The BEST episodes written by Kay Lenard

A Distant Drum
6 votes

#1 - A Distant Drum

Combat! - Season 2 - Episode 10

A wounded Lt. Hanley is pursued by a squad of Germans, and takes refuge in a French farmhouse at great peril to the mother and daughter living there.

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Glow Against the Sky
8 votes

#2 - Glow Against the Sky

Combat! - Season 2 - Episode 8

Sgt. Saunders and his squad become trapped in a cellar of a French village as the Germans sweep through and capture the town. Billy Nelson is seriously wounded, delirious, screaming, and endangering the squad. Saunders leaves him in the street in hopes the Germans will take care of him. German Captain Neubauer (Kurt Kreuger) is bent on making Nelson reveal the whereabouts of the squad, as Saunders desperately devises an escape plan.

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The Haunted Trees
35 votes

#3 - The Haunted Trees

Have Gun, Will Travel - Season 2 - Episode 38

Ben Howard is disinherited in his father's will. When his father dies, Mrs. Sarah Howard takes over running the family's lumber company. She claims that Ben is sabotaging the work and scaring off the workers. Mrs. Howard hires Paladin to stop the problems and get rid of Ben.

The Raider
3 votes

#4 - The Raider

Combat! - Season 4 - Episode 16

Hanley is captured by the infamous SS Captain Reichhardt. Saunders captures Reichhardt's men but does not learn the location of Hanley.

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5 votes

#5 - Command

Combat! - Season 2 - Episode 30

A wounded Hanley is replaced in the field by Lieutenant Douglas (Joseph Campanella), who is surly and opinionated even by Saunders' standards. At one point, he orders a soldier to burn a picture of his daughter, and then grinds it into the dirt with his boot. Saunders discovers what led to Douglas's leadership style and helps him get past it.

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9 Place Vendee
5 votes

#6 - 9 Place Vendee

Combat! - Season 4 - Episode 9

After losing a superior officer in the field, Hanley goes alone to locate a wounded intelligence officer in a German-held village. Hanley's search for and rescue of the OSS officer is hampered by a precocious French boy and his dog.

One More for the Road
7 votes

#7 - One More for the Road

Combat! - Season 1 - Episode 29

The squad discovers an orphaned baby in a barn, and must decide whether to bring the infant with them as they traverse through enemy territory en route to their own lines.

6 votes

#8 - Counter-Punch

Combat! - Season 2 - Episode 22

As the Germans make a breakthrough, rear-echelon troops are ordered to prepare for battle. Never able to form into a fighting force, they become stragglers separated from any cohesive unit. Saunders and Caje are also separated and pick up several of the rear-echelon stragglers, now deep in German territory. While the rear-echelon troops have no combat experience, they each contribute in their own way in the effort to punch back and return to their lines.

The Impostor
5 votes

#9 - The Impostor

Combat! - Season 3 - Episode 10

Hanley must take the place of a G-2 officer on a mission to spy on a German HQ. He is to meet three men for the mission. He discovers that one of them has been killed and although the corpse is dressed in a German Uniform, he is recognized by Kirby as an American G.I. They now suspect that one of the three men is a German disguised as an American G.I.

Fly Away Home
4 votes

#10 - Fly Away Home

Combat! - Season 3 - Episode 9

Sgt. Keeley has lost faith in humanity and invests all his devotion to his carrier pigeons, which he has trained for military use.

The Convict
3 votes

#11 - The Convict

Combat! - Season 3 - Episode 22

A German shell strikes a prison, releasing convicted criminals into the countryside. One unscrupulous convict assumes the identity of a French resistance fighter, from whom Saunders needs help.

The Silver Service
5 votes

#12 - The Silver Service

Combat! - Season 3 - Episode 5

Sent to the rear to recover from injuries, Kirby and Caje encounter Harry White (Mickey Rooney), a cheater and schemer who has been fighting the war from a bar stool. White escapes from the gamblers he fleeced just before an artillery attack. Kirby stumbles out of the village, stunned and injured. He finds White and they are taken in by Claudette (Claudine Longet) and her grandfather, but the challenges keep mounting.

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My Brother Flipper
34 votes

#13 - My Brother Flipper

Flipper - Season 1 - Episode 10

Flipper saves the life of an old Greek sponge poacher in the preserve, but Bud and Sandy tell Po of his illegal activities.

45 votes

#14 - Hawk

Gunsmoke - Season 15 - Episode 5

A white woman refuses to accept her half-breed son, who Festus brings to her home wounded and needing help.

Sweet Annie Laurie
9 votes

#15 - Sweet Annie Laurie

Bonanza - Season 10 - Episode 15

Hoss offers to help Annie Laurie, a beautiful young woman who is running away from her abusive husband, a career criminal who is determined to keep his wife under his control and travel with her throughout the southwest, any which way he can.

39 votes

#16 - Morgan

Gunsmoke - Season 15 - Episode 23

Matt is away, and Morgan sees his chance to take over. He breaks into the Long Branch, and Kitty is forced to take action.

Company of Forgotten Men
8 votes

#17 - Company of Forgotten Men

Bonanza - Season 10 - Episode 19

A retired Army sergeant, bitter that he never received his pension from the government, kidnaps one-time friend Candy and forces him to go along with a daring plan to blow up the U.S. mint in Carson City and hold the gold and silver for ransom.

A Job for Sandy
1 votes

#18 - A Job for Sandy

Flipper - Season 2 - Episode 11

Flipper fights to save Sandy's life and the lives of a film crew when he discovers a power leak in an underwater electric cable.