The Best Episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2019

The series revolves around the life of Gumball Watterson, a 12-year old cat who attends middle school in Elmore. Accompanied by his pet, adoptive brother, and best friend Darwin Watterson, he frequently finds himself involved in various shenanigans around the city, during which he interacts with various family members: Anais, Richard, and Nicole Watterson, and other various citizens.

The Game

#1 - The Game

Season 2 - Episode 29

The Wattersons play Dodge or Dare.

star 8.53
109 votes
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The Internet

#2 - The Internet

Season 2 - Episode 37

Gumball decides to take down the Internet after he accidentally creates an embarrasing viral web video.

star 8.51
86 votes
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The Dream

#3 - The Dream

Season 2 - Episode 23

Darwin kisses Penny in one of Gumball's dreams and he gets mad about it.

star 8.41
90 votes
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The Question

#4 - The Question

Season 3 - Episode 28

Gumball and Darwin try to figure out the meaning of life after coming down from a sugar rush.

star 8.41
54 votes
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The Fury

#5 - The Fury

Season 4 - Episode 37

A strange figure arrives and insults Nicole, but the kids are surprised when Nicole doesn't fight back.

star 8.39
122 votes
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The Shell

#6 - The Shell

Season 3 - Episode 20

Gumball inadvertently cracks open Penny's shell, and discovers who she really is inside...

star 8.39
98 votes
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The Revolt

#7 - The Revolt

Season 6 - Episode 41

Darwin feels bad for the household objects in Elmore and encourages them to rise up.

star 8.38
8 votes
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The Plan

#8 - The Plan

Season 2 - Episode 38

The Watterson kids come up with a fool-proof plan to save Nicole, but is it Gumball-proof?

star 8.36
81 votes
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The World

#9 - The World

Season 2 - Episode 39

The life of the "inanimate" objects of Elmore are shown in a series of short skits.

star 8.32
100 votes
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The Countdown

#10 - The Countdown

Season 3 - Episode 35

Miss Simian threatens to expel the boys if they are late for school, so they race a clock in order to arrive on time.

star 8.32
88 votes
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The Job

#11 - The Job

Season 2 - Episode 8

Richard gets a job as a pizza delivery man, which worries Nicole when strange things begin to occur around the neighborhood.

star 8.30
136 votes
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The Lesson

#12 - The Lesson

Season 2 - Episode 28

The guys have detention and try to escape; Granny JoJo is overprotective and puts the family in danger.

star 8.27
80 votes
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The Tape

#13 - The Tape

Season 2 - Episode 35

Gumball and Darwin fail to make instant home movie classics.

star 8.27
111 votes
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The Remote

#14 - The Remote

Season 2 - Episode 1

The Watterson family fights over the remote when they realize everything they want to watch comes on at the same time.

star 8.27
210 votes
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The Void

#15 - The Void

Season 3 - Episode 12

When Gumball and Darwin investigate a missing classmate, they discover a far greater mystery....about Elmore.

star 8.27
90 votes
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The Pizza

#16 - The Pizza

Season 3 - Episode 25

The Wattersons have had a bad day, but it turns out Larry has too and it's about to get worse . . . for everyone!

star 8.26
105 votes
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The Heart

#17 - The Heart

Season 6 - Episode 40

Mr. Robinson tries and repeatedly fails to win back Gumball and Darwin’s friendship.

star 8.25
12 votes
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The Tag

#18 - The Tag

Season 2 - Episode 26

Gumball and Darwin get caught in the middle of a trash can feud between Richard and Mr. Robinson.

star 8.25
73 votes
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The Factory

#19 - The Factory

Season 6 - Episode 36

Gumball and Darwin save the day at the Rainbow Factory.

star 8.24
17 votes
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The Voice

#20 - The Voice

Season 2 - Episode 31

When Gumball and Darwin receive a scary email, everyone is a suspect... including themselves!

star 8.23
77 votes
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The Limit

#21 - The Limit

Season 2 - Episode 30

Mom lets the Wattersons have it in a supermarket.

star 8.23
83 votes
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The Joy

#22 - The Joy

Season 3 - Episode 4

Miss Simian has to save herself from a contagious Joy virus infecting Elmore Junior High.

star 8.22
143 votes
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The Hero

#23 - The Hero

Season 2 - Episode 22

Richard gets upset when he realizes Gumball and Darwin think of him as a laughing stock.

star 8.21
84 votes
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The Helmet

#24 - The Helmet

Season 1 - Episode 35

Gumball wears a lucky helmet, but it tears his family apart.

star 8.21
95 votes
Directors: Mic Graves
Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Jon Foster, James Lamont, Tommy Panays
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The Advice

#25 - The Advice

Season 4 - Episode 23

Gumball and Darwin take Mr. Small's advice out of pity and it causes destruction throughout the school.

star 8.21
106 votes
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