The BEST episodes written by Milt Rosen

Runway Cowboy
2 votes

#1 - Runway Cowboy

Baretta - Season 3 - Episode 3

Next Door
10 votes

#2 - Next Door

The Facts of Life - Season 5 - Episode 14

A young boy enters Edna's Edibles and Tootie befriends him and learns that he lives next door. She also learns that his mother works all day and leaves him home alone and tells him never to leave their apartment and when a gas leak is detected on the block the young boy won't budge.

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The Strike
3 votes

#3 - The Strike

Chico and the Man - Season 2 - Episode 11

Chico joins a union for mechanics, but is forced to picket Ed's Garage.

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Goodbye, Alice, Hello
13 votes

#4 - Goodbye, Alice, Hello

The Brady Bunch - Season 4 - Episode 10

The kids give Alice the cold shoulder after she reveals that Greg and Peter broke an antique lamp of Carol's. The girls join the bandwagon when Alice innocently tells Carol that Marcia left the stereo on all night. Feeling unwanted and no longer needed, Alice quits.

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House for Sale
4 votes

#5 - House for Sale

My Three Sons - Season 4 - Episode 22

The family is excited when Steve might travel to Hawaii on business, but there is dismay on their faces when the 'For Sale' sign goes up outside 837 Mill Street. Going on a trip to Hawaii is one thing, but could the entire family pack up and move there?

Legends Are Forever
5 votes

#6 - Legends Are Forever

Tales of the Gold Monkey - Season 1 - Episode 5

A former Flying Tiger asks Jake's help in finding the fabled lost treasure of King Solomon.

Sue Me, Sue Me, What Can You Do Me?
3 votes

#7 - Sue Me, Sue Me, What Can You Do Me?

That Girl - Season 3 - Episode 26

At the Newsview office, Lou slips on some water. Donald is told that Lou has to sign a waiver of responsibility. Donald goes to Mr. Prentice's office and quits, only to be talked back into his job by his managing editor.

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Presumed Dead
179 votes

#8 - Presumed Dead

Black Sheep Squadron - Season 1 - Episode 6

Captain Charlie Dobson,a naval flyer, has been shot done and presumed lost at sea. He has actually been picked by the Japanese and put through an intensive brainwashing program. He is taken by submarine to just off Vella La Cava. The Japanese tell him they are planting a val bag on the beach with explosives and timers for him to use at a later time. He is then placed in an infatable raft at sea near Vella La Cava. Gutterman and Anderson are flying towards a photo recon mission when they spot Dobson and call for the air-sea rescue to pick him up. They continue on to their target, a supposably deserted island with an old Japanese airstrip. When they approach to shoot the pictures, they come under heavy fire from ground artillery. Meanwhile, Dobson has been rescued and brought to Vella La Cava. The flight surgeon, Dr. Jerry Corgney, asks Pappy and the Black Sheep to meet Dobson. Pappy knows Dobson from their time in flight school and thinks that Dobson is acting strangely, althoug

The Killer Indy
18 votes

#9 - The Killer Indy

CHiPs - Season 5 - Episode 4

John and Grossie are having lunch at the Family Fun Park when Steve McLeish goes by chasing motorcycle speeders who are leaving a trail of accidents in their wake.

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The Cats Whiskers
111 votes

#10 - The Cats Whiskers

Black Sheep Squadron - Season 1 - Episode 11

Pappy decides to make an unauthorized attack against a semingly impregnable Japanese radar station in order to generate good PR, which can be used to avoid his impending court martial.

Money Happy Returns
24 votes

#11 - Money Happy Returns

Bewitched - Season 7 - Episode 23

Endora accuses Darrin for being too cheap when she notices Tabitha and Adam playing in a wading pool when they should have a real pool. She blinks one up, and Darrin takes an unnecessary swim! Darrin warns Samantha to keep Endora at bay. Than, he finds a bag full of money- $100,000 to be exact! Darrin thinks Endora whipped up the cash, but it really belongs to a thug who wants his loot back.

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Thanksgiving Crossover (2)
9 votes

#12 - Thanksgiving Crossover (2)

Diff'rent Strokes - Season 2 - Episode 12

The Alders and the Drummonds are together again in New York, and Arnold, Willis and Kimberly plan a second Thanksgiving feast with friends Diane and Ruthie. But even the huge Drummond penthouse isn't big enough to hold the exploding tempers that threaten Phil and Larry's long-standing relationship, on a special one-hour episode featuring the stars of "Hello, Larry." Morgan and all the kids get caught up in the feud when Larry learns friendship doesn't necessarily make for good business.

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There Was a Time Ann Met a Pie Man
3 votes

#13 - There Was a Time Ann Met a Pie Man

That Girl - Season 3 - Episode 20

Ann gets a job in a TV show. She is a pretty lady that gets hit by a pie. After the spot airs, she is embarrassed to death.

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Didya Ever Have One of Those Days?
3 votes

#14 - Didya Ever Have One of Those Days?

My Three Sons - Season 4 - Episode 3

It's a bad day for Steve when everything seems to be going wrong for him. His run of bad luck starts when he cuts himself shaving, burns his hand on the toaster, and then can't get his car started. Worse yet, he has to clinch a deal with a very important client.

2 votes

#15 - Windfall

My Three Sons - Season 4 - Episode 14

Chip comes to the rescue of a trapped dog and receives a reward, which leads to new found popularity with his fellow members of the club that he and Ernie wish to join.

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159 votes

#16 - Showdown!

The A-Team - Season 3 - Episode 9

Col. Lynch stakes out a Wild West show that has been terrorized by a group of A-Team impostors, sure that the real guys won't be able to ignore them.

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Marry Me, Marry Me (2)
6 votes

#17 - Marry Me, Marry Me (2)

Silver Spoons - Season 3 - Episode 17

Edward and Rick successfully persuade Kate to change her mind, bringing long-awaited wedding bells to the Stratton household, in the conclusion of a special two-part story.

The In-Law Whammy
2 votes

#18 - The In-Law Whammy

My Three Sons - Season 5 - Episode 14

It's a comedy of errors when Mike sets out to make an impression on his future father-in-law when Sally's father returns from an archeological expedition. Mike is unnerved about meeting him but practically kills him with a little too much kindness and enthusiasm.