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In the far reaches of The Milky-Way on the Planet Zi exists metalic lifeforms that posses superior fighting skills. These are the Zoids. Warriors by nature. Zoids have been used as the ultimate weapons in an on-going war between the Imperial Forces and the republicans of Planet Zi. The first series is Chaotic Century. The first part take place during the war between the two greatest nations on Zi: the Empire and the Republic. Into this chaos enters three different yet connected lives: Van Flyheight, a young Republican who stumbles upon some ancient ruins; Zeek, an Organoid in the ruins who has the capacity to revive and mazimize the potential of Zoids; and Fiona, an ancient Zoidian awakened from her sleep and who now accompanies Van on his journey into destiny. With the help of the kooky Dr. D, the mercenary Irvine, and the independent Moonbay among others, Van inadvertently finds himself on a course to stop the war before it takes a disastrous turn. "Foolish Ambtions shou

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Return to Another Tomorrow

#1 - Return to Another Tomorrow

Season 2 - Episode 33 - Aired Jan 4, 2003

In the Final Episode, Van and Raven give it all they got to defeat the resurrected Death Saurer. Hiltz is on a rampage blasting away with the Saurer's Charged Particle Beam. To destroy the Death Saurer, Fiona and Zeek were prepared to sacrifice themselves to destroy Zoid Eve. Doing so, all of the Zoids on Zi would be destroyed. Van stopped them, exclaiming that he could destroy it, by launching him self from the Gravity Cannon on the Ultrasaurus! The energy shield was destroyed by Raven, with the Genobreakers charged particle beam. The Liger was shot out of the cannon and thrusted through a charged particle blast right through the Zoid Core of the Death Saurer, destroying it and Hiltz. The Zoid Eve went back underground, and the Death Saurer exploded, thus ending the series with Fiona, Van, and the Blade Liger.

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Assault of the Mega-Monster

#2 - Assault of the Mega-Monster

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired Apr 18, 2002

After going head to head combat with Raven, Thomas's Dibison is completely totaled and barely makes it near to a familiar Gustav. Van does some simulation tests at a nearby base to prepare for Raven's arrival. The normal routine, couple of Pteras' and Command Wolves. Then in the middle of the simulation Irvine shows up in his Red Command Wolf, and challenges Van. After a vicious duel at the first, both Irvine and Van stop and try to wash on a nearby lake. Irvine tells Van that he made a heap of prize money in winning a couple of tournaments and then he relaxed for the past couple days at La Fray Beach. When he heard of Raven coming back he started coming to this base. Then just before they are about to start Round 2 of their duel, Dr. D drops in with a parachute coming straight from the Wind Colony. He said that there was a way to strengthen the shield on the Blade Liger by at least 2 or 3 times. Unfortunately, Raven hammered his shield and before he was able to finish Van, Shadow took the Geno Saurer away from the battle. Raven was angered by this until he witnesses Shadow form an evolution cocoon around the Geno Saurer.

star 9.00
2 votes

#3 - Raven

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired Apr 16, 2002

Episode starts out with a Godos being stolen and used to destroy its own base with a black organoid. In the morning, Van goes to check out the base, or whats left of the base. Van looks around the base and sees that it was a thorough job. Whoever did this didn't want a trace of anything to be left behind. Then a survivor tells Van that this was done by a black organoid. In the back of his mind Van thinks this couldn't be possible. He calls in Thomas Schubaltz. Van and Thomas had a talk with each other and Van filled in Thomas with all the details about the black organoid and Raven. Van thinks that that it might be a mistake bringing Thomas into this mission. Meanwhile, in the desert at the time Raven was walking alone and a Gustav pulled up and gave Raven a ride and some water. Then Thomas says that taking Raven down would be a piece of cake, and that he would win. Raven isn't the Raven that Van knew back in Chaotic Century, he has been psychologically effected by the loss he received.

star 8.75
4 votes
The Steel Bison

#4 - The Steel Bison

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired Apr 10, 2002

Van is told by Captain O'Connell, that he will be going to Imperial Territory, because a couple of thugs posed as Republican forces are terrorizing nearby villages. While he makes his way to this village, he will be accompanied by another Guardian from the Empire, Schubaltz. As Van leaves his Liger in the woods, he comes to town with Zeke and Fiona. On the way, Zeke gets covered with red paint. Van makes his way all around town and finds that people back here near the farms aren't evacuating. Then, Schubaltz shows up with his triple mini-shot cannon, 8-missile cluster, and 17 shot cannon Dibison. He sees that Zeke is red and demands that what is he doing. Van tells him that he is Van Flyheight, and he has a silver organoid called Zeke, but there was an accident and that Zeke was covered with some paint. He then doesn't believe a thing until he grabs him by his shirt and sees his Guardian Force tag. Then Schubaltz fills him in on information about the attackers.

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3 votes
A Monster Awakens

#5 - A Monster Awakens

Season 2 - Episode 13 - Aired Apr 23, 2002

After coming back from Lumiere Island and defeating the Hammerhead, Van had made it back to a base near the Geno Saurer's cocoon. An Imperial soldier finds Raven by the Geno Saurer's cocoon. Then the rest of the Imperial soldiers come and arrest Raven. Raven was being interrogated by Major Schubaltz. Then everyone checks out the Geno Saurer's cocoon. The Geno Saurer is evolving but into what? The Republican and Imperial forces joined together in order to destroy the cocoon. After an all out assault against the cocoon, but it fails because the glowing cocoon actually protects and diverts all firepower away from it, the same would have happened if someone had launched an assault on the Shield Liger's cocoon. They were going to wait until the cocoon hatches and the Geno Saurer is reborn for their second assault. There was a whole fleet of zoids many mixes in the Imperial zoids, several Red Horns and Iron Kong surrounded by Molga and Heldigunner units.

star 8.67
3 votes
The Great Sea Battle

#6 - The Great Sea Battle

Season 2 - Episode 27 - Aired May 14, 2002

After the Ultrasaurus had awoken and made it to sea and starts on the journey to the Empire, Van and Irvine start engaging the Helcats and start taking them one by one until the Death Stinger charged its Charged Particle Beam. Van and Irvine, knowing the power of the beam, turned around started to run. As the Charged Particle Beam made its way toward them, both the Blade Liger and Lighting Saix kicked into their boosters and started to run as fast as their zoid's capacity. the beam was going to hit them, but Rosso and Viola picked them up and delievered them to the Ultrasaurus just in the nick of time. Colonel Herman goes over the meeting about the Ultrasaurus and its defenses. Besides basic armaments and normal defensive tactics its completely vulnerable, so they are going to a top secret Imperial Plant to get the Gravity Cannon, once this is in place the Ultrasaurus will be a truly powerful and invincible force to be reckoned with. They had sent out a Hammer Head for surveillance.

star 8.67
3 votes
The Giant Fortress

#7 - The Giant Fortress

Season 2 - Episode 26 - Aired May 13, 2002

After retreating from the doomed Capital, the Republican and Imperial Forces have been going to Wendeen Lake. This is where the Republican's secret weapon, the Ultrasaurus was resting. A last-ditch strategy they will use to defeat the Death Stinger is under way. They are planning to awaken the Ultrasaurus, a heavy carrier zoid, which would provide them with cover and firepower to take on the Death Stinger. Colonel Herman believes there is only a 50% chance the Ultrasaurus will awaken. Van talks some sense into Colonel Herman and eventually makes him realize, he has to believe in the 50% chance the Ultrasaurus will awaken or it's hopeless. Six power blocks of the Ultrasaurus are ready for action and are functioning well to their maximum. Moonbay got an idea to kick start the seventh power block of the Ultrasaurus. Meanwhile, the Death Stinger slumbering in the molten lava within a mountain, it blows through the mountain with a Charged Particle Beam and sets out after the Ultrasaurus.

star 8.50
4 votes
The Moment of Annihilation

#8 - The Moment of Annihilation

Season 2 - Episode 32 - Aired Jan 4, 2003

The final battle between Van and Hiltz has arrived, but Fionna keeps seeing Prozen. Reice, flying on Specular, appears in front of Prozen (Raven, Reice, and their organoids were awakened when Fiona opened the gate to Zoids Eve). It's obvious that Reice is no longer taking orders from the Dark Kaizer. Just when the evil man is about to give her one of his energy blasts, Raven appears in the Geno Breaker. They exchange angry words, and Prozen sends 3 Geno Saurers to attack. Reice watches tearfully while Raven battles with them. Suddenly, stray gunfire hits the building holding Zoid Eve causing it to activate. The Death Stinger begins to glow. Meanwhile, Lt. O'Connell is flying overhead sending aerial photos back to the Ultrasaurus. Captaim Herman notices that the Death Stinger is resurrected. Also in the skies is Prince Rudolph and a group of Whale Kings. Rudolph sees a picture of the Dark Kaizer and immediately recognizes him as Prozen. On the ground, Van watches helplessly as the Death Stinger.

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4 votes
The Boy from the Ruins

#9 - The Boy from the Ruins

Season 2 - Episode 17 - Aired Apr 29, 2002

After fighting the Geno-Breaker and falling over a cliff into a river Van washes up in a shore. Irvine, Thomas, Fiona and Moonbay start looking for Van, and had been searching for hours without a trace of him, the Blade Liger nor Zeke. Fiona sensed that Van is in a valley, hurt and unable to move for the time being. Irvine and Thomas go into the valley, Irvine spots the Blade Liger and Zeke but no sign of Van though. Then Zeke tells Fiona the cockpit flew open and Van fell into the river. Van, alive and makes it to a village but the people there do not help him. Then after passing out Van gets some sort of dream. In a shock Van wakes up and finds a boy named Nichalo who helped patching him up and his zoid, T-roll. Van teaches Nichalo how to pilot T-roll really fast and smoothly. Meanwhile, the Imperial Army Division base is getting closer to the Village of Nordinance. Thomas does some research on the village, it turns out 10 years ago the Republican Army attacked and destroyed the village.

star 8.25
4 votes
Attack of the Winged Dragons

#10 - Attack of the Winged Dragons

Season 2 - Episode 24 - Aired May 8, 2002

After being unsuccessful in stopping Hiltz, he takes to orbit in the Hammer Kaizer with the Death Stinger inside. Fiona piloting a Pteras and Moonbay piloting a silver Pteras, they were monitoring the Hammer Kaizer. Hiltz announces to everyone in the Republic about the Death Stinger and asks them the name of the town below there, Major Herman tells him if he doesn't know then he won't tell him. Hiltz destroys it with a blast of the Charged Particle Gun from the Death Stinger. Major Herman goes to the Capital and asks the Madam President, about taking two Storm Sworders into space. He wants the pilots on Storm Sworders to be Van Flyheight and Thomas Schubaltz. At the battlefield where both Van and Thomas are alongside Irvine, are attacked by a couple of Heldigunners. Van tells Irvine to take his place as the Storm Sworder pilot, and they should leave now. Meanwhile, surrounded by several cliffs, the severely damaged Geno Breaker rests along with Shadow in its left claw.

star 8.25
4 votes
The Capital Collapses

#11 - The Capital Collapses

Season 2 - Episode 25 - Aired May 9, 2002

After making a direct hit with the surface and surviving the Hammer Kaizer destruction, the Death Stinger made its way to New Helic City. At traveling forty km per day, it would make it to the Capital within two hours. The evacuations of the Republic were mostly complete, only the South and West sectors remain. Emperor Rudolph reassures the president, the defense forces of the Empire will be arriving to give assistance, among them will be Colonel Schubaltz's Armored Panzer Division. Colonel Herman gets an idea to sin the Death Stinger into molten magma, with some strategic bombing the crust will break and the Death Stinger will fall into the magma. Van is still battling it out with Blue Geno Saurer, Reice. While, Raven is still mourning the loss of his organoid, Shadow. As Irvine and Thomas were making it to the Storm Sworders for the bombing run, the Death Stinger changes course and starts heading for the molten lava himself.

star 8.25
4 votes
The Ancient Memory

#12 - The Ancient Memory

Season 2 - Episode 30 - Aired Jan 4, 2003

Just when you thought the nightmare of the Death Stinger is over, it gets renewed. The episode starts off with the Death Stinger being destroyed by the gravity cannon, but just when everything seemed to be over, Ambient appears and fuses with the destroyed Death Stinger, reviving it. Van and Irvine tried to make a attack, but the DS buried itself into the ground, and went attacking the Ultrasaurus, which injured Dr. D. Also, Raven runs up to Shadow, who thought Shadow would be pleased to see him again, but unfortunately, things were terribly wrong. Shadow attacked Raven violently, and the Dark Kaiser comes up, and tells Raven that Shadow is now a slave to him. This definitely aggravated Raven, and he started charging after the Dark Kaiser, but he was flipped. At the end of this episode, Fiona is thunderstruck when she heard ""Zoid Eve"", and was hit by a stray bullet from the Death Stinger. As usual, Van got out of his zoid, and ran up to Fiona.

star 8.25
4 votes
The Secret Mission

#13 - The Secret Mission

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Aired Apr 5, 2002

After defeating a power like the Deathsaurer, you'd think that the guy would take a break. But anyways, Van joined the military and has been working in the military for the past year. Van under the guidance of Colonel Krueger, goes in a simulation test without the use of an organoid. He goes up against a herd of Command Wolves and Pteras'. He takes them out with ease. The President of the Republic gets a friendly warning from Emperor Rudolph. A highly mobile and super fast underground zoid attacked and destroyed the main bases of both the Empire and Republic. Van Flyheight, returns home to the Wind Colony. Later On, Van had gone out reminiscing about how he found Zeke and Fiona in these same exact ruins a couple of years back. While Fiona is on her way to the Wind Colony with a sick Dr. D, are hit by the Stealth Viper. Van goes and helps Fiona and Dr. D out. While at the Colony, Fiona and Dr. D are treated by the Priest and should make a complete recovery.

star 8.00
3 votes
The Black Lightning

#14 - The Black Lightning

Season 2 - Episode 14 - Aired Apr 24, 2002

After suffering major losses at the hands of Raven, the Command Wolf was very badly damaged. It was struck with a fatal blow to the Zoid Core, that like the heart. Irvine, pilot of the red Command Wolf, was hurt bad and was in the hospital bed from the last encounter with the Geno Breaker. Then Dr. D shows everyone the Lightning Saix, a new ultra-fast zoid that he was developing for the Empire. Its theories in capability weren't enough for Thomas, he wanted to see a test run and that's exactly what he got. In the test run, it took out the Saber Fangs and Helcats within a couple of minutes. But the pilot had lost consciousness with the last launch of anti-zoid missiles and so he was ejected so that he wouldn't get hurt. The Lightning Saix memory bank was damaged really bad. Irvine leaves his bed and goes off to check on his Command Wolf. In a conference, that Emperor Rudolph is holding near the base, where Irvine and the rest are at, the Madam President is traveling by a white Hammerhead.

star 8.00
4 votes
The Zoid Eve

#15 - The Zoid Eve

Season 2 - Episode 31 - Aired Jan 4, 2003

star 7.80
5 votes
The Emperor's Holiday

#16 - The Emperor's Holiday

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired Apr 17, 2002

After the fierce bout with Raven, Van decides to take a break with the Emperor himself, Rudolph. 7 Redlers carrying the Emperor to his one-day holiday. While watching with his comrades, is Stinger. Thomas finds out that Van is slacking off. Unknowingly, he gives, Emperor Rudolph a noogie. Then Lady Marian, the girl that is supposed to wed Rudolph shows up and starts yelling at Thomas. Stinger scopes the area out and sees that Van's Blade Liger is there. Marian also learns that Thomas is in love with Fiona. She helps out Thomas in trying to get Fiona's affection, they try several methods and none of them seem to work. While all this is going on, Stingers' flunkies the two with the desert Heldigunner zoids, plant explosives under the Redlers so when the lift off they would explode. They cause a distraction, and the Redlers lift off and explode. Then Van and Thomas hear the fire works, they try to head off to their zoids. While they are running, Zeke is caught in a net but not taken.

star 7.75
4 votes
The Distant Stars

#17 - The Distant Stars

Season 2 - Episode 15 - Aired Apr 25, 2002

After not faring so well against the Geno Breaker last time, this time they brought in Colonel Halford, used to work with Major Dan Flyheight (Van's Father), Halford is a complete jerk and lacks respect for anyone below him. He does have one good point that makes up for his ugly face, he is a Geno Breaker specialist. He analyzed all the aspects of the Geno Breaker, for example, it has a window of 1:05 seconds before it can recharge after the first Particle Beam. It also needs 5.33 seconds to charge the Particle Beam. In their strategy, they want to neutralize the foot locks of the Geno Breaker so it can't fire its Particle Beam. But what he doesn't realize is the Geno Breaker can fire from the air as well, it can use it thrusters mounted on the back, where the Pulse Laser Cannons used to be, and boost and it wouldn't need a recoil because its in the air. Then, Thomas, Irvine and Van do some exercise and keep doing those over and over.

star 7.75
4 votes
The Gravity Cannon

#18 - The Gravity Cannon

Season 2 - Episode 28 - Aired May 15, 2002

The Ultrasaurus arrives in an area where there are a lot of islands and finds the one where the gravity cannon is ready to be installed onto it. Krueger is taken to Guygalos to recover and rest, and Rudolph arrives. Then everyone looks at the gravity cannon, and are surprised at how huge it is, but they have to equip it on the Ultrasaurus quickly or the enemy will find them. Meanwhile, Hiltz has arrived in the islands and sends lots of Sinkers to find the Ultrasaurus. At a meeting, Dr. D explains how the gravity cannon works. There are two parts to it, the actual gun and the power generators. The shell is made of a very dense material that has its own gravitational field, and will make a ""black hole"" when it hits its target. The only problem is that there are only three shells, and one must be used for a test shot. Karl is appointed to aim and fire the gravity cannon. Van, Thomas, and Irvine check on their zoids. The gravity cannon is linked to the Ultrasaurus.

star 7.75
4 votes
The Final Battle

#19 - The Final Battle

Season 2 - Episode 29 - Aired May 16, 2002

The gravity cannon is ready to go up against the Death Stinger, the only problem is that they must get the Death Stinger to hold still long enough for it to feel the full impact of the gravity cannon. The decision to use the delta formation is used. Once the Death Stinger is in sight Van, Irvine, and Thomas leave in their zoids leaving Van as the back point of the triangle. They manage to get the delta formation completed, only this time when the get into the formation it creates a pyramid shield barrier trapping the Death Stinger inside. The cannon shoots, but just before it gets close enough to the Death Stinger it breaks the shield barrier and fires its Charged Particle Beam, destroying the shell. The fighters come to the conclusion that if they take off their shields they can concentrate more energy on the barrier, the fight commences. Finally they reform the delta formation this time concentrating every bit of energy on the barrier.

star 7.50
4 votes
The Sniper

#20 - The Sniper

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired Apr 8, 2002

Van is told that soldiers are after the Republican gold. He goes to the city and has lunch with the Republican Commander. The commander tells them that they are indeed searching for something. They are searching for explosives that had fallen of during the war. Since they couldn't do much in the past they started doing it now. Van then leaves the restaurant with Fiona and the clever boy he is, he knows he is being followed by someone. He tells Zeke to go ahead and asks the guy to come out. It turns out that he is military police or it seems so. He tells Van that they are actually looking for gold and that they are planning to find and sell it in the Empire. He then shows them his partner, the Gun Sniper. Showtime, Van follows Commander Cunningham and monitors them. They had Command Wolves resting in the back to take out the Blade Liger if he makes a move. Unknown to Van, the military officer is actually in cahoots with Commander Cunningham.

star 7.33
3 votes
The Devil's Maze

#21 - The Devil's Maze

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired Apr 15, 2002

It was raining and the First Division of Panzer unit in the Imperial Army made to a supply base that held more than 250 Megatons worth of explosives. It was an urgent call made two days ago, and the commander of the first Panzer Division was no other than Karl Schubaltz. After checking part of the base, he was trapped with all his men. He found out that they were all being controlled by Reice. After long and hard fighting by Colonel Schubaltz, he gives in. Thomas calculates that the cooling valves have been closed so that there would be an explosion that would wipe out the respectful parts of both nations. In the morning, Thomas finds out that his brother is in there, and both him and Van go in to shut down Reice. Van goes in through without his Blade Liger on Zeke. Then Reice captures Fiona and uses her organoid, Specular to control the Iron Kong. Van and Thomas make great time until Thomas runs into his brother. Thomas starts a fight with the Kong.

star 7.33
3 votes
The Wings of Darkness

#22 - The Wings of Darkness

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Aired Apr 19, 2002

Two Stealth Storm Sworders (Triple SSS) were being brought to an Dragon Head Base near the Red River as a symbol for peace. Behind them was Mueller and Major Ralph from the Imperial Air Base Ebinar. Irvine and Van are taking Moonbay's Gustav to the Dragon Head Base, and are wondering why Raven didn't finish him off when he had the chance. They find out it wasn't the Geno Saurer or Raven's will to leave the battlefield, instead it was Shadow's decision to leave. Then the Triple SSS are stolen by Major Ralph and Mueller with the help of Ambient, the red organoid that belongs to Hiltz. When Van and the rest of the gang make it to Dragon Head Base, they find out about the stolen Triple SSS's, and since it fell under Guardian Force headlines, it was their mission to stop them and bring them back. Van believes since the Triple SSS's aren't yet equipped with Command Options, they will be back for the Command Options. Then Van strategizes a complete and nice way to trap the Triple SSS when they come.

star 7.33
3 votes
Van's New Power

#23 - Van's New Power

Season 2 - Episode 18 - Aired Apr 30, 2002

After capturing Captain Sephers and healing up, Van and the newly repaired Blade Liger were ready for some action. The Blade Liger repairs were all completed. Van did a test run with the Blade Liger, and it turned out the Blade Liger was feeling kind of sluggish. Van found out after Dr. D explained to him, that all the motion systems were worn out on the Blade Liger when came here and it also seems that Van has been running the Blade Liger well beyond its capabilities, so now the Blade Liger isn't good enough for Van anymore. Then Dr. D shows everyone some of the semi-functional boosters, that may increase the Blade Liger's potential. Moonbay tries to test the boosters out on her Gustav how the would work, but it didn't work at all, it took the Gustav all over the place. Then Dr. D attaches some functional boosters to the Blade Liger. Before the test run, Fiona wanted to talk about something very strange happening to Zeke. But Van told her he'll deal with it after the test run.

star 7.25
4 votes
The Doom Machine

#24 - The Doom Machine

Season 1 - Episode 32 - Aired Apr 2, 2002

Van and the rest of the gang make it to the palace where Prime Minister Homalef. After Prime Minister Homalef spotted Princce Rudolph, he couldn't believe his eyes. After they got to the minister's Palace, Homalef told them that Prozan also was in search of some ruins. Later that night, Van, Fiona, and Zeek sneaked off in the Blade Liger to go to see the nearby facility that was once ancient ruins. As soon as Van arrives he is caught by Prozan. In which they both have an arguement. Fiona gets out and the Deathsaur starts to awaken. Prozan quickly realizes that Fiona is that of the Ancient Zoidian race. The Deathsaur awakens and comes out after completely destroying the ruins. Van and the Blade Liger put their boosters on all the way. On their way back to help out their friends at the palace, they are greeted by Shadow, Raven's organoid and the deadly Raven himself with his deadly Genosaur.

star 7.20
5 votes
The Capital Ablaze

#25 - The Capital Ablaze

Season 1 - Episode 34 - Aired Apr 4, 2002

The episode starts out with Van and Fiona atfter they defeated Raven. It jumps to the city of Guygalos where Prozan is giving his speech after addressing the so called death of Emperor Rudolph. He then shows teh people of the Empire the legendary beast of destruction, the only zoid that elimnated a platoon of 1,000 zoid in one night, the Deathsaur. He demonstrates the Deathsaur's power, by telling the Deathsaur to launch the Charged Particle Gun at the ""invading"" republican forces. The Deathsaur does, and in doing so it wipes out an entire gaul of Shield Ligers. As the support from the Republic that Prime Minister Homalef requested arrived to the Imperial Capital. Prozan instructs the Deathsaur to elimnate the entire republican forces and if needed to, burn the captial on the ground. Van Flyheight and his Blade Liger tried several times to attack the Deathsaur, but was thrown away by the Deathsaur's tail. Finally a last ditch effort, they had stopped the Particle In-take fan mounted on

star 7.20
5 votes
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