The BEST episodes written by Julia Lewald

You Sweat Your Life
61 votes

#1 - You Sweat Your Life

Darkwing Duck - Season 1 - Episode 18

Darkwing goes undercover at a health spa to root out a pair of workers responsible for a museum break in. To his dismay, Herb and Binkie Muddlefoot tag along. The health spa owner, Jock, has discovered the formula for a fountain of youth. The last ingredient he needs is a feather from a true hero.

Trading Faces
90 votes

#2 - Trading Faces

Darkwing Duck - Season 1 - Episode 14

Darkwing's computer goes haywire, and causes him to trade bodies with Gosalyn. Now she must pose as Darkwing to stop F.O.W.L.'s latest scheme - stopping the Earth's rotation in an attempt to blackmail the planet. Can DW defeat Steelbeak in a child's body? And how can they reverse the body swap?

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All's Whale that Ends Whale
106 votes

#3 - All's Whale that Ends Whale

TaleSpin - Season 1 - Episode 17

Baloo shows Kit his secret stash of cash he's saving up to buy back the Sea Duck. Then they go out to sea to fish and relax. When their bait of fish and peanut butter sinks in the water, it attracts a whale. After befriending it, Baloo and Kit head back to Higher For Hire. There, they find out there's a reward for the capture and return of the whale they found earlier. They contact Seymore of 'Seymore's See More Seaquarium' and the owner of Moby Dimple, the whale. But after they return the whale, they find that Seymore mistreats all his animals. When they call an inspector on him, he has all the angles covered to pass inspection. When their offer to buy the whale back with the Sea Duck money is turned down, Baloo and Kit decide that it's up to them to free Dimples by their own means.

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Gorilla My Dreams
19 votes

#4 - Gorilla My Dreams

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers - Season 2 - Episode 46

Kookoo the gorilla's pet kitten has been kidnapped by Fat Cat, and it is up to the Rangers to rescue him.

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Whatever It Takes
334 votes

#5 - Whatever It Takes

X-Men: The Animated Series - Season 2 - Episode 3

Storm returns to her village in Africa, and must choose between her life and that of her godson when a powerful evil overtakes him. Meanwhile, Wolverine tracks down Morph in the Amazon, and Professor Xavier & Magneto find their situation going from bad to worse as they end up in a hidden land.

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The Lightyear Factor
3 votes

#6 - The Lightyear Factor

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command - Season 1 - Episode 27

Zurg stumbles upon an alternate dimension where Buzz is evil (...possibly more evil than Zurg, himself...) and has taken over the universe. Zurg has Buzz, the evil one, capture Buzz, the good one, and trap him in the other dimension while they capture Star Command. Buzz's teammates (the good Buzz's, that is) venture into Zurg's Dreadnaught, thinking Buzz has gone insane, but, alas, are captured. Meanwhile, Buzz (the good one) is chased around by the alternate Mira and Booster (the bad ones). He gets a reprieve from the alternate Nebula (who isn't all that bad), who knows that Evil Buzz is working with Zurg. They team up in order to stop the bad guys. Team Lightyear is rescued, Star Command is saved, the Dreadnaught blows up, Zurg and his minions escape, and Evil Buzz is left floating out in space, ready for his revenge in ""Sunquake""...

The Prize
3 votes

#7 - The Prize

Young Hercules - Season 1 - Episode 42

Ares must enter a talent show at Kora's Inn when he learns that one of the prizes would complete his set of the Chronos stones, that enabled Zeus to defeat the Titans. The catch is a mortal must willingly give it to him, so with Strife and Discord in tow, he enters intent on winning and more than willing to cheat to get it, leaving Hercules and his friends to stop him.

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Under Seige
3 votes

#8 - Under Seige

Young Hercules - Season 1 - Episode 46

When the Amazons attack the Academy with missile-like weapons forged by Hephaestus, it's up to Hercules to ensure that no one gets hurt and to figure out the real reason of the attack. The real threat is actually Ares, who has Cyane under his control and is orchestrating all of this for one reason: to destroy Hercules.

Join the Club
1 votes

#9 - Join the Club

Krypto the Superdog - Season 2 - Episode 14

In order to find Krypto's secret rocket, Mechanikat sends Snooky in disguise to infiltrate the Supercat Fan Club. He soon comes to like his new friends, however...

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The Dying of the Light
58 votes

#10 - The Dying of the Light

Gargoyles - Season 3 - Episode 6

The Quarrymen attack a group trying to promote tolerance between humans and gargoyles. Hudson starts to have problems with his vision.

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The Circus Parade Syndrome
3 votes

#11 - The Circus Parade Syndrome

Men In Black: The Series - Season 4 - Episode 8

A member of a witness protection program for aliens is on the run from an intergalatic gang called The Association when they discover he's on Earth.

Owl's Well That Ends Well
57 votes

#12 - Owl's Well That Ends Well

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - Season 4 - Episode 11

It is a peaceful morning in the 100 Aker Wood, blue birds happily chirping, as we are take to Rabbit's fresh garden. He loves the birds of the dawn chorus... What could possibly be more beautiful!! What the?! Piglet and Pooh and Tigger are also spooked by the noise. Crooo...eee...oooreeoeoeoe!!!!! Rabbit finds it's Owl screeching, while the crows sneak into Rabbit's garden. Rabbit is cross when the crows make off with his vegetables, Rabbit wants Own out of his garden, effective immediately, if not sooner! Owl leaves, indignant. Piglet tried to help Owl sing... Tigger sets up some traps to catch the crows, but they end up helping the crows and hindering Rabbit. Pooh tries to help Owl by giving him hunny to make his voice sweeter... Tigger is making a super stupendious trap, with the secret ingrediment... Swill... Absopasitivelylutely guaranteed to work. But just to be safe, Rabbit wants Tigger to guard his garden tonight. But the crows are on the prowl. Pooh asked the