The BEST episodes written by Saladin K. Patterson

The Polarizing Express
1279 votes

#1 - The Polarizing Express

Psych - Season 5 - Episode 14

Due to an unlawful entry into a criminals property, Shawn gets suspended from his consultant postition and gets Henry fired from his position at the SBPD at the same time. Shawn has a series of Scrooge type dreams where Tony Cox is his 'spirit guide'.

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One Small Step
57 votes

#2 - One Small Step

The Wonder Years (2021) - Season 2 - Episode 1

It’s the summer of 1969, and Dean and Bill are experiencing new walks of life in New York City where Dean has tagged along for Bill’s career-making songwriting gig. Back in Montgomery, Lilian’s infamous sister, Jackie, pays a memorable visit.

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The Amazing Psych-Man & Tap Man, Issue #2
1217 votes

#3 - The Amazing Psych-Man & Tap Man, Issue #2

Psych - Season 6 - Episode 4

Shawn and Gus investigate the whereabouts of a mysterious, masked vigilante named The Mantis, who is trying to take down a local drug syndicate called The Caminos. The SBPD is also trying to take down The Camino syndicate, however The Mantis always seems to be one step ahead of everyone's game.

Cirque du Soul
978 votes

#4 - Cirque du Soul

Psych - Season 7 - Episode 6

After Gus is tasked with taking care of his girlfriend's son Maximus for the day, he jeopardizes their relationship when an innocent trip to the circus turns deadly.

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True Grits
1006 votes

#5 - True Grits

Psych - Season 6 - Episode 15

A wrongly convicted Southern chef hires Shawn and Gus to find the real thief after the Innocence Project frees him from prison.

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Someone's Got a Woody
907 votes

#6 - Someone's Got a Woody

Psych - Season 8 - Episode 4

A man enters the morgue and tells Woody that he was framed for the murder of the person lying dead on the slab. When Woody won’t let him take the body, the man pulls a gun on him and holds Woody hostage in order to get what he wants. Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Juliet try to resolve the situation calmly and carefully, but Interim Chief Trout has a plan of his own.

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Hype Man
387 votes

#7 - Hype Man

DAVE - Season 1 - Episode 5

Dave has an opportunity to open for a big rapper, but his nerves cause him to spiral into an identity crisis. When Dave asks GaTa to act as his hype man, GaTa is forced to confront memories from his past and reveal his biggest secret to his new friends.

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On Vodka, On Soda, On Blender, On Mixer!
1985 votes

#8 - On Vodka, On Soda, On Blender, On Mixer!

Two and a Half Men - Season 11 - Episode 10

Jake sends Alan a Japanese delicacy; the house comes alive with questionable Christmas lyrics.

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Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up
836 votes

#9 - Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up

Psych - Season 8 - Episode 7

Shawn and Gus are bummed to find out the owner of their favorite food truck has been murdered. The two of them go undercover to learn the food truck ropes and find out who the killer is. While working on the case, Marlowe visits them to cure a pregnancy craving and goes into labor at the most inconvenient time.

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Let's Doo-Wop It Again
1077 votes

#10 - Let's Doo-Wop It Again

Psych - Season 6 - Episode 13

When the founder of "Right Now", Santa Barbara's oldest at-risk youth program, is shot and almost killed, Shawn, Gus and a few members of Gus's a capella group from college investigate to find the culprit.

Dead Air
918 votes

#11 - Dead Air

Psych - Season 7 - Episode 12

After Shawn and Gus' favorite radio DJ is murdered, they go undercover as on-air personalities to find his killer.

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Three Fingers of Creme De Menthe
2069 votes

#12 - Three Fingers of Creme De Menthe

Two and a Half Men - Season 11 - Episode 14

Alan finds out that Lyndsey broke up with Larry without telling him; Walden tries to prove he is a man's man.

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Feet Don't Kill Me Now
1355 votes

#13 - Feet Don't Kill Me Now

Psych - Season 5 - Episode 2

When a woman is found dead with a bottle of pills that are lab trial samples, Lassiter and Gus, who are taking the same tap class, team up to dance their way to catching a murderer

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Thrill Seekers and Hell-Raisers
1167 votes

#14 - Thrill Seekers and Hell-Raisers

Psych - Season 4 - Episode 11

When Shawn and Gus join Gus’ new girlfriend on a rafting trip, a member of the group goes overboard, but Shawn quickly realizes it was no accident.

174 votes

#15 - Pilot

The Wonder Years (2021) - Season 1 - Episode 1

As the youngest in the Williams family, Dean is struggling to figure out where he fits in. Between his brother’s athleticism, sister’s popularity, mother’s intelligence and dad’s overall coolness, everyone else seems to have their lane figured out. He decides to pursue his calling as “The Great Uniter” and attempts to organize the first integrated baseball game between his team and his friend Brad’s team.

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Mr. Walden, He Die. I Clean Room.
2000 votes

#16 - Mr. Walden, He Die. I Clean Room.

Two and a Half Men - Season 11 - Episode 8

When Alan and Lyndsey's affair puts Walden in danger, he is forced to accept Rose's (Melanie Lynskey) help.

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High Top Fade Out
1273 votes

#17 - High Top Fade Out

Psych - Season 4 - Episode 7

Shawn and Gus investigate the death of Leonald Callahan, aka Diddle, a computer cryptologist who was the baritone in Gus’s old college a capella group.

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The Empathy Optimization
6939 votes

#18 - The Empathy Optimization

The Big Bang Theory - Season 9 - Episode 13

The gang decides to head to Vegas for the week on a party bus. Sheldon learns about the importance of empathy and saying sorry.

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The Fetal Kick Catalyst
8932 votes

#19 - The Fetal Kick Catalyst

The Big Bang Theory - Season 10 - Episode 6

Penny is surprised to learn she has fans of her performance in "Serial Ape-ist" when she attends Van Nuys Comic Con with Leonard. Also, Amy hosts a Sheldon-style brunch at Penny’s apartment, and Wolowitz makes an impulsive purchase when he starts stressing out about the baby on the way.

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Numero Uno Accidente Lawyer
1941 votes

#20 - Numero Uno Accidente Lawyer

Two and a Half Men - Season 11 - Episode 9

Walden goes on a date with an accident-prone model; Alan's date reveals surprising personal information.

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The Solder Excursion Diversion
7604 votes

#21 - The Solder Excursion Diversion

The Big Bang Theory - Season 9 - Episode 19

Amy is shocked at a revelation from Sheldon after she buys him a new laptop. Koothrappali sells out Leonard and Wolowitz after they lie to their wives in order to attend an early screening of a movie.

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Talent Shows
372 votes

#22 - Talent Shows

DAVE - Season 1 - Episode 6

Dave is in Philly for his first concert ever, and the gang stays with his parents. After reuniting with his overnight camp friends, Dave ponders his artistic roots.

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The Perspiration Implementation
6818 votes

#23 - The Perspiration Implementation

The Big Bang Theory - Season 9 - Episode 5

The guys take a fencing lesson from Barry Kripke and Sheldon finds himself in an awkward position when Kripke expresses interest in Amy. Also, when Stuart struggles to get female customers at the Comic Book Store, Penny, Amy and Bernadette come by to help him out.

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The Romance Recalibration
8236 votes

#24 - The Romance Recalibration

The Big Bang Theory - Season 10 - Episode 13

When Penny feels that Leonard is taking her for granted, she decides to go on a spa weekend with Amy. Also, Wolowitz and Koothrappali try to fix a squeaky floorboard in the baby's room.

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The Emotion Detection Automation
8778 votes

#25 - The Emotion Detection Automation

The Big Bang Theory - Season 10 - Episode 14

Sheldon beta-tests an MIT invention after hearing it can help him read people's emotions. Also, Leonard can't hide his feelings when Penny announces her brother is coming to town, and Raj invites his ex-girlfriends over to give him dating advice.

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Ferry Tale
1228 votes

#26 - Ferry Tale

Psych - Season 5 - Episode 7

Shawn and Gus help a prison guard locate his escaped inmates while on a ferry boat headed to the Channel Islands.

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Disco Didn't Die. It Was Murdered!
1196 votes

#27 - Disco Didn't Die. It Was Murdered!

Psych - Season 3 - Episode 5

Eugene Franks, arrested by Henry in 1978 for plotting to bomb the SBPD, is released after his conviction is quashed by the D.A. When Shawn is instructed to solve the case, his father insists on helping him; however, the case is not as clear cut as he once thought.

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Christmas Joy
1195 votes

#28 - Christmas Joy

Psych - Season 3 - Episode 9

Shawn and Gus investigate a department store Santa who they suspect is up to no good. Meanwhile, Gus' sister flies in for Christmas.

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The Gyroscopic Collapse
8383 votes

#29 - The Gyroscopic Collapse

The Big Bang Theory - Season 10 - Episode 23

After celebrating the completion of the top-secret Air Force project, Leonard, Sheldon and Howard get an unwelcome surprise; Amy receives an offer for a summer position at Princeton as a visiting researcher.

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Gus' Dad May Have Killed An Old Guy!
1192 votes

#30 - Gus' Dad May Have Killed An Old Guy!

Psych - Season 2 - Episode 10

Christmas with the Gusters is ruined when Gus' parents' neighbor is killed, a clue leads Lassiter to look at Mr. Guster more closely. Evidence leads the police into arresting Gus' mother too, and Shawn and Gus vow to get them out of jail.

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Boyz Under the Hood
8 votes

#31 - Boyz Under the Hood

The PJs - Season 3 - Episode 1

Calvin is jealous of Juicy knowing more about cars than him.

Tales from the Crypt
756 votes

#32 - Tales from the Crypt

Frasier - Season 10 - Episode 5

Frasier is infuriated when Bulldog successfully pulls several practical jokes on him. He vows to get revenge, and plots an elaborate prank that he takes way too seriously. Martin and Roz predict that he will fail because he is terrible at carrying out pranks. Frasier seeks the help of an unlikely ally to prove them wrong. Meanwhile, Mrs. Moon wages a prank war of her own against a trick or treater who eggs Niles' door after he forgets to buy Halloween candy.

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Zero to Murder in Sixty Seconds
1341 votes

#33 - Zero to Murder in Sixty Seconds

Psych - Season 2 - Episode 4

Shawn tracks down Lassiter's car with little difficulty after it's stolen. However, Shawn discovers that there's more to the situation than meets the eye and calls Gus back from vacation to help with the investigation.

Boyz 'N the Woods
18 votes

#34 - Boyz 'N the Woods

The PJs - Season 1 - Episode 9

Thurgood takes the boys camping when he and friends finds out they couldn't offer it.

He Dead
1169 votes

#35 - He Dead

Psych - Season 4 - Episode 2

A billionaire hedge fund manager asks Shawn and Gus to find his murderer – a last request Shawn can't resist. So he and Gus step into a world of privilege that's rivaled only by the depths of betrayal it contains.

Trophy Girlfriend
688 votes

#36 - Trophy Girlfriend

Frasier - Season 10 - Episode 15

Tired of being humiliated in his club's annual squash tournament, Niles ditches Frasier and pairs with a younger partner. A P.E. teacher named Chelsea asks Frasier to team with her in the mixed doubles competition. They win the championship. Martin is overjoyed that one of his sons has finally earned a trophy for athletics. Niles winds up begging for Frasier to take him back after his new partner yells at him on the court. Frasier assumes that the tournament's conclusion means the end of his relationship with Chelsea, but they soon begin dating. Niles is surprised that Frasier would date a P.E. teacher after all of the abuse the brothers endured in gym class as children. When Frasier goes to Chelsea's school to pick her up, he sees her berating one of the students. This causes him to have flashbacks, and he can no longer look at Chelsea without seeing his old gym teacher, Coach Fuller. Frasier tries to convince Chelsea to be more sensitive to the children. Meanwhile, Frasier tries to persuade Roz and Julia to be more civil to one another. They cannot find any common ground, until they realize how much they enjoy insulting each other.

Love Stinks
617 votes

#37 - Love Stinks

Frasier - Season 9 - Episode 5

Frasier hosts a party for the staff at the radio station to improve his image. Meanwhile, Roz dates a garbageman and Niles recalls his childhood memories with Daphne.

The Wizard and Roz
643 votes

#38 - The Wizard and Roz

Frasier - Season 8 - Episode 20

Frasier catches his mentor in a bathrobe with Roz. Niles doesn't believe Daphne is psychic, so she calls a spookologist.

Home School Dazed
7 votes

#39 - Home School Dazed

The PJs - Season 2 - Episode 1

Thurgood goes back to school with the boys to get his diploma.

Legal Tender Love and Care
682 votes

#40 - Legal Tender Love and Care

Frasier - Season 8 - Episode 6

Frasier starts dating the lawyer who is defending Daphne and him against Donny's lawsuit.

War of the Words
706 votes

#41 - War of the Words

Frasier - Season 9 - Episode 18

Frederick wins the National Spelling Bee, but the judges find that Frasier was mouthing the letters of the words during the competition.

Analyzed Kiss
682 votes

#42 - Analyzed Kiss

Frasier - Season 10 - Episode 23

Julia becomes extremely depressed after breaking up with Avery, who had never followed through on his promise to leave his wife for her.

7 votes

#43 - Scarthroat

The PJs - Season 3 - Episode 2

Sanchez lords over the distribution of victuals after New Year's Eve brings a power outage and food shortage to the Hilton-Jacobs Projects.

Grumpy Young Men
0 votes

#44 - Grumpy Young Men

Teen Angel - Season 1 - Episode 12

Steve's dad, Casey, has returned to the family but when Grandpa moves in as well, Steve has to learn a lesson in respect and Marty learns his invisibility isn't limitless.

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The Play's the Thing
0 votes

#45 - The Play's the Thing

Teen Angel - Season 1 - Episode 14

The school's play ""Munity on the Bounty"" is coming up and Steve lands the lead role with the help of Marty. Some of the people around Steve however are getting worried because he is constantly talking to thin air...

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The Un-Natural
0 votes

#46 - The Un-Natural

Teen Angel - Season 1 - Episode 16

Marty helps Casey win a toy, but an athlete thinks that she has got talent and tries her out for a professional baseball team. Grandpa also gets reunited with his dead wife.

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