The BEST episodes directed by Allison Anders

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#1 - Sideways

SouthLAnd - Season 3 - Episode 7

When crime scene photos from the case of the celebrity suspected of murdering his estranged wife show up on the internet, all of the first responders are suspended, including Lydia and Josie. Further investigation proves the photos were the unauthorized pictures taken by Lydia using her phone, and she's shocked when she learns who was responsible for the leak. Meanwhile, Sammy fails to pick the right guy from the line-up for Nate's murderer, and Dewey and Chickie are involved in a high-speed chase that ends in disaster.

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#2 - Kukulkan

Mayans M.C. - Season 2 - Episode 8

A deal is on the table for the MC but the price is paid in blood

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#3 - Visitor

Sorry For Your Loss - Season 1 - Episode 4

Leigh finds a stray dog, which brings back memories of the dog she shared with Matt. These memories track major milestones of their relationship and provide the clue which lets her unlock Matt's phone passcode.

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The Red Barn
3317 votes

#4 - The Red Barn

The Mentalist - Season 5 - Episode 13

The team investigates a 25-year-old case that seems to involve both Red John and the Visualize group, and Lisbon contemplates her future.

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473 votes

#5 - Volunteers

Cold Case - Season 1 - Episode 16

When the remains of a young black man and a white woman are found under the foundation of a building, Rush and Valens discover that not only did the two go missing in 1969, but that they may have been killed professionally for their work in an underground abortion clinic.

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#6 - Fallout

SouthLAnd - Season 4 - Episode 7

Jessica and John exchange angry words after she lies to Internal Affairs about the facts surrounding her shooting of a teen with a toy. Meanwhile, Sammy continues to hold a grudge with Ben and Lydia continues to dodge questions about her condition.

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Episode 9
377 votes

#7 - Episode 9

The Affair - Season 5 - Episode 9

As controversy swirls around Noah, Helen and Whitney must decide where their allegiances lie.

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Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place
2360 votes

#8 - Chapter Seven: In a Lonely Place

Riverdale - Season 1 - Episode 7

New rumors swirl when a major piece of evidence is mysteriously destroyed; Cheryl approaches Betty with an unexpected proposal.

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Invierno Cayó
320 votes

#9 - Invierno Cayó

Gang Related - Season 1 - Episode 5

Carlos taints another gang's meth shipment in order to drive business toward Los Angelicos' fishscale supply. But his plan backfires and causes a world of trouble for his family and for the GTF.

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Facts Are The Enemy
55 votes

#10 - Facts Are The Enemy

The Divide - Season 1 - Episode 3

Christine's preoccupation with the Butler case makes it hard for her to focus on her impending bar exam, while Adam attempts to resolve his doubts by confirming Jenny Butler's eyewitness ID.

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You Also Have a Pizza
3323 votes

#11 - You Also Have a Pizza

Orange Is the New Black - Season 2 - Episode 6

Love is in the air as the inmates prepare for a Valentine's Day party; Red makes an intriguing new discovery. Larry asks Piper to be his prison mole.

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Chapter Seventeen: The Town That Dreaded Sundown
1680 votes

#12 - Chapter Seventeen: The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Riverdale - Season 2 - Episode 4

When Archie’s attempt to take matters into his own hands spirals out of control, Mayor McCoy calls an emergency town hall meeting to deal with the growing chaos in Riverdale. Meanwhile, when Betty finds herself at the center of a deepening mystery, her decision to keep some parts of it from Jughead causes further friction between the two. Elsewhere, Veronica grows concerned for Archie when she realizes the lengths he would go to seek revenge against the person terrorizing Riverdale. Finally, tensions between the North and Southside finally come to a head and leads to an unexpected showdown.

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False Flag
407 votes

#13 - False Flag

TURN: Washington's Spies - Season 2 - Episode 3

Ben sets a trap to expose a traitor.

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Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks
1850 votes

#14 - Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks

Riverdale - Season 2 - Episode 2

With the gunman still at large and the residents of Riverdale on edge, Betty leads the charge to save Pop’s after learning that the diner may be forced to close its doors forever. Meanwhile, the gang becomes increasingly concerned for Archie’s well being after noticing a string of unusual behavior from him. Elsewhere, Betty and Veronica approach Cheryl and Josie for their help saving Pop’s, while Jughead’s attempt to find FP a new lawyer may have some serious repercussions. Finally, when a past betrayal unexpectedly comes to light, Veronica finds herself at a crossroads with Hiram and Hermione.

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Rise of the Phoenix
549 votes

#15 - Rise of the Phoenix

Murder in the First - Season 3 - Episode 9

When a promising new clue is uncovered, Terry and Hildy push forward in hopes of finally solving the Normandy Parker conspiracy. Siletti pulls out all the stops in his crusade against the very system he championed as District Attorney. Hildy’s home life continues to spiral downward as one of her own winds up in the interrogation room.

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My Eyes Filled and Then Closed on the Last of Childhood Tears
359 votes

#16 - My Eyes Filled and Then Closed on the Last of Childhood Tears

Mayans M.C. - Season 5 - Episode 6

On the anniversary of their mother's death, EZ takes Angel on a fatal journey.

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Nothing but the Truth
487 votes

#17 - Nothing but the Truth

Murder in the First - Season 2 - Episode 10

While Jamie deals with the fallout from her tirade, witnesses begin to take the stand in the case against Dustin; Hildy makes a vow when her family is threatened.

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The McCormack Mulligan
466 votes

#18 - The McCormack Mulligan

Murder in the First - Season 2 - Episode 5

The pressure ratchets up on Terry and Hildy to discover who's behind the cop-killings. Jamie comes out swinging, making an unexpected move in her defense of Dustin. Navarro reunites with his brother, who has been recently released from prison. Meanwhile, an anonymous tip gives Raffi a potential connect for her case against Suger.

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Let's Make a Deal
520 votes

#19 - Let's Make a Deal

Murder in the First - Season 3 - Episode 7

While the investigation into the murder of Normandy shifts closer to home, a new murder leads Terry and Hildy to revisit an earlier suspect. The trial of Mario Siletti gets underway as the state Attorney General's prosecutor, hell-bent on putting the District Attorney behind bars, unloads the first witnesses against him. Terry and Hildy face the harsh reality that their roles as partners may prevent their personal happiness.

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The Opposite of People
94 votes

#20 - The Opposite of People

Graves - Season 2 - Episode 3

Graves and Isaiah take a chaotic trip to Graves's childhood home, while Margaret hits the campaign trail and is challenged by incumbent Senator Jerry North. Olivia fabricates a story about her baby's father. Jeremy is rattled by rumors.

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Power Shift
223 votes

#21 - Power Shift

Men in Trees - Season 1 - Episode 2

Marin is still adopting to her new lifestyle and her new job as relationship adviser on Patrick's radio station. Meanwhile, she has opened the door to a new romance with a handsome stranger.

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La Douleur Exquise!
837 votes

#22 - La Douleur Exquise!

Sex and the City - Season 2 - Episode 12

Carrie freaks out when Big breaks the news to her that he might have to move to Paris for a year. She is revolted that all this time she thought of them as a "we" while his conception of "we" was "me and my penis." Angry and drunk after several shots of Cosmopolitan, Carrie calls Big at 5:30 am discussing their relationship. The next morning she drops by with greasy food and suggests that she too should move to Paris so they can stay together. Big shoots her idea down and says that if she moves to Paris it has to be because of her and not him. Carrie is even more revolted, but ultimately accepts that the man of her life has to go. Meanwhile, Charlotte's fetish with shoes brings her to a shoe salesman with a feet fetish who gives a 500-dollar pair of shows for free. She can't keep it and try to return, but the guy won't take it. Instead, he convinces her to model 6 new shoes that just came to the store. And Miranda meets a guy on a bookstore who likes to have sex where he can get caught

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The Big Time
760 votes

#23 - The Big Time

Sex and the City - Season 3 - Episode 8

Carrie keeps bumping into Mr. Big, causing her to wonder what's going on, which she finds out when he confesses he can't stop thinking about her. Charlotte starts to think that Trey might indeed be her “Mr. Right”. Samantha fears she is becoming menopausal, but when sleeping with Len, an older man from her new apartment building, discovers she's not. Miranda is starting to get fed up with living with Steve, and the last straw comes when he tries to persuade her it's time to start thinking about a baby: they break up.

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Pants on Fire
722 votes

#24 - Pants on Fire

Murder in the First - Season 1 - Episode 5

To change the world's opinion of him, Erich Blunt takes a lie detector test to prove his innocence. Meanwhile, Hildy and Terry discover that a past suspect's alibi does not check out. They must get to the bottom of this before it unravels their case against Blunt.

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Drama Queens
765 votes

#25 - Drama Queens

Sex and the City - Season 3 - Episode 7

Carrie is invited to meet Aidan's family, but she feels overwhelmed and declines: she then spots Mr. Big and Natasha out together, and comes to realise that she has been behaving badly, and decides to meet Aidan's family after all. Charlotte falls down in the street and meets Trey McDougall, a very eligible doctor, with whom she hits it off immediately. Samantha is seeing Mark, a doctor with access to a supply of Viagra, which she experiments with. Miranda gets used to the details of a life of domesticity with Steve.

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The Caste System
791 votes

#26 - The Caste System

Sex and the City - Season 2 - Episode 10

Carrie decides to say "I love you" to Mr. Big, but his response isn't exactly what she was hoping for. Instead, all she got was an ugly purse. They attend a fancy party from an upstate socialite, who won't allow indoors smoking or have any brown food or drinks at the party. While out in the terrace for a smoke, Carrie runs into Jeremiah, an artist/bartender with whom she's been flirting with for a several years. While he was showing her his tattoo, Serena the socialite walks in on them, and tells Mr. Big Carrie was giving him a blowjob. Offended, Carrie leaves the party with Jeremiah, get drunk and wakes up the next morning with him on his bed. Luckily they didn't do anything, because Mr. Big called her first thing in the morning saying he does love her, but he was just afraid to say it. Meanwhile, Charlotte meets a famous actor and acts like a groupie around him. But despite making exceptions on several dating rules, she feels like she has to establish some boundaries when the guy go

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Last Dance
184 votes

#27 - Last Dance

The L Word - Season 3 - Episode 11

After Dana's family treats the girls coldly, Alice is determined to arrange a special event to commemorate their friend. While Helena's lawsuit is resolved with a surprising outcome, Bette is willing to fight for Angelica's custody. Max lands a job, giving Jenny something to write about. Dealing with her grief, Shane is willing to make the ultimate commitment to Carmen. Finally, Lara arrives from Paris and is comforted by Alice.

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What About First Steps…
13 votes

#28 - What About First Steps…

What About Brian - Season 2 - Episode 7

Every begins to take the first steps in moving forward in their lives. Nicole tries to help Deena out with her cupcake business, but things turn interesting when Deena meets a rich client, who seems to be smitten by her. Dave tries to help Brian, who is trying to find ways to make Bridget interested in him. Dave tells him to go to a speed dating thing. He says to bring Bridget along so she could see the other jerks and then Brian would look better to her. Adam and Heather start to rethink getting married.

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Boys on the Side
3 votes

#29 - Boys on the Side

Grosse Pointe - Season 1 - Episode 9

Courtney's boyfriend, Deegan, drives in from Tempe to see her. She tries to convince him to move to Los Angeles permanently. Deegan ignores Courtney and spends most of his visit trying to solicit clients for his family's sports trophy business. Johnny is excited about a "Win a Date With Johnny" essay contest, until the winner turns out to be a young boy named Leslie. Marcy forces him to spend time with the boy. Marcy, Courtney, Deegan and Quentin go to dinner with the duo. Johnny befriends Leslie, and defends him when Deegan makes insensitive remarks. Deegan belittles Courtney's career, insults her friends, and storms away from the table. Courtney realizes that she must break up with Deegan, and tells Johnny that she was impressed by his behavior. Hunter is forced to hire a personal assistant after Rob forbids her from using Kevin to run her errands. Dave eagerly volunteers for the job. He tries to convince Hunter to have some fun instead of spending all her time worrying about her career. After a trip to the movies fails to calm her, Dave teaches Hunter about the joys of miniature golf.

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Star Wars
3 votes

#30 - Star Wars

Grosse Pointe - Season 1 - Episode 11

Quentin humiliates Hunter by constantly making jokes after she passes gas during a scene. She gets revenge by filing a restraining order, which forbids him from coming within fifteen feet of her. The writers clumsily work the situation into the show. Hunter finally agrees to tear up the restraining order, but convinces Quentin to be more considerate by mentioning all the dirt she has on him. Dave auditions for a one-episode role as Brad's rival for Kim, but Rob gives the part to someone he believes is "sexier." The guy immediately asks Marcy on a date, and brags to Johnny and Dave about his propensity for using his leading ladies for sex (and keeping their panties as souvenirs). Dave asks Johnny to use his influence with Marcy to get her to cancel the date, but Johnny's warning has the opposite effect. Marcy decides that she cannot go through with it, but asks Brady to make sure that Johnny believes they slept together. Courtney appears in a Japanese beer commercial, unaware that the script refers to her by her Japanese nickname: Miss Big Breasts.

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