The Best Episodes of The Totally Rad Show

Soul Poppin

#1 - Soul Poppin

Season 1 - Episode 38

The Golden Compass gets us lost. Will we go, speed, go to see Speed Racer? Feeling Sony's Pain. A review of the Jeff Gerstmann/Gamespot controversy. Plus, are Computer Fairs still cool?

#2 -

Season 1 - Episode 176


#3 - BMLC

Season 1 - Episode 61

Does Mr. Pibb + Red Vines still = crazy delicious in the new Narnia? What is the Wii good at? Steven Spielberg knows! Plus, the return of the Forum.

Skip Away

#4 - Skip Away

Season 1 - Episode 68

Can we sign off on Hancock? How human is Too Human? Should we fall in with Bad Company? Funny or serious Sherlock Holmes? What should be next for Eddie Murphy? Plus, we dodge fireballs!

Live - San Diego Comic Con

#5 - Live - San Diego Comic Con

Season 1 - Episode 71

This is it. The very first TRS recorded in front of a live audience. We cover of all the raddest panels of Comic Con IN the raddest panel at Comic Con. Come watch us blow the roof off the place.


#6 - Brechted

Season 1 - Episode 72

Can Jet Li reanimate the Mummy? Is it too late for a new Geometry Wars? Speaking of retro evolved, how does the Ghostbusters game look? Plus, the much requested Live Q&A

Inevitable Injury

#7 - Inevitable Injury

Season 1 - Episode 73

A Game of the Year candidate for only $10? Try Pixeljunk Eden! Is the force strong in Soul Calibur IV? How high are we on Pineapple Express? Plus, does anyone remember how to play TV Tag?

Flipping Out

#8 - Flipping Out

Season 1 - Episode 76

Not just another summer sequel with Hamlet 2. Does Castle Crashers live up to its name? We discover a Traitor! Mario Super Sluggers swings for the fences. Plus, the good and bad of Warren Ellis

Model III

#9 - Model III

Season 1 - Episode 80

We spy on Eagle Eye and behold the Miracle at St. Anna. Old school platforming goes Wii in Wario Land: Shake It. Early looks at Gamecock's upcoming games. Plus, celebrate TRS 80 with a real TRS-80!


#10 - Flume

Season 1 - Episode 79

We get the Rock Band back together, hop on our ATVs in Pure, visit two towns with crazy names, Appaloosa and Synecdoche, New York, and top it all off with some BBQ with a special guest!

Extra Credit

#11 - Extra Credit

Season 1 - Episode 83

Is Max Payne painful? We put the new Call of Duty multiplayer beta through its paces. Can we stick with World of Goo? Plus, more TV pilots, including My Own Worst Enemy, Life on Mars, and Eleventh Hour.


#12 - Friendo

Season 1 - Episode 84

Halloween 2008! Has Molyneaux spun a fantastic Fable 2? Does Eastwood deliver Changeling we can believe in? Should you Let the Right One In? A new Star Wars MMO? Plus, pumpkins!


#13 - Fisticuffs

Season 1 - Episode 87

We try to get a modicum of consolation from Quantum of Solace. Shooter showdown with Resistance 2 vs. Gears of War 2! Plus, who wants to see a Slumdog Millionaire?

Knowledge Sack

#14 - Knowledge Sack

Season 1 - Episode 39

I Am Legend, but should you go see me? Do Zack and Wiki shake the Wiimote in all the right ways? Princess Bride and Ghostbusters are back - as videogames? Plus, we've Scene It, but did we enjoy it?


#15 - Twick

Season 1 - Episode 88

Is Mirror's Edge worth a leap of faith? Which one of us will be Left 4 Dead? The new Need for Speed: just Burnout for babies? Is Special special? Should u c JCVD?


#16 - Ninetiesified

Season 1 - Episode 89

Is Australia fun, or do we feel like men at work? Can Tomb Raider: Underworld turn the series around? There's Superman in my Mortal Kombat? Plus, we invade the Personal Trainer Cookoff!


#17 - Exacerbated

Season 1 - Episode 95

Live from the Dolby Labs in Los Angeles, it is the 2008 Totally Rad Awards! Armed with our personal top 5 lists, we agree on the raddest movie, video game, and TV show of 2008.

Pants Shovel

#18 - Pants Shovel

Season 1 - Episode 92

Is Seven Pounds just too heavy? We're certain about Doubt. Can COD: WaW live up to COD 4? New God of War and Uncharted details. Plus, holiday Gingerbread Houses!


#19 - Wolfman

Season 1 - Episode 90

The new Prince of Persia flings us around. Are we all 4 Left 4 Dead? Have we got Milk? What is good/bad about Frost/Nixon? Plus, we try the Wii Balance Board on snow and street.


#20 - Storiented

Season 1 - Episode 78

Could The Force Unleashed be better than the Star Wars Prequels? Does Spore live up to the hype? Which kind of Cohen Bros film is Burn After Reading? Plus, the first wave of TV pilots, Fringe and True Blood!

Mr. Thathing

#21 - Mr. Thathing

Season 1 - Episode 97

Does the The Reader impress the viewers? Skate 2: tubular or bogus? Hands-on with the new Puzzle Quest! Sundance's must buzzworthy film! Plus, everything must go at BSG!


#22 - Stamen

Season 1 - Episode 101

Will GTA IV's new DLC make you feel Lost and Damned? The PS3 gets Flower power! Can an animated documentary work? Movie trilogies ranked! Plus, Jeff v. Alex at the Puzzle Quest release party!

Nash Out

#23 - Nash Out

Season 1 - Episode 102

Should you enlist in the Halo Wars? Is the Legend of Chun Li a Van Damme-as-Guile level abomination of cinema? Guess who the directors are for Green Hornet and Clue now! Plus, an Oscar wager is paid!

 El Di Torturo - Live at SXSW!

#24 - El Di Torturo - Live at SXSW!

Season 1 - Episode 105

This week in Movies: The SXSW film festival is a showcase for upcoming indie films, documentaries, and genre movies that you'll be hearing more and more about in the coming year. Alex, Dan, and Jeff braved the lines at the Alamo Draft House and the Austin Convention Center to check out some of the most interesting films of this year's SXSW. Among them: Ong Bak 2, the latest martial arts extravaganza from Thai action star, Tony Jaa Best Worst Movie, a documentary about the cultural phenomenon that is Troll 2, the undisputed Worst Movie Ever Made. The Horseman, a revenge thriller from Australia that may be one of the most violent movies ever made... or is it? This week in Video Games: Since they've spent the week at a film festival, a movie takes over the video game segment this week, too, but this movie is about gaming! Dungeon Masters is a documentary about Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, and the kind of people who play them. Plus: It is time, once again, for a Dan Becomes a Man - but this time it'll be in front of a live audience in Austin! And since the guys are in Texas, this DBAM had to be big - so the guys enlisted the help of Scam School's Brian Brushwood to capapult Dan into the ranks of super man!


#25 - Intaint

Season 1 - Episode 100

We're live at the Street Fighter IV launch party! How do the Mad Catz arcade sticks stack up? Is Friday the 13th better than Jason X? We face our FEAR 2. And don't overlook The International!