The BEST episodes written by Simran Baidwan

Quarantine (2)
1889 votes

#1 - Quarantine (2)

The Good Doctor - Season 2 - Episode 11

The hospital is still in quarantine as Dr. Murphy continues to be overwhelmed by the chaos and noise in the emergency room; Dr. Reznick struggles to keep her patients alive, and Dr. Lim fights for her life.

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Not Fake
3815 votes

#2 - Not Fake

The Good Doctor - Season 1 - Episode 6

Dr. Shaun Murphy and Dr. Claire Browne devise an experimental procedure that can save the leg and life of a young groom, that is if his bride-to-be and parents can learn to work together. Meanwhile, Jared struggles to emotionally connect with his patient whose scars may prove too deep to overcome.

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Two-Ply (or Not Two-Ply)
1881 votes

#3 - Two-Ply (or Not Two-Ply)

The Good Doctor - Season 2 - Episode 6

Morgan and Shaun’s indecision on how to treat a young violinist who visits the ER with an infected finger could affect her future in more ways than one. Meanwhile, Lim, Claire and Park can’t figure out if their young patient is really ill or looking for attention.

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Good Air/Bad Air
343 votes

#4 - Good Air/Bad Air

Royal Pains - Season 6 - Episode 10

Hank and Boris travel to Argentina to meet a potential patient for Boris’ clinical trial, and Divya gets more than she bargained for when she tags along to meet Sashi’s Argentinean grandmother. As Russel tries to make amends with Paige, he finds himself in over his head caring for a HankMed patient while Jeremiah tries to smooth things over with Viviana. Meanwhile, Evan enlists Ray’s help in exposing Oz after SnarkHampton posts a libelous photo of Hank. And Paige puts the finishing touches on Ray’s house.

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Not Okay
831 votes

#5 - Not Okay

Conviction (2016) - Season 1 - Episode 10

After Hayes and Wallace share a passionate night together, Hayes returns to reality and cautiously considers sticking her toe into relationship waters with Wallace. Simultaneously, she also tries to make amends for her bitter loss in the death penalty case of Earl Slavitt. Hayes implores the CIU team to aggressively pursue the case of Sophie Hausen, a young woman serving a life sentence for murdering a popular college basketball player, whom she accused of raping her. Meanwhile, Tess finally attempts to make things right in her friendship with Matty.

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2832 votes

#6 - She

The Good Doctor - Season 1 - Episode 14

Shaun is surprised to learn that his young cancer patient identifies as a girl while being biologically male. He must quickly learn to understand his patient, her medical needs and how to work with her family, who all feel they know what is best for her.

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1210 votes

#7 - Intervention

Chicago Med - Season 1 - Episode 11

Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Choi clash over the final decision made by a dying patient. Meanwhile, a pending lawsuit against Dr. Halstead moves forward, and doctors race to save a patient with a misdiagnosed flesh-eating bacterial disease.

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Bring It On
1402 votes

#8 - Bring It On

Bull (2016) - Season 1 - Episode 19

When Bull assists Jules Caffrey, a high-powered attorney on trial for his fiancée’s murder, he takes advantage of his client’s penchant for courtroom theatrics by letting him defend himself.

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Calling An Audible
40 votes

#9 - Calling An Audible

Ordinary Joe - Season 1 - Episode 11

Music Joe is invited to sing the national anthem at the Giants game. Cop Joe bonds with a new friend over their shared love of football. Nurse Joe and Jenny each get a win of their own.

A Simple Man
885 votes

#10 - A Simple Man

Conviction (2016) - Season 1 - Episode 7

The next case Hayes accepts for the CIU is that of Leo Scarlata, a man with diminished mental capacities, imprisoned for burning down his family's restaurant with fatal repercussions. Hayes realizes she may have taken on more than she bargained for, especially when a documentary crew approved by Wallace begins following the team. Hayes faces her discomfort with cameras, a side effect of growing up in the public eye, and the team members divulge intimate details about themselves and others while under the spotlight.

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Dancing with the Devil
520 votes

#11 - Dancing with the Devil

Royal Pains - Season 4 - Episode 11

When a famous pop star comes to the Hamptons to prepare for her new world tour, HankMed must stay on hand to treat her for more than just exhaustion. Meanwhile, Divya becomes distracted when she falls head over heels for a globe-trotting polo player.

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1220 votes

#12 - Fallback

Chicago Med - Season 1 - Episode 3

Dr. Rhodes must confront his past when he treats a close family friend who’s been impaled by glass in a case that reunites him with his sister. Meanwhile, a musician must decide to undergo surgery that will save her life but could destroy her hearing.

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Black Box
1332 votes

#13 - Black Box

Manifest - Season 2 - Episode 4

Michaela is pushed into the midst of a high-stakes bank robbery perpetrated by a mystery assailant. Ben and TJ piece together an arcane set of mythological clues. Adrian draws Olive further into the world of the Believers.

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401 votes

#14 - Squawk

Manifest - Season 4 - Episode 5

Michaela, Vance, Jared and Zeke's search for Ben at the compound leads to an explosive confrontation — and a divine miracle.

Pregnant Paws
509 votes

#15 - Pregnant Paws

Royal Pains - Season 5 - Episode 4

Hank and Divya treat who woman who may have rabies; Jeremiah treats a radio disc jockey; Paige interviews for an internship; Hank and Evan struggle with Divya's news and Shelby looks for alternatives to start her own concierge business.

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Call Sign
1209 votes

#16 - Call Sign

Manifest - Season 2 - Episode 12

Ben is drawn to help absolve a passenger of his guilt while Saanvi enlists help in protecting herself from the Major. Jared and Drea must extract a confession from a trio of ruthless meth dealers who would do anything to exact revenge on Michaela.

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Mayday (1)
923 votes

#17 - Mayday (1)

Manifest - Season 3 - Episode 12

Michaela struggles to help the passengers avoid a deadly threat. Ben and Saanvi undertake a treacherous mission to save someone they love.

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Shooting Star
56 votes

#18 - Shooting Star

Ordinary Joe - Season 1 - Episode 4

Each Joe must come to terms with an unfamiliar and challenging feeling. Music Joe enlists help to look for his son. Cop Joe navigates the aftermath of a shooting. Nurse Joe and Jenny discuss a big career opportunity.

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Carry On
1267 votes

#19 - Carry On

Manifest - Season 2 - Episode 8

In the wake of a devastating tragedy, Ben tries to connect with a despondent Olive. Michaela questions Jared’s loyalties. Saanvi shares a medical breakthrough that could change the course of all their lives.

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983 votes

#20 - Wingman

Manifest - Season 3 - Episode 3

While in pursuit of criminals, Michaela is sidelined by devastating news. Ben teams up with a gifted 828er to aid a young teen. Grace confronts ancient family wounds. Olive explores ancient mythology in hopes of helping all the passengers.

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958 votes

#21 - Bogey

Manifest - Season 3 - Episode 9

Ben reunites with a duplicitous foe. Michaela and Zeke's dinner party with Jared and his new girlfriend is halted by a calling that ignites the Stone siblings to save one of their own. Olive's friendship with Levi is tested.

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513 votes

#22 - Touch-and-Go

Manifest - Season 4 - Episode 1

While investigating a Calling, Michaela finds a mysterious stowaway. Ben clings tightly to his beliefs. Cal comes out of hiding to pursue a lead.