The BEST episodes written by David A. Goodman

Legion of Doom
34 votes

#1 - Legion of Doom

Team Knight Rider - Season 1 - Episode 22

A mysterious presence warns the team about a showdown with their archenemy, Mobius after several of his allies break out of prison.

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Where No Fan Has Gone Before
2197 votes

#2 - Where No Fan Has Gone Before

Futurama - Season 4 - Episode 12

Fry leads the crew on a quest across the galaxy to regain the forbidden 79 episodes of "Star Trek: The Original Series", where they encounter the original cast of the show - as well as their captor, an obsessive energy being named Melllvar.

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2 Good 2 B 4 Gotten
77 votes

#3 - 2 Good 2 B 4 Gotten

Wings - Season 5 - Episode 9

When news arrives that Sandy Cooper is returning to Nantucket, Joe fears her high school obsession with him will return but the others think he's imagining things. Meanwhile, Antonio tries to raise money to send to his family and Roy is worried about a visit from his cranky mother.

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The Road Not Taken
2586 votes

#4 - The Road Not Taken

The Orville - Season 2 - Episode 14

The crew must contend with the disastrous fallout from Kelly’s decision.

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The Impotence of Being Ernest
204 votes

#5 - The Impotence of Being Ernest

The Golden Girls - Season 4 - Episode 13

Rose is crazy about her latest boyfriend, Ernie, but can't understand why he doesn't approach the subject of sex so when she forces the subject she learns the truth, he's impotent.

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46 votes

#6 - She's...Baaack

Wings - Season 6 - Episode 12

When Sandy Cooper returns to the island, Joe fears yet another bizarre encounter with her. Meanwhile, Fay forces Antonio to wear the clothes of one of her dead husbands that she can't bear to part with.

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From Unknown Graves
1317 votes

#7 - From Unknown Graves

The Orville - Season 3 - Episode 7

The Orville discovers a Kaylon with a very special ability.

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4948 votes

#8 - Krill

The Orville - Season 1 - Episode 6

After the Orville crew defeats a Krill attack on a brand-new colony, the Union sends Ed and Gordon on a dangerous undercover mission to infiltrate a Krill ship and obtain a copy of the Krill bible, the "Anhkana," to better understand the enemy.

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Christmas Cheerleader
3 votes

#9 - Christmas Cheerleader

Stark Raving Mad - Season 1 - Episode 11

It's Christmastime, and there's a need to be afraid. Jake plans to fulfill his New Year's resolution to call his father who deserted him when he was ten, while Maddie prepares for a blind date with one Dr. Eric Woolf that her father set up. Tess tries to get her friends together for a Christmas party, but they've all got plans. So instead she latches onto Ian's party -- even though he doesn't want her there. Once Tess arrives and sees what Ian calls a Christmas party, she isn't sure she wants to be there either. But at least she's in good company with Ian's eccentric collection of friends: Vince from the looney bin, who has a habit of introducing himself as the last name said in his presence; Phyllis, the maintenance transvestite; Goldy, the midget newsstand guy; and Lois Bickford, the washed-up stage actress who did Ed Sullivan several times -- and still couldn't get on his show. Since Ian's gang are too busy watching a Knicks game to bother having any Christmas spirit, Tess decides t

2566 votes

#10 - Deflectors

The Orville - Season 2 - Episode 7

Kelly breaks up with Cassius, while the Orville has its deflectors upgraded by a Moclan engineer who used to be Bortus' boyfriend.

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The Forgotten
2080 votes

#11 - The Forgotten

Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 3 - Episode 20

Two high-ranking Xindi offer to stop the launch of their superweapon if Archer can prove they've been manipulated. Meanwhile, the crew mourns their lost mates.

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2928 votes

#12 - Forget-Me-Not

Family Guy - Season 10 - Episode 17

After a night out, Peter, Joe, Brian and Quagmire awake in a hospital and discover that they don't remember anything and that the town has been deserted.

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Stewie Kills Lois
2144 votes

#13 - Stewie Kills Lois

Family Guy - Season 6 - Episode 4

Lois and Peter sail off on a cruise. Jealous that he was left behind, Stewie's matricidal tendencies are rekindled. When Brian challenges him to actually do it, Stewie carries out his diabolical plan.

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The Big Bang Theory
2765 votes

#14 - The Big Bang Theory

Family Guy - Season 9 - Episode 16

Stewie and Brian go back in time to stop Bertram from killing Leonardo da Vinci.

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It's a Trap!
3200 votes

#15 - It's a Trap!

Family Guy - Season 9 - Episode 18

In this spectacular and offensively uproarious final chapter, Luke Skywalker (Chris) and Princess Leia (Lois) must travel to Tatooine to free Han Solo (Peter) by infiltrating the wretched stronghold of Jabba the Hutt (Joe), the galaxy's most loathsome and dreadful gangster. Reunited, the Rebels team up with a tribe of Ewoks to combat the Imperial forces on the forest moon of Endor. Meanwhile the Emperor (Carter Pewterschmidt) and Darth Vader (Stewie) conspire to turn Luke to the dark side, and young Skywalker is determined to rekindle the spirit of the Jedi within his father. The Galactic Civil War has never been more outrageous, as the Rebel forces gather to attack the seemingly defenseless and incomplete second Death Star in the battle that will determine the fate of the galaxy.

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Related to Items You've Viewed
398 votes

#16 - Related to Items You've Viewed

Futurama - Season 8 - Episode 5

Bender uncovers the mysteries of the vast Momazon corporation.

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Hot Shots
2890 votes

#17 - Hot Shots

Family Guy - Season 15 - Episode 6

In order to "save" Stewie from autism, Peter and Lois decide not to vaccinate him and then proceed to convince the rest of Quahog to follow suit. Stewie runs away to save himself from diseases until Sean Penn swoops in to save the day and brings vaccines to the whole town.

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Comic Book Issues
365 votes

#18 - Comic Book Issues

Dads (2013) - Season 1 - Episode 9

The gang realizes the comic books Crawford gave to Warner are from Eli's recently stolen collection.

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V Is for Mystery
1257 votes

#19 - V Is for Mystery

Family Guy - Season 16 - Episode 13

In a special Dickensian-themed episode, Stewie and Brian are detectives who embark on solving a string of mysterious murders set in Victorian-era London.

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1891 votes

#20 - Judgment

Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 2 - Episode 19

In a Klingon tribunal, Archer stands accused of aiding fugitives of the Empire and faces death if found guilty.

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Precious Cargo
1992 votes

#21 - Precious Cargo

Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 2 - Episode 11

Trip boards an alien cargo vessel to help repair a stasis pod, which holds a beautiful woman in suspended animation. When the woman accidentally wakes up, she reveals she's not a passenger, but a prisoner.

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North Star
2029 votes

#22 - North Star

Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 3 - Episode 9

When a settlement of humans living a 19th-century Western lifestyle is discovered on a Delphic Expanse planet, Archer and crew set out to learn how they got there.

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You May Now Kiss The... Uh... Guy Who Receives
1128 votes

#23 - You May Now Kiss The... Uh... Guy Who Receives

Family Guy - Season 4 - Episode 25

Brian's gay cousin Jasper visits the Griffin house and announces that he is engaged to his partner and wants to be married at their house. When Mayor West bans gay marriage in an effort to cover up and bring attention away from a scandal of his own, Brian resorts to hostile actions to try to change the Mayor's mind. Lois and Peter question their view towards gay marriage while Chris joins the "Young Republicans" Club to impress a girl.

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Sometimes a Fritter Is Just a Fritter
35 votes

#24 - Sometimes a Fritter Is Just a Fritter

Stark Raving Mad - Season 1 - Episode 3

Henry doesn't understand why Ian changed the name of a character in his manuscript from Lily to Renska, nor does he understand why Ian's favorite coffee shop is thirty blocks away. Wanting to understand Ian better, Henry pays a visit to Ian's coffee house of choice, where he discovers that Renska, the owners' daughter, is a waitress there -- whom Ian never talks to. Ian denies to Henry that he has a thing for Renska, but Henry doesn't believe him. Thanks to Henry's big mouth, Renska's over-protective parents thrust Ian into a date with their timid daughter the next time he stops by. Furious, Ian blows up at Henry because his morning routine of fritters and long walks has been ruined -- but Henry's attempt to correct the matter destroys Ian's routine even more. Meanwhile, Maddie has to fend off the unwanted advances of her pompous professor, Forrest St. James, when she sends Jake to her psychology class to take notes for her, and he ends up penning an overly flattering teacher evaluatio