The Best Episodes of The Kids in the Hall


#1 - #105 8.73

Season 1 - Episode 5

Indian Drum, Geralds, Crushing Disco 1, Good Grampa, Explore Scott, Are Extraterrestrials Dull?, Elvis, Crushing Disco 2 Sketches: - Indian Drum: Man screams about his lost indian drum - Geralds: Businessmen negotiate relationships. - Crushing Disco #1: Head crusher crushes heads outside a club. - Good Grandpa: Family at dinner talks about Grandpa's poo. - Explore Scott: Take a vacation on Scott's body. - Are Extraterrestrials Dull?: Exploration of the question ""Are Extraterrestrials Dull?"" - Elvis: Bruce wonders what it would be like if Elvis were his landlord. - Crushing Disco #2: Head crusher continued.


#2 - #104 8.73

Season 1 - Episode 4

Deja Vu, Asshole, The Daves I Know, Menstruation, House Rules, The Dinner, Sick of the Swiss, Country Doctor Sketches: - Deja Vu: Guys fighting in alley, one gets deja vu - Asshole: Rude guy ruins some friends' evening out. - The Daves I Know: Bruce sings about the Daves he knows. - Menstruation: Dave talks about menstruation. - House Rules: Man fighting with wife demands to be let into the house. - The Dinner: Timmy tries to console his mother & father. - Sick Of The Swiss: The guy who is sick of the Swiss. - Country Doctor: The leisurely country doctor comes to save the farmer.


#3 - #103 8.70

Season 1 - Episode 3

Gunslinger II, Gorilla, Hey Man, Citizen Kane, Contact Lenses, Hey Man 2, Salty Ham, Hey Man 3 Sketches: - Gunslinger #2: Gunfighter that runs a concession stand. - Gorilla: Slapstick sketch about guys attacked by gorilla. - Hey Man #1: Man harassed by guys on the street - Citizen Kane: Two friends have a dispute about the name of a movie. - Contact Lenses: Story of a modern hero told by guy in an alley - Hey Man #2: Family harassed by guys continued. - Salty Ham: Gordon complains about Fran's salty ham. - Hey Man #3: Funeral goers harassed by guys concluded.


#4 - #101 7.97

Season 1 - Episode 1

Call Girls, The Eradicator, Ballet, Crushing Your Head Part 2, Cause of Cancer, Pear, Kathie and the Blues Guy, Crushing Your Head Part 3 Sketches: - Call Girls: Two girls call each other simultaneously. - The Eradicator: The masked squash player. - Ballet: The cruel ballet school teacher. - Head Crusher #2: The head crusher crushes businessmen's heads. - Cause Of Cancer: The Kids discover the cause of cancer. - Pear: Man wakes up from the pear dream. - Kathie The Blues Guy: Kathie & Mississippi Gary talk about their relationship. - Head Crusher #3: Head crusher continued.


#5 - #102 7.90

Season 1 - Episode 2

Thirty Helens 1, Sketch Comedy, Thirty Helens 2, Cabbage Head, Restaurant, Tractor, Sarcastic Guy, Buddy's Better, Thirty Helens 3, Womyn Sketches: - Thirty Helens Agree #1: "Love hurts." - Sketch Comedy: A comedy premise. - Thirty Helens Agree #2: "Honesty is the best policy." - Cabbage Head Restaurant: Cabbage Head goes on a date. - Tractor: Impromptu tractor formed with children. - Sarcastic Guy: The guy who can't help being sarcastic. - Buddy's Better: Buddy discusses the races. - Thirty Helens Agree #3: "You can't pay too much for a good pair of shoes." - Womyn: The guys discuss the ways they want to be like women.


#6 - #501 7.33

Season 5 - Episode 1

Idiot Boy: Assistant, Cops: Interrogation 1, Feelyat, Cops: Interrogation 2, Catching Up, Martyr, Cops: Interrogation 4, The Beard Skits: - Idiot Boy at Work: Idiot Boy is causing problems at work - Police Department: 10:00 a.m. Precinct House - Did you kill that guy? - You've Gained Weight: woman with eating disorder discusses weight problems - Police Department: 6:00 p.m. Precinct House - Did you kill that guy? - Feelyat!: bizarre foreign-language game show (& news bulletin) - Brian's Been Arrested: Fran tells how Brian was arrested - Police Department: 11:00 p.m. Precinct House - Did you kill that guy? - The Beard: Man's beard takes over his life


#7 - #406 6.67

Season 4 - Episode 6

Skits Radio - Stars- Kevin, Mark - Recurring Characters- New Yorkers - In short- The guy's singing bothers his friend. Big Bats - Stars- Bruce - Recurring Characters- Kathie - In short- Kathie becomes a fan of the happy chirpy Blue Jays team. Apartment Games 1 - Stars- Bruce, Mark - Recurring Characters- Losers - In short- They toss beer bottles into their kitchen sink. Door-to-Door Knife Sharpener - Stars- Dave, Kevin - Recurring Characters- Axe Murderer - In Short- Axe Murderer needs his blade sharpened during a murder. Progress in Food - Stars- Dave, Bruce, Scott - Recurring Characters- Fran, Gordon, Brian - In Short- Fran learns about salsa, peanut sauce, and meals in a pill. Apartment Games 2 - Stars- Bruce, Mark - Recurring Characters- Losers - In Short- They bounce rubber balls in their bathtub. Forced Date - Stars- Dave, Bruce, Kevin, Mark, Scott - Recurring Characters- n/a - In short- Two people are forcibly introduced


#8 - #202 6.50

Season 2 - Episode 2

Sketches: - Cops - O Canada: Our home and native land. - Trapper: The daily hunt begins. - Cabbage Head - Old Friends: Cabbage Head at it again. - It's Not Working Out #1: Chris is fired. - The Loner: ...And his toe. - It's Not Working Out #2: Chris is fired... again. - Simon & Hecubus: In the Pit of Ultimate Darkness. - It's Not Working Out #3: Chris is fired... one more time. - Girls Of Summer: Coach Buddy does it again.