The Best Episodes Directed by Graeme Clifford


#1 - Sleeper

The New Avengers Season 1 - Episode 12

Having witnessed a test on a new sleeping gas called S-95 & thus made immune to its effects, the Avengers awake one Sunday morning to find the whole city of London asleep and an open house on the city's banks and jewellers.

star 8.66
9 votes
Queen of the Zombies

#2 - Queen of the Zombies

Joan of Arcadia Season 2 - Episode 13

God instructs Joan to try out for the school play; Adam builds the sets for the play; Grace becomes jealous of Luke and Glynis.

star 8.27
19 votes

#3 - P.O.V.

Joan of Arcadia Season 2 - Episode 7

Joan struggles with the pressures of Junior year; God assigns Joan to work on a videography; Adam and Judith work on a project together; Will, Kevin, and Helen meet with a lawyer to discuss a counter-lawsuit.

star 7.80
19 votes
The Orchid's Curse

#4 - The Orchid's Curse

Twin Peaks Season 2 - Episode 5

Cooper discovers he had forgotten about the message under his bed. Shelly and Bobby begin Leo's homecare. Sternwood hears pre-trial motions and declares Leo not fit for trail. Nadine comes home, still thinking she's in high school. A mysterious man, Mr. Tojamura, arrives and offers Ben a sizeable fee for Ghostwood. Cooper agrees to drop Audrey's ransom, but deduces that she's being held at Jack's. Andy's test results are an improvement. Cooper and Truman raid One Eyed Jack's and rescue Audrey, witness several murders, and are saved by Hawk in the process. Jean Renault captures Hank. Harold Smith catches Donna and Maddy trying to steal the diary.

star 7.79
833 votes
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