The BEST episodes written by Judith Barrows

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#1 - Gitty

Combat! - Season 4 - Episode 27

Establishing an observation post in a deserted church, Saunders meets the daughter of a German soldier.

Snowball in Hell
55 votes

#2 - Snowball in Hell

Mission: Impossible - Season 1 - Episode 21

A former prison guard, Sefra, has got hold of a supply of cesium 138, which explodes at temperatures above 70 degrees. Sefra plans to sell the sample and the formula from the closed-down prison base where he once worked. Rollin and Barney go in as a photographer and model respectively, and Sefra "learns" that Barney is a former prisoner returning for revenge. The team fakes a generator break down while Sefra beats Barney, and the cesium starts to heat up. Sefra has it taken to a nearby hospital refrigerator, where the IMF makes the switch. When Sefra discovers the missing jar, he forces Barney to show him the escape route which he supposedly used to escape. As Sefra makes his own escape, the IMF send the cesium sample toward him on a remote-controlled mini-tank, and it blows up, killing Sefra and making sure no one gets the formula or the sample.

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Barbary Red
6 votes

#3 - Barbary Red

The Big Valley - Season 1 - Episode 21

While having a birthday drink at The Barbary Red saloon with two of his ranch hands, Nick is shanghaied.

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The Value of a King
1 votes

#4 - The Value of a King

Daniel Boone - Season 4 - Episode 9

A slavehunter (James Gregory) chains Boone with a group of escaped slaves then is attacked by Shawnee.

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May the Best Man Lose
4 votes

#5 - May the Best Man Lose

The Green Hornet - Season 1 - Episode 15

Its election time again and District Attorney Scanlon is running although someone wants to permanently remove him from the ballot.

Bad Bet on a 459-Silent
5 votes

#6 - Bad Bet on a 459-Silent

The Green Hornet - Season 1 - Episode 21

Britt Reid must figure out how to get medical attention for a wound he received as the Green Hornet and stop two cops who are using silent alarm calls for their own profit.

Fox, Hound, and the Widow McCloud
2 votes

#7 - Fox, Hound, and the Widow McCloud

The Virginian - Season 7 - Episode 25

Luke Nichols arrives at Shiloh searching for Trampas. He and Trampas were cell mates in prison when Trampas was sentenced to hang for a murder he did not commit. They escaped prison together. Trampas was cleared of the murder and Luke escaped to Canada where he waited for Trampas to join him. Bracken, a bounty hunter, traces Luke to Trampas who tries to hide Luke with Widow McCloud but Bracken finds him and blackmails Trampas for Luke's freedom.

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A Bad Place to Die
4 votes

#8 - A Bad Place to Die

The Virginian - Season 6 - Episode 9

Trampas is sentenced to hang for a murder he didn't commit. The Virginian and Stacey try to find new evidence while Clay Grainger and the attorney try for a new trial. Meanwhile, a desperate Trampas escapes prison with his cell mate.