The BEST episodes written by Daniele Nathanson

436 votes

#1 - Fubar

Animal Kingdom (2016) - Season 6 - Episode 13

The Cody boys embark on their most dangerous job yet. Andrew commits the original sin that destroyed the family.

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445 votes

#2 - Launch

Animal Kingdom (2016) - Season 5 - Episode 13

It’s all hands on deck as the Cody family uses all their tools, tricks, and vehicles to pull off the job of their lives and settle all scores. Also, a deadly secret from the past is revealed.

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True Identity
485 votes

#3 - True Identity

Unforgettable - Season 3 - Episode 11

Carrie and Al investigate the murder of a high-end matchmaking service employee, but each secret they uncover in the victim's life only serves to create a new possible suspect and motive.

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675 votes

#4 - Julia

Animal Kingdom (2016) - Season 4 - Episode 11

Pope grows suspicious of J when Angela reveals the circumstances of her disappearance. As the threats against Adrian loom larger, Deran scrambles to find a way out. Craig navigates new complications in his relationship with Renn. Janine takes on a different role in the crew’s latest heist as she plans for her future with Colin.

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Dead Inside
427 votes

#5 - Dead Inside

CSI: NY - Season 5 - Episode 7

The team investigates the brutal murder of a house relocator who was found dead inside a Victorian house that he was about to move from Staten Island to The Upper East Side.

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Red Handed
539 votes

#6 - Red Handed

Animal Kingdom (2016) - Season 5 - Episode 1

Dealing with the blowback from Season 4, the Codys are forced to tie up some loose ends with the cousins and figure out what the family looks like without Smurf.

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Teachable Moments
624 votes

#7 - Teachable Moments

Nurse Jackie - Season 5 - Episode 7

Akalitus forgets to hire an escort for a psych patient who then lays waste to the pharmacy; Frank cancels a lunch date with Jackie; Zoey hears Coop and Carrie having sex; Jackie worries about Frank when she learns that a cop has been shot.

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The Ballad of Nick and Nat
627 votes

#8 - The Ballad of Nick and Nat

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders - Season 1 - Episode 11

When American victims are found in different locations throughout Cuba, the International Response Team heads to the island nation to search for possible spree killers.

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750 votes

#9 - Angela

Animal Kingdom (2016) - Season 4 - Episode 2

J reconsiders his relationship with Smurf after he gets bad news about Morgan's death. Frankie lures Craig with the promise of another big score. The arrival of an old family friend surprises Pope.

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464 votes

#10 - 1992

Animal Kingdom (2016) - Season 6 - Episode 1

Gia visits the Codys with a job opportunity. J schemes finances. Deran learns new renters are disrupting the neighborhood. Craig struggles with sobriety and co-parenting Nick under Renn’s monitored visitation.

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Pretty Like Me
704 votes

#11 - Pretty Like Me

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders - Season 2 - Episode 4

The International Response Team head to South Korea when an American college student is found disfigured. Meanwhile, Simmons fulfills his mother's dying wish to find his grandmother.

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Rolling Dark
1726 votes

#12 - Rolling Dark

SEAL Team - Season 1 - Episode 9

Jason and the SEAL team must rescue a Russian scientist and his wife and bring them across the Afghanistan border to safety as Chinese and Russian Special Forces close in, intent on stopping them. Also, Clay endures his first day with Jason’s unit.

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The Combination
729 votes

#13 - The Combination

Unforgettable - Season 3 - Episode 2

Carrie and Al investigate when a championship boxer appears to have been beaten to death without making an effort to defend himself.

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Kat's Meow
542 votes

#14 - Kat's Meow

Murder in the First - Season 3 - Episode 10

In this thrilling season finale, Terry and Hildy race to close one of their most complex cases. A new grisly murder hits close to home for the inspectors. Siletti learns his victory in court comes with a substantial price.

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Tropic of Cancer
573 votes

#15 - Tropic of Cancer

Murder in the First - Season 3 - Episode 2

As the hunt continues for the prime suspect in the Normandy Parker case, an anonymous tip forces Terry into an officer-involved shooting that sets off public uproar. A desperate Siletti reluctantly hires DUI defense attorney Alfred Arkin but withholds essential trial information. Hildy gets good news for her future, and she and Terry cross a line together.

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Ghosts of Christmas Future
2223 votes

#16 - Ghosts of Christmas Future

SEAL Team - Season 1 - Episode 4

Jason and the SEAL Team refuse to abort a mission to capture a dangerous war criminal after it goes sideways. Also, Clay’s controversial father, Ash Spenser, comes to town on his book tour.

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Sam I Am
541 votes

#17 - Sam I Am

Murder in the First - Season 3 - Episode 6

Terry and Hildy fear they may have lost a prime suspect to his gangster enemies. Terry is left to question his true feelings when Hildy agrees to another date with Burnside. Siletti prepares for the most crucial trial of his career: his own.

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Oh, Mexico
455 votes

#18 - Oh, Mexico

Murder in the First - Season 2 - Episode 6

Terry and Hildy find themselves investigating people within their own department. Jamie digs into Dustin's past in an effort to better understand his actions. Meanwhile, Suger searches for answers as someone close to him disappears, then makes a shocking discovery.

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The Past, Present and Murder
433 votes

#19 - The Past, Present and Murder

CSI: NY - Season 5 - Episode 21

When a man falls 20 stories to his death, and his body goes missing after it hits the ground, with no body to process, the CSI's must treat this strange development as a missing persons case.

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365 votes

#20 - Boo

CSI: NY - Season 4 - Episode 6

The CSI team goes to a haunted house to solve more than just the latest case. Before they can solve the crime Lindsay is told something will happen to her if she doesn't leave soon.

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Comes Around
297 votes

#21 - Comes Around

CSI: NY - Season 3 - Episode 23

Can the team clear a tennis legend of murder? Also Mac believes that the continuing investigation into what happened with Clay Dobson is nothing but media pressure. Can friends and colleagues help save Mac Taylor’s career before it’s too late?

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Cool Hunter
273 votes

#22 - Cool Hunter

CSI: NY - Season 2 - Episode 16

After the body of a dead woman is found in a water tower the team suddenly realizes that the building may hold a bigger mystery than they expected.

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Happily Never After
374 votes

#23 - Happily Never After

CSI: NY - Season 4 - Episode 12

Mac and the team feel they're headed back to Kansas when they find the victim's body with red shoes on her feet crushed to death under an unusual object. The team learns about pop up parties after finding a body.

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A Daze Of Wine And Roaches
346 votes

#24 - A Daze Of Wine And Roaches

CSI: NY - Season 3 - Episode 19

At a French Revolution themed fundraiser at the UN, specifically at the French consulate, Mac, Stella and Hawkes find themselves hurdling diplomatic road blocks investigating two murders. Meanwhile, Danny and Lindsay reunite on a “blinged” out cockroach that lead to murder.

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