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As the elder don dies, his young heir moves into the position. He quickly proves to be as ruthless as he tries to discover who has launched a plot to overthrow his rule and may be infiltrating other families. In a left over plot line, his aunt discovers that the young don had her son murdered first setting her off in a plot to kill him. Then when she is stopped she is driven into the arms of a conflicted priest. Meanwhile, an undercover FBI agent moves into the family home as a teacher for the don's handicapped daughter.

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Part One
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#1 - Part One

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired 5/3/1998

We start with Rose Clericuzio seeking assistance from her priest and blurting out family secrets. Then, Danny Aeillo returns as the Last Don but dies shortly thereafter, after having celebrated a birthday with his family and friends. At this birthday party, we are reintroduced to Claudia De Lena, her betrothed, and Billy D'Angelo, the family's number one hammer. The next scene takes us to a shipyard where a Clericuzio is murdered. Giorgio, overwhelmed, seeks Cross' help but Cross enjoys his life in Paris and ultimately refuses. This is of course until his own wife Athena is killed from a bomb meant for Cross. Cross returns and Lia Vazzi, former compatriot, follows suit after his own family is murdered in his stead. Cross then begins having dreams where he converses with his dead father. He later, at the prompting of the duplicitous D'Angelo, hires a hit on an innocent son of an innocent mafioso family. Rose Marie Clericuzio continues her role as the deranged mother of a deranged son only now she also falls in love with her confidante priest and also learns that Cross was guilty of killing her son Dante. More time passes and Claudia weds in the Clericuzio home though yet another attempt is made on the Clericuzio's. Claudia's husband is caught cheating. Josie, Bethany's nanny and undercover FBI agent, is going native as she falls for Cross. Cross, Josie, and Bethany are nearly murdered in a mall parking lot. The chapter ends with Cross and Josie sharing an intimate moment.

Directors: Graeme Clifford
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Part Two
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#2 - Part Two

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired 5/5/1998

The chapter opens with Bethany and Josie playing outside while Cross looks on. The next scene features Rose Marie and her priest and their evolving relationship. Yet another Clericuzio brother is murdered, in his own restaurant, Billy D'Angelo enflames the media with talks of vengeance, the Clericuzio's host another funeral. Josie is caught snooping and continues to divulge information to the FBI but the FBI now has an informant as well. Lia Vazzi makes sure this informant doesn't speak up by becoming his cellmate and strangling him. Next, we see an intimate moment between Rose Marie and her priest and her priest then realizing his faith and relationship with God is more important, thereby deserting Rose Marie and leaving her to return once again to the Clericuzio home. Cross dreams of his father again, growing more disillusioned with all the betrayal around him. Claudia is embroiled in the media spotlight when her husband is framed for murder. A conversation between Bobby Bantz and Jimmy D'Angelo explain just how the mafia world and Hollywood have become connected. Josie tries to remove all traces of her espionage but Bethany reveals her mic to Cross and Cross sends her away with Lia Vazzi, essentially sealing her fate, her death. Claudia's husband is bailed out, Bobby Bantz's is thrown off the balcony, and Billy D'Angelo is tortured and killed in the Clericuzio basement. Cross shares another tender moment with his father and Giorgio returns with a wife. The last shot features Giorgio and Cross, both smoking cigars and walking in the parlor, discussing their role in the mafia family.

Directors: Graeme Clifford
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