The Best Episodes of Tosh.0

With razor sharp wit and biting commentary, comedian Daniel Tosh delves into all aspects of the Internet from the absolutely absurd to the incredibly ingenious in this new weekly, topical series, Tosh.0 goes deep into the Web, spinning commentary about blogs and vlogs both popular and obscure, tweets and pokes, popular sites and new technologies. In addition, the series will feature viral clips of the week, premiere its own original videos created by and starring well-known actors and comedians, as well as highlight a weekly viewer's choice video.

Cliff Jumper

#1 - Cliff Jumper

Season 4 - Episode 9

The Cliff Jumper gets a Web Redemption, viewers express their love for hardcore parkour, and Daniel dissects a simplistic casino robbery.

star 8.67
80 votes
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Bubb Rubb

#2 - Bubb Rubb

Season 4 - Episode 16

Bubb Rubb gets a Web Redemption, Tom Kenny joins the "Brickleberry" cast, Daniel thumb wrestles a bear, and two amputees lez out.

star 8.51
65 votes
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Mustang Kid

#3 - Mustang Kid

Season 4 - Episode 4

The Mustang Kid gets a Web Redemption, Canadians play rock-paper-balls, and Daniel puts 20 Seconds on the Clock for the Legless Ninja.

star 8.47
81 votes
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The Hurdle Girls

#4 - The Hurdle Girls

Season 3 - Episode 7

Inappropriate Touch Tuesdays replace Casual Fridays, the Hurdle Girls prepare for the Tosh.0'Lympics Web Rematch, and Daniel spoils "Tiptoes."

star 8.47
52 votes
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Kid Juggalo

#5 - Kid Juggalo

Season 4 - Episode 17

Viewers submit "Slap, Lick, Fondle" videos, the Juggalo Kid gets a Web Redemption, and Daniel devises Internet challenges.

star 8.46
71 votes
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The Kid Who Farted on the Bus

#6 - The Kid Who Farted on the Bus

Season 3 - Episode 17

Daniel opens a manscaping salon and tweets his phone number, plus the Farting Bus Kid gets a Web Redemption.

star 8.39
55 votes
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Tosh Memorabilia Dump

#7 - Tosh Memorabilia Dump

Season 4 - Episode 10

Daniel shares the Tosh.0 Auction results, analyzes a youth jujitsu match and invents a creepy new game involving women's stomachs.

star 8.38
82 votes
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Pepper Spray Neutralizer

#8 - Pepper Spray Neutralizer

Season 4 - Episode 13

Daniel replaces outdated emoticons, Bugles defuse an altercation, and Pepper Spray Guy gets a Web Redemption.

star 8.35
72 votes
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Haboob Wedding

#9 - Haboob Wedding

Season 4 - Episode 3

The Haboob Wedding Couple gets a Web Redemption, Daniel tries out the cure for small d**k disease, and fans write Daniel's will via Twitter.

star 8.35
83 votes
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Brad the Actor

#10 - Brad the Actor

Season 3 - Episode 25

Daniel Skypes with a "missed connection," a balcony jumper interrupts Romania's prime minister, and Brad the Actor gets a Web Redemption.

star 8.34
46 votes
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The Naked Wizard

#11 - The Naked Wizard

Season 3 - Episode 13

The Naked Wizard gets a Web Redemption, Daniel hires a pleasure coach, and women attempt a slam dunk contest.

star 8.34
60 votes
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Bumbling Surfer

#12 - Bumbling Surfer

Season 3 - Episode 23

The Bumbling Surfer gets a Web Redemption, Daniel creates a phone app called the Cock Blocker, and Norma Stitz delivers the ultimate motorboat.

star 8.33
49 votes
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Leprechaun in Mobile

#13 - Leprechaun in Mobile

Season 3 - Episode 21

The Mobile Leprechaun warrants a Web Investigation, Daniel explains the five-second rule, and Tosh.0's College Campus Invasion contest comes to a close.

star 8.32
56 votes
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Sweet Brown

#14 - Sweet Brown

Season 4 - Episode 23

Daniel experiences the miracle of dolphin birth and puts 20 Seconds on the Clock for a convincing pig call, plus fire safety mascot Sweet Brown gets a Web Redemption.

star 8.30
57 votes
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How to Flirt Guy

#15 - How to Flirt Guy

Season 4 - Episode 15

Daniel shares medical advice on Twitter, Alex the Sexpert gets a Web Redemption, and Florida deals with a string of zombie attacks.

star 8.27
73 votes
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I Just Shot Myself

#16 - I Just Shot Myself

Season 3 - Episode 29

A child teabags mommy, Tim Tebow inspires "Tebowing," and Tex, the man who shot himself in the thigh, gets a Web Redemption.

star 8.26
50 votes
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How to Get European Men

#17 - How to Get European Men

Season 4 - Episode 1

"The Single Girl's Guide" author gets a Web Redemption, Daniel operates a leaf blower, and an Asian couple demonstrates the harmonic kiss.

star 8.26
88 votes
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Army Prankster

#18 - Army Prankster

Season 4 - Episode 18

The Army Prankster gets a Web Redemption, Bible camp takes kids' oral virginity, and Daniel breaks down a BASE jumping fall.

star 8.25
62 votes
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Fired for Being too Hot

#19 - Fired for Being too Hot

Season 5 - Episode 12

Daniel makes you even more paranoid about staying in hotels, and pays tribute to trees in time for Arbor Day, plus a woman who was fired for being too hot gets a web redemption.

star 8.24
123 votes
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Phillies Taser Kid

#20 - Phillies Taser Kid

Season 3 - Episode 18

The Tased Phillies Fan gets a Web Redemption, Daniel debuts his PSA about marriage, and viewers rate Daniel's bakery on Yelp.

star 8.23
56 votes
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Smell Yo D**k Girl

#21 - Smell Yo D**k Girl

Season 4 - Episode 11

The "Smell Yo D**k" Girl gets a Web Redemption, Time Magazine prints a breastfeeding cover, and Daniel reveals his summer wardrobe.

star 8.23
83 votes
P***y Power

#22 - P***y Power

Season 5 - Episode 13

Daniel chats with a child who is covered in hickeys, sends lots of money to a stranger on the Internet, and does a CeWEBrity Profile.

star 8.22
101 votes
Bad Breakdancer

#23 - Bad Breakdancer

Season 4 - Episode 5

The White Breakdancer gets a Web Redemption, Daniel plays "Is It Racist?" with a watermelon eating contest, and McDonald's creates a second website for black customers.

star 8.22
74 votes
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Redneck Stuntman

#24 - Redneck Stuntman

Season 3 - Episode 24

A chubby kid attempts BMX, the Redneck Stuntman gets a Web Redemption, and Daniel makes insane proclamations on Twitter.

star 8.21
42 votes
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Cheerleader Fail Girls

#25 - Cheerleader Fail Girls

Season 3 - Episode 15

Daniel takes advice from a sexpert, the Cheerleader Fail Girls get a Web Redemption, and two shirtless, middle-aged men compete in bed wrestling.

star 8.21
51 votes
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