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"Totally Spies!" is a fast-paced and fun show that depicts 3 girlfriends 'with an attitude' who have to cope with their daily lives at high school as well as the unpredictable pressures of international espionage. Whether the girls are laying low on a secret island off the coast of Japan, on hands and knees deep within the sewers of Paris or crouched in the baggage hold of a private jet over the Bermudas, they confront the most intimidating - and demented - of villains, each with their own special agenda for demonic, global rude behavior! The three friends each use their specific talents to help save the world while stressing about next week's algebra final or finding a decent prom dress on time.

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So Totally Not Groove-y
25 votes

#1 - So Totally Not Groove-y

Season 5 - Episode 22 - Aired 5/25/2010

It's Saturday afternoon and, after Jerry tells the girls he has no mission for them, Sam, Clover and Alex are pumped for a totally shop-tastic day at The Groove! As an added bonus, when they get there they discover that there's barely anyone shopping – which makes for easy access to all their favorite boutiques. With the exception of a few strange occurrences everything is golden. That is, until the girls try to leave, and find themselves trapped in the Groove! Can the Spies get themselves out of this situation without any help from WOOHP? In the b-story, Jerry gives the girls WOOHP coupons.

Totally Icky!
25 votes

#2 - Totally Icky!

Season 5 - Episode 24 - Aired 5/27/2010

When freaky occurrences start to happen all around Beverly Hills – filthy tornadoes, floods of sludge, and huge run-away dust bunnies - Jerry sends the spies to investigate the strange phenomenon. The girls discover that someone seems to be purposely scumming up their beloved city, but what terrible person would want to do that? The Spies track down their only clue - a feather from a feather duster, but will it be enough to save Beverly Hills before it's a complete garbage dump? In a b-story, Alex gets into trouble when she accidentally litters on campus.

Evil Sushi Chef
25 votes

#3 - Evil Sushi Chef

Season 5 - Episode 15 - Aired 5/14/2010

The Spies are sent to investigate strange reports of attacks on sushi restaurants! Can Clover and Alex piece together these strange clues, even with Sam leaving them in the middle of the missions? In a b-story, Sam keeps her undercover partnership a secret from Alex and Clover. And it's a personal mission: she has to track a recently-released ex-WHOOP prisoner.

Spies On The Farm
23 votes

#4 - Spies On The Farm

Season 4 - Episode 22 - Aired 8/9/2006

The spies are sent undercover as farm workers to uncover a plot to turn humans into vegetable-like beings. It's up to the spies to save the day. In the b-story, Clover decides to not be dirty any more. Villain: The Vegan Farmer.

Evil Pizza Guys
19 votes

#5 - Evil Pizza Guys

Season 5 - Episode 9 - Aired 5/6/2010

With little happening in the world of espionage, Sam, Clover and Alex decide to take a little jaunt to the Italian countryside. They arrive at a quaint Tuscan villa that is the picture of serenity. Unfortunately, the serenity doesn't last long. In the b-story, Sam has but one wish: to visit Rome.

Evil Mascot
21 votes

#6 - Evil Mascot

Season 5 - Episode 18 - Aired 5/19/2010

When strange attacks on students are reported all over the Mali-U campus, Jerry enlists Sam, Clover and Alex to check it out. Is it just a coincidence that all the attacks happen to athletes? In a b-story, Alex is selected to be the new Mali-U mascot… only instead of getting to wear a cute mermaid costume, she's forced to dress as a can of dolphin-safe tuna!

Jungle Boogie
17 votes

#7 - Jungle Boogie

Season 6 - Episode 22 - Aired 12/13/2013

Evil Heiress Much?
25 votes

#8 - Evil Heiress Much?

Season 4 - Episode 14 - Aired 4/20/2006

The three richest people in the world are kidnapped and the girls are sent to protect the fifth richest person, the materialistic Milan Stilton (a parody of Paris Hilton) only to find that SHE is the kidnapper! In the b-story, Sam is jealous because of the stars. Villain: Milan Stilton.

Mime World
19 votes

#9 - Mime World

Season 5 - Episode 17 - Aired 5/18/2010

Evil mime Jazz Hands opens his own theme park: Mime World! The Spies work undercover at the theme park to discover what his plan is, but it's bigger and more terrifying than they'd expected! Can the Spies defeat Jazz Hands and his army of mimes? In a b-story, Jerry tries a new hair tonic… that causes hair to grow everywhere but on his head!

WOOHPersize Me!
19 votes

#10 - WOOHPersize Me!

Season 5 - Episode 12 - Aired 5/11/2010

It's a bright, sunny day on the Mali-U campus. As Sam, Clover, Alex and Britney stroll across the quad, they suddenly hear a strange sound. "Woohp! Woohp!" To their utter shock and surprise, they look up to see a group of students doing what appears to be the officially sanctioned WOOHP workout routine! Incredulous, they ask what's going on. That's when Mandy and Mindy tell them: "Duh. It's only the latest workout craze!" When the girls tell Jerry what's going on, he's equally as surprised and concerned. In a b-story, with Britney being drafted back into the team again, Alex's jealousies return.

Beauty Is Skin Deep
21 votes

#11 - Beauty Is Skin Deep

Season 4 - Episode 17 - Aired 6/26/2006

A former beauty creates beauty products that gives terrible results! Sam and Alex suffer the ill-effects as well. It's up to Clover to save the day! In the b-story, Clover turns herself into ugly girl when she thinks she was rejected. Villain: Miss Vanity.

Virtual Stranger
18 votes

#12 - Virtual Stranger

Season 5 - Episode 11 - Aired 5/10/2010

When Sam, Clover and Alex find themselves under attack at various locations throughout Mali-U, they begin to suspect, because of the nature of the assaults, that past villains are to blame. However, when Jerry informs them that those villains are still secured in the WOOHP prison system, the girls are perplexed. It eventually becomes clear that their friend Britney is possessed from an accident involving her virtual training, causing her to change into these villains and even adopt their personalities! Can the spies rid their friend of the virtual demon that took possession of her? In a b-story, Mandy and Mindy start a smear campaign in an effort to turn everyone in the dorms against Sam, Clover and Alex, forcing the girls to go around in disguises and find evidence which can hopefully clear their names!

Evil Shoe Designer
18 votes

#13 - Evil Shoe Designer

Season 5 - Episode 10 - Aired 5/7/2010

For their third and final Euro-mission, Sam, Clover and Alex are sent to check out the mysterious disappearances of various European fashion critics (including Beatrice Bash, editor of Fashion Slam! magazine). In a b-story, the girls are reacquainted with Guillaume, their former pool French boy… and this time they

Zero to Hero
18 votes

#14 - Zero to Hero

Season 5 - Episode 20 - Aired 5/21/2010

Jerry sends the spies on a mission where they quickly capture a ridiculous villain who created a special serum to turn him into a real-life version of Humongo Man – his favorite childhood action figure! Also, Alex goes on a date with Virgil, but when she decides that they should be "just friends" he doesn't want to give up- and accidentally stumbles upon the girls in full Spy gear! This gives him a new idea to win Alex over, but will it end up fantastic or disastrous? In a b-story, Clover and Sam vie for Employee of the month at Mali Café.

Mime Your Own Business
19 votes

#15 - Mime Your Own Business

Season 4 - Episode 6 - Aired 4/10/2006

A mime plans to turn everyone into silent mimes with his accordion after a failed performance in order to get revenge, another way to stop Alex from telling Sam & Clover's secrets! In the b-story, Sam and Clover are mad because Alex tells their secrets. Villain: Jazz Hands.

The Show Must Go On... or Else
18 votes

#16 - The Show Must Go On... or Else

Season 5 - Episode 19 - Aired 5/20/2010

Clover takes a theater class at Mali-U, and pretty soon, everyone around campus starts acting freaky! Anyone who is in the play starts to act like their character both on and off of the stage. Is there something more to this than just method acting? In a b-story, Clover takes a theater class to meet artistic boys.

Celebrity Swipe!
21 votes

#17 - Celebrity Swipe!

Season 6 - Episode 8 - Aired 10/5/2013

Arnold the Great
21 votes

#18 - Arnold the Great

Season 4 - Episode 10 - Aired 4/14/2006

Following a humiliation in the lunchroom, Arnold is left depressed. That night, as they watch someone breaking into an armoured van, Arnold dressed as a superhero appears, and attempts to capture the man. The van seals, and drives off a cliff. Sam, Clover, and Alex save Arnold beforehand, and make him swear to keep their identities secret. Geraldine Husk appears after the spies leave, and gives Arnold a utility belt. The next day, Arnold's superhero alter ego has been reported saving people, but the device is secretly brainwashing Arnold to destroy the spies. In a b story, Alex finds a stray puppy, and looks after him, as she attempts to find the owner. Villain: Geraldine Husk.

Mani-Maniac Much?
20 votes

#19 - Mani-Maniac Much?

Season 4 - Episode 11 - Aired 4/17/2006

A former famous manicurist has plotted revenge on a salon for stealing his customers by using his former customers as minions. And Clover unwillingly becomes one of his minions, leaving only Sam and Alex to stop the powerful army from destroying their favourite salon. In the b-story, Clover goes into a pageant for being a Miss Mega Mania. Villain: Manny Wong.

19 votes

#20 - Ho-ho-ho-No!

Season 5 - Episode 23 - Aired 5/26/2010

It's the holiday season but the Spies don't get a vacation. Their latest mission is to investigate an Unidentified Flying Object - right above Beverly Hills! After the Spies finish investigating, the town gets a strange weather twist in the form of a blizzard. While everyone is snowed in, the Spies race to find the culprit and stop the snow before the town is completely buried! In a b-story, the girls take part in the Mali-U Secret Santa exchange and learn that the holidays aren't about materialism.It's the holiday season but the Spies don't get a vacation. Their latest mission is to investigate an Unidentified Flying Object - right above Beverly Hills! After the Spies finish investigating, the town gets a strange weather twist in the form of a blizzard. While everyone is snowed in, the Spies race to find the culprit and stop the snow before the town is completely buried! In a b-story, the girls take part in the Mali-U Secret Santa exchange and learn that the holidays aren't about materialism.

Creepy Crawly Much?
19 votes

#21 - Creepy Crawly Much?

Season 3 - Episode 17 - Aired 4/17/2005

When secret government installations are being invaded by mysterious unseen forces, the spies are sent to investigate. It seems that bugs have been trained by someone as part of a plot to destroy the earth. The only survivors will be the insects and their half-human, half-insect king Max Exterminus (Exterminus has been injecting himself with cockroach DNA). Of course, every king needs a queen, so Max Exterminus kidnaps Alex. In a b-story, Alex starts dating a somber goth guy.

Clowning Around !
18 votes

#22 - Clowning Around !

Season 6 - Episode 19 - Aired 12/10/2013

Space Much?
26 votes

#23 - Space Much?

Season 3 - Episode 4 - Aired 11/7/2004

The spies are sent to investigate the unusual fall of very large, very fast meteorites around the world, which leads them to a villain who has the technology to ""throw"" meteorites down to earth. The spies have to stop her and most importantly the ""big one"" -- a huge meteorite launched at top speed toward L.A. In a b-story, Jerry, concerned about the spies' newfound freedom, hires a WOOHP nanny to keep an eye on them.

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Evil Professor
22 votes

#24 - Evil Professor

Season 5 - Episode 3 - Aired 4/28/2010

As the girls look over the class catalogue for their first semester, they are delighted to find a course called “Espionage 101.” Considering that they are actual Spies, Sam, Clover and Alex decide to sign up and get an easy “A.” Once in class, the professor takes an immediate liking to the girls and commends them for their extensive knowledge of the curriculum. He even picks the girls to play the role of infiltrators in a class exercise recreating a “famous espionage” event from the past. As the girls carry out the faux mission (which involves stealing a top secret weapon which has the capacity to inflate the earth to the point of explosion) they are certain they will all get perfect grades. But what they actually end up getting is arrested. It turns out that the reenactment was a ploy by the professor to obtain a real secret weapon and have the girls take all the blame. But when the girls try to plead their case, no one believes. Can the girls break out of prison and stop the evil professor before he uses the weapon to destroy the world? In a b-story, Sam, Clover and Alex all get part-time jobs at the campus coffee shop.

Return of Geraldine
19 votes

#25 - Return of Geraldine

Season 5 - Episode 6 - Aired 5/3/2010

With Blaine off on a top-secret mission, Clover tries to cheer herself up by doing all the things she loves to do – going to her fave members-only spa; shopping at her fave boutique; and eating at her fave veggie restaurant. Unfortunately, "Operation Self-Love" doesn't go quite as planned. Geraldine creates the holographic image of Clover and steals Sam's essay, ruin Alex's car and steals a WOOHP weapon. Sam and Alex yell at Clover. When Jerry calls, Clover is suspended from WOOHP. Clover is sad. Clover is framed and discovers it's all Geraldine's fault. Meanwhile, Blaine arrives at Geraldine's island, but he's kidnapped by Geraldine and calls Clover. Clover rescues Blaine, but she's kidnapped too. Meanwhile, Sam, Alex and Jerry learn everyone was framed by Geraldine. Sam and Alex arrives at Geraldine's island to save Clover. Clover and Blaine are rescued, but Geraldine has escaped from the island. She's defeated by the spies and Blaine. After Geraldine is arrested, Sam, Alex and Jerry apologize to Clover. Jerry hires Blaine to WOOHP and Blaine is sent to WOOHP Headquarters in Australia. Clover is sad, but she finds out she can visit Blaine on vacation. In a b-story, Clover faces a life where everything is turned upside down.