim's conversion. George drops by Jerry's confession. Kramer decides on the right woman and Mickey also decides to make his a commitment. Tim hears about Jerry's dental joke. After hearing Jerry's complaints about Tim, Kramer accuses Jerry of being an "anti-dentite." Elaine lobbies on behalf of Beth and Arnie and makes a sacrifice to try getting them a child. Meanwhile, Beth comes to Jerry for help when her marriage is falling apart. It does and she accompanies Jerry to Mickey's wedding where she reveals an unknown side of her personality.

star 7.96
1338 votes
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Stew in a Stew

#65 - Stew in a Stew

Wings Season 3 - Episode 14

Fay is understanding when Joe tells her he won't be able to give her a raise but when she sees the brothers gloating over a pair of new leather flight jackets, she is outraged and quits.

star 7.96
49 votes
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This Old House

#66 - This Old House

Wings Season 3 - Episode 15

The news that the Hacketts' old house has been condemned due to storm damage has the two brothers reminiscing about their childhoods.

star 7.96
48 votes
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#67 - Twins

Andy Richter Controls the Universe Season 2 - Episode 2

Andy suspects Jessica is being shared by twin brothers. Wendy volunteers to nurse Byron back from an injury.

star 7.95
66 votes
The New Adventures of Old Christine

#68 - The New Adventures of Old Christine

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 3 - Episode 6

Christine hesitantly allows New Christine to arrange a blind date for her and finds her intuition against the idea was spot on.

star 7.95
128 votes
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Burning Love

#69 - Burning Love

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 5 - Episode 2

A trip with Barb to retrieve some of Richard's things sees Matthew worry that New Christine isn't letting out her feelings over the wedding fiasco. Meanwhile, Christine and Richard meet up with some of their friends from college and are shocked to see how badly they've aged.

star 7.95
142 votes
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The TorMentor

#70 - The TorMentor

Becker Season 3 - Episode 21

John is excited when he learns that his favorite college professor from Harvard is coming to town. But when John meets him, he's shocked to discover that the man doesn't remember him.

star 7.95
261 votes
Man Plans, God Laughs

#71 - Man Plans, God Laughs

Becker Season 1 - Episode 6

Becker's attempt at friendship is short lived; with Margaret at home with the flu, the flaky Linda is left in charge of the office; Reggie receives an unwelcome visit from a former high-school classmate.

star 7.94
221 votes
Lost in Transition

#72 - Lost in Transition

Whitney Season 2 - Episode 12

Whitney's half-sister visits to discuss a life-altering decision; Alex and Mark try to cheer a depressed R.J.

star 7.94
274 votes
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Charity Begins in D Block

#73 - Charity Begins in D Block

Andy Richter Controls the Universe Season 2 - Episode 12

After seeing how much charity work Byron, Keith, and Wendy do, Andy and Jessica feel guilty, so they join a program to help prisoners channel their rage into writing.

star 7.94
64 votes
Teach Your Children Well

#74 - Teach Your Children Well

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 1 - Episode 8

Christine feels pressured to throw an extravagant party for Ritchie's 9th birthday, his first involving other children from his new private school. Recoiling from sticker shock after meeting with a ritzy event planner, Christine decides to have an arts and crafts party at her home, with mixed results.

star 7.94
80 votes
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Drive, They Said

#75 - Drive, They Said

Becker Season 1 - Episode 20

Becker reluctantly agrees to shuttle Reggie, Margaret, Jake and Linda to various engagements in Queens when they learn that he's heading that way in his car. It quickly becomes a "what-was-I-thinking" scenario for the gang when Becker's terroristic skills behind the wheel cause an accident. Even More Shameless Crossover Monday winds up when Dr. Becker returns to his office waiting room to find Hilton Lucas, Doug Heffernan and Ray Barone -- side-by-side -- waiting.

star 7.94
238 votes
Another Wedding

#76 - Another Wedding

Wings Season 4 - Episode 21

The crew is invited to the wedding of the air traffic controller.

star 7.93
46 votes
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The Wig Master

#77 - The Wig Master

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 19

Jerry uses Elaine to prove that a sales clerk is wrong about his looking at an expensive jacket. Elaine is picked up by the clerk. George has an unwanted house guest, a wig master for the touring company of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." He also has found a parking lot that charges $75 dollars a month; Kramer decides to put his car there. Unfortunately, he leaves his apartment key there. When he can't get his key, he is allowed to borrow a pink Cadillac. Jerry is convinced the clerk is working Elaine. George discovers why the lot is so cheap, he finds a used condom in his car and is asking a prostitute for information, just as Susan approaches. George discovers that he may have an out with Susan; she says she must be able to trust him and have no doubts. Kramer stays at Jerry's apartment. Elaine has a walking stick she lets Kramer have. Jerry tries to return his jacket, but discovers that "spite" isn't a viable reason. Kramer is allowed to borrow the back up "Electric Color Dreamcoat." Jerry is put out, when both sexes assume he isn't in a relationship with the person he is with (Elaine in one instance, the Wig Master in the other). Kramer finds a fuzzy white hat. With all the parts put together, his new ensemble is a sight to behold, just ask the NYPD after he is caught pulling a prostitute out of his borrowed car.

star 7.93
1276 votes
The Pool Guy

#78 - The Pool Guy

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 8

Elaine has tickets for a historical clothing exhibit and realizes that she has no female friends; Jerry suggests that she ask Susan. Kramer suggests that is the wrong move and that George's worlds will collide. Jerry meets his pool guy outside a movie, and then he can't get rid of him. George is worried by Elaine wanting to get to know Susan, then he finds out it was Jerry's idea. Kramer's new phone number is similar to a film information line. When Kramer keeps getting wrong numbers, he begins giving out the information for movie show times a la "Moviefone."

star 7.93
1332 votes
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The Corpse-Sniffing Dog

#79 - The Corpse-Sniffing Dog

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 3 - Episode 7

Over a makeup dinner with the Braudys, Larry openly ponders the question, "When a husband pays the check, do you have to also thank the wife?" Meanwhile, Jeff's return home is ruined by his allergy to the family's corpse-sniffing German Shepherd, but his daughter Sammy refuses to give away the dog. Concerned about his agent's welfare, Larry figures out an ingenious way to give the pooch to the Braudys, who are looking for just such a dog.

star 7.93
795 votes
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The Passion of the Christine

#80 - The Passion of the Christine

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 1

Since "New" Christine broke up with Richard, he's been spending a lot of time at her house, leading Ritchie to believe that his parents are back together. When Christine tells Richard that Ritchie told this to his new teacher, Mr. Harris, Richard suggests that they give their relationship another try.

star 7.93
152 votes
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The Roast That Ruined Them

#81 - The Roast That Ruined Them

Becker Season 2 - Episode 17

Annoyed that they never hang out with other people, Becker's girlfriend, Liz, makes him throw a dinner party. Becker invites the gang, although only Reggie and her date attend -- a college boy she worries is too young for her -- unless you count the complete stranger with whom Becker seems to have the most in common.

star 7.92
171 votes
The Show Might Go On

#82 - The Show Might Go On

Andy Richter Controls the Universe Season 2 - Episode 6

Andy finds out that the reason Wendy moved to Chicago was to pursue her dream of singing, but her career hasn't taken off. When Wendy decides to quit singing and pursue her other dream of marriage and a family, Keith, put on the spot about their relationship, conspires with Andy to help Wendy's singing career.

star 7.92
64 votes
The Maid Man

#83 - The Maid Man

Andy Richter Controls the Universe Season 2 - Episode 8

Andy sleeps with Jessica's cleaner causing Jessica to replace her with an old married couple recommended by Byron.

star 7.92
63 votes
I'll Show You Mine

#84 - I'll Show You Mine

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 1 - Episode 5

After 10 dates, Christine faces a critical moment in her relationship with Burton. Will she or won't she? Let him in the house, that is, to meet her son, Ritchie. She eventually relents, only to be thrown for a loop later.

star 7.92
225 votes
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The Happy Couple (2)

#85 - The Happy Couple (2)

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 3 - Episode 9

Christine tries to forbid Barb and Matthew from letting a night of passion bloom into a full-blown relationship.

star 7.91
132 votes
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The Abstinence

#86 - The Abstinence

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 9

George's girlfriend has mononucleosis and he can't have sex with her for six weeks. Elaine's met a doctor who's almost gotten his license to practice. Jerry agrees to appear at career day at his former junior high school, first he is bumped and then there is a fire drill. Kramer lights up a cigar in Monk's and is asked to leave. He meets others on the street who face his dilemma so he opens up his apartment as a smoking lounge. Jerry's agent gets him an assembly at the school. George's lack of sex makes his mind sharper. Elaine learns how much her doctor boyfriend doesn't know about medicine. She uses George's technique to help him study to get his license, but in the process she becomes an idiot. Jerry struggles to figure out how to fill two hours in front of a junior high crowd. George uses his new found intellect to give batting advice, speaks Portuguese and prepares a presentation for Jerry's assembly. Kramer sees his lawyer about a case against the tobacco company, smoking has destroyed his looks. He gets a settlement without Jackie's input. George calculates the odds of scoring with a Portuguese waitress. Elaine's boyfriend gets his license and leaves her sexless.

star 7.90
1473 votes
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The English Patient

#87 - The English Patient

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 17

A woman mistakes George for her boyfriend Neil, a guy who looks just like him. This intrigues George; he wants to meet Neil. Jerry is going to Florida to help his parents move. Kramer asks him to pick up some Cubans from his cigar guy and also gives him a T-shirt. Elaine and her boyfriend see "The English Patient"; she absolutely hates it and that makes her unpopular and dumped. Jerry's dad gets the T-shirt, #1 Dad, that he is very proud to wear, despite its small size. At his parents' exercise room, Jerry meets Izzy, an 80-year-old man who can't stand to lose; he challenges Jerry to a weightlifting competition; "It's go time!" He throws his back out again and again. Kramer's Cubans arrive; they're real people and not the cigars that Jerry thought he would be getting. George is overly obsessed with Neil, to the point where he is missing out on Danielle. Jerry is back in New York, where Izzy has returned to see a back specialist. Though Kramer's Cubans are really Dominicans he tries to pass them off as "Cubans" anyway; it doesn't work. Elaine's dislike for the film alienates her from everyone. When she tells Peterman that she hasn't seen the film, he immediately takes steps to correct the situation. Jerry meets the rest of Izzy's family all of who are fiercely competitive. He finds work for Kramer's "Cubans." Elaine still hates the movie, but must go to the Tunisian desert to live in a cave to save her job. Kramer thinks his unemployed Dominicans, whom he educated about communism, are planning to revolt; later they do. George gets a last word on Neil when Danielle makes a decision between the two of them.

star 7.90
1199 votes
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The Puerto Rican Day

#88 - The Puerto Rican Day

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 20

The gang tries to get back into town after leaving the Mets game early in the 8th inning, the Mets are down 9 - 0. On the highway they run into trouble with a maroon Volkswagen Golf. George comments on a new movie he saw about the Hindenburg disaster and the clever comment he made during a quiet moment after the explosion. As they approach 5th Avenue traffic slows down and music can be heard, they realize they have forgotten about the Puerto Rican day parade. Elaine worries about getting home and seeing 60 Minutes as part of her weekend wind down. Kramer spots a way out if Jerry can worm his way over to the right. They almost make it over until they reencounter the maroon Golf. Elaine bails out of the car to find alternate transportation. George bails out of the car when he spots a theater screening the Hindenburg movie; he decides he wants to repeat his glory. Elaine decides the cab she hired isn't working, so she bails out of the cab, only to have it start moving again and again. George's attempt to be funny at the movie is undermined by a guy with one of those funny laser pointers. Kramer suggests that he and Jerry abandon his car. The laser pointer guy (a lousy prop comic) gets all the laughs as George's line bombs and he is humiliated. Kramer cuts a deal with the maroon Golf they are go to get access to the short cut when Jerry makes an apology wave. George returns to the car with the red dot of a laser pointer appearing all over parts of his body. Jerry rescinds his apology wave just as he is about to pull in the alley; Elaine arrives back at the same spot in her cab. Jerry's apartment is seen, but no one is home. Elaine seeks an alternate way home. Kramer seeks a bathroom. Elaine works her way over to the parade route and looks for a way across. She leads a group of people on an escape route underneath a reviewing stand ala The Poseidon Adventure. Kramer spots an apartment for sale and poses as H.E Pennypacker, a wealthy industrialist, to get access to a bat

star 7.90
1160 votes
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The Little Kicks

#89 - The Little Kicks

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 4

Elaine reluctantly lets George attend a party she is throwing at work. "Sweet fancy Moses" exclaims George when he sees Elaine dance at a party she's holding for her employees. She wonders why they've lost respect for her. Jerry gets 2 tickets to a premiere of a film. Kramer asks him to get an extra ticket for his friend Brody. Elaine thinks the loss of respect might be due to George's influence, so she makes him off limits to Anna, one of the women George talked to at the party. That "bad boy" image makes him all the more desirable. Jerry and Kramer attend the film with Brody, who begins to make a bootleg tape. Brody gets sick and has Kramer take him home, leaving Jerry to finish making the tape. Jerry worries about the implications when Brody likes him camera work and asks him to do another film. However, he complains about the quality of Kramer's work. Elaine finds out the truth about her dancing after she tapes herself. Elaine apologizes to Anna and George, which suddenly makes him undesirable. Brody won't meet Jerry's demands for equipment; George takes on the challenge, but gets arrested. Frank comes to bail him out and Elaine lets him know the truth about his son. Elaine's dance becomes a big hit on the streets of New York.

star 7.90
1456 votes
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Exit Laughing

#90 - Exit Laughing

Wings Season 4 - Episode 11

Helen dates a guy with an annoying laugh. Antonio has trouble with his jerk neighbor.

star 7.90
51 votes
The Rumor

#91 - The Rumor

Becker Season 2 - Episode 14

A rumor starts that John is dying when he suddenly begins eating healthy food and tries to control his temper.

star 7.90
203 votes
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Scriptus Interruptus

#92 - Scriptus Interruptus

Becker Season 1 - Episode 11

Becker agrees to write an article for a fellow doctor's medical journal, but has trouble finishing the project. With the article's deadline quickly approaching, Becker tries desperately to find a place to sit and hash out the piece. Unfortunately, he can't seem to acquire five minutes of quiet time before something or someone finds a way to interrupt his concentration.

star 7.90
284 votes
The Finale (1)

#93 - The Finale (1)

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 23

Jerry and George discuss the movies and George's desire to get his fifteen minutes of fame. Kramer is off to the beach. Elaine calls a friend, whose father is in the hospital, with her cell phone; Jerry and George tell her that is a social faux pas. Jerry gets a message from NBC that they want to talk about the pilot. So Jerry and George go to meet with the new vice president of programming, who is interested in turning their pilot into a 13 episode series. Jerry and George begin to make plans to move to California. Jerry interrupts Elaine's phone call to her friend to tell her about the NBC deal. When he finds out what she did, he tells her that was an even greater faux pas than the cell phone. Jerry and George's parents are excited by the news about the NBC deal. NBC offers Jerry & George a perk, free use of one of their private jets to anywhere they want. Kramer returns from the beach, but has a little bit of water trapped in his ear. Kramer warns they'll never come back from LA, "she's a seductress." Hey! He did. The foursome decides where they want to take the private jet. They finally decide on Paris. As they are ready to leave, Elaine plans to call her friend again; Jerry tells her it is not right to rush that kind of phone call. Elaine avoids a faux pas. Newman begs to be brought along, when Jerry denies him, he vows to be there at Jerry's day of reckoning. The private jet, except for George who wanted the one Ted Danson would have gotten impresses everyone. With water still in his ear, Kramer tries to get it out mid-flight. He stumbles into the cockpit and the plane starts going into a crash dive. During the descent, George confesses he cheated during "the contest" and Elaine and Jerry are about to tell each other something important, when the plane corrects itself. The plane puts down in the small town of Latham, Massachusetts for a checkup. The foursome goes into town and debates about if they are going to get back on the plane. They witness the robbery

star 7.90
997 votes
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Everyone Says I Love You Except Ritchie

#94 - Everyone Says I Love You Except Ritchie

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 4 - Episode 5

Christine is distraught when Ritchie stops saying "I love you" to her. When she reveals her distress to Matthew, she also admits that she's been sleeping in Ritchie's room every night. Matthew tells her that if she's not careful, Ritchie will end up like him -- he can't go to sleep without talking to their mother. They spend the night helping each other break these habits.

star 7.90
107 votes
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The Wait Out

#95 - The Wait Out

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 23

After George makes an off-hand remark to a married couple with a rocky relationship, Jerry and Elaine wait in anticipation of their inevitable separation. Elaine sports a new hairstyle, starts driving again and almost makes Jerry car sick. Kramer starts wearing jeans again. The jeans are much too tight, so tight in fact, that he can't get them off when he really needs to. Elaine and Jerry make plans to move in on the separated couple, which they do. George feels guilty about breaking up the marriage and wishes to undo the damage. Jerry and Elaine physically oppose this action. David returns the off-hand remark to George in the presence of Susan. She tells George she has to think about some things- he thinks it is his ticket out.

star 7.90
1174 votes
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The Burning

#96 - The Burning

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 16

Elaine thinks that Puddy is religious because of the presets she discovers on his car radio. The first idea George presents at a Kruger project meeting goes over great, his follow up suggestion isn't as well received. Jerry suggests that George use the old showmanship trick of leaving on a high note. Elaine tells George and Jerry about her suspicions; George suggests that she reset his radio presets as a test. Kramer and Mickey get an acting gig playing sick for some medical students. Jerry's girlfriend, Sophie, calls him with the familiar "it's me" greeting only he doesn't recognize her voice. George leaves a Kruger meeting on a high note. For their acting job, Mickey gets bacterial meningitis and Kramer has gonorrhea. Elaine confirms that Puddy is religious. Kramer picks up on the showmanship idea and really plays up his gonorrhea part. Sophie leaves an "it's me" message on Jerry's answering machine. George suggest he call her back with the "it's me" greeting. Sophie doesn't recognize Jerry's voice and thinks he is someone else; Jerry discovers that she hasn't told him about the tractor story. Puddy doesn't have a problem with Elaine not being religious, after all he is not the one who's "going to hell." George and Jerry speculate on what the tractor story is. Elaine begins to worry about going to hell. Kruger throws everyone off the project because they are boring, so now George is the only other member of the project team. Kramer receives rave reviews for his portrayal of gonorrhea, but now he feels he has been typecast. Jerry sees a scar on Sophie's leg and assumes it was from a tractor accident. George finds that he has to do all the actual work on the project as Kruger keeps making excuses and doesn't do any actual work. Puddy wants Elaine to steal a paper, after all she is already going to hell and he doesn't seem to care. Kramer takes Mickey's ailment. Elaine and Puddy seek the advice of a priest about where their relationship is going. Sophie tries to tel

star 7.90
1283 votes
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The Gymnast

#97 - The Gymnast

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 6

George and Kramer convince Jerry he'll be missing out on something if he stops dating a Romanian Olympic gymnast. Jerry and Kramer find out about one of George's bathroom habits. Kramer must pass a kidney stone. The mother of George's girlfriend sees him eat something out of a trash bin, later cleaning a windshield & one of his bathroom habits. Elaine's boss becomes obsessed with finding the image in a 3-D painting, so he sends her to represent him in a huge merger deal.

star 7.89
1588 votes
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Open Water

#98 - Open Water

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 1 - Episode 3

When Christine learns that her close friends, Barb and Pete, are responsible for introducing Richard to his "new" Christine, she allows them to set her up on a blind date of her own. After a series of unsuccessful dates, she finds the possibility of love in the strangest of places. Meanwhile, Matthew takes Ritchie to swimming lessons.

star 7.89
244 votes
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The Engagement

#99 - The Engagement

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 1

Jerry and George reevaluate their relationships with women, so they make "a pact" to change their ways, though Jerry doesn't know it. Elaine has a problem sleeping in her new apartment because of a nearby constantly barking dog; Kramer recommends a solution. George gets back with Susan, his former girlfriend from NBC; he asks her to marry him, and after a couple hours of convincing she says yes. Kramer, his solution (Newman) and Elaine commit a dognapping and take the dog far out of the city. Jerry breaks up with his girlfriend again; however, George is now trapped in his relationship with Susan, almost to the point where he is married already. Elaine almost gets a good night of sleep.

star 7.89
1364 votes
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The Naked Truth

#100 - The Naked Truth

Wings Season 3 - Episode 1

After a ten month silence, Joe hears from Helen in New York City. Learning she has failed in her music endeavors, he convinces her to come back to Nantucket but doesn't mention that he has a new girlfriend.

star 7.89
53 votes
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Das Plane

#101 - Das Plane

Wings Season 3 - Episode 17

Joe is pleased to learn that the ticket he donated to the children's hospital's charity event brought in a huge sum. However, an error on the ticket force Joe and Brian to fly a cranky old passenger on a cross-country trip to find his long-lost brother.

star 7.88
51 votes
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Blackout Biggins

#102 - Blackout Biggins

Wings Season 4 - Episode 4

Roy complains out loud about the singing of the national anthem at a Red Sox game; he believes he could do far better. So with Brian's connections in the Sox front office, Roy is given the chance to sing at Fenway. Roy responds by blacking out while doing the national anthem at the game.

star 7.88
51 votes
Mathers of the Heart

#103 - Mathers of the Heart

Wings Season 4 - Episode 5

Lowell becomes enamored with Helen when she kisses him on the cheek for fixing her oven at the lunch counter. He convinces her to go on a date but it doesn't go as he imagines.

star 7.88
50 votes
The Chinese Woman

#104 - The Chinese Woman

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 4

Jerry and Elaine see George's father with a man with a cape but don't say hello. Jerry discovers a Chinese woman on George's phone line after the wires get crossed and he gets a date with her. Kramer gets worried about his sperm count, so he goes to a fertility clinic and then makes a change in his choice of undergarments. Elaine ruins her friend Noreen's latest romance with a long talker. The Chinese woman turns out to be Jewish and from Long Island. Estelle gets advice about her relationship with Frank from the Chinese woman, but discounts it when she meets her. George's life is made miserable when his parent's separate.

star 7.88
1527 votes
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The Answer is Maybe

#105 - The Answer is Maybe

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 2

Richard tells Christine that the reason he has good luck with women is that he "says yes to life." When Christine meets a good-looking man after paying a surprise visit to New Christine, she decides to break out of her mold and says yes when he asks her out to dinner.

star 7.88
148 votes
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Codependence Day

#106 - Codependence Day

Whitney Season 1 - Episode 13

In an effort to help Whitney earn some money, Roxanne hires her to be her assistant and office spy. Willing to do anything to help Roxanne, Whitney befriends Lindsay, the assistant to Roxanne's nemesis, and goes out of her way to appeal to her. Meanwhile, alone at home Alex takes it upon himself to do a little reorganizing. Elsewhere, Mark, who is dealing with a girl problem, enlists the help of Neal and Lily.

star 7.87
416 votes
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The Fusilli Jerry

#107 - The Fusilli Jerry

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 21

Estelle is getting an eye job. Kramer gets his new license plates from the DMV, but the plates say "ASSMAN." Jerry is disturbed when he finds out his mechanic used his "move" on Elaine while making love to her. Kramer makes a statue of Jerry out of fusilli pasta and he makes the most of his new license plates. Jerry confronts his mechanic and later requires his services. Frank becomes the unwitting victim of one of those "freak" accidents proctologists are always telling stories about.

star 7.87
1479 votes
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The Frogger

#108 - The Frogger

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 18

Elaine is confronted with cake from two separate birthday celebrations. She is tired of the forced socializing, so she calls in the sick the following day. Jerry & George are going to their old high-school hangout for one last slice of pizza. Kramer was at the police station where he obtained some caution tape used for crime scenes and also hears about a serial killer that is on the loose in the Riverside Park area. At the pizza parlor, George discovers he still has the high score on the old Frogger video game. Elaine's co-workers give her a cake to celebrate her return to work from being sick, she refuses to take part in any future celebrations. Jerry goes out with Elaine's friend Lisi, but she is a "sentence finisher, it's like dating Mad-Libs." George decides to by the Frogger machine, but Jerry asks him how he is going to move it and keep it plugged in to preserve the high score. Kramer discovers the last victim of the serial killer looked a lot like Jerry. George works to find a solution to his Frogger problem and Kramer volunteers the help of a man he knows named "Slippery Pete." Elaine misses the 4 o'clock sugar rush she had gotten used to from all the celebrations, so she decides to raid Peterman's refrigerator, where she finds a piece of cake. She finds out from Peterman that the piece of cake he has in his refrigerator is worth $29,000 because of its historical significance. The cake comes from the 1937 wedding of King Edward VIII. Jerry is looking to breakup with Lisi, but discovers that she lives in Riverside Park area. To avoid the serial killer, he takes Lisi back to his place where she finishes one of his thoughts that takes their relationship to the next level. Elaine tells Jerry and George about the cake and she also tells Jerry that Lisi is planning a weekend trip for them to Pennsylvania Dutch country. Jerry fears that Lisi received the wrong message as that kind of a trip is for a serious relationship. Elaine tries to even out Peterman's slice o

star 7.86
1435 votes
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The Betrayal

#109 - The Betrayal

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 8

Jerry, George and Elaine return from their trip to India that they don't want to talk about. Sue Ellen calls the wedding off and Nina doesn't want George or Jerry. George finds out that Jerry slept with Nina and Elaine slept with the groom. Kramer and FDR settle their score, a snowball with something extra. Jerry "schnapps" Elaine to find out why George is so bitter with him. Kramer tries to out wish FDR. Elaine, Jerry, George and Nina arrive in India, where Elaine discovers that the groom is someone she slept with and that they are the only people from the U.S. who are attending the ceremony. Kramer is angry with Newman because he didn't use his birthday wish to save Kramer from FDR. George "schnapps" Elaine to find out the secret Elaine is keeping about Jerry and Nina. Elaine buys tickets to India to spite Sue Ellen by showing up at her wedding. Kramer tries to get Newman to use his birthday wish to protect Kramer from FDR. Elaine finds that Jerry and Nina have just slept together. Elaine meets the parents of Sue Ellen's fiancé who try to convince her not to go to India for the wedding; after all they aren't even going. Jerry and Nina suffer an awkward pause in their conversation. Kramer confronts FDR about his birthday wish. Elaine's mail from India is an "unvitation" to Sue Ellen's wedding in India to someone whose name seems familiar to her. George asks Jerry to call Nina about setting them up on a date and realizes he must where his Timberlands every time he sees her. Jerry and George are walking down the street and they run into Nina and old girlfriend of Jerry's whom he never slept with. Kramer attends FDR's birthday and FDR gives him an evil eye right before blowing out the candles on his cake. Elaine receives an item in the mail from India. Two years earlier, Jerry tells George and Susan that Nina might be the one; Kramer nails FDR in the back of the head with a snowball; Elaine is dating an Indian man named Peter (Pinter). Eleven years earlier, new resi

star 7.85
1457 votes
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The Houseguest

#110 - The Houseguest

Wings Season 4 - Episode 19

Helen throws a surprise birthday for Nantucket's most unpopular resident, 70-year-old Carlton Blanchard, who threatens to become a permanent household fixture after suffering a fall in her home.

star 7.85
46 votes
Goodbye, Old Friend

#111 - Goodbye, Old Friend

Wings Season 4 - Episode 20

Weeb Gilroy's death has Lowell searching for the right words to eulogize his long time friend. Words fail him at the end and all he can think of is to finish working on the plane they built together.

star 7.84
49 votes
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The Little Jerry

#112 - The Little Jerry

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 11

Everyone makes a comment about a bad check of Jerry's that is on display at Marcelino's store. Through the Foundation, George gets the opportunity to visit a women's prison. He is disappointed when the facility doesn't meet his impression of what he thinks a women's prison is. He does however meet a convict that he decides to ask out. He enjoys the liberation that dating a convict offers. Kramer gets a new pet, a rooster that he names "Little Jerry Seinfeld"; of course he really wanted a hen for the eggs. Jerry's parents find out about the check and offer to send money. Elaine finds out her bald boyfriend once had a fine head of hair. She convinces him to start growing it back, but when he does he shows signs of hair-loss. He begins to feel despondent. George's dream relationship hangs on the brink, Celia's up for parole. Kramer enters "Little Jerry" in a cockfight that if he wins, Jerry's bad check will be taken down. George is a character witness for Celia's parole hearing; he testifies to try keeping her in. Jerry's bad check doesn't come down, because Marcelino wants Jerry to do something for him first. Kurt seeks hair-loss advice from George that causes him to propose to Elaine. Jerry and Kramer train "Little Jerry" for the big cockfight. George experiences "fugitive sex" when Celia breaks out after her parole was denied. Celia is tracked down and Kurt is mistaken for George. Marcelino brings a ringer in for the big fight; Kramer tries to save "Little Jerry" but pays the price.

star 7.83
1261 votes
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Everybody Loves Becker

#113 - Everybody Loves Becker

Becker Season 4 - Episode 24

The fourth season concludes with a romantic cliffhanger as Reggie and a new neighbor (guest star Nancy Travis) each vie for John's affection. Also, Linda takes Margaret out for a night on the town, which Margaret lives to regret.

star 7.83
216 votes
Lucky Day

#114 - Lucky Day

Becker Season 1 - Episode 21

A prime parking space, an unexpected tax refund and a flawless trip to the post office are just a few of the lucky breaks bestowed upon Becker. Unable to accept the idea that he might just be having a good day, he remains wary of each new stroke of luck and convinces himself that payback is on its way.

star 7.83
212 votes
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Labor Pains

#115 - Labor Pains

Wings Season 4 - Episode 13

When Lowell demands a raise from Joe and Roy, shrewd bargaining tactics by Antonio and Roy leave Lowell dejected and jobless.

star 7.83
47 votes
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The Nap

#116 - The Nap

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 18

George is tired and needs to take a nap while at work; he finds the perfect place, under his desk. Kramer has taken up swimming, but he finds the pool too constricting for his needs; he begins swimming in the East River. Elaine's date is worried about his back and hers; he sends her a mattress and she gets the wrong idea. She gives the mattress to Kramer. Jerry is getting new kitchen cabinets, but the contractor is constantly asking him questions. George gets Jerry's contractor to make some modifications for his desk, including space for an alarm clock. Steinbrenner is in George's office looking for him; he decides to wait for George to return. George gets Jerry to phone in a bomb threat in an effort to get Steinbrenner out of his office. After finding George under the desk, Steinbrenner thinks he has ESP and would be perfect to meet the terrorist's demand of a fitted hat day. Meanwhile, Jerry's contractor, left on his own, has made a change in Jerry's kitchen that no one likes. Elaine gets her mattress back when she gets the right idea; however, Kramer has fouled it up with the stench of the East River. Elaine's boyfriend discovers the benefits of swimming in the East River. Steinbrenner hears a ticking sound in George's office, thinks it's a bomb and calls in the bomb squad. Jerry decides he needs his old kitchen back. Elaine throws her back out trying to get rid of the mattress. Kramer's river gets crowded and George finds a new place to nap.

star 7.83
1186 votes
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The Pledge Drive

#117 - The Pledge Drive

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 3

Jerry comments that a friend was hitting on him and Elaine tries to find out if what was true, but gets the voice of the woman and her current boyfriend confused. Elaine's boss eats his Snickers bar with a knife and fork and idea that soon catches on. George thinks a waitress gave him the finger. Jerry gets caught throwing away a thank you card. Jerry cashes some old birthday checks from his grandmother. Jerry's working a PBS pledge drive and gets George to bring a Yankee to appear with him, while en-route to the studio, someone gives George the finger.

star 7.83
1701 votes
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The Shower Head

#118 - The Shower Head

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 16

Elaine gets a physical for a pending trip with Peterman to Africa. Her physical test results show positive for opium, so Peterman fires her. Jerry's parent are in seclusion in New York while biding time until they can move back to Florida. George tries to convince his parents to move to Florida. The shower heads in Jerry's building are being replaced with a new low-flow model; Newman finds a source for black market shower heads. The Seinfelds tell the Costanzas that there is no room for them in Florida that gives Frank all the incentive he needs to move. George is delighted. Elaine finds the cause of her opium addiction and finds a donor for her next physical. Jerry makes a joke on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno at the expense of Uncle Leo and he pays the price for making fun of the family.

star 7.82
1245 votes
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The Champ

#119 - The Champ

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 2 - Episode 6

Christine runs into Stan again and is unable to resist him, despite her best efforts. She asks Matthew to help keep Stan away from her, but her brother is having attraction issues of his own--his latest girlfriend refuses to leave.

star 7.82
139 votes
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The Blood

#120 - The Blood

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 4

Jerry has an encounter with an Exacto knife and ends up having an infusion of 3 pints of Kramer's blood infused into him because Kramer decided to store his blood. Jerry's parents buy him sessions with personal trainer, Izzy, who's going to help him work off his spare tire because they are concerned with his lack of exercise. George decides that adding television and food to his equation will make sex even better. Elaine visits her friend Vivian and is disappointed when Vivian implies that she isn't responsible enough to watch her son Jimmy, so she works overtime to prove how responsible she is.

star 7.82
1384 votes
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Small Wonder

#121 - Small Wonder

Becker Season 3 - Episode 22

John takes an out-of-shape patient (Alan Blumenfeld) to a gym to work out, but the man has a heart attack there and then sues John; Linda dyes her hair blonde and suspects that's the reason people think she's dumb.

star 7.81
240 votes
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#122 - Supertramp

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 1 - Episode 2

When Christine learns that Richard and "new" Christine are enjoying an intimate relationship, she becomes determined to make her own conquests. After several failed attempts to meet eligible men, she finally runs into a guy named Stan at the grocery store. Unbeknownst to Christine, Stan is a father at Ritchie's school who is known as "Sad Dad."

star 7.81
275 votes
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Larry Spoke

#123 - Larry Spoke

Becker Season 1 - Episode 14

Becker copes with a patient who believes he can talk directly to God; Linda decides to keep a jacket mistakenly returned to her by her dry cleaner.

star 7.81
259 votes
Sex in the Inner City

#124 - Sex in the Inner City

Becker Season 1 - Episode 3

Despite his best efforts, Becker can't escape the sexual overtones that follow him throughout the day. He starts his morning at the cafe where Reggie and Jake are discussing the various things they do to release sexual tension. When Reggie suggests jogging, Becker quickly dismisses the idea, declaring that he doesn't have any such issues. As his day progresses, a bemused Becker is faced with various circumstances that make him all too aware of his sex life -- or, rather, lack thereof.

star 7.81
325 votes
Indoor Fun With Sammy and Robby

#125 - Indoor Fun With Sammy and Robby

Cheers Season 8 - Episode 19

Rebecca dreams of a perfectly romantic day with Robin. Robin on the other hand has dared Sam to a series of adolescent challenges.

star 7.81
158 votes
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The Stork Brings a Crane

#126 - The Stork Brings a Crane

Cheers Season 8 - Episode 6

Lilith spoils Rebecca's elaborately planned celebration of Cheers' 100th anniversary by going into labor.

star 7.80
134 votes
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The Voice

#127 - The Voice

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 2

George's employer wants to get rid of him, since they now know he isn't really handicapped and they don't like him. He has a one-year contract with Play Now that he will make sure they honor by him showing up for work every day. Jerry and George mock the sounds the Jerry's girlfriend Claire's stomach makes during the night. Jerry envisions the belly button as the mouth and the sound the stomach makes its voice. Because of the "bump into" Jerry tells Elaine that she is destined to backslide into her relationship with David Puddy, she bets him $50 that she won't. The next day Jerry discovers that Elaine didn't go home last night, he accuses her of seeing Puddy. She says the sex they had was an isolated incident. Jerry agrees but the dinner they also had was more of a commitment, he demands that she pay up. Kramer is tired of seeing all his ideas implemented, because all the little day to day incidental things keeps getting in his way and keeping him realizing his ideas. He gets an intern from NYU to help him out with Kramerica Industries; the corporation he had previously setup to develop some of his ideas. With this help he'll be freed from the day-to-day activities and be able to develop his ideas, such as the oil tanker bladder. Meanwhile, George is fighting the siege mentality that he is encountering at work and Elaine just can't get Puddy off her mind. No matter what the obstacle, George endeavors to occupy his office. Jerry tells Claire about the voice and she leaves him. The university takes Kramer's intern away from him. Claire says they can get back together if he won't do the voice ever again, he decides the voice is worth it. Unfortunately, everyone is tired off the voice. Elaine pays ups and they decided on a double or nothing bet. The intern comes back on his own because he believes in Kramerica. Play Now tries to negotiate with George, but he won't give in. Later, he offers his office and one of their rubber balls to allow Kramer to test his oil bladder

star 7.80
1472 votes
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The Apology

#128 - The Apology

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 9

Jerry's girlfriend walks around his apartment naked; she even eats breakfast and plays Scrabble naked. An old friend of the gang named Jason is going through Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and is currently working on step 9, where you make amends to individuals for past wrongs. George is anxious to receive Jason's apology for the humiliating neck-hole incident. Elaine is offended when her co-worker, Peggy, can't tolerate Elaine's germs, but easily tolerates the germs of other people. Kramer discovers he's been taking too long in the shower, so he tries to make some changes to his shower routine. Jerry comes to realize there is good naked and bad naked, when he sees his girlfriend coughing. Jason stops by the restaurant to apologize to Jerry, but fails to apologize to George. George confronts him later, only to be humiliated some more. Kramer changes don't work out, so he asks for advice from Jerry and observes the men in the shower at a health club. Elaine confronts Peggy and gives her some germs. George tells Jerry how he can show his girlfriend the concept of bad naked using a belt sander. Kramer decides to live in the shower. George talks to Jason's sponsor, who recommends that he attend a meeting, only it's not AA, it's Rage-oholics Anonymous (RA). Jerry executes George's plan. After doing his dishes in the shower, Kramer decides he needs to add a garbage disposal to bathtub. Kramer calls on Puddy for installation advice. Elaine tells Jerry one of the problems with his body and why a naked male body isn't attractive. Puddy tells Elaine why her co-worker doesn't like her germs, she's a "germ-o-phobe," like he used to be ten years ago. He accompanies Elaine on a visit to Peggy to prove his theory. Jerry convinces his girlfriend to put on her clothes; however, he can only picture her naked and unfortunately she can only do the same with him. Kramer cooks up a meal that he serves to Elaine, Puddy and the recovering Peggy, only they all react badly when they find out the

star 7.79
1468 votes
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The Andrea Doria

#129 - The Andrea Doria

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 10

George is excited about the new apartment he is going to move into. Elaine is on a blind date, now called a "set-up." Jerry takes Kramer to his self-storage where they discover that Newman has been hiding bags of mail. George finds out he can't get his apartment because the tenant association is going to give it to an Andrea Doria survivor. Elaine is told her date won't be making it because he's been stabbed. She is aroused by the situation. Kramer's cold is getting bad and he's not going to the doctor, they botched his vasectomy, he's more potent now than ever. Jerry tries to get Newman to get rid of the mail; however, he's not interested because he didn't get the transfer to Hawaii. Kramer finds a dog with a cold that he volunteers to take to the vet, so he can get medicine for their colds. Elaine meets her blind date who gets coffee thrown in his face from another ex-girlfriend. She discovers his problem is that he is a "bad breaker upper." George confronts his rival for the apartment and decides to wage war. Elaine's blind date breaks up with her and tells she has "a big head." From a suggestion by Jerry, George asks for a hearing with the association and tells them the story of his life. Jerry forms "an alliance" with Newman that will hopefully get him out of his life forever. Jerry tries to get Kramer to take his medication. He discovers that Kramer is taking dog medication and beginning to exhibit the signs of being a dog. The big head comment begins to hold true for Elaine and she makes a comment about jamming "a fork in his forehead." Jerry tries to take Kramer to a real doctor. After Kramer bites Newman's ankle, Jerry offers to deliver the rest of his mail. He is too efficient for the post office. Elaine meets up with her blind date and makes good on her promise. Kramer saves the day. George and the survivor don't get the apartment.

star 7.79
1348 votes
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Regarding Reggie

#130 - Regarding Reggie

Becker Season 1 - Episode 22

Becker fears that Reggie may get the wrong idea if he asks her to be his date at a medical fundraiser. Fearing that Reggie will misread his invitation, Becker struggles to find someone else to take to the event. Despite his resistance, his friends insist that he should just ask Reggie. The ongoing pressure causes Becker to recall the first time he was rejected by the opposite sex, as Prequel Monday concludes with a flashback sequence of a 10-year-old Becker asking a little girl to a school dance.

star 7.79
238 votes
The Merv Griffin Show

#131 - The Merv Griffin Show

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 6

After Kramer finds the set of the old Merv Griffin Show in a dumpster, he begins to treat his entire life like a talk show. Jerry's new girlfriend has a priceless toy collection that she won't let him play with, which leads him to some questionable behavior. George runs over a squirrel with his car, and he's forced to spend time and money on its recovery. Elaine has to find a way to deal with a new co-worker, whose 'sidling' is both annoying and potentially dangerous to her job.

star 7.78
1268 votes
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The Key to Alex

#132 - The Key to Alex

Wings Season 4 - Episode 18

Joe and Brian, in heated competition, pull out all the stops in a transparent attempt to get closer to Alex.

star 7.78
46 votes
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Psycho Therapy

#133 - Psycho Therapy

Becker Season 4 - Episode 1

At the end of last season, John was thrown in jail for contempt of court during a malpractice case. Tonight, he's released after reluctantly apologizing to a judge, who orders him to see a therapist and work on his problem with authority. However, the therapist, Katherine Simmons, is dealing with her own authority issues, which John winds up "helping" her work out. Becker is shocked one night when she shows up at his apartment a changed woman. Elsewhere, Jake grows weary of his new girlfriend's annoying habit of describing for him every little thing she's doing; and Linda lobbies for a raise.

star 7.78
275 votes
The Rye

#134 - The Rye

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 11

Elaine is dating a jazz saxophonist who's sponge-worthy but "he doesn't really like to do everything." Jerry tells one of the members of his band that the saxophonist and Elaine are "hot and heavy." Kramer stocks up on supplies, including 50 cans of "Beef-A-Reeno". Susan's parents meet and have dinner with the Costanza's for the first time. Both families obsess over a loaf of rye bread that wasn't served with the meal, which Frank takes back home. Elaine's boyfriend writes a song about "their relationship," which later has a big impact on his career. Kramer takes over a friend's horse-drawn carriage for a week and helps George out with his scheme to replace the rye bread. Unfortunately, he feeds the horse a can of "Beef-A-Reeno" right before giving the Ross's their ride. Jerry manages to get his hands on a loaf of marble rye.

star 7.78
1342 votes
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#135 - Sorry!

Whitney Season 2 - Episode 7

A terrible ex-boyfriend contacts Whitney in hope of making amends; R.J. presents a theory to Roxanne.

star 7.78
247 votes
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The Susie

#136 - The Susie

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 15

Kramer decides that daylight saving time isn't coming fast enough, so he sets his watch ahead an hour. Mike, the guy who once referred to Jerry as "a phony," has become a bookie. Peggy, a co-worker of Elaine's calls her "Susie." George is excited about Steinbrenner's ball. He hopes to show off his tall blonde girlfriend with a grand entrance. Instead, she says she wants to talk. He runs away. "If she can't find me, she can't break up with me." He really wants to make that big entrance at the ball. Kramer tells Jerry that he owes Mike $100 for a bet he made on that night's Knicks game. Only Jerry never made the bet; Kramer did it for him. In fact, Kramer attends the game and gets into a fight with a key player that causes Jerry to win his bet. Peggy starts talking to "Susie" about Elaine's memo. Peterman hearing about the complaints demands to see Elaine, Peggy and "Susie" in his office; first thing in the morning. Mike can't pay Jerry, so he offers to help him with his trunk problem, but instead gets his thumbs broken for the trouble. Kramer breaks up with George on behalf of Allison. Elaine makes it through the morning meeting. Mike gets trapped in Jerry's trunk. Elaine and Jerry, in his car, decide it would be best to eliminate "Susie." George reconciles with Kramer. Elaine delivers the eulogy at "Susie's" wake, much to the confusion of Peggy. Kramer, with George, makes a spectacular entrance at the ball. Mike escapes from Jerry's trunk and accuses him of murder. The same fate befalls Elaine that befell George; Peterman puts her in charge of a foundation in "Susie's" honor.

star 7.78
1111 votes
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The Gum

#137 - The Gum

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 10

Kramer is active in the re-opening of an old movie theater. He also is keeping an eye on a friend, Lloyd, who's recovering from a nervous breakdown. Lloyd has a pack of Chinese gum that Kramer insists everyone tries. George thinks the cashier short-changed him and meets a former neighbor (who's had a breakdown) and his daughter, Deena. George lets his former neighbor look at his car. Elaine tries to avoid interacting with Lloyd, loses a button from her blouse and reveals herself to Lloyd and Kramer. Because of Elaine's lie, Jerry must wear glasses while around Lloyd. Deena tells George that she thinks he is showing signs of being on the verge of a breakdown. George's car, once owned by "Jon Voight", catches fire. Elaine shows more to Lloyd. Jerry gets more gum. George keeps trying to convince Deena he's not crazy.

star 7.78
1283 votes
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Hate Thy Neighbor

#138 - Hate Thy Neighbor

Becker Season 2 - Episode 9

Confined to his apartment during the recuperation period, Becker is subjected to the intruding lifestyles of those who live in his building, which has him seeing red. His mood brightens -- temporarily -- when his doctor from the hospital, Elizabeth Carson, makes a house call. Meanwhile, "good help is hard to find" takes on a new meaning when Margaret and Linda try to find a doctor to fill in for Becker.

star 7.78
236 votes
Private Parts

#139 - Private Parts

Whitney Season 1 - Episode 11

Whitney is upset when Alex won't give her the password to his phone; Whitney finds Alex in an awkward position; Lily has jitters about her new living arrangement.

star 7.78
509 votes
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The Muffin Tops

#140 - The Muffin Tops

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 21

George watches a bag for a tourist who never comes back, so he starts wearing some of the clothes. Elaine tells Kramer that the stories he sold to Peterman were put into the book. Kramer goes to the book signing, claiming he is the real "Peterman." George becomes a tourist from Arkansas when he meets a beautiful woman from the tourist bureau on the street. Jerry shaves his chest and worries about it until he discovers his girlfriend likes hairless dogs. Elaine eats only the tops of muffins and she says that it is a million dollar idea, Mr. Lippman, her former boss, decides to start a business. Kramer starts conducting "Peterman Reality Tours" for $37.50 a piece. When the muffin top business doesn't seem to be working, Lippman asks Elaine for advice. She tells him that he must make the whole muffin and remove the top from the stump, she also demands that he remove the exclamation point from his sign. The stumps can be given to the homeless. Only they don't want them. In fact nobody wants them. Jerry continues to shave his chest despite Kramer's warning about hair growth. George "moves" to New York and takes a job with the Yankees. Steinbrenner is led to believe that George is holding down two jobs and makes a deal to trade George for chicken. Elaine convinces Kramer to get rid of her stumps and he convinces Jerry and his girlfriend to take his tour. Jerry's chest begins itching from hair growth. Elaine hires "a cleaner" to make the muffin stump problem go away.

star 7.77
1188 votes
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The Gift (2)

#141 - The Gift (2)

Wings Season 4 - Episode 16

Helen gets the quartet role but hates it. However, she doesn't know how to quit without letting Joe and Brian down. Faye, Roy, Antonio and Lowell practice for their awful play.

star 7.77
48 votes
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The Calzone

#142 - The Calzone

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 20

George becomes Steinbrenner's pet, when he shares an eggplant calzone with him. Kramer is raving about wearing clothes "straight out of the dryer." Jerry thinks that Elaine's boyfriend is dating her without really ever asking her out. He offers to bring Jerry some Cuban cigars from Canada. Jerry takes advantage of his girlfriend's ability to get anything she wants. Kramer searches for quarters for the dryer; when he can't find anymore, he starts using an oven. George gets into tip trouble with the counter guy at the calzone shop and he works out an arrangement with Newman. That is unless of course it's raining (Newman doesn't deliver mail in the rain); Kramer helps out.

star 7.77
1366 votes
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The Doodle

#143 - The Doodle

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 20

Jerry is disgusted when he finds out he was eating pecans that were just in his girlfriend's mouth. George finds a doodle that his girlfriend drew of him. Kramer is eating some tasty peaches that come in season for two weeks every year. Fleas force Jerry and his visiting parents out his apartment. Elaine has an interview with a publisher that has suite of rooms at a fancy hotel and that is where Jerry parents get to stay. Jerry stays with his girlfriend. Elaine must go into Jerry's fumigated apartment to get an unpublished manuscript that she is supposed to read for her interview and she can't find it, but Kramer read it in Jerry's apartment and the gas causes him to lose his sense of taste. George finds out that his girlfriend really doesn't care what he looks like. Jerry figures out that Newman gave him the fleas. Meanwhile, Jerry's parents, Uncle Leo and Nana live high on the hog at the hotel.

star 7.77
1307 votes
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If They Do Go Either Way, They're Usually Fake

#144 - If They Do Go Either Way, They're Usually Fake

Two and a Half Men Season 1 - Episode 7

Judith gets worried when, for a school assignment, Jake draws the tattooed buttocks of a female surfer friend of Charlie's who is in the habit of walking around his place half naked. Then Alan gets worried about Judith after she becomes friends with the surfer girl.

star 7.77
3107 votes
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Take My Life, Please

#145 - Take My Life, Please

Wings Season 3 - Episode 18

After her short-lived career in real estate ends in disgrace, the gang convince Helen to take a job placement exam. When the exam suggests she should pursue a career in music or food service, they decide to change it to something more exciting.

star 7.77
47 votes
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The Pot

#146 - The Pot

Grace and Frankie Season 3 - Episode 6

Frankie refuses to go home, and all the kids are dragged into Grace and Frankie's fight. Grace, Brianna and Mallory smoke Frankie's pot together.

star 7.76
734 votes
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The Doll

#147 - The Doll

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 17

Susan's old roommate from college, Sally Weaver, gives Jerry a package that she wants him to be careful with; which he is, but he loses his own package in the process. Frank tells George he is turning his room into a billiard room. Elaine tells Frank about a man she saw in Tuscany who looks just like him, Frank thinks it may be the cousin who stayed behind. Kramer challenges him to a game where the space is a bit tight. Jerry is enthusiastic about a new toothbrush, which he is convinced Elaine must have. Susan has a doll that looks uncannily like George's mother; she doesn't believe it, but he does and it affects his performance. Jerry is going to be on Charles Grodin's show with one of the Three Tenors, not Pavarotti or Domingo, but "the other guy." Elaine goes with him the studio, to replace an autographed picture of "the other guy," for "the Maestro" that was damaged while they were in Tuscany. "The Maestro" provides a new fashion for Kramer and Frank while playing pool, and his baton is an answer to the space problem in the billiard room. Susan's roommate comes to town. She tries to help Jerry out by bringing him back a better barbecue sauce and bringing a doll to the studio for Jerry, which in her opinion, is much funnier than the one Jerry wanted. Jerry has no material for his appearance.

star 7.76
1247 votes
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The Ex Box

#148 - The Ex Box

Whitney Season 1 - Episode 19

Whitney confronts Alex after finding a box of his ex-girlfriend's stuff in the basement; Lily tries to be a perfect roommate.

star 7.76
387 votes
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The Reverse Peephole

#149 - The Reverse Peephole

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 12

Puddy is wearing what can only be described as a "man fur." Jerry and Elaine leave it to George to sniff them out a deal on a massage chair, for an apartment warming gift for their friend Joe Mayo. Elaine doesn't like Joe's parties, because he always gives his guests an assignment. Kramer and Newman are going to reverse the peepholes on their doors. The landlord wants to evict Newman, because he is an agitator. Jerry decides to go wallet-less. George is opposed to the idea; he keeps everything in his wallet. Jerry, George, Elaine and "man furred" Puddy go to the party and get their assignments. Elaine, who is in charge of the coats, decides to throw "Dr. Zaius" (Puddy's coat) out the window. Kramer comes to Newman's defense with the landlord. Joe Mayo has the same kind of coat that Puddy had, so he wants Elaine to replace the coat, after all she was in charge. George complains about back problems that Jerry attributes to the size of his wallet. The massage chair gets delivered to George's apartment. Wallet-less Jerry must carry all his girlfriend's stuff, when they go out on their date. Newman admits to Kramer that he is sleeping with the landlord's wife. Kramer and Newman find Puddy's coat hanging in a tree. Jerry complains about carrying all his girlfriend's stuff and Elaine tells him about Peterman's small men's carryall. "It's not a purse, it's European." Elaine decides she is out of the gift, if she has to replace the coat. George is enjoying the new chair and lies about getting the chair. Elaine finds out that Newman has Puddy's coat and she invites Newman to her apartment. Despite Elaine's come-ons, Newman won't give up the coat, he has given it to the landlord's wife. The landlord confronts Kramer, when he discovers the fur coat. Kramer says that it belongs to Jerry, because he is one of those insecure entertainers. Kramer convinces Jerry to wear the coat in front of the landlord. George continues to lie about the receiving the gift. Jerry drops out of the

star 7.76
1369 votes
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The Face Painter

#150 - The Face Painter

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 23

George and his girlfriend discuss toilet paper and he is in love. Elaine's boyfriend paints his face and his behavior at a hockey game, disturbs Jerry, Elaine and a passing priest. A monkey throws a banana peel at Kramer, when he throws it back, the monkey becomes depressed and the zoo demands an apology. George tries to tell his girlfriend that he loves her, but her reaction surprises him. Jerry refuses to give the "necessary" follow-up courtesy thank you for the hockey tickets and Kramer is outraged.

star 7.76
1177 votes
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Breakfast of Chumpions

#151 - Breakfast of Chumpions

Becker Season 4 - Episode 2

John is more irritable than usual when he tries to quit smoking; Reggie believes a friendly customer stole all of her good luck and left her with his bad fortune.

star 7.76
266 votes
Love! Lies! Bleeding!

#152 - Love! Lies! Bleeding!

Becker Season 1 - Episode 12

Becker, not convinced of the wonders of love after witnessing a woman stab her husband with a fork, is forced to consult a teenager who wants a vasectomy, treat a woman with a severe allergic reaction to roses and watch Linda begin and end a relationship within hours. Even so, a late night hospital visit abruptly softens his perspective as he begins to understand why this holiday can be so important to others.

star 7.76
282 votes
The Gift (1)

#153 - The Gift (1)

Wings Season 4 - Episode 15

With an opening in a quartet, Helen wants to try out but her cello is on the bottom of the ocean. She gets a second job to purchase a new cello but things do not go as planned. Lowell, Faye, Roy and Antonio audition for a play.

star 7.76
45 votes
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I Love Brian

#154 - I Love Brian

Wings Season 4 - Episode 17

Hoping to impress Alex, Brian claims to know Clint Black. Helen and Alex are entertained while they expect Brian's scheme to attend a concert and meet him will backfire.

star 7.76
45 votes
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Take These Pills and Shove 'Em

#155 - Take These Pills and Shove 'Em

Becker Season 1 - Episode 2

Becker must make a house call after a patient has an adverse reaction to his brutal bedside manner. He remains hellbent on convincing his patient, Mr. Marino, to acknowledge the fact that his diabetes has just triggered a minor heart attack and his condition needs to be monitored. Unfortunately, Mr. Marino is convinced that Becker is just trying to get away with a medical scam. Meanwhile, Jake takes a sculpting class in order to meet women.

star 7.75
329 votes
Alex, Meet Lily

#156 - Alex, Meet Lily

Whitney Season 2 - Episode 15

Whitney asks Alex to spend time with Lily; Mark and R.J. start a competitive game of darts to bring some excitement to Low Bar.

star 7.75
258 votes
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Interior Decorator

#157 - Interior Decorator

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 1 - Episode 5

Larry has some medical problems involving a certain bracelet. No biggy. Then larger problems arise when Larry finds out he shares the same interior decorator as Diane Keaton.

star 7.75
1281 votes
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The Checks

#158 - The Checks

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 7

Elaine's new boyfriend, Brett, is obsessed with designer furniture and the song "Desperado." Jerry spots an umbrella salesman using the sales technique he invented. The salesman says it was someone else. Hundreds of twelve-cent royalty checks keep arriving from Jerry's brief appearance on a Japanese television. Kramer warns George that the carpet cleaners he hired are actually a front for a religious cult. Intrigued, George tries to be converted, but they're not interested. Kramer meets some Japanese businessman and he takes them on the town and to the cleaners. He is a little confused about the exchange rate. Brett delivers a large chest of drawers to Kramer and thinks that Jerry might be jealous. Kramer thinks the TV pilot that Jerry and George did would be perfect for Japanese television. They pitch it to a couple of Japanese TV executives. Elaine tries to find a song that she and Brett can share. Kramer puts his Japanese friends up at his place. They're sleeping in the chest of drawers. Jerry caught in the rain meets the man in the street that claims credit for the twirl. He also meets Brett who is convinced Jerry is down on his luck. George gets the cleaners to do the offices at Yankee Stadium where they find a new recruit. Because of the humidity from the hot tub, Kramer's guests get stuck in the chest. Jerry, with writer's cramp from check signing, uses a fire ax to open the chest. That scares the Japanese guests and injures Brett who passes out.

star 7.74
1270 votes
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The Beard

#159 - The Beard

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 16

Elaine tries to convert a gay man to heterosexuality. George, who's now wearing his toupee, discovers that the woman Kramer has set him up with, is bald. Kramer gives a homeless man some Chinese food and begins standing in police lineups for $50 a lineup. Jerry begins to date a cop, but she wants him to take a lie detector test, she thinks he is lying about NOT watching Melrose Place.

star 7.74
1302 votes
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Breaking Dad

#160 - Breaking Dad

Whitney Season 2 - Episode 10

Whitney thinks her father has changed for the better when he visits and gives her $5,000; while Alex thinks Whitney should rent an art gallery and display her photos, Whitney gives the money to Lily, who is very short on cash.

star 7.73
237 votes
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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

#161 - Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

Becker Season 3 - Episode 8

Becker decides to quit smoking -- unfortunately, on a day when nothing goes right; Margaret is worried that her marriage is falling apart when her husband plans a trip to Atlantic City without her; when Linda keeps screwing up an X-ray, she convinces an old woman that she's crazy to get the woman to keep coming in for new X-rays; Bob, instead of fixing Becker's broken radiator, sleeps in Becker's bed and breaks his clock radio; and Reggie makes Becker do a memory test for a school project.

star 7.73
249 votes
Saving Harvey Cohen

#162 - Saving Harvey Cohen

Becker Season 1 - Episode 18

Much to the Becker's dismay, an alley cat finds its way into his office and refuses to leave. When they realize that the cat is sick, Becker's guilted into taking care of it -- to the tune of $1,500. Meantime, Margaret attempts to help Becker plan a trip she knows he'll never take.

star 7.73
195 votes
What is... Cliff Clavin?

#163 - What is... Cliff Clavin?

Cheers Season 8 - Episode 14

Jeopardy makes an appearance in Boston, and Cliff gets on the show. The Jeopardy! round had all 6 categories Cliff specializes in, such as celebrities or the US Postal Service. But when Final Jeopardy approaches, he loses all his money putting a stupid response "Who are three people that have never visited my kitchen?" and becomes depressed afterwards. Meanwhile someone has stolen Sam's little black book and started ringing all the girls in it.

star 7.73
169 votes
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Cake, Cake, Cake

#164 - Cake, Cake, Cake

Whitney Season 2 - Episode 16

Whitney decides to investigate when she sees her psychiatrist eating a birthday cake by herself; Roxanne admits her feelings for Mark.

star 7.73
254 votes
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More of a Cat Person

#165 - More of a Cat Person

Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 - Episode 4

Joel's feeling pressured to join the undead club. Meanwhile, Ramona wants Eric, the FBI wants answers, and poor Mr. Ball Legs wants some attention.

star 7.72
595 votes
Backstage (P)asses

#166 - Backstage (P)asses

Happy Together Season 1 - Episode 13

Jake and Claire decide to leave the comfort of their cozy bed for a wild night out as Cooper performs an intimate concert to debut new music.

star 7.72
112 votes
The Strike

#167 - The Strike

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 10

George, Elaine and Jerry attend Tim Whatley's Hanukkah party. Jerry meets an attractive woman with whom he sets up a date. Elaine meets a man in a bad denim vest and gives him her fake number. George is offended by Whatley's gift to him, a donation in his name to a charity. George is also reminded of the Festivus holiday his father created many years ago. Elaine's quest to become a submarine captain and get her free sub sandwich is ruined when she realizes she used her punch card at the party to give her fake number to the denim vested guy. Kramer gets word he can return to his job at the bagel place, it seems he has been on strike for the past 12 years. Elaine goes to the place, an off-track betting parlor, that her fake number reaches. She wanted to give them her real number, so when the denim vest guy calls, she can connect with him. The men at the parlor are interested in connecting with her, so she gives the number for the bagel shop where Kramer is working. Jerry meets his date, Gwen, at a restaurant, but it turns out she is two-faced. Sometimes Gwen looks great, other times she's plain; it all depends on the viewer's angle and the lighting. George decides to use the Whatley approach when giving out Christmas gifts at Krugers; however, he makes up his own charity called the "Human Fund." Kramer is intrigued by the concept of the Festivus holiday and contacts Frank, who becomes excited at the prospect of rekindling "Festivus for the rest-of-us." Kramer asks to get the 23rd of December off, when he can't get it, he resumes the strike; meanwhile Elaine waits at the bagel place for a phone call from the denim vest guy. The look of Jerry's girlfriend keeps changing. Jerry decides that Gwen looks best in the back booth at Monk's, something she grows to dislike. George passes out his gifts at Krugers and reaps great rewards. Kramer warns Elaine about the sabotage he committed; the bagel place becomes very steamy and makes Elaine look ugly. Kruger gives George a chec

star 7.72
1486 votes
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The Power of Yes... Men

#168 - The Power of Yes... Men

Happy Together Season 1 - Episode 9

When Cooper helps Jake prepare for a big work presentation, they both realize that everyone always agrees with Cooper only because he is famous. Jake asks Claire for the same kind of encouragement, while Cooper decides to seek out more honest opinions of his work.

star 7.72
117 votes
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The Millennium

#169 - The Millennium

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 20

Elaine gets bad service at a clothing store, so she begins shopping at another similar store. Jerry notices that he is on his girlfriend's speed dial. Kramer plans for his millennium New Year's Eve party two years in advance and he has some strange ideas about what life in that year will be like. George is "offered" a position as director of scouting by the Mets. To get the position he must be fired by the Yankees. Elaine flaunts her purchases in front of the store. Jerry obsesses about his position on the speed dial and then he makes it to number 1. Kramer discovers that Newman is planning his own millennium party. George tries to make a big exit from the Yankees organization; however, all his attempts make him look better in the organization. The step-mother of Jerry's girlfriend's confronts him over his #1 position on the speed dial. Newman compromises with Kramer about their respective parties, they will be combined; however, he only has one condition, the next century must be "Jerry free." Elaine discovers the clothing store she began frequenting is owned by the same woman who didn't help her at the other store. Kramer reluctantly agrees but then has misgivings and gets Elaine to come back to his party. Elaine plans her revenge on the store with Kramer's help. Jerry gets caught in the middle of a speed dial war between his girlfriend and step-mother.

star 7.72
1327 votes
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Woody or Won't He

#170 - Woody or Won't He

Cheers Season 8 - Episode 17

A mechanical bull gets the better of Cliff while Woody tries to deal with the romantic advances of his girl friend's mother.

star 7.71
159 votes
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Panic on the 86th

#171 - Panic on the 86th

Becker Season 2 - Episode 24

Reggie's celebration after earning an A in her psychology class turns to panic when she considers her uncertain future; and John entertains one of his neighbors, who turns out to be a hooker.

star 7.71
219 votes
The Postponement

#172 - The Postponement

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 2

Elaine's dog problem is solved by a neighborly rabbi with a cable show. Kramer's involvement in the dognapping worries him when he finds out about its impact on his permanent record. Overwhelmed with it all, George decides he wants to postpone the engagement. Elaine isn't "concerned" with George's intentions, but is really jealous that he's the first of the group to get engaged. The neighborly rabbi offers advice on her problem, that he later relates to Jerry and anyone else who'll listen. Kramer and Jerry try to see "Plan 9 From Outer Space"; however, Kramer "tries" to sneak in a gourmet coffee, spills it and his lawyer says he has a case.

star 7.71
1278 votes
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The Big Salad

#173 - The Big Salad

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 2

Elaine's boss wants a special mechanical pencil, so Elaine tries to get one from a stationary store where the clerk has a thing for her. George and his girlfriend pick up a "big salad" for Elaine, that his girlfriend gives to Elaine and she thanks her. Later, George points out that he bought the "big salad." Jerry discovers that his current girlfriend once dated Newman, who broke off his relationship with her. Kramer plays golf with an ex-ball player who breaks a rule of golf, they have a fight, and later the ball player is wanted for questioning in the murder of a dry cleaner, where a golf tee was involved. Kramer later helps him evade the police in a white Ford Bronco.

star 7.71
1595 votes
The Secret Code

#174 - The Secret Code

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 7

George tries to keep his ATM code a secret from Susan. Elaine is puzzled by a man she once met at a party and talked to for ten minutes, doesn't remember her, but he does remember other party details. Leapin' Larry, a one-legged man, wants Jerry to do spots for his store, but he is angered when he thinks Jerry is doing an impression of him. Kramer gets an emergency band scanner and decides to help reorganize operations at the NYFD. Elaine doesn't want to go on a date with her boss, the storyteller, so she leaves Jerry and George at the restaurant. Jerry escapes, but George isn't as lucky. He is forced to accompany Peterman to his Momma's house, where he winds up staying all night and tells her his secret code before she dies. That is her last word. George's code is needed in a life or death situation.

star 7.71
1447 votes

#175 - Pilot

Becker Season 1 - Episode 1

Becker deals with an HIV-positive child, and the fact that Reggie has inherited his favorite diner from her father.

star 7.71
376 votes
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The Van Buren Boys

#176 - The Van Buren Boys

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 14

Jerry's girlfriend, Ellen, seems perfect in every way, but everyone else seems to have a problem with her. George interviews candidates for the Foundation's first scholarship. The candidates seem over-qualified, until one comes in who is a lot like he was. Elaine is going to ghost write Peterman's biography. Kramer goes to Lorenzo's pizza, where he has an encounter with the Van Buren boys. He accidentally flashes their gang sign and saves himself. Peterman wants his day to day life covered in his bio; the exotic adventures are for the catalog. His day-to-day life is very boring. She tells him about Kramer's encounter with the gang and he suggests buying the story for his biography. George's scholar makes a change in his plans that causes George to disqualify him from the scholarship. Kramer sells Peterman all of his stories for $750 dollars. Elaine is put at his disposal. To Elaine, Kramer's stories aren't much more interesting. George and Kramer perform an intervention on Jerry's relationship with Ellen. George's scholar joins the Van Buren boys, who apply pressure on George to get the scholarship back. Elaine tells Kramer that he can no longer tell his stories, since they now belong to Peterman. Elaine tries to embellish Kramer's stories, but Peterman finds the rewrites "too clichéd and obvious." She tells him the real Kramer story that he finds much more interesting. He tells Kramer he can have his stories back. George tries to save himself from the Van Buren boys. Jerry flies his parents in to get their impression of Ellen. He begins to see the light.

star 7.71
1262 votes
Breaking in is Hard to Do

#177 - Breaking in is Hard to Do

Cheers Season 9 - Episode 7

Lilith and Frasier try to cope with the fact that their son needs more care from them while Rebecca and Carla try to figure out how Rebecca can pay Robin a conjugal visit in jail.

star 7.70
130 votes
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The Kiss Hello

#178 - The Kiss Hello

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 17

Elaine's friend, a physical therapist, whom Jerry must "kiss hello," has an old style hairdo, that Jerry and Elaine want Kramer to comment on. Jerry's grandmother wants him to open a ketchup bottle and she tells a story about some money that Uncle Leo was supposed to give his sister. Jerry's father is anxious to collect the money and interest Leo owes. Kramer puts tenant pictures up in the lobby and soon Jerry is giving every woman in the building, the "kiss hello"; however, when he stops, he becomes unpopular. George gets his arm looked at, misses a follow up appointment and must pay for that visit. The therapist skips out on her patients, including George, and goes skiing with Elaine. After their trip, she drops Elaine off 3 blocks from her apartment. Elaine injures her shoulder carrying her equipment home, and can't get any complementary treatment. Jerry gets proof of his uncle's dishonesty.

star 7.70
1267 votes
The Summer of George

#179 - The Summer of George

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 22

George discovers he has a severance package from the Yankees that should last him about 3 months and he decides that he is going to take the summer off. Jerry is going to the Tony Awards and so is Kramer; whereas Jerry has a real seat for the awards, Kramer has a job as a seat filler. Elaine critiques a co-worker who walks with no arm movements and is accused of being "catty." Jerry's picks up his date, only to find out that she has a man living with her. Kramer gets a Tony Award for a musical in which Raquel Welch is the star. Elaine tries to work things out with her co-worker, to no avail. Kramer uses his Tony as a ticket into a place he really shouldn't be, Sardi's, where the producers of "Scarsdale Surprise" have a proposition for him. Jerry's date decides to commit to him. Elaine's complaints to men about her co-worker only seem to pique their interest in the possibility of a cat fight. Jerry's girlfriend begins to wear him out; she is always on the go. George suggests that perhaps they team up to handle Lanette. To keep his Tony award, Kramer must fire the non-arm swinging Raquel Welch from the production. Jerry goes on a date and needs George to handle the invitations for Lanette's party. He is not to skimp, this time. Kramer does his duty and pays a price. A mad Raquel walking down the street gets into a cat fight with a woman who she thinks is making fun of her, Elaine. George gets distracted and slips on an invitation. Twenty-two episodes later the gang is back where they were a year ago, only this time George is the one in a hospital bed.

star 7.70
1377 votes
Just Say No

#180 - Just Say No

Wings Season 4 - Episode 8

Brian's ex-flame arrives from New York to rekindle the fire and it's up to his friends to keep him from getting burned again.

star 7.70
53 votes
The Serenity Now

#181 - The Serenity Now

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 3

Frank is supposed to say "serenity now" every time his blood pressure is in danger of going up. Jerry's girlfriend gives his Knicks tickets away. She comments that she has never seen him get "real mad." George gets Kramer to help him fix his parents' screen door. They remove the old door and Kramer takes it with him. Frank is selling computers; he wants to bring George into his business. Lippman's boy tries taking advantage of becoming a man at his bar mitzvah by using his tongue while kissing Elaine. Kramer installs the screen door outside his apartment to give his apartment "the cool even breezes of Anytown, USA." His initial instinct is to quit, but George decides it is finally time to take on his arch-nemesis, Lloyd Braun, whom Frank has also hired to sell computers. When Jerry learns how to get mad, it releases all his other feelings, including caring and another that results in a proposal. Kramer fights with the neighborhood kids of "Anytown, USA." George tells Elaine she is attractive to the Lippman men because of her "shiksappeal." The result gets her two Lippman "men" who want to denounce their religion. George hatches a scheme to sell more computers; however, continual use of the phrase "serenity now" has an "impact" on computer sales. The release of emotions from George has an impact on emotional Jerry. Elaine seeks help from a "rabbi" to see if she can reduce her "shiksappeal."

star 7.70
1420 votes
The Caddy

#182 - The Caddy

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 12

Kramer befriends a caddy, who helps him to improve his golf game and offer his other advice. George's bosses consider him for a promotion when they think he is so dedicated to his work that he is there in the morning before everyone else and still there after they all leave. They don't know that he's just been leaving his car in the parking lot waiting for his free visit from a locksmith. Taking advantage of the situation, he and Susan go up north to her parent's rebuilt cabin. Elaine meets an old rival who's heir to the Oh Henry! candy bar fortune and has never worn a bra. She wears the bra as a top and cause Kramer and Jerry to have an accident with George's car. With George's damaged car in the parking lot, the Yankees think he's dead. Steinbrenner breaks the news to the Costanza's. Kramer and Elaine take her rival to court and only Jerry may stand in the way.

star 7.70
1263 votes
The Slicer

#183 - The Slicer

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 7

Elaine is having nightmares and sleepless nights due to her neighbor's inconsideracy. The neighbor is out of the country and has left her alarm clock set for 3:30 a.m.. George gets a dream job at a very badly run company, his new boss seems familiar to him, then a photo in the boss's office reminds him of "the boom box incident." Fearing that he might lose his new position, George listens to Kramer's advice and plots to get hold of the photograph and get it retouched. Kramer's dissatisfied with the meat he is getting with his sandwiches, so he obtains a meat slicer. Kramer suggests Elaine that she short circuit her neighbor's apartment and blow the circuit breaker. Jerry is going to go out on a date with a doctor that Elaine recommended, but the date is annoying when the doctor can only talk about saving lives. The photo lab screws up the retouching by eliminating the boss from the photograph and not George. Jerry discovers the doctor is dermatologist. George recommends a carefully orchestrated revenge date. Kramer uses the meat slicer to help Elaine feed the neighbor's cat; the power outage shut off the automatic feeder. Jerry's revenge date goes well, until he is reminded of the phrase "skin cancer." Elaine is still using the slicer and finds it very handy, until she tries to even her high heels. George goes back to the photo shop to find they put the boss back in the photograph as a cartoon. He now needs to obtain a new bare-chested photo of his boss or find a new job, perhaps the Coast Guard. Jerry's doctor date would provide the perfect opportunity for him as she does skin cancer screenings. Elaine keeps the slicer problem from Kramer by threatening him with seeing some circus clowns. Later, Kramer goes to her apartment to pick up the slicer; she fixes it and quickly shoves it out the door. Kramer sees the dinged up blade and tries to get back into her apartment, but he takes the knob of the door. Jerry has developed an allergic reaction to something as hives h

star 7.69
1271 votes
A Decent Proposal

#184 - A Decent Proposal

Whitney Season 1 - Episode 4

Whitney and Alex have a movie night at home, but the evening soon becomes a competition over who is most romantic. Meanwhile, an edgy Lily anticipates Neal's imminent proposal, sparking Mark's mission to prove that women are more eager to marry than men.

star 7.69
452 votes
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For Love or Money

#185 - For Love or Money

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 5 - Episode 4

An aggressive divorce attorney is hired by Christine after being convinced that Barb owes her alimony.

star 7.69
134 votes
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The Sponge

#186 - The Sponge

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 9

Jerry finds the number of girl he wants to contact on Kramer's AIDS walk sponsor list. After finding out that her preferred method of birth control is only available in a limited supply, Elaine must decide whether her current boyfriend is "sponge worthy." George tells Susan the secret of the size of Jerry's jeans and that leads to a fight about all secrets, he tells her another of Jerry's secrets when they make up. Jerry finds out that George told Susan one of his secrets and now he's "out of the loop." Elaine adjusts her screening process to find worthy candidates. Kramer causes a disturbance at the AIDS walk when he won't "wear the ribbon."

star 7.69
1426 votes
The Package

#187 - The Package

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 5

Elaine has a rash and looks for a doctor who will treat her; despite her doctor -- patient relationship reputation. Kramer offers Jerry a method to get a refund on his stereo that is two years out of warranty. George discovers the woman at the photo store is looking at his pictures. Jerry refuses delivery of a package with no return address. George thinks that the photo store clerk has stuck a revealing picture of herself in with his pictures. Kramer convinces George to return the compliment and offers to take the photos. Uncle Leo signs for Jerry's package. Elaine tries to lift her medical records. Jerry lets Uncle Leo open the package and there is the sound of an explosion. Leo's stove has exploded but eventually Jerry gets the package and opens it up. It contains his stereo in pieces. Kramer sent the package to him insured; now all they must do is collect the insurance money from the post office. Elaine poses as Uncle Leo's nurse to try a diagnosis for her condition. When that doesn't work she tries to get Kramer to lift her records. Newman grills Jerry on suspicion of mail fraud. George drops off his film at the photo store and gets a surprising result.

star 7.69
1354 votes
The Diplomat's Club

#188 - The Diplomat's Club

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 22

After his quick trip to Ithaca, Jerry plans to meet a super model at an airport club, but his assistant, Katie, makes the trip a nightmare. Elaine says she will quit working for Mr. Pitt, but finds out that she's going to be in his will. She becomes a suspect when he overdoses his medication. George tries to prove to his boss that he is not a racist, when he says his boss looks like "Sugar" Ray Leonard. To prove it, he tries to find anyone who's black that will be his friend. While at the airport club, Kramer meets a rich Texan with whom he starts making bets. Kramer hasn't gambled in three years and when he begins to lose, he calls in Newman for reinforcement.

star 7.69
1193 votes
Perfect Wedding

#189 - Perfect Wedding

Perfect Couples Season 1 - Episode 11

Leigh steps up as wedding planner while Vance and Amy deal with their doubts; Dave and Julia bicker about their toasts; Rex tries to be involved in the wedding.

star 7.68
209 votes
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The Two Faces of Norm

#190 - The Two Faces of Norm

Cheers Season 8 - Episode 5

Norm invents a strict curmudgeon of a partner to boss around his easygoing paint crew while Sam goes crazy with concern after selling his precious 'Vette.

star 7.68
140 votes
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The More You Know

#191 - The More You Know

Becker Season 3 - Episode 18

John doesn't know what to do when he accidentally learns that Linda and Reggie are dating the same guy; Bob tries in vain to figure out who the hooker is in his building.

star 7.68
251 votes
The Seven

#192 - The Seven

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 13

Elaine sees a girl's bike she wants, but she strains her neck trying to getting the bike down from the wall. In pain she promises the bike to whoever fixes her neck. Kramer saves the day and wants the bike. George is angry when Susan's cousin chooses to name her baby with the name he planned to give his first offspring. He desperately tries to convince them to use another name. Kramer works out an arrangement with Jerry to keep track of what he takes from Jerry's kitchen. Jerry is curious when his girlfriend is always wearing the same dress, every time they go out.

star 7.67
1417 votes
The Soup

#193 - The Soup

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 7

Elaine brings over a man she met in England and he turns out to be a real bounder. Jerry accepts an Armani suit from an obnoxious comedian, the only condition, he must treat him to a meal at a restaurant; however, what makes up a meal. George goes for a walk with a waitress from Monk's and manure in the path sums up his relationship with her. After his kidney stone, Kramer decides to eat only fresh foods.

star 7.67
1599 votes
Home Insecurity

#194 - Home Insecurity

Happy Together Season 1 - Episode 10

When one of Cooper’s stalkers sneaks into Jake and Claire’s house, they reluctantly decide to install a home security system.

star 7.67
122 votes
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Poor Whitney

#195 - Poor Whitney

Whitney Season 2 - Episode 2

When Whitney is hard up for cash, she and Alex decide to share a joint checking account; Mark buys a bar.

star 7.67
345 votes
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First Episode

#196 - First Episode

Suddenly Susan Season 1 - Episode 1

Even though Susan leaves her fiancé, Kip, at the altar, her ties to his family aren't severed---her boss is Kip's brother.

star 7.67
3 votes
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The Hot Tub

#197 - The Hot Tub

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 5

George picks up a bad habit from some visiting baseball officials. During the time of the New York City Marathon, Elaine has an out of country runner as her house guest. The runner had overslept and missed the big race at the last Olympics and Jerry obsesses with ensuring that it doesn't happen again. Kramer gets a hot tub from his friend Lomez and Elaine has writer's block.

star 7.67
1457 votes
The Scofflaw

#198 - The Scofflaw

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 13

George meets an old friend who's spent the last few months undergoing chemotherapy, that everyone knew except him. Kramer calls a litterbug "a pig" near a cop who's on a quest to catch a longtime parking ticket scofflaw. Kramer wanting to change his image, asks Elaine where her old boyfriend got his glasses. He goes to see him at a book signing and says hi for Elaine, that means that she has lost the "upper hand" in their breakup, so she confronts him and then gets even by getting a copy of his glasses. George finds out from Gary, that he lied about his cancer and has been taking advantage of Jerry's kindness. Kramer discovers the identity of "the scofflaw." George gets a toupee.

star 7.67
1359 votes
The Dealership

#199 - The Dealership

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 11

Jerry plans to buy a new car with an insider deal from Puddy, who's been promoted to a car salesman. Jerry ends up bargaining with Puddy and Elaine to get them back together so he can get a better deal on his car. Kramer takes the car Jerry is planning to buy for a test drive with another salesman, and decides to see how far past empty the gasoline can go. George seeks out something to eat and must settle for a vending machine candy bar, which ends up getting stuck. After George leaves and comes back, George suspects a mechanic of stealing the candy bar. Then George comes up with a creative idea to implicate the mechanic.

star 7.66
1246 votes
The Butter Shave

#200 - The Butter Shave

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 1

Not fully recovered from "The Summer of George," George is using a cane to get around. Jerry might have another shot at NBC, through an appearance on a NBC Showcase that might lead to another pilot. He is also annoyed that lame comic Kenny Bania's act is working, only because he is following on Jerry's coattails, a time-slot hit. Bania scores with big laughs and also gets one of Jerry's ex-girlfriends. George gets a job interview. Elaine is on vacation for a month in Europe with David Puddy. If he's lucky he won't "come back in a body bag." Kramer finds butter is a better protection for his skin after shaving. George is hired for the job because of his use of the cane. They think he is handicapped and of course he takes full advantage of the situation. Kramer's skin feels so good with butter; he takes to spreading it all over his body. Unfortunately he lies out in the sun where he begins to cook. It's a long flight back for Elaine and Puddy, who break up and get back together, only to break up again. Newman, reading the cannibalism themed story Alive!, finds the smell of a cooked Kramer appealing. Jerry is informed that Bania is going to follow him on the NBC showcase. George sprains his good leg and Jerry discovers that George is a closet Bania fan. Kramer tries to keep his skin moist but the baked in smell of cooked meat is too much for Newman. George manages to keep up his bluff until he tries to take on some old-timers. Jerry plans to sabotage his own act, surmising that Kenny's act will also bomb, but Kenny gets the last laugh.

star 7.66
1666 votes
Silent Treatment

#201 - Silent Treatment

Whitney Season 1 - Episode 3

Whitney catches Alex checking out an attractive woman but he refuses to admit to it; Roxanne tries to make her ex-husband jealous.

star 7.65
495 votes
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Blind Curve

#202 - Blind Curve

Becker Season 2 - Episode 11

Jake's old friend, who was responsible for the car accident in which Jake lost his sight, pays him a surprise visit. Meanwhile, Margaret tries to get out of an annual road trip with some nursing school friends; and Becker experiences screen envy when Jake wins a huge television at his grandmother's church raffle.

star 7.65
207 votes
Something Old, Something New

#203 - Something Old, Something New

Whitney Season 1 - Episode 21

Alex drunkenly proposes to Whitney after a bachelor party. Mark realizes he has feelings for Roxanne.

star 7.65
416 votes
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The Test

#204 - The Test

Grace and Frankie Season 2 - Episode 5

Frankie struggles to pass the test to renew her driver's license; Grace tries to invigorate her social life by reconnecting with old friends.

star 7.65
725 votes
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Someone's In The Kitchen with Reggie?

#205 - Someone's In The Kitchen with Reggie?

Becker Season 5 - Episode 1

Becker spends the night with Reggie, but whilst trying to sneak out of the diner, Jake discovers him and finds out everything. Becker decides to dump Chris, and when she comes to the diner he tells her that he slept with Reggie and can't be with her. Later Becker has second thoughts and after a conversation with Linda about following your heart, decides to dump Reggie and be with Chris. He goes to the diner but Reggie is nowhere to be seen. The phone rings. It's Reggie. She's realized she hit rock bottom when she slept with Becker and has decided to leave town. Becker goes to Chris and tells her he changed his mind, and she's ready to be with him too until she finds out that Reggie left town and she assumes she's some sort of consolation prize. Meanwhile Linda argues with Margaret over what the term "next Thursday" means.

star 7.64
188 votes
The Strongbox

#206 - The Strongbox

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 14

George tries to break up with his girlfriend, Maura, only she doesn't agree. Jerry has purchased cuff links worn by Jerry Lewis in Cinderfella. He plans to use them as a conversation starter with Lewis when he goes to an upcoming roast at the Friar's Club. Having the same first name isn't enough. A man of mystery that she has met intrigues Elaine. Jerry suggests that perhaps he is a super-hero. With robberies occurring in the building, Kramer has obtained a strongbox to hold his valuables. He needs to find a place to hide his key. A place that no one knows, except him. His first place doesn't work. George lays out all of the reasons that they should be officially broken up, Maura still doesn't agree "to turn the key." Elaine gives up on her mystery man when he runs from a woman that Elaine deduces is his wife. She returns to Jerry's apartment to find that his intercom is broken. So she shouts to him from the street, about the mystery man, while she waits for the opportunity to get into his building. Jerry inspects his intercom, only to find Kramer's strongbox key hidden inside. Kramer hides his key again. Jerry finds the key again and decides to go down to let George in. While downstairs, a neighbor who's forgotten his key and is unknown to Jerry asks to be let in. Jerry denies him entry. Elaine goes to the mystery man's shabby apartment and discovers he is poor and on welfare. The woman he ran from is his welfare caseworker. Jerry discovers the keyless neighbor, does in fact live in his building, on the 5th floor in apartment 5E (!) right next door to Kramer. Elaine tells Jerry about her mystery man's super powers. George decides that cheating on Maura might be his ticket out. Kramer lets Phil, Jerry's "new" neighbor, keep his parrot in the hallway. Kramer also hides his key at Phil's. Glenn, the mystery man, takes Elaine on a date in the alley. Jerry needs his cufflinks for the roast, only to find out that Kramer has locked them in his strongbox. The key to the s

star 7.64
1329 votes
The Film Critic

#207 - The Film Critic

Becker Season 3 - Episode 1

Becker tries in vain to see a movie without the experience being ruined for him, while Margaret has trouble coping with her marital problems.

star 7.64
229 votes
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I'm Getting My Act Together and Sticking it in Your Face

#208 - I'm Getting My Act Together and Sticking it in Your Face

Cheers Season 9 - Episode 16

Rebecca has trouble accepting the fact that she cancelled her wedding with Robin and Frasier translates Dickens' classic prose into Boston vernacular.

star 7.64
133 votes
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First Date

#209 - First Date

Whitney Season 1 - Episode 2

Whitney re-creates the first date she and Alex never had.

star 7.63
588 votes
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Space Invaders

#210 - Space Invaders

Whitney Season 2 - Episode 8

Alex lies to Whitney about going away for a tech seminar in order to have some time by himself; R.J.'s niece becomes friendly with Roxanne.

star 7.63
242 votes
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The Chronicle (1)

#211 - The Chronicle (1)

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 21

Jerry, Elaine, George & Kramer plan to go to the movie, but Jerry takes out a little time to look at nine years of memories. Featuring relationships (getting in & out), etc.

star 7.63
740 votes
The Label Maker

#212 - The Label Maker

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 12

Elaine and Jerry are suspicious of a friend's gift, when a gift Elaine gave him, a label maker, is given to Jerry in return for some Superbowl tickets Jerry has but can't use because "The Drake" is getting married on Superbowl Sunday and he is in the wedding party. George convinces his girlfriend to get her male roommate to move out, that he soon regrets. Kramer takes playing a game of Risk against Newman seriously. The Superbowl tickets pass through several hands and Jerry sees the game with his worst nightmare.

star 7.63
1395 votes
The Wink

#213 - The Wink

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 4

Elaine gets a blind date with the guy from her wake-up service; however, he likes dogs. A bit of grapefruit pulp, from Jerry's healthy breakfast, gets into George's eye and causes problems for him when his winks keep getting misinterpreted. Jerry's healthy diet conflicts with his dating of Elaine's cousin. Kramer promises a sick boy that Yankee Paul O'Neill will hit two home runs for him, so he can get back a birthday card that he sold based on George's wink.

star 7.63
1451 votes
The Chaperone

#214 - The Chaperone

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 1

Jerry gets a date with Miss Rhode Island, a Miss America contestant; when they need a chaperone Kramer is available. On the date, Kramer gives her advice and becomes her personal coach. Elaine tries to get a job at Doubleday, filling in the shoes once filled by Jackie Onassis; instead she gets a job being the personal assistant of a top executive who likes white socks. Meanwhile, George decides that the Yankees need to change their uniforms from polyester to cotton.

star 7.63
1425 votes
Point of Contact

#215 - Point of Contact

Becker Season 2 - Episode 1

Becker performs his doctorly duties at the diner when a woman begins to choke on her food. After regaining her composure, the woman intensely expresses her gratitude to Becker, which takes him more than a little off-guard. As the days go by, Becker's fears are compounded when she begins to drop by the office and his apartment bearing gifts and well-wishes. Soon enough, Becker is outright panicked, and convinced that she's a certifiable lunatic who's become a danger to his well-being.

star 7.63
225 votes
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#216 - V-Day

Becker Season 4 - Episode 14

A tuxedo-clad John is on his way to his ex-wife's wedding in Connecticut when he stops in a bar because, in all honesty, he doesn't want to attend the event. Instead, the grumpy doc would prefer to have a few drinks, bend the ear of Frank the bartender for a while and get home in time to see the Knicks game on TV. And in the end, that's what he does, but not until he recalls (via flashbacks) his miserable Valentine's Day to Frank. While John complains about being all alone, the wise barkeep helps him realize how truly lucky he is.

star 7.62
189 votes
The Understudy

#217 - The Understudy

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 24

George and Jerry are suspected by the cast and Kramer of deliberately injuring Bette Midler during a softball game, giving Jerry's girlfriend, Bette's understudy, a chance to perform. Kramer becomes Bette's personal assistant. Elaine gets George's father to translate for her when she suspects that her manicurist has made some obvious snide remarks in a foreign tongue. While crying about losing her manicurists, Elaine meets the owner of a catalog, J. Peterman, and gets herself a new job.

star 7.62
1036 votes
Mr. Otis Regrets

#218 - Mr. Otis Regrets

Cheers Season 8 - Episode 24

Sam makes Rebecca jealous in many strange ways by telling her that he scored with Robin's other girl friend, and Woody is flabbergasted when a girl answers his ad for a roommate.

star 7.62
125 votes
Imm-Oral Fixations

#219 - Imm-Oral Fixations

Becker Season 2 - Episode 2

Becker is grumpier than usual after he decides to quit smoking, but he gets a lift from Reggie's friend (Marjorie Monaghan), an ex-smoker who tells him the only substitute that worked for her was sex.

star 7.62
209 votes
The Foundation

#220 - The Foundation

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 1

Months after her death, George is ready to move on, but Susan's parents want to keep her memory alive. Kramer becomes a karate master, where his opponents are equals in his skill level, but are lacking in size. Jerry runs into Dolores, you remember "her name rhymed with a female body part" in "The Junior Mint," she suggests that they get together again. Peterman has a breakdown and goes to Burma leaving Elaine in charge; a position she is reluctant to assume. Kramer makes a speech that inspires Elaine to go and take charge of J. Peterman. Inspired by a comment that Jerry made, a foundation is established in Susan's name, which will take up all of George's free time. Jerry and Dolores do get together; however, when she hears why Jerry's engagement was broken off, she leaves commenting that he still hasn't matured. Elaine sees Kramer's opponents, vents her frustration and takes him down in front of the class. Jerry decides to research breakups and the effect on future relationships. Kramer's classmates meet him after class. George discovers everything he lost when he lost Susan.

star 7.62
1326 votes

#221 - Missteaks

Becker Season 4 - Episode 22

When John receives eight expensive steaks from a patient, his new neighbor Chris compels him to throw a party.

star 7.62
184 votes
My Boyfriend's Back

#222 - My Boyfriend's Back

Becker Season 2 - Episode 5

Reggie begins dating Jordan, the most popular guy from her high school, who is building a hospital in the area, but quickly learns his dark side. Meanwhile, John fumes over his former research partner's patent for anti-wrinkle cream, and Linda adopts the bum who hangs out in the office doorway.

star 7.62
243 votes
One Angry Man

#223 - One Angry Man

Becker Season 2 - Episode 20

John fumes when he can't get out of jury duty and then can't get picked to actually serve on a jury; Jake gets a dog.

star 7.62
199 votes
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Our Hourly Bread

#224 - Our Hourly Bread

Cheers Season 6 - Episode 21

Rebecca decides to take Woody's suggestion of raffling off a Caribbean vacation to get the bar out of a slump.

star 7.61
165 votes
The Mom & Pop Store

#225 - The Mom & Pop Store

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 8

A salesman convinces George to buy a convertible once owned by "Jon Voight." Kramer tries to save a small shoe-repair business, but his good intentions affect Jerry in a big way. Elaine wins tickets for Mr. Pitt, who's always wanted to participate in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

star 7.61
1364 votes

#226 - Snapped

Whitney Season 2 - Episode 9

Whitney blurts out her true feelings to Alex's abrasive brother; Lily plans a secret date for Mark and Roxanne.

star 7.61
244 votes
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Planes, Trains and Visiting Cranes

#227 - Planes, Trains and Visiting Cranes

Wings Season 3 - Episode 16

Dr. Frasier Crane's plans to conduct a self-esteem seminar on Nantucket are interrupted by Helen's accusations that he ruined her life in New York City when she attended one of his seminars.

star 7.61
50 votes
The Cranemakers

#228 - The Cranemakers

Cheers Season 7 - Episode 16

Lilith persuades Frasier to give up everything urban and move with her to a cabin in the wilds.

star 7.60
170 votes
The Wrong Man

#229 - The Wrong Man

Becker Season 3 - Episode 6

"The one who got away" comes back into Becker's life looking to rekindle the flame -- even though she's married. He entertains an invitation up to her hotel room, but after he hallucinates his friends mirroring his own guilt, he makes the hard decision to leave shortly after getting there. Meanwhile, Margaret struggles desperately to get Linda and Becker to sit still long enough to have a staff meeting.

star 7.60
254 votes
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Noses Off

#230 - Noses Off

Wings Season 4 - Episode 3

Sandpiper is finally back in business,but Joe's nose is broken by a man who mistakes him for Brian.At the surgeon's office,the doctor's observation of a bump on Brian's nose has him obsessing about getting a nose job.

star 7.60
80 votes
The Chronicle (2)

#231 - The Chronicle (2)

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 22

More clips are seen and finally the closing minutes feature a series of bloopers and a musical montage that features the song "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by the band Green Day, from their 1997 album Nimrod.

star 7.59
515 votes
The Wizard

#232 - The Wizard

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 15

Jerry buys his dad a $200 Wizard organizer for a birthday present. George receives a message from Susan's parents, the Rosses. Jerry and George debate about the race of Elaine's new boyfriend and that intrigues her (is he black?). George returns the call from the Rosses; the Foundation is having an event this weekend, but George can't attend, he has to close on his house in the Hamptons. Kramer announces his retirement, a Hollywood big shot has optioned his coffee table book about coffee tables. Elaine finds evidence that leads her to believe her boyfriend is black. Susan's parents see George on the street in the city, during the time he is supposed to be in the Hamptons. Jerry is woken up early in the morning at his parent's house and gives his father the "$50" organizer that has many features besides a tip calculator. Later he discovers that Kramer has moved down there, to join the other retirees. Elaine laughs when Susan's parents ask her about George's house in the Hamptons. Of course, George just builds on the lie. Morty, who can't run for president of the condo association, decides that Kramer should run for condo board president of Del Boca Vista phase III. Once Kramer is elected, Morty will run things from behind the scenes. Elaine schemes to try to determine her boyfriend's race. George finds out the Rosses knew that he lied. He decides to take them to the Hamptons, to "see who'll blink first." Kramer begins his campaign and the Boca Breeze has good things to say about him (see NOTE:). When Elaine's boyfriend says they are an interracial couple, she is convinced he is black. George keeps building on his lie, as he picks up the Rosses and takes them on their ride to the Hamptons. Kramer receives some bad press from the Boca Breeze; it's damage control time. Kramer suggests buying each member of the board one of those Wizard tip calculators. Jerry knows he can't get the deal he told his father he'd received, but Kramer says not to worry, Bob Saccamando's fat

star 7.59
1328 votes
I've Got Friends I Haven't Used Yet

#233 - I've Got Friends I Haven't Used Yet

Becker Season 5 - Episode 13

Becker's old college roommate Rick Cooper, a recovering alcoholic, comes to town to make amends; but John was unaware until now that Rick was the one behind the misdeeds he confesses, which include stealing and sleeping with his wife. Meanwhile, Margaret spends time with Cliff, the medical supply salesman, until Linda accuses her of having an affair with him; and Bob becomes obsessed with his supposedly imminent death.

star 7.59
187 votes
The Money

#234 - The Money

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 12

Jerry's parents sell the Cadillac to Jack Klompus for $6000 in order to give Jerry some money to help him out. They along with Kramer suggest that Jerry might try a career move. Elaine talks about her Peterman stock options and buys George's coffee. He thinks she is sticking it to him. Jerry and George talk about the money their parents might have. This piques George's interest. Kramer seeks advice from Elaine about his girlfriend's post-sex bed habit "she's got the jimmy legs." Jerry flies to Florida to buy the Cadillac back. George seeks information on his family's health history. Kramer works out a deal with his girlfriend. Jerry meets with Klompus and agrees to pay $14,000 for it. George anticipating a big inheritance begins to spend money. Unfortunately for him, so do his parents. Klompus has a problem with the car and Jerry returns to Florida. Jerry's parents are still worried about him and wonder what to do. Morty decides to see Elaine about a job; she reluctantly agrees to give him a job, just as Peterman returns. Kramer, fearing a prowler (Jerry's dad), decides he can no longer sleep alone; unfortunately his girlfriend has decided she can. So he moves in with the Costanzas, who tell George that they are moving to Florida. Elaine returns to her regular position at Peterman, with no options. George and Elaine try to discuss their respective problems. Still in Florida, strapped for cash and credit, Jerry sleeps in the Cadillac. Kramer and Emily spend the night as an old married couple in the Costanzas' house. The Seinfelds make a change in their housing as the Costanzas try to settle into their new place.

star 7.59
1245 votes
The Maestro

#235 - The Maestro

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 3

George is feeling the pressures of his relationship with Susan and decides that he needs to help a security guard that works at her uncle's store. Kramer's friend "Maestro," makes a comment about getting a rental property in Tuscany that makes Jerry decide to do some research. Elaine begins dating the "Maestro." Kramer's out of court settlement in his lawsuit against the coffee house, free coffee at any location around the world, gets him "hopped up on the caffeine." Jerry asks Poppy about Tuscany and is referred to Poppy's cousin, who makes him an offer he can't refuse.

star 7.59
1331 votes
The Doorman

#236 - The Doorman

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 18

The doorman in Mr. Pitt's building causes trouble for Jerry who was only trying to be nice. Kramer robs George on the street for some German tourists. George's father is living with him and when he removes his shirt, George and Kramer see that he has breasts. So, Kramer develops a new undergarment for males ("The Bro" or "The Manssiere") that will alleviate this problem. Jerry offers his soiled couch to replace the one that was stolen while he was "on duty."

star 7.58
1141 votes
The Cadillac (2)

#237 - The Cadillac (2)

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 15

Kramer continues to play with the cable guy. George's obsession with Marisa makes Susan suspicious. Elaine calls Jerry in Florida and tells him she wants to come and join him. Elaine gets George Marisa's phone number and now he needs her for an alibi (which involves her "boyfriend" Art Vandelay, an importer/ exporter). Morty's ace in the hole, to keep him from impeachment, is the woman that Jerry stole the marble rye from, only she doesn't remember him, at least at first. The cable guy zeros in on Kramer, but he gets away. George's meeting with Marisa doesn't go as well as planned and Susan thinks he's having an affair with Elaine. The cable guy concedes defeat.

star 7.58
651 votes
Go East on Sunset Until You Reach the Gates of Hell

#238 - Go East on Sunset Until You Reach the Gates of Hell

Two and a Half Men Season 1 - Episode 3

After spending a day at Disneyland, Jake gets sick and wants to go to his mothers' house, to have her take care of him. This sends Alan into a state of misery, as he realizes he's losing his wife, and son. Charlie suggests that they go drinking, and Alan agrees. After drinking the boys take a cab home, but at one point they end up at their mothers, where they try to tell her what they think of her, but fail in getting the point across.

star 7.58
3769 votes
Two Broke-Up Guys

#239 - Two Broke-Up Guys

Whitney Season 1 - Episode 6

When Alex encourages Mark to recycle his beer can, Mark takes an unusually firm stance against it, causing the two to "break-up." Trying to cheer Alex up, Whitney steps in for guy's night out, only to run into Mark and his new best friend, Neal. In an effort to reunite the bro-mance, Whitney, following advice from Lily and Roxanne, arms herself with some Rocky Road and red wine and sets out to discover the real root of Mark's heartbreak.

star 7.58
449 votes
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The Maid

#240 - The Maid

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 19

George searches for a nickname and decides on "T-bone." Jerry has hired a maid to clean his apartment. Elaine suspects there is more than cleaning going on. Kramer's girlfriend is moving downtown (10 minutes by subway) to a different way of life. Kramer tells Elaine he is having a fax sent to her apartment, only Elaine informs him that she doesn't have a fax machine. George makes a play for being called "T-bone" at work, but a coworker gets the honor. Elaine gets home to find 57 messages waiting for her, most of them the fax machine trying to deliver Kramer's fax. Elaine catches Jerry kissing the maid. Jerry confesses that he has a personal and work relationship with his maid named Cindy. Kramer's girlfriend is gone and he tells Elaine that he signed up for a food delivery service. They're going to fax him menus for all the restaurants for the next year. Elaine gets a new number and with it a new area code, she really wanted a "changed" number. Kramer and his girlfriend have a relationship by phone. George finds out about Jerry and his maid. Elaine tries to give out her new number to a guy, but the new area code scares him off. George wants his nickname and confronts his coworker, Kruger sees George's gestures through a window and it reminds him of "Koko the Monkey." Elaine finds out a woman in her building has died, she had a telephone number with a 212 area code. When Cindy takes her fee but leaves without cleaning anything, Jerry wonders what he's paid for. Kramer calls him "a john." George and Jerry swap information on their respective situations at Monk's counter. Kramer returns from visiting his girlfriend and reports the oddities he saw there. The gang tries to communicate while sitting at Monk's counter. Jerry's maid tells George that there is woman at the cleaning service named Coco. George sees this as an opportunity to get out from under this nickname. Jerry breaks up with and fires Cindy. Elaine gets the dead woman's number and receives her first phone

star 7.58
1212 votes
Color Wars

#241 - Color Wars

Superstore Season 1 - Episode 7

Glenn makes the employees face off against each other in a contest to see who sells more stuff.

star 7.58
1772 votes
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The Late Mrs. Biggins

#242 - The Late Mrs. Biggins

Wings Season 3 - Episode 10

Pressured by questions, Roy admits that his wife Sylvia is not dead but that she left him years ago and is living in Boston.

star 7.58
80 votes
The Company Retreat

#243 - The Company Retreat

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 22

In the season finale, at the magazine’s notoriously carnal company retreat, feelings resurface between Jack and Brooke as they work together to help Clark finally hook up with Emma – the same way they did five years ago. Also, Roland asks Jack to lead the staff in his absence after he accepts a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to return to field reporting.

star 7.57
465 votes
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Time Share

#244 - Time Share

Rules of Engagement Season 2 - Episode 10

Jennifer and Adam decide to go on a trip with Jeff and Audrey but may have wished they had stayed home when they find out the reason they took the trip.

star 7.56
794 votes
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The Fatigues

#245 - The Fatigues

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 6

Jerry is intrigued by the concept of his girlfriend having a mentor. George prepares to give a lecture on risk management by reading a book, but realizes that books on tape have spoiled him. Elaine prepares to fire an employee, but when face to face with him, she promotes him. Kramer runs a Jewish singles night at Frank's Knights of Columbus hall. Jerry meets his girlfriend's mentor, but she is dating Kenny Bania. George discovers the blind can get any book on tape, so he plans to fail an eye test. Elaine's recently promoted employee has some startling new ideas. She plans to promote him again. Kramer's party plans go awry when he has to cook for over 150 plus people. He needs to get Frank's advice on cooking for the masses, despite George's warning. Elaine's promotional plan backfires, when the rest of her staff quits. Jerry's girlfriend sees Bania's act and loses respect for her mentor. Elaine tries working with her employee. George figures out an angle to get his book read. Jerry finds himself becoming Bania's mentor. Jerry and his now ex-girlfriend get their files mixed up; George speaks on Ovaltine and Bania on risk management. Frank's cooking skills are reborn, until he sees someone choking.

star 7.56
1345 votes
Sue You

#246 - Sue You

Becker Season 3 - Episode 23

John refuses to settle Vinny's lawsuit against him, despite the advice of his lawyer, Ruth, because he feels like it would imply guilt. Ruth impresses upon him that he could lose, and would then more or less have to shut down his practice. He finally decides to settle when he realizes how many people, both patients and employees, depend on him. Unfortunately, his decision doesn't sit well and he goes and tells Vinny that he will absolutely not settle. Jake and Bob try to think of the worst way to die. Linda pretends to like an ugly sweater/vest that Margaret's unemployed husband knits for her, and Margaret catches Linda in her lie by giving her one of her own to wear.

star 7.55
184 votes

#247 - Crosstalk

Becker Season 2 - Episode 22

John gets into an argument with a priest over whose hands a patient is really in -- God's or the doctor's; Reggie, Jake and Bob take a gamble on the stock market.

star 7.55
168 votes
The Soul Mate

#248 - The Soul Mate

Seinfeld Season 8 - Episode 2

George thinks the foundation lawyer thinks he might have killed Susan, Jerry suggests using a method employed by Jerry Lewis to find out. Kramer falls for Jerry's girlfriend and he consults Newman for advice. Elaine's friends insist that she have a baby, she'd rather not and meets a man who shares her ideals. George leaves a running tape recorder in his brief case at the next board meeting and leaves the room. He returns to find the briefcase damaged and the tape stopped. Newman gets in the middle of Jerry and Kramer's relationship with Pam; he bribes Jerry in hopes to find out more about his obsession, Elaine. Meanwhile, her new boyfriend gets a vasectomy to show her how committed he is to not having children. The guys find out Pam isn't interested in having children and they line up for their own vasectomies. George gets to the bottom of what happened to his briefcase.

star 7.55
1384 votes
The Finale (2)

#249 - The Finale (2)

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 24

The videotape Kramer made is played for the jury. When the NBC executives arrive, George forgets about the trial for a moment and complains loudly about the plane. The prosecution begins to call their witnesses and each will do more to break down the characters of the foursome. First, the arresting officer is called to the stand, followed by the victim. Then the prosecution begins to call a variety of familiar faces. Starting with the elderly woman that Jerry stole the marble rye from. The virgin, Marla, is called to the stand and she tells the court about the foursome's contest. Further testimony is given by the bubble boy. The woman who needed a handicapped spot. The doctor who was on duty the night Susan died. Sidra, the woman with no implants. Mr. Bookman, the library cop. George's former girlfriend Robin, whose apartment caught on fire. The security guard from the parking garage. A detective from when Kramer was dressed like a pimp. The low-talker tries to testify (only she can't be heard). Steinbrenner talks about calzone and George's communism. The man who runs the cockfights. The pharmacist who sold Elaine a case of contraceptive sponges. A co-worker tells about Elaine's Christmas card. Mr. Pitt tells about when Elaine tried to kill him with a pillow. The soup nazi takes the stand and finally Babu Bhatt returns to the US to tell about the cafe and his deportation. They are "very, very, bad." Rivera Live reports that the jury is in deliberation. Meanwhile, the foursome speculates on life in prison. Estelle tries to bribe the judge to be lenient on George if he's found guilty. A montage of activity is shown while the jury is in deliberation, that includes people we didn't see testifying like the Rabbi, Wilhelm, Keith Hernandez, Bania, Peterman, Puddy, Newman, Mr. Lippman, Poppie, Mr. Ross browsing for a handgun and ends with Jackie Chiles "cross-examining" Sidra outside the courtroom. The jury comes back. Jerry asks Elaine what she was going to say to him on

star 7.55
609 votes
Dr. Angry Head

#250 - Dr. Angry Head

Becker Season 3 - Episode 9

Dr. Becker's back goes out on Christmas Eve, stranding him in a holiday nightmare. Trying to cut through a crowded department store on Christmas Eve, Becker stumbles into a Christmas display and knocks his back out, leaving him immobilized in Santa's Village. While the same grating Christmas tune plays over and over again, Becker waits for the paramedics and lives out his worst nightmare as he is assaulted by toy trains, cheerful pandas and really irritating kids. Meanwhile, Reggie decides to one-up an annoying woman who collects presents for orphans by organizing an unusual toy drive at the diner.

star 7.55
223 votes
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#251 - Pilot

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 1 - Episode 1

Christine's 8-year-old son, Ritchie has been accepted into a posh private school where Christine encounters two snooty class moms, Marly and Lindsay, who can't seem to grasp the concept that Christine actually works. Her 20-something slacker brother, Matthew, lives with her, but in a pinch, also serves as Ritchie's babysitter. On the first day at Ritchie's new school, Christine is mortified to discover that her ex-husband, Richard, with whom she gets along even better than when they were married, is dating a young, nice, impossible-to-hate woman also named Christine… the "new" Christine.

star 7.55
363 votes
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2 Broke Hearts

#252 - 2 Broke Hearts

Whitney Season 2 - Episode 6

While trying to figure out what is making Alex's allergies act up, Whitney reveals she has a heart condition; Lily introduces her new boyfriend to her friends.

star 7.54
278 votes
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Homeland Security

#253 - Homeland Security

Whitney Season 1 - Episode 18

Whitney has an unexpected reaction when confronted with a mugger; Lily tries to keep herself busy after her and Neal's wedding is called off; Mark encourages Neal to talk about his feelings.

star 7.54
389 votes
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It Had to Be Ew

#254 - It Had to Be Ew

Becker Season 4 - Episode 15

John worries that women no longer find him attractive after Jake's girlfriend makes a disparaging remark to him; Linda fears that a pretty temp is going to replace her.

star 7.53
208 votes
The Bottle Deposit (1)

#255 - The Bottle Deposit (1)

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 21

George doesn't hear the details on an important project that Wilhelm wants him to champion. Peterman wants Elaine to bid on a set of golf clubs at the Kennedy auction, her ceiling is $10,000; however, she gets into a bidding war with Sue Ellen, the Oh Henry! candy heiress. Consequently, she spends a bit more than she was authorized. Newman finds the missing ingredient to make it cost effective in Kramer's scheme to collect used pop bottles and cans and take them to Michigan where the refund is doubled. Jerry takes his car to a mechanic, who's fanatical about car care. Elaine meets Jerry to get the golf clubs out of his car, but the mechanic, distraught over Jerry's negligence, steals it. Kramer and Newman collect their bottles and cans and hit the road in a mail truck.

star 7.53
1086 votes

#256 - Nesting

Whitney Season 2 - Episode 13

When Alex and Whitney decide to take their honeymoon at his family's lake house, they find his father there; Mark, Lily and Roxanne hang out at Whitney and Alex's apartment.

star 7.53
219 votes
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Severe Crane Damage

#257 - Severe Crane Damage

Cheers Season 8 - Episode 18

Lilith goes on a talk show to promote her new book about men who are bad for women and takes along her prime example-Sam.

star 7.53
163 votes
Two Jerks and a Jill

#258 - Two Jerks and a Jill

Wings Season 4 - Episode 6

The arrival on Nantucket of beautiful new helicopter pilot, Alex Lambert soon has the brothers chasing after her, despite her obvious non-interest. Meanwhile, Antonio gets invited to the Tuesday Night Rat Shoot where he upstages Lowell in front of his buddies.

star 7.53
51 votes
Divorce, American Style

#259 - Divorce, American Style

Wings Season 3 - Episode 13

Helen resigns herself to life as Antonio's wife but she soon sees an opportunity to help him get a new green card in a lottery.

star 7.53
76 votes

#260 - Lifeboat

Wings Season 4 - Episode 1

In this conclusion to last season's cliffhanger, Joe, Brian, Helen, Lowell, Roy and Fay find themselves struggling for survival in a leaky lifeboat after their plane goes down en route to Boston.

star 7.53
78 votes
Santa On Ice

#261 - Santa On Ice

Becker Season 2 - Episode 12

Becker is his usual bitter self as Christmas rolls around, until a department store Santa drops dead in his waiting room. Meanwhile, Reggie prepares for her Christmas party.

star 7.52
206 votes
Trials and Defibrillations

#262 - Trials and Defibrillations

Becker Season 3 - Episode 24

As the series' third season comes to a close, John Becker is being taken to court by a patient who claims the doctor almost killed him. The patient, Vinny, is suing John for allegedly causing him to have a heart attack by taking him to a gym for a workout. John maintains that Vinny would have had the heart attack anyway and that going to the gym had nothing to do with it. Defending John from his insurance company is a pretty attorney, and, of course, John finds fault with her, too. She refuses to let the hot-tempered doctor take the stand, fearing that he won't be able to keep a lid on his anger.

star 7.51
214 votes
Tell Me Lies

#263 - Tell Me Lies

Becker Season 1 - Episode 4

Becker and Jake notice that Reggie is upset about something, but she refuses to tell them why. Becker presses Reggie for details, but she responds with a series of lies before finally revealing the truth.

star 7.51
258 votes
He Got Game, She Got Cats

#264 - He Got Game, She Got Cats

Go On Season 1 - Episode 2

Ryan disregards Lauren's "all talk, no action" philosophy and encourages Sonia to break up with her boyfriend; George's love of basketball is rekindled.

star 7.51
1422 votes
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The Bearer of Bad Tidings

#265 - The Bearer of Bad Tidings

Becker Season 2 - Episode 19

After John agrees to take on a vacationing doctor's patients and one of them dies, he inadvertently leaves a phone message, then desperately tries to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Linda tries to comfort her friend Lynda, who won't leave the office; and Reggie and Jake trade barbs during a slow time in the diner.

star 7.51
220 votes
The Ugly Truth

#266 - The Ugly Truth

Becker Season 3 - Episode 17

Reggie secretly conducts a psychology experiment on John to see if he treats attractive patients the same as unattractive ones. Also, Jake gets into a jam when he's accidentally sent a driver's license.

star 7.51
220 votes
The Friars Club

#267 - The Friars Club

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 18

George is happy because he has a three-month reprieve. The wedding is delayed until June (just in time for the end of the May sweeps and a cliffhanger!). Meanwhile he is also excited because Jerry is going to go out with Susan's best friend. He envisions their friendship in the future as being "Gatsby"-like. Jerry is trying to get into the Friars Club, but loses a jacket he "borrowed" for dinner there, at a performance of comedic jugglers that was "worked on" by Susan's friend. Kramer tries to duplicate the sleeping patterns of Da Vinci and falls asleep at some inopportune moments; one of which puts him put in the Hudson River. Peterman hires a deaf employee and Elaine suffers the consequences, when she gets loaded with some of his work. Trying to see how deaf he really is, Elaine comes on to him, which Peterman overhears and tries to help out their budding relationship.

star 7.51
1192 votes
The Junk Mail

#268 - The Junk Mail

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 5

Jerry's childhood friend "Fragile" Frankie promises to get Jerry a new car because of a show he did for Frankie's car dealership. George prepares for his weekly call to his parents. Kramer plans his revenge on a company because of the over abundance of catalogs they've sent him in the past month. Elaine is back with Puddy, but meets the man of her dreams at the diner and plans to keep Puddy in reserve until she finds out if the new guy can "handle the workload." Kramer gets deluged with more catalogs and plans to stop the mail. George's parents cut him short on his weekly phone call. Jerry gets a van and not the Saab he'd hoped for. Frankie reminds him of the childhood dream they had where they got a van a toured the country. George pops in on his parents and reminds his parent's they didn't call him back, but they have to leave right away. Kramer bricks up his mailbox, but that doesn't stop his mail from being delivered. Jerry plans to sell the van; Kramer helps him out with the ad copy that cites interesting trades considered. Kramer goes to the post office to permanently cancel his mail. Newman confesses to him that no one really needs their mail but that there is a greater conspiracy at work. George demands to know what's going on with his parents; they tell him they are cutting him loose. George isn't ready for abandonment; he plans to date his cousin as a means of getting his parents involved in his life. Jerry determines that the appeal Elaine finds in her new boyfriend comes from some old commercial that he appeared in. Kramer wants Jerry's van and offers Anthony Quinn's old tee shirt as an interesting trade. Elaine wants Puddy back, but is rejected by him. Kramer uses the van to launch his anti-postal campaign. George's cousin is into their relationship; however, George schemes to have his parents catch him making out with her. Kramer is captured and enlightened by the postmaster general. Elaine's boyfriend gets his second piece of good news in one day, his

star 7.50
1361 votes

#269 - Pilot

Marlon Season 1 - Episode 1

Exes Marlon and Ashley try a friendly divorce for their children's sake, but things get tricky when Ashley decides to date again. In other events, Marlon struggles to keep a sponsor for his online channel, “The Marlon Way.”

star 7.50
590 votes
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Phase One, Complete

#270 - Phase One, Complete

Two and a Half Men Season 1 - Episode 9

After meeting Wendy, a one-night stand of Charlies, Jake befriends her. Charlie doesn't like this situation, as he believes Wendy is using Jake to further their relationship, and he has no intention to keep it going. It gets to the point were Wendy even starts spending time with Evelyn, and Charlie becomes desperate to get rid of Wendy. After Charlie breaks it off Jake becomes very unhappy with him, because he won't be able to see Wendy anymore. This forces Charlie to confront Jake and explain the situation as best as he can. Rose sees that Alan knows how to play scrabble, and asks him to teach her to play, he agrees. During the scrabble games the two bond, and Charlie suspects that she is using Alan to get closer to him, but doesn't pursue the issue.

star 7.50
2951 votes
The Couch

#271 - The Couch

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 5

Elaine begins to date the guy who delivers Jerry's new couch. Kramer plans to start the pizza business he thought of back in "Male Unbonding" with Poppie. George joins a book club, but tries to rent the movie so he can bluff his way through the meeting. Jerry and Elaine's discussion of the abortion issue causes trouble for Poppie, Elaine's relationship & Jerry's new couch. George spends the evening with the family that has rented the film.

star 7.50
1452 votes
Stumble in the Bronx

#272 - Stumble in the Bronx

Becker Season 2 - Episode 8

While going to rescue the just-robbed Jake, Becker finds himself caught in the crossfire between two motorists who are arguing over a parking space. A struggle between the two ensues and one of them pulls out a gun. But it's Becker who takes a bullet to the shoulder. Despite his weakened state, he still manages to annoy everyone at the hospital and refuses to take the advice of his agitated doctor.

star 7.49
272 votes
City Lights

#273 - City Lights

Becker Season 1 - Episode 7

Becker is crabbier than ever when a flickering street light keeps him from getting any sleep. When the city refuses to make the broken street light a priority assignment, Becker takes matters into his own hands to ensure that he gets a proper night's rest. Meanwhile, Margaret agrees to let Linda bring one personal item into the office, unaware that Linda's item is breathing.

star 7.48
244 votes
If Elected, I Will Not Live

#274 - If Elected, I Will Not Live

Wings Season 3 - Episode 5

When Roy's competition for the town council drops out, the gang convince Joe to run against him. However, the local newspaper endorses Joe's campaign manager, Fay.

star 7.48
53 votes
Up All Night

#275 - Up All Night

Whitney Season 1 - Episode 9

When Lily asks Whitney to be her maid of honor and plan her engagement party, the stress drives Whitney to see a therapist; Roxanne decides to take control of her future.

star 7.48
631 votes
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For Whom the Toll Calls

#276 - For Whom the Toll Calls

Becker Season 2 - Episode 18

When a long-distance call to Chico, California shows up on Becker's phone bill, he decides to dispute the charge. He even disputes the existence of the town, claiming that it's just a code word that the phone company uses for bogus charges. Margaret warns Becker not to fight the phone company, after all, "they're like God with computers," but Becker persists. Meanwhile, Reggie is upset when she isn't invited to a friend's wedding, and Bob listens to motivational tapes in order to land a job.

star 7.48
223 votes
Say It Ain't So, Joe

#277 - Say It Ain't So, Joe

Wings Season 3 - Episode 21

To help commemorate the anticipated breaking of Joe's old high school strike out record, his old coach coerces Joe to fly him and his star player to the game.

star 7.47
76 votes
You Can't Tell a Crook by His Cover

#278 - You Can't Tell a Crook by His Cover

Frasier Season 1 - Episode 15

Frasier and Niles try to protect Daphne's honor when she goes on a date with an ex-con.

star 7.47
916 votes
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The Cartoon

#279 - The Cartoon

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 13

Kramer's brutal honesty gets Jerry in trouble with Susan's old college roommate, Sally Weaver. Elaine obsesses over the meaning of a cartoon that appears in The New Yorker. Elaine and later Kramer comments that George's new girlfriend looks a lot like Jerry. In fact Kramer says "just because they look-a-like, that doesn't mean you're (George) secretly in love with Jerry." Jerry confronts Kramer's frankness. Sally claims that Jerry has ruined her life, she's quitting the business, Jerry can't have that on his conscience, he talks her back into the business. Kramer makes an important life decision, the only way to keep his mouth shut, is to stop talking. Before he finally stops talking, Kramer's constant references to the looks of George's girlfriend, drives George out of Jerry's apartment. Elaine goes to The New Yorker to seek an explanation for the cartoon. Discovering that the editor didn't understand the cartoon either, he liked the kitty. Sally opens her new one woman show about "Jerry Seinfeld- the Devil." Elaine's complaint, gets her the opportunity to do her own cartoon for the magazine. Jerry confronts Sally about the content of her show. Newman is her biggest fan; finally, he can see a "show that is about something." Kramer discovers the disadvantages of not talking. George worries about why he really likes his girlfriend. A clip of Sally's show appears on channel 9 news, it features Jerry's latest confrontation with her. Elaine works all-night on her first cartoon, it is okay, but it is not the gem that Elaine thinks it is. Jerry calls Sally and the message he leaves on her answering machine appears in her show as well. Later the lawsuit he filed appears in her cable special. Jerry decides to cut off all communication with Sally. Elaine's first comic appears in The New Yorker. Peterman thinks it is a great cartoon, until he realizes it is a Ziggy and he can prove it -- "Quick Elaine, to my archives." George and his girlfriend discuss their relationship, unt

star 7.47
1267 votes
Friends Like These

#280 - Friends Like These

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 14

Jack desperately begs his co-workers to pretend to be his closest friends at a dinner party after his lack of an inner circle begins to concern his girlfriend. However, he soon regrets asking for their help after they behave awkwardly in her presence.

star 7.47
522 votes
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My Brother's Keeper

#281 - My Brother's Keeper

Wings Season 3 - Episode 6

The arrival of a wealth woman has Fay, Roy, and Helen eager to tap into her wealth. But she only has eyes for Brian and he soon enjoys the lavish gifts and lifestyle she heaps upon him.

star 7.46
79 votes

#282 - Parannoyed

Becker Season 4 - Episode 21

Dr. John Becker's laundry, apartment and mail have all been tampered with and he is sure the culprit is one of his pesky neighbors. Determined to solve the mystery, he decides to confront all the tenants and barges into his building's weekly board meeting. Meanwhile Chris, the new girl in Becker's apartment building, is a hit with the gang at the diner, but her perky behavior only serves to darken his already miserable day.

star 7.46
213 votes
The Taming of the Shrew

#283 - The Taming of the Shrew

Wings Season 3 - Episode 3

Helen's anger issues with Joe continue to escalate so others convince her to go to a group therapy session.

star 7.45
51 votes
Where Nobody Knows Your Name

#284 - Where Nobody Knows Your Name

Cheers Season 9 - Episode 4

Rebecca is secretly very upset when one of Robin's previous lovers goes public claiming to be his current affair.

star 7.45
130 votes
Christmas is Cummings

#285 - Christmas is Cummings

Whitney Season 1 - Episode 10

Whitney and Alex scheme a way to skip out on their family gatherings to start new holiday traditions with their friends Lily, Neal, Mark and Roxanne. However, Whitney's little white lie to her mother Candi and an unexpected visit from her father, Vince, cause her perfect plan of merriment to unravel.

star 7.45
534 votes
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If I Can't Write My Chocolate Song, I'm Going to Take a Nap

#286 - If I Can't Write My Chocolate Song, I'm Going to Take a Nap

Two and a Half Men Season 1 - Episode 4

Charlie is very unhappy with his housekeepers' decision to quit, after she experiences Alan's demanding ways. Alan then offers to take on the role of housekeeper, but this situation doesn't work at all. So Alan decides to get the housekeeper to come back. Before Alan leaves, he puts Charlie in charge of getting Jake ready for a dinner with his mother and grandparents. Charlie also tries to get Rose to move on, and date other men. He finds both situations to be bigger challenges then he first thought.

star 7.45
3602 votes
Bawl and Chain

#287 - Bawl and Chain

Whitney Season 2 - Episode 1

Whitney's mother interrupts the celebratory mood of Whitney and Alex's unofficial wedding day; Lily and Roxanne have trouble choosing a gift for Whitney.

star 7.44
461 votes
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The Last Thing You Want to Do Is Wind Up with a Hump

#288 - The Last Thing You Want to Do Is Wind Up with a Hump

Two and a Half Men Season 1 - Episode 5

After spending a night in Las Vegas, Charlie decides to live up to his promise that he made to Jake about attending his soccer game. During the game, Charlie sets up a play-date with an unattached mother named Kate, and they hit it off. During one of their dates, Charlie seems like he's ready for a serious relation. Alan sets up a meeting with Gloria (one of the soccer moms) to write a soccer newsletter, but Gloria has other intentions for the evening, and he has no idea. During the evening another soccer mom, Brooke, tries to move in on Gloria's plans.

star 7.44
3411 votes
The Separation of Church and Dan

#289 - The Separation of Church and Dan

The Conners Season 1 - Episode 4

When Geena learns that D.J. hasn’t been taking Mary to church, she insists they go as a family. Mark’s attempt to conduct an unbiased survey on the upcoming election for his school project goes south when Jackie volunteers to help.

star 7.43
366 votes
Home Malone

#290 - Home Malone

Cheers Season 9 - Episode 24

Sam enters a whole new world when he babysits for Frasier and Lilith, and Woody worries about Kelly when she goes to work at Cheers as part of a school project.

star 7.43
153 votes
The Heartbreaker

#291 - The Heartbreaker

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 20

Jack sets up a double date to get Eddie out of a post-divorce rut, but the night gets awkward when they run into Eddie's ex-wife. Emma decides to break up with her boyfriend, and Clark is torn between dating her and saving his friendship with Greg.

star 7.43
488 votes
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Stop in the Name of Love

#292 - Stop in the Name of Love

Wings Season 5 - Episode 1

Everyone is of course skeptical when Brian announces that his relationship with Alex is special. To try to insure that their relationship lasts longer than a couple of weeks, they decide not to sleep with one another yet.

star 7.43
47 votes
Roland's Secret

#293 - Roland's Secret

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 21

Jack gets caught up in Roland and Brooke's family drama when they both enlist his help to keep bombshells about their love lives from each other.

star 7.42
471 votes
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Perfect Job

#294 - Perfect Job

Perfect Couples Season 1 - Episode 8

Amy quits her job at the pet store because she had a crisis of conscience and Leigh decides to become Amy's 'wife' so she could make career plans for her. Julia finally makes some gay friends at work, but gets jealous when Dave starts to hang out with them. Rex gets beaten by Vance at a tiny pool game, but Vance retires as a champion and refuses a rematch.

star 7.42
246 votes
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Cheers Has Chili

#295 - Cheers Has Chili

Cheers Season 9 - Episode 20

Rebecca wants to serve Woody's chili in the poolroom despite Sam's heartfelt objections.

star 7.42
182 votes
The Fortune Cookie

#296 - The Fortune Cookie

Wings Season 4 - Episode 2

Joe's future is up in the air when Sandpiper Air is grounded by his insurance company, but Brian's plan to save the airline doesn't fly right with Helen.

star 7.41
80 votes
The Birthday Deal

#297 - The Birthday Deal

Rules of Engagement Season 1 - Episode 2

When it's time to plan a party for Jeff's birthday, everyone gets involved. But Audrey is spending a little too much time on planning the party, which makes Jeff unhappy. Although Jeff won't reveal what he usually gets in the annual birthday deal, Adam brings up the subject with Jennifer and is then worried when Jennifer not only agrees to give him a birthday deal, but announces she wants to get one in return. Meanwhile, Russell is obsessed with trying to figure out what Jeff's birthday present really is.

star 7.41
1088 votes
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One Wong Move

#298 - One Wong Move

Becker Season 3 - Episode 3

Challenged to do so by his friends, Becker changes his routine with disastrous results. When he eats at a new Chinese restaurant, Linda gets a stalker, Margaret gets food poisoning, Bob gets punched in the nose, and Reggie and Jake lose $80 to a scam artist.

star 7.41
259 votes
Shovel Off to Buffalo

#299 - Shovel Off to Buffalo

Becker Season 2 - Episode 6

Before leaving for a medical conference in Chicago, at which he is scheduled to speak, Becker discovers that he has an extra airline ticket, which Reggie ends up using. Once aboard the plane, Reggie is immediately annoyed by the flight attendant and fellow passengers while Becker is uncharacteristically taking it all in stride. When Reggie discovers that Becker is high on Valium, she's alone in her misery until bad weather causes a delay and finds them stuck for hours on a tarmac in Buffalo. As the Valium wears off, Becker's temper and tongue-lashings return and the situation becomes a pressure-cooker about to explode.

star 7.41
236 votes

#300 - Pilot

Whitney Season 1 - Episode 1

When Whitney and Alex, a happily unmarried couple, attend one of their friends' weddings, Whitney realizes that she and Alex are dangerously close to relationship boredom after three years together. Determined not to let that happen, Whitney consults her close circle of opinionated girlfriends Lily and Roxanne. Snapping into action she tries to seduce Alex in a sexy costume, but someone winds up in the emergency room.

star 7.40
672 votes
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#301 - DTR

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 13

When Jack dates a millennial to avoid commitment, he needs Clark, Emma and Mason's help to keep up with his new girlfriend, Kaylie, and her exhausting lifestyle.

star 7.39
543 votes
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Is That a Subpoena in Your Pocket...?

#302 - Is That a Subpoena in Your Pocket...?

Wings Season 3 - Episode 2

Following Helen's damage to his office, Joe tries to get her to pay for the damages. When she refuses, Joe decides to sue her.

star 7.39
51 votes
Ma Always Liked You Best

#303 - Ma Always Liked You Best

Cheers Season 9 - Episode 5

Cliff gets very hurt and upset when his mother decides that Woody is the son she never had, and Norm gets caught in a window.

star 7.39
130 votes
Perfect Exes

#304 - Perfect Exes

Perfect Couples Season 1 - Episode 10

Vance discovers Amy invited her ex-boyfriends to their wedding and tries to befriend them; Rex wants to see Leigh's file on her former flames; Dave and Julia help get ready for their friend's nuptials.

star 7.39
217 votes
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A Black Eye Affair

#305 - A Black Eye Affair

Wings Season 5 - Episode 6

While trying to create a perfect evening with her boyfriend, Davis, Helen runs into obstacle after obstacle with various friends who assist in aiding with what can only be certain disaster.

star 7.39
49 votes
Death Becomes Him

#306 - Death Becomes Him

Frasier Season 1 - Episode 11

Frasier becomes aware of his own mortality when a man his age suddenly drops dead. Frasier attends the man's Shiva to determine how he could have died so young.

star 7.39
1028 votes
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#307 - Divergence

The Grinder Season 1 - Episode 21

When Stew learns that his father is guilty, he wants to settle, but Dean tries one of his old "Grinder" tricks to solve the case. Meanwhile, Stew is concerned that he is now "infected" by "The Grinder".

star 7.38
385 votes
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The Bookstore

#308 - The Bookstore

Seinfeld Season 9 - Episode 17

Kramer "hangs-out" more than usual at Jerry's place. Jerry spots Uncle Leo shoplifting. George takes a large book into the bathroom with him. Kramer and Newman plan to implement Kramer's idea for running a rickshaw service in the city. Elaine is at the annual Peterman party, where everyone is anxious to know if she is going to dance again and when. She ends up getting drunk and making out at a table with another man.

star 7.38
1220 votes
Marriage, Italian Style

#309 - Marriage, Italian Style

Wings Season 3 - Episode 12

Antonio receives a notice that he faces deportation when his green card expires so Brian attempts to find him a wife so that he can stay in the country.

star 7.37
101 votes
Pretty Poison

#310 - Pretty Poison

Becker Season 3 - Episode 14

John's former flame, Megan (Jaclyn Smith), appears unexpectedly at his door and announces that she has left her husband and wants to move in with John.

star 7.37
245 votes
Office Romance

#311 - Office Romance

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 8

Jack regrets convincing Human Resources to toss out a "no inter-office dating" rule when he needs an excuse to break up with his co-worker, Amy. Also, Mason closes in on uncovering Jack and Brooke's romantic history.

star 7.36
568 votes
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Big Flappy Bastards

#312 - Big Flappy Bastards

Two and a Half Men Season 1 - Episode 2

While spending time with Jake, Charlie finds it hard to enforce rules that Alan has set out for him. It gets to the point were Jake lures a flock of sea gulls into his room, and Charlie gets very upset. This prompts Jake to try and get Charlie to forgive him. Alan starts doing chores for Judith, in the hopes of them getting back together. During one of the tasks, Judith kisses Alan, leading him to believe that things will get back to the way they once were.

star 7.36
4143 votes
Achilles Hill

#313 - Achilles Hill

Cheers Season 9 - Episode 13

Sam decides to settle his feud with John Hill by dating the man's daughter and Carla fears that the foosball table is possessed.

star 7.35
163 votes
Four Dates That Will Live in Infamy

#314 - Four Dates That Will Live in Infamy

Wings Season 3 - Episode 19

Antonio's stories of success with a video dating service have Joe, Brian, Helen, and Lowell trying their luck and betting on who went on the worst date.

star 7.34
50 votes

#315 - Vows

Happy Together Season 1 - Episode 12

When Cooper gives Jake and Claire an anniversary gift featuring their original wedding vows, tensions rise as they attempt to take their vows literally.

star 7.33
114 votes
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Elder Hostile

#316 - Elder Hostile

Becker Season 3 - Episode 16

Jake's grandmother (Adrian Ricard), who insists she has a heart murmur, gets angry at John when he declares her to be in good health; Reggie goes through an old high-school yearbook and gets more depressed by the minute; Margaret becomes concerned about Linda's relationship with a young boy.

star 7.33
219 votes
Here's Looking at You

#317 - Here's Looking at You

Frasier Season 1 - Episode 5

Martin meets a woman via telescope after discovering the fun of spying into other people's apartments. Frasier eagerly tries to set Martin up with Irene, but is perplexed when Martin rebuffs her.

star 7.31
1105 votes
The Mediocre Outdoors

#318 - The Mediocre Outdoors

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 9

Jack tests the Millennials’ survival skills when he takes them camping for the first time and leaves them alone in the woods without their smartphones.

star 7.31
552 votes
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The Bank Dick

#319 - The Bank Dick

Wings Season 3 - Episode 20

After returning from a vacation made possible by a hefty tax refund, Brian finds out that the refund was an error. To help pay off his debt he takes on a second job as a security guard at a bank. Meanwhile, Antonio leaves for a trip to his home country of Italy and no one seems to care.

star 7.31
51 votes
Date Package Number Seven

#320 - Date Package Number Seven

Wings Season 4 - Episode 22

Alex finally agrees to a date with Brian, only to find out later it was all a set-up.

star 7.30
46 votes
Happy Holidays

#321 - Happy Holidays

Wings Season 5 - Episode 11

Lowell's ex-wife arrives on Nantucket for a friend's wedding. Brian faces the prospect of meeting Alex's parents. Joe deals with the loss of a tree and Fay becomes overbearing as Helen organizes a holiday party for children.

star 7.30
46 votes
Perfect Health

#322 - Perfect Health

Perfect Couples Season 1 - Episode 4

Julia puts Dave on a strict diet after learning he has high cholesterol; Vance tries to curb Amy's spending; Leigh suggests Rex build a man cave.

star 7.30
307 votes
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#323 - Scrubbing

Happy Together Season 1 - Episode 2

Jake and Claire attempt to follow Cooper's minimalist lifestyle by "scrubbing" their home of all their old and forgotten belongings. However, they find that letting go of the past is harder than it seems.

star 7.30
176 votes
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#324 - Lance!

Whitney Season 1 - Episode 15

Whitney is stunned when she discovers Roxanne's ex-husband is back in town; Neal is unsure of what to do when faced with racisim; Lily loses her engagement ring.

star 7.29
445 votes
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White Like Me

#325 - White Like Me

The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 4 - Episode 3

Barb's profile in a business journal brings in new clientele.

star 7.29
106 votes
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#326 - Cubicles

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 17

Jack can't concentrate because of the millennials' distracting juvenile behavior, so Brooke installs cubicles in the bullpen as a remedy.

star 7.29
520 votes
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Burying a Grudge

#327 - Burying a Grudge

Frasier Season 2 - Episode 10

While visiting Maris at the hospital (she's having a face-lift), Frasier finds Martin's old partner Artie. He convinces Martin, who hasn't spoken with Artie in years, to patch up their differences.

star 7.29
846 votes
Let’s Work It Out

#328 - Let’s Work It Out

Happy Together Season 1 - Episode 3

When Cooper has to get in shape for an underwear ad, Jake and Claire are inspired to ditch their junk food and join his ultra-healthy lifestyle. With the help of Cooper and his trainer, Antoine, Jake and Claire go on the most intense diet and exercise program of their lives.

star 7.28
186 votes
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Ricky Leaks

#329 - Ricky Leaks

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 19

When Jack insults Ricky, the magazine's I.T. manager, the "techspert" exacts his revenge by leaking office emails that cause the staff to turn on each other.

star 7.28
500 votes
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Crazy, Stupid, Words

#330 - Crazy, Stupid, Words

Whitney Season 2 - Episode 14

Alex becomes angry when Whitney takes a friendly competition at Low Bar too far; Mark learns that R.J. has a fear of spiders.

star 7.28
260 votes
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An Affair to Forget

#331 - An Affair to Forget

Wings Season 5 - Episode 5

Joe is upset at playing chauffeur to the other couples for their romantic trips off the island but it's everybody else who ends up suffering. Meanwhile, Antonio and Fay help Roy change his image to try to impress a new woman.

star 7.28
50 votes
You Scratch My Book...

#332 - You Scratch My Book...

Frasier Season 2 - Episode 15

Frasier agrees to write an introduction to a new book by a pop psychologist. After reading the book, Frasier realizes he can't endorse it, but he's so attracted to Dr. Honey he can't find a way to turn her down.

star 7.28
810 votes
Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast

#333 - Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast

Frasier Season 1 - Episode 13

Frasier makes a fool of himself yet again, when he talks at length on the radio about Martin's romantic rendezvous.

star 7.28
1093 votes
Crate Expectations

#334 - Crate Expectations

Wings Season 3 - Episode 7

As his birthday approaches, Joe firmly insists that the rest of the gang not throw him a party. The delivery of a large crate to the hangar convinces Joe that the gang wants to surprise him anyway.

star 7.27
80 votes
Feeble Attraction

#335 - Feeble Attraction

Cheers Season 8 - Episode 11

Norm fires his secretary, who sees it as proof that he's wildly attracted to her and Rebecca becomes obsessed with a surprise hidden in the desk Robin, gave her.

star 7.27
133 votes
Did You Check With the Captain of the Flying Monkeys?

#336 - Did You Check With the Captain of the Flying Monkeys?

Two and a Half Men Season 1 - Episode 6

Charlie tries to teach Jake to avoid certain calls that Charlie doesn't want to deal with, like his mother (Evelyn) for one. Evelyn gets so frustrated with not being able to talk to Charlie, that she decides to drop in while in the neighborhood. She invites them to dinner, to meet her new boyfriend (Tommy). When the brothers get over to their mothers house, Charlie is shocked to realize that Tommy's daughter is Olivia, one of the people he has been avoiding. Olivia tries to confront Charlie about their situation, but doesn't get the answer she wants, and throws a drink in his face, then storms off. After a week of not being able to contact their mother, Alan gets worried about her. So the brothers decide to go to her house and see if she's okay. They find her sitting in the dark and drinking, and she informs them that Tommy dumped her for a younger women. Later the brothers get Jake to try and cheer her up.

star 7.27
3259 votes
Beloved Infidel

#337 - Beloved Infidel

Frasier Season 1 - Episode 8

Niles and Frasier begin to suspect their father of cheating on their mother years earlier after they discover him in an apparent clandestine rendezvous with an old friend.

star 7.26
1025 votes
Going Deep

#338 - Going Deep

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 6

When Jack is clueless about how to help Eddie through the pain of his divorce, Brooke steps up to be Eddie's interim best friend. Also, a colossal secret comes out when Clark, Emma and Mason battle each other in a fitness tracker challenge to win concert tickets.

star 7.26
595 votes
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I Ain't Got No Bunny

#339 - I Ain't Got No Bunny

Wings Season 3 - Episode 4

Lowell is paranoid that his wife Bunny is committing adultery.

star 7.26
80 votes
The Bottle Deposit (2)

#340 - The Bottle Deposit (2)

Seinfeld Season 7 - Episode 22

Wilhelm is delighted with the job George did on the project; however, he has no idea what he did or how he did it. The detective on the case thinks he's found Jerry's car, damaged beyond recognition. It's not, and later Jerry's mechanic calls him from the car. Kramer spots Jerry's car in Ohio. Steinbrenner calls George into his office about the project report and has him committed. Kramer ditches the cans, bottles, mailbags and Newman in pursuit of Jerry's car. Newman finds a farmer's house, complete with the proverbial daughter. The mechanic throws the clubs and bag at Kramer's truck, allowing him to get away. Deena is happy to see that George is getting the help he needs. Peterman is stunned when he finally gets the clubs, "Elaine, I never knew Kennedy had such a temper."

star 7.25
578 votes
Keep on Truckin'

#341 - Keep on Truckin'

The Conners Season 1 - Episode 1

A sudden turn of events forces the Conners to face the daily struggles of life in Lanford in a way they never have before.

star 7.25
567 votes
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From the Ashes

#342 - From the Ashes

The Grinder Season 1 - Episode 17

As the conspiracy surrounding Sanderson & Yao reaches a boiling point, the only man who can get to the bottom of it has abandoned the "grind" and enrolled in law school. Stewart, desperate for Dean's help, will go to any lengths to turn his brother back into "The Grinder".

star 7.24
377 votes
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Ready, Teddy, Go

#343 - Ready, Teddy, Go

Wings Season 5 - Episode 12

Davis finally shows up to see Helen after a string of cancellations. A furtive search through his luggage reveals a gift that may be inappropriate at this stage of their relationship. Fay rescues a lab rat from her experiments by her psychology professor, risking a bad grade and charges of theft.

star 7.23
47 votes
Party Paul

#344 - Party Paul

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 18

When Jack takes Brooke’s fiancé, Paul, and Roland out on the town to improve their lukewarm relationship, his plan backfires when Paul gets tipsy and goes missing,

star 7.23
452 votes
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#345 - Pilot

Rules of Engagement Season 1 - Episode 1

Married couple Jeff and Audrey have just learned their next door neighbour, Jennifer, has become engaged to her boyfriend, Adam. But when Jeff tries to give Adam advice, he develops doubt about the impending engagement. Meanwhile, Jennifer fixes up Adam's best friend, Russell, because she believes the right woman could change his habit of being a serial dater. Meanwhile, Jeff inadvertently starts a fight between Audrey and himself about an old bicycle.

star 7.23
1204 votes
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The Highlights of 100 (1)

#346 - The Highlights of 100 (1)

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 14

Jerry introduces a program that shows highlights from the first 99 episodes of a "show about nothing."

star 7.22
706 votes
Relationship Jack

#347 - Relationship Jack

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 15

When Jack fixates on his relationship with Rachel to the detriment of the magazine and his friends, Eddie and Roland try to break him of his obsession habit. Also, as Jack's work suffers, Clark steps up to lead the staff and displays a surprising amount of self-confidence.

star 7.21
536 votes
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No Bad Ideas

#348 - No Bad Ideas

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 5

Human Resources forbids Jack from giving his staff any feedback at all after he crushes Clark with a brutally honest performance review. Also, Emma and Mason call out Brooke for being politically incorrect when they try to help her hire a diverse intern.

star 7.21
619 votes
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Teenage Family Night

#349 - Teenage Family Night

I Hate My Teenage Daughter Season 1 - Episode 2

In an effort to reconnect with the girls, Annie reinstates an old tradition of "Family Night," even though the adults are all now divorced. Of course, nothing goes right: the girls try to escape; Nikki becomes outraged after learning that Gary is dating someone new; and Annie is thrown for a loop when Jack shows up with a hot date.

star 7.20
199 votes
Ladies Who Lunch

#350 - Ladies Who Lunch

Wings Season 3 - Episode 8

Tired of the bickering between Helen and Gail, Joe suggests that the two go out to lunch together. Meanwhile, Fay has an opportunity to keep her streak of touching First Ladies alive as the president and his wife come to the island.

star 7.20
80 votes

#351 - @emma

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 7

When Emma quits after being turned down for a raise, Jack and Roland become the magazine's newest and worst ever social media managers. Also, in a misguided attempt to boost business, Eddie re-brands his bar as "magic-themed".

star 7.18
578 votes
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Aaron Wolf

#352 - Aaron Wolf

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 16

Jack watches the millennials’ journalistic integrity slip away when they fall under the spell of his nemesis, Aaron Wolf, a former magazine staffer turned famous outdoor reality TV host who returns to guest edit the magazine.

star 7.18
507 votes
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Try to Remember the Night He Dismembered

#353 - Try to Remember the Night He Dismembered

Wings Season 3 - Episode 9

With the airport shut down due to fog, the gang tries to find ways to pass the time which leads to Brian doing his hypnosis act on volunteers.

star 7.17
82 votes
Selling Out

#354 - Selling Out

Frasier Season 1 - Episode 9

Frasier's agent cons him into endorsing a product he doesn't support...and which makes Frasier look a little nutty.

star 7.17
1008 votes
You Don't Know Jack

#355 - You Don't Know Jack

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 4

The Millennials discover a huge secret about Jack's love life when they clean out his decades-old storage unit. Also, Clark and Mason use Jack's memorabilia to throw an epic '90s-themed party at Eddie's bar.

star 7.17
658 votes
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Paul's Surprise

#356 - Paul's Surprise

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 12

When jealousy prompts Jack to insult Brooke's fiancé, Paul, at the couple's re-engagement party, he makes things worse by repeatedly botching his apology. Also, the millennials squabble over their job hierarchy when they can't decide who should take point on creating a slideshow for the party.

star 7.16
519 votes
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The Explorers’ Club

#357 - The Explorers’ Club

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 10

When Mather, the president of the Chicago Adventure Society, accuses Roland of faking the story of the expedition that made his career, Jack, Brooke and the millennials team up to clear his name. Also, Clark is dumbfounded when he notices that Jack seeks Mather’s approval the same way he seeks Jack’s,

star 7.14
520 votes
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Dating Apps

#358 - Dating Apps

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 2

Clark, Emma and Mason try to help Jack create a profile of himself for an online dating app after his first attempt is disastrous.

star 7.10
889 votes
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Step One: Shelter

#359 - Step One: Shelter

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 3

Jack faces the ultimate test of his survival skills when he's forced to crash at Clark's tiny apartment while he searches for a place of his own. Also, Roland sticks Brooke with telling the millennials their beloved office perks are being taken away due to budget cuts.

star 7.07
752 votes
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Perfect Proposal

#360 - Perfect Proposal

Perfect Couples Season 1 - Episode 3

Amy and Vance return from their trip to Paris; Rex tries to talk Dave into buying a new car; Leigh becomes Amy's wedding planner.

star 6.99
332 votes
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#361 - Pilot

Perfect Couples Season 1 - Episode 2

When Julia and Dave's anniversary plans fall through, Rex and Leigh plan a game night; Amy and Vance's relationship goes through a tumultuous period.

star 6.93
278 votes
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#362 - Pilot

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 1

In the series opener, we find Jack, a renowned adventure reporter transitioning to the role of a desk bound boss, overseeing a team of twentysomething journalists, after the founder of an outdoor magazine he works for decides to go to a web only publication.

star 6.92
1098 votes
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Mason Blows Up

#363 - Mason Blows Up

The Great Indoors Season 1 - Episode 11

Jack tries to reassert his dominance as a reporter after Mason scores an investigative coup that turns him into an overnight celebrity. Also, Clark's low self-esteem causes him to give Emma relationship advice about other guys.

star 6.88
531 votes
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Teenage Party

#364 - Teenage Party

I Hate My Teenage Daughter Season 1 - Episode 11

Mackenzie and Sophie are invited to a seniors party but Annie has her concerns.

star 6.83
12 votes
The Highlights of 100 (2)

#365 - The Highlights of 100 (2)

Seinfeld Season 6 - Episode 15

Jerry introduces a program that shows highlights from the first 99 episodes of a "show about nothing."

star 6.76
462 votes

#366 - Pilot

I Hate My Teenage Daughter Season 1 - Episode 1

After Sophie and Mackenzie lock a student in the school bathroom, Annie and Nikki must punish their daughters by not allowing them to attend the school dance. On the night of the dance, the mothers try to hold firm on their decision, despite the girls' best efforts to derail their punishments, while the fathers make the situation worse.

star 6.72
298 votes

#367 - Pilot

The McCarthys Season 1 - Episode 1

When Ronny considers moving away from his close-knit, sports-crazed family, his father surprises everyone when he offers him a job as his assistant basketball coach.

star 6.69
151 votes
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In the Name of the Mother, and the Son and the Holy Andre

#368 - In the Name of the Mother, and the Son and the Holy Andre

Mulaney Season 1 - Episode 5

When John's very religious parents visit, he must lie about how often he goes to church; Jane goes on the pill to impress a guy.

star 6.63
80 votes
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Sweet Jane

#369 - Sweet Jane

Mulaney Season 1 - Episode 4

John wonders why Jane doesn't like any of his girlfriends. Lou fixates on his death.

star 6.55
104 votes
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#370 - Pilot

The Ellen Show Season 1 - Episode 1

Ellen Richmond, founder of, is invited to return to her home town - Clark - to receive the ""Spread Your Wings"" award for her achievement in being a role model for the city. After crossing the country for 18 hours, Ellen feels like time has never affected the city. Everything remains apparently the same. Her sister Catherine is still getting involved with no-future men, her mother keeps her room exactly the same when she left, and her old high school teacher, Mr. Munn, is still teaching. But at least one thing has changed. Rusty Carnouk, Ellen's prom date, is now a teacher at the high school, and he still thinks he and Ellen might have a future together - even though she's openly gay. Mr. Munn thinks that Ellen must meet Bunny Hopstetter, the p.e. teacher who's also a lesbian. While giving an invitational lecture, Ellen receives a phone call saying her company has gone bankrupt, making her unemployed. Seeing that her life in LA might not be as exciting as she thinks, Ellen

star 6.50
2 votes
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Patriot Acts

#371 - Patriot Acts

Mulaney Season 1 - Episode 6

When Jane starts dating a marine, John and Motif, feeling guilty for their lack of service, try to sign up for a USO Comedy Tour. Meanwhile, Lou recounts how war - and improv - are hell.

star 6.27
75 votes
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Motif and the City

#372 - Motif and the City

Mulaney Season 1 - Episode 7

When Motif learns John and Jane are not adding him to the apartment lease, he leans on his three girlfriends for support. Lou's audience plant demands a contract.

star 6.25
64 votes
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Power Moves

#373 - Power Moves

Mulaney Season 1 - Episode 11

John takes Lou's advice about how to gain the upper hand with his roommates. Meanwhile, Motif shows Jane how to get her new cat to like her.

star 6.20
15 votes
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It's a Wonderful Home Alone

#374 - It's a Wonderful Home Alone

Mulaney Season 1 - Episode 8

John's resentment of actor Macaulay Culkin dampens his Christmas spirit. Meanwhile, Lou is worried when his rival, network host Jesse Tyler Munoz (guest star Kroll), announces a competing holiday special, and Andre is mistaken for a puppet.

star 6.09
58 votes
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Life is a Series of Different Apartments

#375 - Life is a Series of Different Apartments

Mulaney Season 1 - Episode 13

When their building is infested with bed bugs, Mulaney and the gang secretly crash at a Lou's vacant pad and unknowingly eat some special Oscar "treats," leading to more problems when Lou unexpectedly returns from vacation early.

star 6.06
16 votes
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#376 - Halloween

Mulaney Season 1 - Episode 3

When John uses his late neighbor Lapidus' jokes for Lou's monologue, he finds himself willing to rob the man's grave to get more of his material and prove his worth at work.

star 6.00
124 votes
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#377 - Pilot

Mulaney Season 1 - Episode 1

John gets a job writing comedy for demanding and infantile game show host Lou Cannon, which turns out to be less glamourous than expected. Meanwhile John's roommate, Jane, attempts to prove to an ex that she isn't "psycho"; and his other roommate, Motif, struggles to write a joke with a killer punchline.

star 5.92
217 votes
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The Doula

#378 - The Doula

Mulaney Season 1 - Episode 2

When John starts dating a doula, he faces his fear of childbirth; John talks to Lou about his provocative behavior.

star 5.86
106 votes
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#379 - Ruby

Mulaney Season 1 - Episode 12

John puts his theories about teenagers to the test when he tries to impart his wisdom to his new girlfriend's 13-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, Jane and Motif become Lou's lunch companions.

star 5.63
16 votes
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Worlds Collide

#380 - Worlds Collide

Mulaney Season 1 - Episode 9

John quickly regrets mixing his home and work lives when Jane becomes Lou's new personal trainer. Meanwhile, Motif turns to Oscar for advice on his stand-up routine.

star 5.44
18 votes
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The Tape

#381 - The Tape

Ellen Season 3 - Episode 25

Ellen and her friends make a frantic effort to retrieve a racy videotape that winds up in the wrong hands.

star 5.29
31 votes
French Roast

#382 - French Roast

Mulaney Season 1 - Episode 10

John faces the dilemma of being mean about Lou when he is invited to participate in a celebrity roast. Meanwhile, Oscar teaches Jane how to be more ladylike.

star 4.94
17 votes
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