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Last Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Network: CBC (CA)

Death Comes to Town is a Canadian television series, scheduled to debut January 12, 2010 on CBC Television. A reunion project for the influential comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall, the series is an eight-episode comedic murder mystery which the Kids describe as "Corner Gas meets Twin Peaks". Unlike the sketch comedy format of the Kids' earlier series, Death Comes to Town follows a narrative sitcom format which Dave Foley has acknowledged is inspired in part by the British comedy series The League of Gentlemen

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Who Mailed Our Mayor?

#1 - Who Mailed Our Mayor?

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Jan 19, 2010

Following the murder of Mayor Larry Bowman, Dusty, the coroner who was a very very close personal friend, and the police investigate. In the police's mind, everyone, including themselves, are suspects. They question among others the Mayor's wife Marilyn Bowman, who reacts in her usual manner. Being breaking news, the local news team arrive on the scene, however without their regular camera person Shaye, and their regular on-air reporter Corrinda Gablechuck, both of who are indisposed. Filling in for Corrinda is Heather Weather, the on-air weather girl. This situation brings to the forefront Heather's professional intentions and her professional limitations. Approaching the funeral, Marnie tries to talk Ricky into attending, although Ricky doesn't think the Mayor would have wanted him there because of their past history. Eventually, the police think they've found the murderer with blood on his hands. But Death has another Shuckton resident as his next target.

star 9.00
99 votes
Directors: Kelly Makin
Writers: Bruce McCulloch, Scott Thompson
Big City Smack Down

#2 - Big City Smack Down

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Feb 2, 2010

Marilyn Bowman begins her first day as Mayor, only to discover her husband was cheating on her with Heather Weather. The Prosecutor "Big City" arrives in town and proceeds to insult everyone he encounters.

star 8.41
68 votes
Directors: Kelly Makin
Writers: Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson
Cause of Death

#3 - Cause of Death

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Mar 2, 2010

Corrinda is taken in for questioning concerning Heather's death, but is released after Shaye brings forth footage of Corrinda complaining about Heather during the time of the murder. Dusty's and Larry's corpse's relationship starts to become sexual. The trial gets off to a bad start when the Judge reveals he has to use a flute as a gavel and Crim almost gets charged with Heather's murder, despite being in jail at the time. Marilyn begins her plan to bring new money to Shuckton, but is met with little success. The trial continues as planned, with Dusty being called as the first witness. He reveals that he never finished the autopsy, and so the Judge orders Larry's corpse exhumed, which causes Dusty to run off in an attempt to cover his actions.

star 8.02
66 votes
Directors: Kelly Makin
Writers: Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney
The Stages of Grief

#4 - The Stages of Grief

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Jan 26, 2010

The police officially charge Crim with the murder of Mayor Bowman, despite his protests that he doesn't remember anything, while Coroner Dusty can't bring himself to do an autopsy on Mayor Bowman. Marilyn Bowman is appointed a grief counselor to help her deal with the mayor's death, to which she has been drinking heavily. The mayor's will is read, and it is revealed he has appointed his wife as interim mayor in the event of his death. Death is bored, having no souls to kill, and reflects on the reason he is stuck in Shuckton, where several years ago he spent the night partying & having drunken sex and missing a soul collection the next mourning, that of an aborted baby which instead survived. Bowman's wake is held, and when several townsfolks start a ruckus over how badly the Mayor actually treated them, Dusty has the lot clear out and proceeded to steal Bowman's corpse to keep at home. Death goes to Bowman's funeral, where it is revealed that Rampop can see Death's true form and communicate telepathically with him. Death apologizes to Rampop for Bowman's murder, to which Rampop replies that Bowman was a bad man and got what he deserved. Ricky begins his investigation into Bowman's murder, but is hampered by his fear of leaving his house. Upon looking through the funeral footage for suspects, Ricky notices Death for the first time, which cause Death to come to life on his screen and insult him, scaring Ricky and blowing out the TV.

star 7.98
66 votes
Directors: Kelly Makin
Writers: Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald
Serious Shocking News

#5 - Serious Shocking News

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Mar 9, 2010

Dusty is caught with his pants down and Larry's corpse in his grave. Ricky awakens to find Marny missing and ventures out into the world. The trial begins closing arguements, with Big City showing how various objects could be the missing murder weapon, resulting in the Judge getting his gavel back, and wooing the crowd with promises of vengeance. Ricky finds Marny, who accidentally reveals herself to be Ricky's mom and that Larry, who was a US draft dodger, had pressured her into getting him aborted, but he had survived and was raised by Dr. Porterhouse until he was old enough to live at an orphanage.

star 7.98
66 votes
Directors: Kelly Makin
Writers: Dave Foley, Scott Thompson
The Butterfly Is To Blame

#6 - The Butterfly Is To Blame

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Feb 9, 2010

Heather is released from jail due to lack of evidence. Corrinda goes to have an abortion, but learns that this pregnancy is her last egg, which causes her to reconsider. Dusty and Bowman's Corpse's relationship starts to become more intimate. Ricky has Marnie go to the trial with a spy camera on so he can watch, noticing that Marilyn is absent, who is at her office drinking, but an encounter with Death before the trial starts causes the camera to lose its signal. The trial starts with each side's opening statements, Big City's being all excitement and no substance, while Murray is late and completely unprepared, so Crim fires him and decides to represent himself, only to announce that he remembers a drug induced "vision" where his spirit bear told him to kill the mayor. Murray manages to get this statement stricken from the record, and Crim re-hires him and makes them blood brothers. Heather tries to make herself Corrinda's permanent replacement when she goes on maternity leave. Later, Heather is killed in the courtroom, with Death and Rampop being the only witnesses.

star 7.92
66 votes
Directors: Kelly Makin
Writers: Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney
Dead Man Walking

#7 - Dead Man Walking

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Mar 16, 2010

Mayor Marilyn ties to put a positive spin on the execution, saying it marks a new future for Shuckton. Crim has his last meal, and confesses to a Priest/Rabbi/Tribal Elder that he does not have any First Nations background. Death checks out of his motel in preparation for the execution. Marilyn reveals that executions will become Shuckton's new major trade, including talks to build a theme-park around them in Shuckton. Death kills Buttonhole, who begs for it, which disgusts Death, and receives a message that Crim is next. Ricky and Marnie race to execution.

star 7.06
65 votes
Directors: Kelly Makin
Writers: Bruce McCulloch, Dave Foley
Death Checks In

#8 - Death Checks In

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Jan 12, 2010

The 27,000 residents of Shuckton, Ontario are awaiting word via a letter if they have been chosen to host the 2028 Summer Olympic Games. The town's chief booster is the mayor, Larry Bowman, with his faithful wife Marilyn and doting son Rampop by his side. The life of the Bowmans behind closed doors is however a different matter. While the townsfolk eagerly listen to the Mayor announce the official decision of their Olympic bid, Death has come to town in the form of a bike riding Drifter. Following the Olympic announcement, Death takes its first victim in Shuckton.

star 7.04
135 votes
Directors: Kelly Makin
Writers: Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald