#1 - River of No Return (1)

Season 3 - Episode 1

The episode starts with an old man on a river trying to get away from two bad guys. But the bad guys, Lonny and Drew, kills him and he ends up in Devil's Mouth. The old man turns out to be Mitch's eccentric uncle Alex. Mitch, Hobie, Eddie and Shauni go to his home in the mountains. Eddie and Shauni are having problems with their relationship. Eddie is going to spend a year in Australia and Shauni is convinced that it will jeopardize their relationship. Later Mitch finds out from the Sheriff that his uncle may have found the golden boot. Two villains named Lonny and Drew believes that too, but Mitch doubts it. Alex left something for Mitch in their secret hiding place, but Mitch doesn't remember where the hiding place is located. During their first evening in the mountains, Mitch and Hobie decide to camp outside Alex's house while Eddie and Shauni checks into a motel. Eddie feels romantic but Shauni who thinks she's pregnant due to a late period,doesn't feel romantic. The next day, Mitc

#2 - Rescue Me

Season 11 - Episode 22

Sean faces the decision to leave for Australia or stay with Baywatch, while Leigh has agreed to marry Sean.

#3 - Rookie Summer

Season 8 - Episode 1

It's the beginning of the summer and rookie school has just started. Cody meets his old diving instructor from Hawaii there. Her name is Lani McKenzie, and she has problems with her ex-boyfriend Darren. He can't accept that she has left him. When Darren approaches Lani and Sheryl while they are jogging on the beach, he and Cody end up in a fight. Later Lani is kidnapped by Darren and held hostage on a boat. However, Cody manages to locate the right boat and is able to bring Lani out of there, with a little help from her as well. Meanwhile, Manny wins the rookie competition and is really excited. When Mitch tells him that he can't become a lifeguard, due to the fact that he can't see well enough without his contact lenses, Manny freaks out and break one of the windows in Mitch's office. He also refuses to accept the offer to take a job at the local beach club. The Chief wants to promote Mitch to Captain after Samantha's departure. The Chief blames Mitch for Samantha's departure. She lef

#4 - Aloha, Baywatch

Season 10 - Episode 1

Mitch is on a beach in Hawaii where he witnesses a family washed off the rocks. Mitch immediately reverts to lifeguard mode and pulls them from the water. He finds the daughter unconscious and rescues her too. She resumes breathing, but is still taken to the hospital in a coma. At a small beach house, a local lifeguard, Kelelie Rock Keaweamahi, visits Mitch. Rock senses that something is wrong. Mitch feels disappointed that the girl he rescued is still in hospital. The next morning, Mitch goes to see Rock at the lifeguard station at Haleiwa. He tells Rock about his idea: to create an international training camp for lifeguards, a ""Top Gun"" school to share ideas and techniques. They decide Hawaii would be the ideal location. It has huge waves, sharp reefs, and a whole host of difficult conditions. They will be recruiting people in from around the world, including Allie Reese from Australia; another kid from Galveston, Jason; and Jessie and J.D. from Baywatch. They decide that Sean Monroe

#5 - Panic At Malibu Pier

Season 1 - Episode 1

Mitch Buchannon has just been promoted to lieutenant. Mitch and his ex-wife Gayle have an argument about what's best for their son Hobie. Eddie Kramer is the top rookie in the rookie class of ยด89, and Shauni McClain is one of the last ones to qualify. Shauni starts off as a terrible lifeguard, but the experienced Jill Riley teaches her how to become a good lifeguard. In order to cheer Hobie up, Mitch and his old lifeguard friend Al Gibson, takes Hobie on a fishing trip. Then something happens and the boat sinks below the surface. Mitch and Al have to rescue the people on the boat. Disaster strike during the final rescue when Al gets trapped inside the wreck and dies. Baywatch arranges a funeral at sea for Al, with Mitch holding a speech. Meanwhile, Craig Pomeroy rescues a girl named Laurie. She is crazy and tells Gina at a party that she and Craig has had sex together. Then Laurie tries to kill Gina under a pier. But Craig comes to her rescue just in time. Trevor Cole from Australia works as a lifeguard at the local beach club. Trevor thinks that he's the best and Mitch immediately dislikes him. Even though Mitch doesn't like him, he tries to imitate him by climbing up a pipe using just arms and legs.

#6 - In Deep 7.86

Season 1 - Episode 2

Hobie is supposed to attend summer school, but instead he goes power skiing with two of his friends named Scott and Ron. Another day, Scott accidentally kills a windsurfer named Diane Gray when he runs her over with his power-ski. One morning, Craig finds an unlocked tower. When he checks it out, he discovers Eddie sleeping in the tower. It turns out that Eddie doesn't have a place to stay. Then suddenly, they spot a woman in the water that turns out to be Diane Gray, the dead surfer. When Hobie hears about the power-ski incident, he goes to Scott and Ron's storage room and overhears them talking about the accident. When they discover him, they capture him, but he manages to run away when Ron starts fighting with Scott. He takes one of the power-skis and drives off, but Scott is close behind him. Mitch and his friend Garner Ellerbee arrive in the Baywatch boat and Mitch saves Hobie and goes after Scott and captures him. In the end, Mitch forgives Hobie and tells him that it's always be

#7 - River of No Return (2)

Season 3 - Episode 2

Drew starts shooting at the raft and the gang take cover behind some cliffs. Then Lonny appears on some cliffs with Shauni. Drew tells them to bring Hobie to him. But instead C.J. goes with Mitch and Eddie behind the raft. Hobie is still behind the cliffs holding up Mitch's helmet. Mitch swims towards the cliffs and climbs up to Lonny and Shauni. Mitch beats Lonny, but he manages to pull Shauni down the cliffs first. Eddie sees this just when he has beaten Drew. The gang then manages to escape from the bad guys. When things have calmed down, Eddie asks Shauni to marry him. Shauni gets upset and tells him that she's not pregnant. But Eddie wants to marry her anyway. They continue their treasure hunt and finally manages to find a cave that looks like Wilma's table from the Flintstones. Mitch climbs down with the help of a rope and he finds the golden boot. When Eddie has pulled up the golden boot, Lonny and Drew come back again. They close the cave and Mitch is trapped inside. But the ga

#8 - Livin' on the Fault Line (2)

Season 5 - Episode 2

The big earthquake was a 7.2 on the Richter scale. While Stephanie is rescuing Max and Tom on the surface, Riley is trapped underwater under some rocks, Jackie is in big trouble as her trailer is about to go off the cliff and Mitch rescues Hobie in the garage just before the big heavy boat engine is about to fall down on him. Hobie is traumatized after the incident and is determined to leave California. Later when Mitch finds out about Jackie, he and Matt go there in the scarab. But in order to help Jackie, they need some help from Debra Snell a TV-reporter who flies a helicopter. While hanging down from the helicopter, Mitch manages to separate the trailer from the car, and by that save Jackie. Meanwhile, Stephanie risks her life by free diving down to Riley. But she manages to get him loose with the help of C.J, Newmie and Logan who has arrived in the scarab. When the lifeguards are rescuing Riley, Logan cuts a deal with Max. He will receive a sum of money if he can retrieve the seis

#9 - The Contest

Season 7 - Episode 2

Mitch judges a beachside beauty contest, but is tempted by two of the contestants, who both vie for his vote. Caroline's acting teacher puts her relationship with Logan in jeopardy. Logan designs a new rescue vehicle. Donna is blackmailed by a secret from her past.

#10 - Shark Fever

Season 7 - Episode 1

Logan wants to become a director, and he has written a script named Shark Fever. He makes a movie about it and Caroline stars in it. In the movie, Caroline is supposed to be attacked by a shark and the shark is driven by Newmie. But the shark won't work. Logan gets disappointed and asks a Captain on a boat if he can sedate a shark. The Captain agrees to sedate a tiny tiger shark and then hold it with a line. As a dangerous scene begins shooting, the tiger shark breaks loose and everybody have to jump out of the water. Then Caroline quits. When Cody is out in the water on a surfboard, a great white shark attacks him. Mitch is then forced to close the beach for everyone's safety. Despite the warnings, a couple of guys go out to surf. The rookie Donna has to make a daring rescue and rescue a little boy. Everyone blames Logan for the shark activity and Logan no longer has permission to make his movie anymore. When the shark attacks Mitch and Caroline in their boat, Logan films everything.

#11 - Mahalo, Hawaii

Season 10 - Episode 2

Sean puts his lifeguard team to the test by first making them dive off a dangerous looking cliff, and then, making them swim back 3 miles from shore. However, the real test occurs during the swim when they must rescue passengers of a sunken boat. As the lifeguards move in, new roommates Kekoa and Jessie instantly clash. Mitch saves a Hawaiian girl from secondary drowning. Arriving in Hawaii with the scarab, Newmie springs into action after an explosion in the water. Allie finds employment as a helicopter pilot for a sightseeing tour. Jason meets a Hawaiian native, who tells him of his past and his destiny.

#12 - Heat Wave 7.94

Season 1 - Episode 3

Los Angeles is having a heat wave and it's going to be a busy day for the lifeguards. The episode starts with a scene where a man and a boy are seen leaving a motel followed by another man. The hunted man turns out to be an old friend of Mitch and Craig's. His name is Steve Humboldt. Steve tells Mitch that he and Mike was just passing by and got to think of Mitch. Steve also tells Mitch that he has divorced his wife Allison and now has full custody of Mike. At the beach when Hobie and Steve goes surfing, Mike meets a boy named Ricky and they hang out together. They go into a storm drain, and while they are inside, two workers put a lock on the door. The boys are trapped and the tide is coming in. Meanwhile, a man named Patrick Murphy pays Mitch a visit. He tells Mitch that Steve has run away with his son. When Steve can't find Mike anywhere, a big search takes place. Finally they find him and Ricky in the storm drain and Mitch and Craig are forced to walk through a tunnel to get there.

#13 - Tequila Bay

Season 3 - Episode 3

Mitch is happy to announce that he is going to work on the beach again, when a new lieutenant arrives to Baywatch. The new lieutenant turns out to be Mitch's old flame Stephanie Holden. Ben meets her first and suspects that Mitch isn't going to like this. When Mitch sees her, he becomes upset and calls Chief Thorpe. Thorpe tells Mitch that it's up to him to decide if she can stay or not. Both Mitch and Stephanie has flashbacks back to 1989 when they first meet. Stephanie was substituting for Jill back then. He met her in the men's locker room. They had a little romance and decided to spend a weekend together in Catalina. But Stephanie never showed up and Mitch was upset for a long time. Now, Stephanie tells him that her ex-husband came to her and wanted her back. She accepted this and left Mitch behind. Mitch and Stephanie rescue a man together and Mitch realizes that she is a good lifeguard. He writes a letter to Chief Thorpe that she can stay. Meanwhile, Matt is ordered to patrol on

#14 - Aftershock

Season 5 - Episode 3

Hobie has returned from Ohio and Gayle has traveled with him back home. Gayle tells Mitch that their separation hasn't been good for Hobie and therefore she is willing to give their marriage another try. Hobie is very excited when he hears about the wedding-plans and the wedding will be held at the beach with Garner as Mitch's best man. Meanwhile, a fishing boat far out at sea gets an old mine in their fishing-net, and when the mine hits the boat, it explodes. When the lifeguards finds out about it, everyone leaves the wedding ceremony including Mitch. The rescue is successful but when Mitch comes back to the beach, Gayle is nowhere to be seen. He finds her on some rocks and she tells him that she has changed her mind. So the wedding is canceled making Hobie even sadder then he was before. Mitch does his best in order to comfort him. Meanwhile, when Caroline and Logan are out on a wave-runner, Logan is forced to make a rescue. Meanwhile, Caroline is waiting on the wave-runner that is k

#15 - Liquid Assets

Season 7 - Episode 3

C.J. befriends a homeless man, who then dies and leaves her a fortune in his will. Hobie helps aspiring lifeguard Manny make the Junior Lifeguard.

#16 - Sharks, Lies & Videotape

Season 9 - Episode 3

Mitch and Cody witness a disaster involving a parasailer and a boat. When they are heading for the rescue, they are once again beaten by Bayguard, a new firm that specializes in privatizing lifeguards. When the rescue has been completed, Mitch is introduced to Alex Ryker. She is the CEO of Bayguard. She tells Mitch that she plans on going up against him for the county contract. Baywatch's contract with the county is about to expire. The next day, when Mitch goes to the Chief's office, he is surprised to find Alex there. It turns out that she has shown the Chief a videotape of some of Bayguard's amazing rescues. She has also shown the Chief a tape showcasing the Baywatch team slacking off. Mitch objects immediately, but the Chief thinks that Alex's proposal warrants consideration. After his meeting with the Chief, Mitch tells his lifeguards to start acting like professionals, otherwise they will not have any jobs left by the end of the week. Meanwhile, when April sees a man having a hea

#17 - Bad Boyz

Season 11 - Episode 3

During a helicopter training session, both Zack and Carrie fail important tests: an athlete recovering from knee surgery ignores warnings from Jason to not go kite boarding. He runs into a wind surfer and goes down, crashing into a buoy. Jason calls Leigh in the helicopter for back up. Seeing the man in the water and knowing there is no time to waste, Zack immediately jumps in, even though the helicopter is too high and the dive is dangerous. He manages to get hold of the man. Carrie, for her part, freezes and is unable to jump. Sean is apoplectic that his team should be having such trouble following instructions, but he has bigger problems. Jenna, still smarting from their break up and vowing for revenge, has started showing the training center to two men and a realtor who plan to convert it into a lobster restaurant owing to Sean's non-payment of property taxes. Still, the center is in trouble. Leigh wants to help, but Sean insists he can take care of matters himself. Seeing that Sea

#18 - Second Wave 8.06

Season 1 - Episode 4

Eddie's old friend Jimmy Roche from Philadelphia has arrived to L.A. But Eddie isn't happy to see him. When Eddie is out shopping for groceries, Jimmy stops by and talks to Gina. When Eddie comes back, he gets angry and Jimmy is forced to leave. Another day, Jimmy challenges Eddie on the way to a rescue, so Eddie beats him up with his lifeguard can. For that incident, Eddie is suspended for 30 days, but put back on duty, when he tells the truth. It turns out that he and Jimmy robbed a bank when they were 16 years old. Eddie didn't want to do it and started to fight with Jimmy. During their fight, the man behind the counter pulled a gun and Jimmy ended up in prison and Eddie in a foster home. Garner finds out that Jimmy is a wanted felon in several states, and therefore when Jimmy wants to meet him, Eddie brings Garner. But Jimmy finds out about it and leaves. Then he torches Eddie and Shauni's tower on fire with them in it. But they get out safe and Eddie is able to capture Jimmy. Mean

#19 - Rookie of the Year

Season 3 - Episode 4

The episode starts with Mitch driving a lifeguard truck on the beach. Suddenly he sees something in the water and calls it in requesting all available units. But the victim turns out to be a paper bag. So about 20 lifeguards was sent to rescue a paper bag. Later when Mitch enters the shower, everybody is wearing a paper bag. Rookie school begins. Guido, an Italian guy wants to become a lifeguard and he bothers Mitch. When Guido enters the meeting room, he sees the terrible mess there and decides to clean the place up. When Stephanie enters, she thinks that everything in the room is new, but Guido has just polished it a bit extra. In the real rookie competition, the rookies are competing in a race called the Gauntlet. And they also race the Gauntlet for practice. When Summer has climbed up to the top of the pier and is about to jump, she chickens out and has to walk back to the beach. On the beach, C.J. starts talking to her and reveals that she had the same problem when she was a rooki

#20 - Blindside

Season 4 - Episode 4

When a maniac on a motorcycle is terrorizing everybody on the beach, including C.J, John D. Cort comes to the rescue on his new horse Apache Warrior. He tells C.J. he is back for good and they fall in love again. But both Mitch and C.J. notice that something is wrong with Cort. He doesn't shake people's hands and he almost runs over people on his motorcycle. The problem is that he passed Mitch's eye-test. He had a perfect vision. But when Mitch hits him with a rescue can and he falls down without seeing it, he knows something is wrong with him and Cort agrees to go to a doctor. Dr. Corey tells him that he has a rare eye disease that causes tunnel vision. Dr. Corey tells him to wear very dark glasses all the time, because the sun makes him blind a lot faster than he has to be. He ends up leaving Baywatch and C.J. for good. Meanwhile, Hobie meets a giant man on the pier. He makes a living by scaring children in a cage. His boss is named Valdez and he is very mean to him. Later when Hobie

#21 - Surf's Up

Season 6 - Episode 4

Diablo Cove is one of the most popular surfing areas in Los Angeles. But unfortunately because of a storm drain, the water has been polluted and by that endangered the health of those surfing there. Cody and Neely take water samples there and discover dangerous levels of E Coli bacteria. But two teenagers named Stick and Daryl surf there anyway. When one of them gets sick and must be rescued by Cody and Neely, they discover that his back is completely covered with nasty rashes. After that, the lifeguards close the beach. After the close down, Mitch contacts Dave at the Surfrider Foundation. The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit organization created to clean up shoreline pollution. Dave has wanted the storm drain diverted for years, but the county always refuse. At the beach where the Surfrider Foundation is having a meeting, Stephanie meets her ex-husband Billy again. He has retired from his job in New York and moved back to L.A. He did so when he suffered from a minor heart attack.

#22 - Memorial Day

Season 8 - Episode 4

The episode starts with two men throwing a body into the ocean. The next morning, Mitch goes out on a dive search with the two rookies, April and Skylar. A fishing boat had reported that they had seen two men dumping something into the water last night. It doesn't take long for Mitch, April and Skylar to locate the corpse. April drops her can of air while trying to scream, and Mitch helps her up to the surface. Later, April tells Skylar that when she saw the dead man, she remembered when she was a little child and she saw a dead man under the ice while she was ice-skating. April and Skylar are surprised to find out from the coroner's office that the man was probably already dead when he was dropped into the ocean. Later April has a nightmare about the incident and is convinced that he is calling out to her. In the dream, she sees his silver necklace in the water. She recalls that she saw it during the rescue as well. Therefore, she and Skylar dives down with a metal detector and manage

#23 - Shark Island

Season 10 - Episode 4

Baywatch and the Coast Guard mount a joint rescue operation, but mistakes are made by J.D. and Sean. To learn from their mistakes, Sean has the team train with the Cost Guards, during which Allie is smitten with Coast Guard Nick. Later, a training exercise becames a real rescue when Jason must come to Sean's aid. Jessie jumps to conclusions after finding JD in a compromising position with Kekoa and Dawn fans the flames. Jessie decides she and J.D. should ""cool off"" their relationship. After leanring of a Polynesian cleansing ritual from Sean, Jessie goes skinnydipping, but must come to the rescue of a swimmer. Sean comes to her aid by boat and gives the naked Jessie a swimswuit. Mitch and Tanner travel to Shark Island and learn about the Hawaiian legend of Mano, a man eternally seeking his lost son. At night, Tanner encounters Mano, who finally finds peace. Mitch and Tanner discuss Tanner's gang problems on the mainland and Mitch resolves they will face the problems together.

#24 - Message in a Bottle

Season 1 - Episode 5

When Gayle's job means a transfer to Columbus, Ohio for her, she wants to take Hobie with her. Therefore she has hired a lawyer in order to get the custody of Hobie. When Mitch and Gayle argue, Hobie overhears everything and leaves upset. His friend Jenny has the keys to her dad's boat, so she and Hobie along with their friend Clark head out with the boat. They end up at an island named Santa Ynez. At Santa Ynez they find a corpse and stolen gold money. Jenny takes the stolen gold money with her and when the two pirates arrive to their camp, they find out that someone has been there. In the meantime, Mitch and Gayle are getting real worried and set out to search for the kids when they find out that Jenny's father's boat is missing. Mitch knows that there are pirates out there and gets even more nervous. At Santa Ynez, the kids plan to leave, only to find out that the boat is missing. When the pirates Duane and Rusty see them, they start chasing them around the island and when the kids

#25 - Pier Pressure

Season 3 - Episode 5

Slade is surfing under a pier and everybody adores him for it. Hobie who likes a girl named Heather tries to imitate Slade just so that he can impress her but Hobie's friend Landon tries to talk him out of it. But Hobie goes surfing anyway and falls under the pier. Mitch has to rescue him with Summer's help. When the rescue is completed, Summer's truck starts rolling down the beach and Mitch has to rescue a woman and gets a slap in the face as a thank you. Summer apologizes to Mitch and it turns out that she forgot the parking brake just because Slade was there. Slade invites her to the surfing competition he is going to compete in. Summer tells Jackie she has a date with Slade. After the competition that Slade wins, Summer meets Courtney Bremmer and Tiara English from Malibu Beach High School. She makes a fool of herself when she tells them that she has a date with Slade, when he has a date with another girl, and Summer gets real upset. Later she meets Courtney and Tiara on the beach.