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Last Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Network: NBC

The biggest winner is "The Biggest Loser" in this compelling new weight-loss reality drama in which two celebrity fitness trainers join with top health experts to help 12 overweight contestants transform their bodies, health and ultimately, their lives. Caroline Rhea hosts the unscripted, one-hour series in which two competing teams follow comprehensive diet and exercise plans to undergo radical physical makeovers. Unique physical challenges, surprising alliances and irresistible temptations make the competition even tougher for the contestants, who ultimately have to decide which player gets eliminated each week. In the end, "The Biggest Loser" becomes the biggest winner, walking away with a healthier body - and $250,000.

Week 19 - Finale

#1 - Week 19 - Finale

Season 9 - Episode 19 - Aired May 25, 2010

After viewer votes determine the third finalist, the winner of the $250,000 prize is crowned in the Season 9 finale. The eliminated players also return to weigh in for the $100,000 at-home prize, and former contestants share their weight-loss progress since leaving the show.

star 8.93
29 votes
A Game of Chance

#2 - A Game of Chance

Season 15 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 22, 2013

The teams learn that only one member's weigh-in will count for the week, and the representative is chosen by a roll of the die. Also: The players compete in a water-bucket race; a contestant receives a troubling health update; a player connects with a family member; and one of Season 14's child ambassadors revisits the show.

star 8.45
75 votes

#3 - Triathlon

Season 15 - Episode 14 - Aired Jan 28, 2014

The stakes are higher than ever when the five final players compete in a "Biggest Loser" first -- a sprint triathlon, requiring them to swim a mile, bike 12 miles and run three miles. The triathlon winner will secure a coveted spot as a finalist, as well as a brand new Ford Fusion. Then it's an emotional trip down memory lane as the contestants watch footage of their journeys with their trainers, and see firsthand how far they've come since arriving on the ranch. Later, it's time for the last weigh-in before the finale, where two players will fall below the red line and go home, and two more will become finalists, joining the triathlon winner to compete for $250,000 and the title of "The Biggest Loser" at the season 15 finale.

star 8.31
35 votes
The Auction

#4 - The Auction

Season 15 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 29, 2013

The contestants bid on gym equipment in an auction. Later, one player discusses her difficult childhood; the contestants contact their family members; and Season 12 contestant Vinny Hickerson makes an appearance.

star 8.21
47 votes
Trick or Treat

#5 - Trick or Treat

Season 15 - Episode 4 - Aired Nov 5, 2013

The contestants must scavenge through a pumpkin patch in search of immunity, but temptations lurk around every corner.

star 8.16
43 votes
The Playoffs

#6 - The Playoffs

Season 16 - Episode 12 - Aired Dec 11, 2014

The teams disband and the players compete on their own for the first time in an obstacle course, with the grand prize being immunity. Later, the trainers surprise the players with videos featuring words of encouragement from loved ones

star 8.15
26 votes
Makeover Week

#7 - Makeover Week

Season 15 - Episode 13 - Aired Jan 21, 2014

The contestants meet with stylists Tim Gunn and Ken Paves to get new styles for their new looks.

star 8.09
33 votes
Week 3

#8 - Week 3

Season 10 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 5, 2010

One contestant creates tension in the house by expressing a wish to go home; professional tennis player Anna Kournikova gives the contestants tennis lessons before they face a challenge involving tennis balls; another contestant is sent home.

star 8.00
89 votes
Week 8

#9 - Week 8

Season 10 - Episode 8 - Aired Nov 9, 2010

The players compete as duos, which are arranged by the winner of a dinner temptation, but the pairings don't please everyone. Elsewhere, Bob and Jillian address the issues that are holding some contestants back. Then, the pairs stack sugar cubes for a challenge before a particularly tense weigh-in.

star 8.00
61 votes
Week 9

#10 - Week 9

Season 10 - Episode 9 - Aired Nov 16, 2010

The players begin competing as singles. Elsewhere, the contestants receive videos from home, a welcome distraction from the speculation surrounding the previous week's elimination, and rally around one player who doesn't receive a video. Also, a balancing test in a pool and a personal milestone for a contestant at the weigh-in.

star 8.00
87 votes
Week 12

#11 - Week 12

Season 10 - Episode 12 - Aired Dec 7, 2010

The remaining four players leave the ranch and try to maintain healthy habits at home. After six weeks, they return to the ranch to run a marathon before the final weigh-in. Two finalists are named, and the other two must depend on viewer votes to compete in the finale

star 8.00
32 votes
Week 13

#12 - Week 13

Season 10 - Episode 13 - Aired Dec 14, 2010

After viewer votes determine the third finalist, the winner of the $250,000 prize is crowned in the Season 10 finale. The eliminated players also return to weigh in for the $100,000 at-home prize.

star 7.97
33 votes
Opening Day

#13 - Opening Day

Season 16 - Episode 1 - Aired Sep 11, 2014

A new set of hopefuls are introduced for the first time.

star 7.95
55 votes
Down to Singles

#14 - Down to Singles

Season 15 - Episode 10 - Aired Dec 17, 2013

The contestants meet Alison for this week's Ring of Fire Challenge. Before the challenge begins, Alison informs the contestants that the competition is moving to singles. Once they've received their individual jerseys, the competition begins. The contestants must hold a 20-foot metal rod in a ring of fire as long as they can. The bar weighs 20% of the contestant's weight, and they're competing for a one-pound advantage. It's a respectable prize, and all of the contestants are eager for a big win.

star 7.93
46 votes
Makeover Week

#15 - Makeover Week

Season 16 - Episode 15 - Aired Jan 8, 2015

After 15 grueling weeks, the former athletes have made it to Makeover Week, and they couldn't be more excited. At a meeting with Tim Gunn to get their new looks and wardrobes, Sonya, Rob, Lori and Toma learn they will also be doing a photo shoot for Us Weekly magazine. Tim can't wait to get the contestants into real clothes and let them see how fabulous they are.

star 7.92
26 votes
The Cook-Off

#16 - The Cook-Off

Season 15 - Episode 5 - Aired Nov 12, 2013

Last season's kid ambassadors Biingo, Lindsay and Sunny return to the ranch and are joined by the White House Senior Policy Advisor on Nutrition, Sam Kass, for a fun cooking challenge with the contestants. Well aware that kids are often the toughest food critics, the red, white and blue teams race against the clock to prepare a nutritious and tasty dish that will be a hit with the kids - and earn the winning team members an incredible prize. Also this week, one team works out with a very special and inspiring group of women who have survived or are battling cancer. Later, it's time for the weigh-in and saying goodbye to another contestant

star 7.89
47 votes

#17 - Thanksgiving

Season 15 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 26, 2013

The contestants celebrate Thanksgiving week with a special challenge - racing to load boxes of Thanksgiving food into trucks headed to help tornado victims in Moore, Oklahoma, where one player has a special connection. Members of the winning team are very thankful for their prize - a holiday dinner shared at the ranch with loved ones flown in for the celebration. Emotional reunions follow, as the winning team, their trainer and their family members gather for a Thanksgiving feast and share what they are most grateful for. Also, one player gets encouragement from his trainer to talk to his family about a long-kept secret, and the show catches up with one of season 14's child ambassadors, Sunny, to see how she is doing today. Then it's time for weigh-in and another elimination, which leaves one trainer giving a very tearful and emotional farewell to one of their players.

star 7.84
32 votes
Hooked On 'Tronics/The Big Switch

#18 - Hooked On 'Tronics/The Big Switch

Season 17 - Episode 3 - Aired Jan 18, 2016

Digital distractions are used in an obstacle course, and the winners face a tough choice involving video chats with their loved ones. Later, the teams are rearranged and new bonds must be formed as a physical and mental challenge is presented.

star 7.84
56 votes
Live Finale

#19 - Live Finale

Season 14 - Episode 12 - Aired Mar 18, 2013

The winner of the $250,000 prize is crowned in the Season 14 finale, and the eliminated players return to weigh in for the $100,000 at-home prize. The kid participants also show off their transformations

star 7.84
49 votes
Work Week

#20 - Work Week

Season 15 - Episode 9 - Aired Dec 10, 2013

The contestants meet in a diner to answer questions about obesity, and the losing team must work in the eatery for a week. Meanwhile, a trainer helps one of the players work through personal obstacles; and a contestant's family get on a healthy track.

star 7.81
42 votes
Who Gets a Second Chance Back?

#21 - Who Gets a Second Chance Back?

Season 15 - Episode 11 - Aired Jan 7, 2014

The season's eliminated contestants have returned for a Second Chance Weigh-in. Each of the contestants will step on the scale, and the contestant with the highest percentage of weight loss is back in the competition! Hap is already eliminated, but Matt is still in the running when the eliminated contestants hit the scale.

star 7.79
33 votes
Week 6

#22 - Week 6

Season 10 - Episode 6 - Aired Oct 26, 2010

Chefs Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia guide the players during a timed cooking contest. Elsewhere, the blue and black teams face off in a dragon-boat challenge, and the players choose one person from each team whose weight will count at the weigh-in.

star 7.79
90 votes
Winter Olympics

#23 - Winter Olympics

Season 15 - Episode 12 - Aired Jan 14, 2014

The contestants arrive in Park City, Utah to begin their week of training with Olympic athletes. They meet with Dolvett, who introduces them to eight-time Olympic speed skater Apollo Ohno. Apollo introduces the contestants to the Olympic training center and gives them a few tips on handling the psychological aspects of training.

star 7.77
30 votes
Take a Trainer Home

#24 - Take a Trainer Home

Season 15 - Episode 8 - Aired Dec 3, 2013

Alison drops a bomb on the contestants: this week, another person will be going home. Before there's time to freak out, she informs them the one person chosen to go home will represent his or her entire team at next week's weigh-in and take the team trainer home for the week. A massive wheel with the contestants' faces on it is spun and the lucky/unlucky winner is... Jay from the White Team! Although Jillian is less than thrilled to go to Farmington, Missouri for the week, Jay is ecstatic to see his family again. He's greeted by a packed room of friends and family.

star 7.76
37 votes

#25 - Finale

Season 15 - Episode 15 - Aired Feb 4, 2014

In this must-see, exciting live finale, the 15 contestants from this season return for a special reunion and a chance to weigh in one last time - and show America how much weight they've all lost since beginning their weight-loss journeys. Those who have been eliminated will compete for the $100,000 "at home" prize. Then it's the moment viewers have been waiting for, when one of the three finalists will be named this season's "Biggest Loser" and win the coveted grand prize of $250,000.

star 7.75
60 votes