The BEST episodes written by Marsh Mccall

Sweet Charity
86 votes

#1 - Sweet Charity

Just Shoot Me! - Season 2 - Episode 8

Maya's attempts to get her coworkers involved in her favorite charity are met with overwhelming indifference. Only after the PR-minded Jack goads them to help to Finch, Elliott, and Nina contribute. And only after Maya pleads with him does Jack finally contribute. Rather than giving his time or effort to the charity, he helps in the usual Jack Gallo fashion- by giving a giant check for $50,000. When he consequently wins an award for Humanitarian of the Year, Maya's jealousy gets the better of her. Meanwhile, Elliott tries to figure out why the office's nickname-happy gopher keeps snubbing him.

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314 votes

#2 - Gigo-Milo

Men at Work - Season 3 - Episode 5

Milo meets a book publisher, but it's not his writing she's interested in. Neal hires an intern and Myron enlists Tyler and Gibbs to make him look cool on social media.

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Elliott the Geek
91 votes

#3 - Elliott the Geek

Just Shoot Me! - Season 2 - Episode 10

When his favorite high school teacher dies, Elliott at first sees the memorial service as an opportunity to flaunt his flashy career and his glamorous lifestyle in his old classmates' faces. His cockiness is quickly tempered, however, by the revelation of the truth about his high school years- he was something of a nerd. When the office hears about it, his present becomes almost as intolerable as his past. Meanwhile, Jack trains Finch in the art of being influential around the office.

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Jack's Old Partner
86 votes

#4 - Jack's Old Partner

Just Shoot Me! - Season 2 - Episode 20

While writing his memoirs, Jack suddenly contracts a horrible case of writer's block. He then realizes why- he has come to the place in his memoirs where he fired his old partner Herb just before Blush took off. Discovering that his old partner has been toiling in a toyshop in Connecticut for 30 years earning a meager living only worsens the guilt. In an attempt to make it up to him, Jack gives Herb a high position in the magazine only to rediscover the reason he let Herb go in the first place- Herb is terrible at the magazine business. Meanwhile, Nina's problems with an IRS audit seem to be over when the female auditor takes a liking to Elliott, but in fact, they're just beginning.

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The List
83 votes

#5 - The List

Just Shoot Me! - Season 3 - Episode 8

Jack fears for his reputation when he falls to #100 on the Power 100 list. Nina's idea to improve his standing by sending out a special collection of Blush covers to remind people how important the magazine has been backfires, as Elliott is made #100 because of his brilliant photography. Meanwhile, Finch meets idol Mark Hamill at Bartini's and annoys the hell out of him.

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85 votes

#6 - Steamed

Just Shoot Me! - Season 3 - Episode 2

Jack wants the tenants on the floor above Blush to move. Maya is taken in by Finch's lie that he wants them to move so he can build a free daycare center. The real reason: a steam room. Meanwhile, Nina meets with her former model roommate, who is now fat.

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New Kids in the House
509 votes

#7 - New Kids in the House

Fuller House - Season 2 - Episode 10

Kimmy and Stephanie have an epic surprise planned for DJ's 39th birthday, but Max cooks up a painful twist that changes everything.

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College or Collagen
80 votes

#8 - College or Collagen

Just Shoot Me! - Season 2 - Episode 16

Mentoring seems to be going really well for Maya- her protege; Karey is doing fabulously in her first year of college. However, Karey is now at a crossroads wondering what to do with her life. Maya tries to push her to stay in school and make the most of her college years, but she hits an obstacle in the form of Nina, who wants Karey to put her natural talents to use as a model. Meanwhile, Jack and Finch have an illicit "fling" with each other- as bridge partners.

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The Devil and Maya Gallo
157 votes

#9 - The Devil and Maya Gallo

Just Shoot Me! - Season 1 - Episode 2

Maya begins work at Blush. Jack welcomes her to the office by showering her with a ton of gifts and presenting her with a great new office, complete with the best in office accessories. Maya is completely caught up in the thrill of it all until she discovers the reason her father is doing it- to distract her from her plans to change the magazine.

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The Passion of the Mandy
1464 votes

#10 - The Passion of the Mandy

Last Man Standing (2011) - Season 1 - Episode 11

Mike, amazed that Mandy might finally have found a passion for something, takes her under his wing at work when she offers to start an Internet campaign to keep Ed's favorite barber shop hangout from closing. Also, an exhausted Vanessa insists that she can still take care of the household despite her hectic work schedule, until she falls asleep during her own business presentation.

Baxter & Sons
1259 votes

#11 - Baxter & Sons

Last Man Standing (2011) - Season 1 - Episode 18

When Mike's younger brother and father visit, a sibling rivalry ensues; Eve, Mandy and Kristin try to help Bud find a girlfriend.

Animal Wrongs
1443 votes

#12 - Animal Wrongs

Last Man Standing (2011) - Season 1 - Episode 20

Mandy worries when Mike doesn't like her new boyfriend, Terrence, who is an animal rights activist. Kyle discovers that Ed is Basque, like him.

Last Halloween Standing
1543 votes

#13 - Last Halloween Standing

Last Man Standing (2011) - Season 1 - Episode 4

Mike feels let down when his daughters aren't into celebrating Halloween with him the way they used to. He decides that his two-year-old grandson, Boyd, can be his perfect trick or treat partner. But Kristin, Boyd's mother, adamantly tells him that she doesn't want her son to go out on Halloween. Mike sneaks him out -- with a plan to get the child home before Kristin gets back from work. When Mike, dressed as John Wayne from "The Green Berets," gets to Ed's house with Boyd, they are greeted at the door by Ed's lady friend, Elvira.

Curse of Tanner Manor
602 votes

#14 - Curse of Tanner Manor

Fuller House - Season 2 - Episode 4

Jackson and Ramona would rather die than go to DJ's "scary" family Halloween party, where Fernando and Kimmy pull the ultimate couples costume.

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The Empire Strikes Back
12 votes

#15 - The Empire Strikes Back

My Big Fat Greek Life - Season 1 - Episode 2

Nia needs to find a way to tell her parents that she does not want to inherit the family business.

Donnie Returns
55 votes

#16 - Donnie Returns

Just Shoot Me! - Season 5 - Episode 4

Elliott's brother Donnie returns as a successful insurance salesman in need of a loan. Maya, however, remains convinced that Donnie is up to his old tricks, even when he is beaten up. Jack and the rest of the staff discover that silence is not always a good thing.

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The House Gift
16 votes

#17 - The House Gift

My Big Fat Greek Life - Season 1 - Episode 1

In the opener, which backtracks from the film, the newlyweds arrive from their honeymoon in, where else, Greece, to an overwhelming family reception and news that Gus (Michael Constantine) has given them a generous gift — a house.

A Tommy Tale
205 votes

#18 - A Tommy Tale

Fuller House - Season 3 - Episode 13

DJ pulls out all the stops to get Tommy into a prestigious preschool. Jackson and Ramona unplug for "Pioneer Day" -- so Kimmy decides to join them.

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My Best Friend's Japanese Wedding
230 votes

#19 - My Best Friend's Japanese Wedding

Fuller House - Season 3 - Episode 10

In Japan, Steve and CJ's wedding dishes up one disaster after another -- from a maid of honor who's MIA to a talking toilet with an alarming appetite.

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At Long Last Allie
50 votes

#20 - At Long Last Allie

Just Shoot Me! - Season 5 - Episode 22

Jack's ex-wife Allie demands a job at Blush as part of their divorce settlement. However, she reveals to Finch that it's merely a plan to win Jack back. Plans backfire when Finch sleeps with Allie as Jack prepares to walk in on them. Meanwhile, Nina ruins Elliott's relationship with a therapist.

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War and Sleaze
57 votes

#21 - War and Sleaze

Just Shoot Me! - Season 2 - Episode 25

Maya senses trouble when Nina proposes a double date for the two of them. She is proved right when her date, after throwing his back out in her apartment, is revealed to be a United States Congressman - and a married one. Afraid of a scandal, he forces Maya to harbor him in her apartment while newspapers overflow with news of his disappearance and rumors of where he might be, and his friends, family, fellow Congressmen, and the police relentlessly search for him. Meanwhile, a friendly game of paintball causes a major office tiff when a fear-crazed Finch shoots Jack a few seconds into battle.

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A Divorce to Remember
58 votes

#22 - A Divorce to Remember

Just Shoot Me! - Season 4 - Episode 1

Finch and Adrienne return from a wonderful honeymoon in Tahiti, but upon their return, Finch is hit with a hard dose of reality. If he is to maintain his "cool" image in Adrienne's eyes, he will have to give up a lot of his favorite things, such as action figures, sci-fi conventions, and cat shows. What makes this so problematic is that his cat Spartacus has just made the finals of a big cat show, and winning has been a lifelong dream of his. Meanwhile, Maya and Elliott fret over whether their marriage is legal or not and end up seeking out the help of the cult's strange lawyer, Larry. Larry successfully annuls the marriage, but the two are left still unsure about the possible future implications of the whole affair.

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The Odd Couple (2)
55 votes

#23 - The Odd Couple (2)

Just Shoot Me! - Season 3 - Episode 25

Finch announces the engagement at the office, but it takes several minutes to make everyone believe it. When they finally do, though, it begins a heated argument between Maya and Elliott over whether Finch's and Adrienne's love is for real. It may not matter either way, though, because once the news of the engagement spreads, Adrienne's ex-boyfriend Brian shows up at Blush with plans to beat up Finch. Finch manages to avoid Brian temporarily, but the incident forces him to speed things up yet again-with a wedding that very day. Finch and Adrienne are married after Brian punches Finch. But...Elliott and Maya are also married while looking for Finch in a mass wedding.

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Wheels of Fortune
60 votes

#24 - Wheels of Fortune

Carpoolers - Season 1 - Episode 10

As a last resort when there are no remaining open spots in the special lot for carpoolers, Laird decides to park in a spot reserved for the handicap. In order to not get in trouble, he lets Gracen to act like he has a bad limp. The parking attendant figures it out and bans them from the lot and also sends some bad karma their way.

The Code
63 votes

#25 - The Code

Carpoolers - Season 1 - Episode 6

The men think they accidently set the car of a rival carpoolers group on fire as a result of a prank, but swear to keep it between themselves. Marmaduke's ATM machine with an $8 service charge is vandalized.