The BEST episodes written by Jim Hense

The Bodies Left Behind
350 votes

#1 - The Bodies Left Behind

Life After People - Season 1 - Episode 1

What if every human being on earth disappeared? This isn't the story of how we might vanish--it is the story of what happens to the world we leave behind. In this episode, we'll see what happens to some of the bodies left behind. Most embalmed and buried, some mummified, others cryogenically frozen. Will any of them truly achieve immortality? Or will they be outlived by other memorials to mankind, like the Statue of Liberty or the Sistine Chapel. This is just part of a journey that will take us to the future of cities of Boston and Houston--as well as haunting sites already devoid of man. CC HD [TVPG]

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Project Hybrid
188 votes

#2 - Project Hybrid

Ancient Aliens - Season 14 - Episode 10

Extraterrestrials could be altering human DNA and repopulating the Earth with alien/human hybrids; following the trail of evidence from ancient cultures to modern-day animal mutilations and alien abductions.

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Angels and Aliens
959 votes

#3 - Angels and Aliens

Ancient Aliens - Season 2 - Episode 7

Biblical texts and ancient lore frequently describe winged creatures carrying messages from the heavens. But are angels merely the product of mankind's imagination - or do they really exist? If so, where do they come from?

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The Capital Threat
147 votes

#4 - The Capital Threat

Life After People - Season 1 - Episode 3

An examination of Washington, DC and all it's monuments. Plus, a look at the fate of Los Angeles.

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Take Me to Your Leader
51 votes

#5 - Take Me to Your Leader

Life After People - Season 2 - Episode 10

How will the White House fall in a Life After People? The greatest homes and monuments to the world's leaders are under attack. The White House, Monticello and Versailles are suffering different fates. The bodies of Mao Zedong and Ulysses S. Grant are shrouded in mystery. A toxic ex-Naval base decays in the legacy of the Hiroshima bomb. The President's dog must learn the ways of the wild.

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Heavy Metal
167 votes

#6 - Heavy Metal

Life After People - Season 1 - Episode 4

A look at how long the nation's buildings and bridges will stand before the elements consume the steel and concrete, from New York City's skyscrapers to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, and how once domesticated animals, like horses, will return to wild herds that roam America's grasslands. The episode also examines the ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada, which was abandoned by people 90 years ago.

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Bible Tech
2 votes

#7 - Bible Tech

Modern Marvels - Season 11 - Episode 12

Arguably the most influential book ever written, the Bible provides a glimpse into the origins of ancient technology and its use to withstand the elements, build great structures, wage war, and conserve precious water. We examine the technological plausibility of biblical structures and machines--including the Tower of Babylon, the Temple of Jerusalem, ancient bronze and iron forging, and shipbuilding skills that might have been employed to build Noah's Ark.

2 votes

#8 - Dredging

Modern Marvels - Season 12 - Episode 40

They dig, scoop, suck, and spew an ocean of silt and sediment. Dredgers are the mechanical beasts that fuel the world's economic engine by clearing and deepening ports for mega-container ships. The roots of dredging go back as far as the Egyptians, who used their hands to open channels on the Nile to keep crops watered. The Romans, who used harbor dredging to keep a tight fist on Europe, pioneered the "spoon and bag" dredge to speed up the process. Steam power brought about the first large-scale dredges and helped create the Panama Canal. We'll go aboard two of the largest US dredgers and see how they keep waters moving. And in Holland, we meet the biggest players on the dredging world and witness the launching of the largest dredge ever built. From there, we head to Dubai in the Middle East, where 90 square miles of new islands was dredged from the sea and will now create a pleasure world for the rich and powerful.

Harvesting (2)
2 votes

#9 - Harvesting (2)

Modern Marvels - Season 13 - Episode 55

In America's orchards and farm fields, the constant struggle between hand labor and mechanization has produced dozens of efficient and sometimes bizarre harvesting methods. Learn the secrets of the orchard manager and his ladder crew as they check fruit pressures and barometric readings. Visit California's largest fruit packing house and try to keep up with 10-fruit-per-second conveyors. Then off to the corn fields of Nebraska and the cranberry marshes of central Wisconsin. Finally go underground to the world's largest mushroom farm where the harvest takes place in limestone caverns that run some 150 miles. From fruit tree picking platforms to cranberry beaters and corn pickers, farmers constantly strive to speed the harvest.

Wrath of God
82 votes

#10 - Wrath of God

Life After People - Season 2 - Episode 1

With no people, churches begin to crumble and other structures of God and symbols of Satan face their fate.

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The Basement
3 votes

#11 - The Basement

Modern Marvels - Season 12 - Episode 19

Venture down that creaky staircase to explore the most misunderstood room in the house! From Pompeii to Pittsburgh, the dark, cool, and forlorn spaces beneath our living quarters have always contained things that helped us live comfortably. Ancient Hittites, Phrygians, and Persians carved subterranean rooms for food, water, and wine storage, and for shelter from weather and marauders. For ancient Greeks and Romans, a basement greatly increased a house's value. Ruins of homes at Pompeii reveal the importance of basements in providing both heat and storage for rich Roman families. Renaissance architects placed kitchens, servant quarters, and laundry rooms there, hidden from the eyes of their aristocratic patrons! Colonial Americans expanded the practice, and by the 20th century, the basement was a routine feature. Come along as we demystify this domestic underworld, which turns out to be an area of innovation, imagination, and creativity.