The BEST episodes written by Mike Sheehan

Dead Weight (Air Midwest Flight 5481)
116 votes

#1 - Dead Weight (Air Midwest Flight 5481)

Mayday - Season 5 - Episode 4

A commuter plane crashes shortly after take-off, killing everyone onboard. Investigators are faced with the possibility that overweight passengers were one of the causes of this fatal crash. The airline industry based average passenger weight calculations on 1940s figures. Were they fatally out of date?

452 votes

#2 - Why?

Aquarius - Season 1 - Episode 9

Charmain's first ride-along ends when her fellow officers are gunned down, the first in a series of cop killings. Her resolve is put to the test as Hodiak and Shafe enlist the Panthers to help find the shooter.

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The Great Wall of Silence
400 votes

#3 - The Great Wall of Silence

Prime Suspect (US) - Season 1 - Episode 11

Jane and Evrard go to Chinatown to investigate a murder during a game of mahjong. Jane and Evrard can't seem to get a break on the case when a big shot lawyer seems to make all the witnesses disappear. Meanwhile, Reg lets Matt in on a little secret about Jane.

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Bomb on Board (Philippine Airlines Flight 434)
146 votes

#4 - Bomb on Board (Philippine Airlines Flight 434)

Mayday - Season 3 - Episode 5

Philippine Airlines Flight 434 (PAL434, PR434) was the route designator of a flight from Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Metro Manila, Philippines, to New Tokyo International Airport (now Narita International Airport), Narita near Tokyo, Japan, with one stop at Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Cebu. On December 11, 1994, the Boeing 747-283B on the route was on its second leg, from Cebu to Tokyo, when a bomb exploded, killing one passenger. The rest of the passengers and the crew survived.

Sick City
445 votes

#5 - Sick City

Aquarius - Season 1 - Episode 8

Karn buries secrets; failing to impress a record producer, Manson takes his disappointment out on his family; Shafe catches a tough break; Hodiak loses an old friend.

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