The BEST episodes written by Sid Youngers

Grace Tests Out
6 votes

#1 - Grace Tests Out

Grace Under Fire - Season 4 - Episode 11

Grace has to choose between her job at the refinery or continuing her education.

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Grace's New Job
8 votes

#2 - Grace's New Job

Grace Under Fire - Season 4 - Episode 25

Grace gets a new job at an advertising company and shockingly, her misery brings something new and improved.

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171 votes

#3 - Therapy

Roseanne - Season 4 - Episode 20

Roseanne accompanies Jackie to her therapist after she chooses the ideal man for Jackie -- dull tax accountant Art; Darlene mouths off once too often about a female school bully.

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197 votes

#4 - Bingo

Roseanne - Season 4 - Episode 13

It is Crystal's choice to choose where the gals' night out will be. Crystal chooses bingo and they all hate it. After Roseanne wins $50 playing bingo, she gets hooked on it. Becky and Darlene baby-sit Little Ed, but when Dan comes home its D.J. and Dan that end up taking care of the baby. Roseanne and Crystal get into a fight, but at the end they make up and Roseanne learn that Crystal is pregnant again.

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Quarterback Boyfriend
1159 votes

#5 - Quarterback Boyfriend

Last Man Standing (2011) - Season 2 - Episode 12

Mike is so impressed with Mandy's new boyfriend that he offers him a job; Kristin navigates her relationship with Ryan.

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1110 votes

#6 - Tasers

Last Man Standing (2011) - Season 3 - Episode 15

Speculation begins when a bouquet of roses is delivered anonymously to the Baxter household; Vanessa is disappointed with the gift she receives from Mike.

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The Big Sleepover
689 votes

#7 - The Big Sleepover

Last Man Standing (2011) - Season 5 - Episode 8

When Eve tells the family her annoying best friend Cammy needs to move in with them, Mike springs into action to find a way to hand Cammy off on someone else, namely the Larabees. Meanwhile, Kristin asks Mandy to design the new uniforms for the Outdoor Man Grill, but they clash over Mandy's creative process.

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How This Happened
73 votes

#8 - How This Happened

Dharma & Greg - Season 4 - Episode 22

A simple garden on Montgomery-owned land triggers a war of the roses (and ladybugs) between Kitty and Dharma's hippie friends. Meanwhile, Dharma gets her hands dirty helping one of Ed's wrongfully terminated employees put his life back together, whether he likes it or not.

146 votes

#9 - Homecoming

Roseanne - Season 6 - Episode 9

Becky and Mark return home for Dan's high school football team's 20th anniversary party. It soon becomes apparent that there's trouble in paradise, so Roseanne schemes to break them up.

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Bad Dads and Grads
216 votes

#10 - Bad Dads and Grads

The Conners - Season 2 - Episode 14

Dan starts to bond with his younger half-brother but he can’t get over the fact that their father paid for Ed Jr.’s college education, something he refused to do for Dan. Jackie hits it off with a fun married couple, so much so that they “invite” her into their relationship. Harris and Mark do not react well to the news that Darlene is trying to have a baby with Ben.

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Young Love, Old Lions and Middle-Aged Hyenas
174 votes

#11 - Young Love, Old Lions and Middle-Aged Hyenas

The Conners - Season 3 - Episode 8

Harris brings home her new friend, Josh, leaving the family questioning his intentions. Meanwhile, Becky and Ben’s attempt to build a closet stirs up family drama.

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Help Wanted
957 votes

#12 - Help Wanted

Last Man Standing (2011) - Season 6 - Episode 10

Vanessa can't find a job, so she hovers over her family and tests their patience, prompting Mike to find a way to get her to resume doing the work she loves. Meanwhile, Ryan and Kyle get competitive with their zombie knowledge.

Vegas (1)
231 votes

#13 - Vegas (1)

Roseanne - Season 4 - Episode 7

Arnie decides to wed Nancy in Las Vegas, inviting Dan and Roseanne to stand up for them.

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He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father
241 votes

#14 - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father

Dharma & Greg - Season 1 - Episode 9

When Greg needs an upgraded security clearance to work on a top-secret case, Dharma and the families are subjected to a background check, which reveals some very interesting information about Larry and Edward. Dharma discovers to her horror that her proud anti-establishment rebel father in not in fact wanted by the FBI as he's always bragged, and embroils Greg and Pete in a scheme to plant a phony file for Larry to steal. Meanwhile, Greg is shaken to discover that Edward never in fact divorced his first wife; and Kitty's reaction to the news is not what anyone would expect.

Everybody Must Get Stones
139 votes

#15 - Everybody Must Get Stones

Dharma & Greg - Season 2 - Episode 19

Dharma and Greg join their parents, and even Pete and Jane, on a couples' retreat. But when they repeatedly fail tests designed to demonstrate the strength of their relationship (while Pete and Jane score tops), they resort to covert measures. Meanwhile, Kitty and Edward find a weekend in the wild to be just that.

A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?
110 votes

#16 - A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?

Dharma & Greg - Season 2 - Episode 23

Greg discovers he should pay more attention to his wife's intuition when Dharma has a nightmare and begs him not to go away on a business trip.

Becky Howser, M.D.
155 votes

#17 - Becky Howser, M.D.

Roseanne - Season 8 - Episode 14

Roseanne advises an unhappy Becky to change her life -- not realizing that Mark doesn't share his wife's eagerness for change, so Becky intends to change her marriage.

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Tempest in a Stew Pot
204 votes

#18 - Tempest in a Stew Pot

The Conners - Season 2 - Episode 6

Jackie and Becky pitch their business plan to Darlene in hopes of getting the Lunch Box back, but Darlene's decision leads to hostility; Dan bans Odessa from the house, causing a rift with Harris; Mark makes extensive Thanksgiving plans.

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The End of the Innocence (2)
71 votes

#19 - The End of the Innocence (2)

Dharma & Greg - Season 4 - Episode 24

After catching Dharma innocently hanging out with her old college tutor---and failed suitor---Charlie, an enraged Greg moves out. Then the misunderstanding turns into a crisis as they both get caught up in the planning of their mutual friends' impending wedding, compelling Greg to seriously reevaluate his own crazy marriage. But when he finally sees the light, it may be too late.

O Sister, Where Art Thou?
314 votes

#20 - O Sister, Where Art Thou?

The Conners - Season 1 - Episode 8

When Becky helps Harris keep a secret from Darlene, it opens up a can of worms that causes a rift between the two sisters. Jackie supports Peter with his Nordic history project, and Dan reunites with an old friend.

A Night to Remember
106 votes

#21 - A Night to Remember

Dharma & Greg - Season 3 - Episode 18

Much to Greg's horror, Dharma tries to help Donald make a memorable evening of his first sexual experience. Meanwhile, Greg searches for memories from his childhood but decides he would rather remain in the present; and Larry develops temporary powers of recollection.

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Fights and Stuff
128 votes

#22 - Fights and Stuff

Roseanne - Season 8 - Episode 25

Dan returns home from hospital with orders from the doctor for a new diet regime -- and strict orders from Roseanne about changing his lifestyle.

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The Separation of Church and Dan
362 votes

#23 - The Separation of Church and Dan

The Conners - Season 1 - Episode 4

When Geena learns that D.J. hasn’t been taking Mary to church, she insists they go as a family. Mark’s attempt to conduct an unbiased survey on the upcoming election for his school project goes south when Jackie volunteers to help.

Do the Hustle
74 votes

#24 - Do the Hustle

Dharma & Greg - Season 4 - Episode 17

Dharma finds a way to bond with Kitty – and score some cash – after unleashing her mother-in-law's secret skills as a pool player. Greg, meanwhile, races around town to find a replacement rat after killing his wife's beloved house pest.

Papa Was Almost a Rolling Stone
72 votes

#25 - Papa Was Almost a Rolling Stone

Dharma & Greg - Season 5 - Episode 3

Dharma learns that her dad, Larry, used to sing and play guitar in a band but gave it all up when she was born. Feeling guilty, she tries to convince him to perform again. Meanwhile, Larry and Abby set up some old pirate radio broadcasting equipment in Dharma's living room to give her something to do while she's recuperating. Initially, Greg scoffs at ""Radio Dharma,"" but one on-air debate with a caller later and he's hooked. Meanwhile, Edward's old running suit hits a sour note with Kitty when it is discovered ""lost"" in a box of Greg's old possessions, and Edward refuses to stop wearing it.

Mission: Implausible
75 votes

#26 - Mission: Implausible

Dharma & Greg - Season 5 - Episode 18

A visit from Kirk, a younger alumnus from Greg's law school, launches an unsuspecting Greg into the middle of a crazy college game with very specific rules developed by ""seriously drunk"" undergraduates. Despite Greg's reluctance to engage in a college prank at this stage in his life, Dharma leaves him no choice when she rallies the gang to help him win back his championship title in a relatively amusing parody of Mission: Impossible. Meanwhile, security guard Larry is disturbed when his supervisor Walter points out that he gets special treatment because his daughter is married to the boss's son. When Larry demands Edward rescind all special treatment, Walter obligingly fires Larry.

Welcome to Hotel Calamari
192 votes

#27 - Welcome to Hotel Calamari

Dharma & Greg - Season 3 - Episode 2

Dharma tracks the missing Greg down at a seedy motel. (I missed this episode and it has not yet been rerun.)

Your Place or Mine
106 votes

#28 - Your Place or Mine

Dharma & Greg - Season 3 - Episode 22

After replacing her furniture with Greg's stored bachelor stuff, Dharma is a changed woman. But not necessarily for the better -- she becomes strangely possessed with material ambition. Meanwhile, Edward finally rebels against the fact that even his private den is entirely decorated by Kitty.

Good Morning, Mrs. Butterworth
2418 votes

#29 - Good Morning, Mrs. Butterworth

Two and a Half Men - Season 6 - Episode 23

Alan and Chelsea become best buds, and Charlie decides to take advantage of the situation.

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Midwife Crisis
104 votes

#30 - Midwife Crisis

Dharma & Greg - Season 4 - Episode 5

Abby's labor is a real pain for Dharma when she must share midwife duty with a celebrated author well-versed in childbirth. Meanwhile, Larry's also acting like a brat, after Kitty and Edward present the expectant parents with a new van.

Thanksgiving Until It Hurts
111 votes

#31 - Thanksgiving Until It Hurts

Dharma & Greg - Season 3 - Episode 10

In an attempt to make Thanksgiving more enjoyable than last year's debacle (which we see in flashbacks), Dharma and Greg devise a plan to entirely avoid their families. When it becomes clear how much this has hurt everyone, the pair wind up more stuffed than any turkey after eating four Thanksgiving dinners: their own, one cooked (barely) by Kitty, another with Abby and Larry, and a fourth with Celia's family -- who have a fight that top last year's.

Tuesday's Child
69 votes

#32 - Tuesday's Child

Dharma & Greg - Season 5 - Episode 22

A little girl forms an attachment to Dharma and Greg; Kitty is ordered to perform community service.

178 votes

#33 - Lies

Roseanne - Season 4 - Episode 21

Roseanne freaks out when she learns that Rodbell's employees must take a lie detector test to find out who has been stealing from the restaurant; Darlene bypasses Roseanne for advice about her beau.

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Protecting the Ego-System
73 votes

#34 - Protecting the Ego-System

Dharma & Greg - Season 5 - Episode 13

Kitty brings Dharma to the ground-breaking ceremony of her arch-nemesis Teensy Manhart's new outdoor amphitheater. But Dharma takes a flying leap into the path of the spade in protest when she realizes the theater's intended site is a precious wetland. Abby, Larry and Ed Begley, Jr., a well-known environmental activist, join in her protest.

Fairway to Heaven
110 votes

#35 - Fairway to Heaven

Dharma & Greg - Season 3 - Episode 7

Greg decides his life's fulfillment lies on the professional golf course, but Dharma isn't so sure if she should let him play through, given that Greg's journey of self-discovery may mean relocating to Scotland.

Home is Where the Art Is
69 votes

#36 - Home is Where the Art Is

Dharma & Greg - Season 5 - Episode 8

Jenna Elfman's real-life husband Bodhi Elfman guest stars as an old performance artist friend of Dharma's who convinces her to co-star with him in his latest work: To live ""on display"" in an art gallery 24 hours a day for a week. Needless to say, Greg's not thrilled with her decision, and father-in-law Larry's moving in with him doesn't help matters.

The Parenting Trap
218 votes

#37 - The Parenting Trap

Roseanne - Season 7 - Episode 12

Dan takes the bull by the horns after he learns that D.J. isn't performing well in school; meanwhile, to Roseanne's horror, Darlene seems genuinely impressed with David's dimwitted new girlfriend.

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Instant Dharma
211 votes

#38 - Instant Dharma

Dharma & Greg - Season 1 - Episode 11

Dharma's parents arrive for their weekly yoga class only to find Dharma in tears because all her other students have deserted her for the popular self-defense class across the hall. Greg's efforts to cheer her up only get them evicted from Kitty's operatic fund raising evening. Clearing out her locker, Dharma curiously wanders into the self-defense class that turns out to be run by a wacky woman named Spyder, who is promoting herself with alarmist flyers about a massive increase in crime in the neighborhood. When Dharma protests that this is a lie, Spyder intimidates her physically, then invades a depressed Dharma's nightmare about breaking her non-violent principles and retaliating. When Dharma does attempt to remonstrate with Spyder, both she and Greg get their butts kicked.

Happy Trailers
203 votes

#39 - Happy Trailers

Roseanne - Season 7 - Episode 22

Becky and Mark finally leave the Conner nest to move into a tacky trailer park, but when Roseanne and Dan try to help out financially, their offers are met with a wall of resistance. Meanwhile, a tipsy neighbor drops by to put out the trailer park welcome mat.

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See Dharma Run
141 votes

#40 - See Dharma Run

Dharma & Greg - Season 2 - Episode 16

After a dehumanizing experience with bureaucratic red tape, Dharma is inspired to run for office, and thanks to a pair of wacky opponents and a hefty campaign contribution from Edward, she may have a real shot. Meanwhile, Pete and Jane find a shocking way to fight the alone-on-Valentine's-Day blues.