The BEST episodes written by Neal Boushell

The Haunting
28 votes

#1 - The Haunting

Back at the Barnyard - Season 1 - Episode 32

After Otis builds a fun shack in a pet cemetery, Pig becomes possessed by the ghost of a mean-spirited bunny.

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Lights! Camera! Moo!
30 votes

#2 - Lights! Camera! Moo!

Back at the Barnyard - Season 1 - Episode 13

After Otis accidentally destroys the barn's safety film, he must make a new one, which he puts a lot of action and suspense in it. When the other actors quit because of the dangerous stunts, Otis and Pip must make it on his own, and accidentally rises the barn into a tornado.

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The Gay Team
4 votes

#3 - The Gay Team

Son of the Beach - Season 3 - Episode 6

A villain named ""Heinous Anus"" (RuPaul) is making young men disappear from the beach, and they are all ending up in a place called ""Gaytrix"". Chip ends up being captured by Heinous Anus and taken to the Gaytrix so that he turn him gay and clone him. Notch's army buddy (Alan Thicke) knows where Chip is and how to get there and sends Notch to go after him. Meanwhile, Porcelain's marriage heats up because of a scheme thought up by B.J. and Jamaica.

Pray Anything
1251 votes

#4 - Pray Anything

The Simpsons - Season 14 - Episode 10

When Flanders wins a half-time money shot during a WNBA game, Homer asks him what the secret to his good fortune is. Ned reveals his secret as hard work, honest living and flossing his teeth, tail and toes. Also a little prayer now and again doesn't hurt either. Homer focuses on the notion of the little prayer and when he needs to find the remote for his TV, his own little prayer works. He begins to pray for a number of things. His prayer for a new home pays off when he trips into a hole outside of the church. His lawsuit against the church wins him the deed to the church, since the church can't afford to pay him $1 million. Homer turns the church into a party palace. Without a place to preach, Reverend Lovejoy and his wife leave Springfield, when preaching at the bowling alley and staying at Ned's house just doesn't work for the Reverend. The partying at the church gets out of hand; Marge asks Homer if he is afraid of incurring God's wrath. Homer isn't so sure, but then the rainfall begins and Homer is struck by lightning. Soon Springfield has started flooding. When an unruly mob starts to come after Homer, Reverend Lovejoy arrives on the scene asking for forgiveness on behalf of the town.

Finances With Wolves
1296 votes

#5 - Finances With Wolves

American Dad! - Season 2 - Episode 11

After receiving a hefty bonus from work, Stan buys extravagant gadgets while Francine pleads for her dream kiosk. Upset about his lack of support, Francine opens a muffin shop without his approval and gives Stan a taste of life without a housewife. In a desperate move, Stan puts Klaus' brain back into a human body – only to discover it was a huge mistake as Klaus tries to win over Francine. Meanwhile, Steve is convinced he's a teen wolf after watching a horror film.

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Homeland Insecurity
1672 votes

#6 - Homeland Insecurity

American Dad! - Season 1 - Episode 6

Francine decides to throw a block party to get in touch with the neighborhood. Stan learns his new neighbors are Iranian and immediately suspects that they are terrorists. To prepare Steve for living near terrorists, Stan makes Steve join a group of scouts, who turn out to be trouble makers. Roger is convinced he possesses hidden alien powers and is determined to find out what they are.

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Sweet and Sour Victory
276 votes

#7 - Sweet and Sour Victory

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch - Season 1 - Episode 10

Sabrina learns a hard lesson in witchcraft when she tries to make Harvey notice her by using her powers to become an instant kung-fu expert under Mr. Pool's astonished tutelage. She easily defeats the standing champion, but must face the disapproval of her aunts and the jeers of the (magically animated) trophy she won. Meanwhile, Aunt Hilda tries out for first violin in the local symphony the mortal way, but loses to her longtime rival Gustav.

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Bank Robbery
0 votes

#8 - Bank Robbery

The Famous Jett Jackson - Season 2 - Episode 25

Bank-robbery witnesses have different conceptions of the event.

Battle of Wilsted
0 votes

#9 - Battle of Wilsted

The Famous Jett Jackson - Season 3 - Episode 20

Booker urges the townspeople to take pride in Wilsted and beat the town of Usherton in their annual competition. But when Wilsted starts to lose the competition, Booker and Miz Corretta join Jett, JB, Kayla, and Wood in the competition. And when it comes to the last course, the obstacle course, Usherton takes their strongest team-member. Jett's team didn't have a real strong member. Wood would've been the member to take on the obstacle course, but he gets hurt in the knees (?). Can Wilsted count on Cubby? *** SPOILER *** Yes, they can count on Cubby; he saved the day and Wilsted won the competition.