The Best Episodes of Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2019

After having skirmished with a number of dangerous monsters, Star Butterfly arrives on Earth to live with the Diaz family. However, rather than living a normal life, Star continues on having to battle villains both throughout the universe and in their high school, although if only to protect her extremely powerful wand, an object which she is still confused with.


#1 - Conquer

Season 3 - Episode 38

Star must find the courage to face Meteora alone and make a decision that will change the kingdom forever.

star 8.73
45 votes
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Running with Scissors

#2 - Running with Scissors

Season 2 - Episode 31

Marco borrows Star's Dimensional Scissors to find a place to walk the laser puppies, but he soon becomes accustomed to its conveniences, opening a bunch of portals from his bed to access things. Hekapoo, the forger of all of the Dimensional Scissors, pulls Marco into her dimension and confiscates the Scissors as they did not belong to him or Star (Pony Head had stolen them and gave them to Star). Marco must earn the scissors by having to blow out the flame atop Hekapoo's head. Star goes to Hekapoo's dimension to recover Marco, who had chased Hekapoo for 16 years before winning the challenge. When they return, Marco reverts to his teenage body as only a few minutes have passed on Earth time.

star 8.61
56 votes
Directors: Piero Piluso
Writers: Gina Gress, John Mathot
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#3 - Toffee

Season 3 - Episode 7

King Ludo's reign reaches as a tipping point as Star returns to the castle. Star must summon her strength to save her family and the kingdom.

star 8.60
97 votes
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Spider with a Top Hat

#4 - Spider with a Top Hat

Season 2 - Episode 22

Spider With a Top Hat has been entertaining Star's wand monsters at a party. Afterwards, he tries to learn a fighting move where he tries to blast through a wall. Despite getting training from Narwahl and Rock, he is unable to break through the wall. The other monsters are summoned for a fight but they are beaten up. Encouraged by Rock's words, Spider is finally called to fight a monster'.

star 8.55
64 votes
Directors: Piero Piluso
Writers: Zach Marcus, Piero Piluso, Brett Varon
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Moon the Undaunted

#5 - Moon the Undaunted

Season 3 - Episode 2

Queen Moon shares her story of when she was a teenager and her mother (Star's grandmother) had died. She had to decide between signing a peace treaty or going to war against the monster army, led by "The Lizard". She partly melts the ice encasing Eclipsa, to learn some dark magic from the forbidden section of the Book of Spells. She confronts The Lizard (Toffee) and uses the dark magic to sever his finger, which he is unable to regenerate. Toffee flees.

star 8.52
64 votes
Writers: Dominic Bisignano, Aaron Hammersley & Giancarlo Volpe
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Storm the Castle

#6 - Storm the Castle

Season 1 - Episode 24

Toffee has taken over Ludo's castle; he has one of Ludo's minions abduct Marco. Star allies with Buff Frog (and the kicked-out Ludo) to storm the castle and beat up Ludo's former minions and free Marco. However, Toffee arranges for the box imprisoning Marco to gradually collapse, forcing Star to destroy her wand in exchange for sparing Marco. The resulting explosion destroys Ludo's castle and Toffee, after which Star banishes Ludo. Star is left with a new wand that is missing a piece.

star 8.51
109 votes
Writers: Dominic Bisignano, Christopher Graham, Aaron Hammersley, Ian Wasseluk
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#7 - Starcrushed

Season 2 - Episode 41

At the Echo Creek graduation party, Marco struggles to reconnect with Star after the events of Face the Music. While Queen Moon invades Ludo's new castle with the Magic High Commission, Star is convinced by her friends to ditch the graduation party and instead attend a party with Oskar. Meanwhile, Toffee takes possession of Ludo's body and regrows his severed arm from Ludo's wand, draining the magic of the Magic High Commission and nearly killing Queen Moon. When Star returns, Queen Moon informs her that they will have to leave Earth. Star confesses to Marco about her feelings for him and tearfully leaves him forever.

star 8.50
118 votes
Writers: Dominic Bisignano, Tyler Chen, Evon Freeman, Gina Gress, Aaron Hammersley, John Mathot, Le Tang
Face the Music

#8 - Face the Music

Season 2 - Episode 40

The songstrell Ruberiot is ordered to write a song about Star for the tradition of Song Day, but Star is reluctant to participate because it portrays princesses as being perfect. Ruberiot ultimately convinces her to let him write a song about the real her, but inadvertently reveals to the people of Mewni that Star lost the book of spells, and that she has a crush on Marco.

star 8.42
111 votes
Directors: Giancarlo Volpe
Writers: Dominic Bisignano, Sabrina Cotugno, Aaron Hammersley, Amelia Lorenz, Sarah Oleksyk, Cassie Zwart
Bon Bon the Birthday Clown

#9 - Bon Bon the Birthday Clown

Season 2 - Episode 27

Star and Janna plan a séance to bring back the spirit of Bon Bon, a clown who had died 100 years ago, but the event coincides with a school dance that Star had planned to go with Marco. Star lets Marco go to the dance with Jackie, who finds the dance boring but changes it to a date instead at a park. During the seance, when Janna falls asleep, Star checks up on Marco with a spy spell, only to find that he and Jackie are having a good time together, which makes her jealous. Star is surprised by Ludo, who steals Star's spellbook. Marco and Jackie share a kiss, but when they hear Star in trouble they rush to help her. They pull Star from being sucked through a portal. Glossaryck wakes up to find Ludo as his new master.

star 8.41
103 votes
Directors: Giancarlo Volpe
Writers: Dominic Bisignano, Sabrina Cotugno, Aaron Hammersley, Amelia Lorenz, Le Tang

#10 - Divide

Season 3 - Episode 37

Star becomes acting Queen and plans for Marco and his warriors to delay Meteora from reaching Castle Butterfly long enough for Star to find Moon and destroy the monster princess.

star 8.39
41 votes
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Return to Mewni

#11 - Return to Mewni

Season 3 - Episode 1

Star returns to her home dimension of Mewni where she discovers that magic is disappearing throughout the kingdom. She must dig deep and challenge archnemesis Ludo in an effort to save her family and kingdom.

star 8.34
152 votes
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Book Be Gone

#12 - Book Be Gone

Season 3 - Episode 3

Ludo finds that his wand is now embedded into his hand. He finds Glossaryck, who tells them that the Magic High Commission has been defeated. Ludo wants to celebrate by writing his story into the Book of Spells, but the book will not let him, as he is not the owner of the book anymore. Despite multiple attempts, he is unable to write into the book until he throws the book into the fire, at which it burns up (and Glossaryck along with it).

star 8.31
93 votes
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Page Turner

#13 - Page Turner

Season 2 - Episode 25

Glossaryck lets Star pick any page in the book to learn some new magic. Star chooses a mysterious chapter, but Glossaryck tells her it is very dark magic and that he will only let her get a short peek at the page. However, Glossaryck is summoned to the Bureau of Magic; he tells Star not to turn to that page, and his consciousness is dragged away into another dimension. While Glossaryck must deal with a not-so-helpful receptionist and has a difficult time getting to the top floor because the magic system is "on the fritz", Star is tempted to turn the page, and enlists Marco to help do it.

star 8.31
77 votes
Directors: Piero Piluso
Writers: Zach Marcus, Brett Varon
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Blood Moon Ball

#14 - Blood Moon Ball

Season 1 - Episode 15

Star's ex-boyfriend Tom invites her to the Blood Moon Ball, an Underworld event that occurs once every 667 years. Tom claims he has turned over a new leaf, having hired an anger management consultant. Marco does not believe Tom has changed but Star decides to go anyway. When Marco disrupts Tom's plan to take Star for himself under the Blood Moon's light, Tom reverts to his old self.

star 8.26
120 votes
Writers: Dominic Bisignano, Aaron Hammersley
Just Friends

#15 - Just Friends

Season 2 - Episode 39

Star surprises Marco with tickets to a Love Sentence concert, but also invites Jackie. When Star and Jackie start having fun together, Marco starts to feel jealous and wants them to go on without him, but Jackie convinces him otherwise. At the concert Jackie and Marco engage in a kiss, which results in Star running off out of jealousy. As Star leaves the concert, she fires a blast of tainted magic, destroying a billboard.

star 8.25
63 votes
Directors: Brett Varon
Writers: Zach Marcus, Brett Varon
King Ludo

#16 - King Ludo

Season 3 - Episode 6

Ludo has taken over the kingdom, and has imprisoned Marco and River, but he finds that he is not popular at all among the kingdom's villagers. He tells River to make him popular or else he will levitate him into the sky. Marco uses a stick of butter that Ludo left to free himself, but River has eaten his part of the butter so Marco has to steal Ludo's key. He meets with some of the court entertainers, and they steal the key, but River refuses to escape. Ludo levitates River into the skies while Marco and the entertainers conspire what to do next.

star 8.24
45 votes
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Marco Jr.

#17 - Marco Jr.

Season 3 - Episode 32

Marco returns to Echo Creek to discover that his mom is pregnant.

star 8.22
23 votes
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#18 - Baby

Season 2 - Episode 30

Star's parents send a fairy godmother named Baby to evaluate Star, who takes the task seriously, as failing the eval would mean she would have to return to Mewni. At first, Star cleans up her room, shoving stuff in closets or dimensional pockets, but when Baby starts asking Star questions, and things start falling out of the pockets, Star's responses are met with the same neutral phrase "Interesting." followed by jotting down of notes. Meanwhile Marco tries to help Star by bringing Baby food. Baby then asks Star to bring her an apple using magic, but Star fails to do the task despite repeated tries. Baby concludes that Star failed, but Star tries one last time and ends up using the apple seeds to grow an apple tree which drops an apple for Baby. Star's parents learn from Baby that despite not being organized, losing the book of spells, and failing to do simple spells, Star has magic potential way ahead of when her mother was her age, and might even be comparable to Queen Eclipsa.

star 8.21
95 votes
Directors: Giancarlo Volpe
Writers: Evon Freeman, Le Tang
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#19 - Friendenemies

Season 2 - Episode 19

Tom invites Marco to a movie marathon featuring Mackie Hands, Marco's favorite kung-fu film star. They start to become friends on the way there after learning they both like Mackie Hands and a band called Love Sentence, but when Marco wants to leave to catch the marathon, Tom refuses to let him go, and gets angry, voiding his chance to earn an anger management graduation badge. Tom apologizes and tries to win back Marco with a Love Sentence song, and then raises Mackie Hands from the dead. Although they cannot get into the theatre, Tom and Marco watch Mackie lay a beatdown on the movie's security guards.

star 8.20
108 votes
Directors: Giancarlo Volpe
Writers: Sabrina Cotugno, Amelia Lorenz
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#20 - Skooled!

Season 3 - Episode 33

Ponyhead returns to St. O’s and finds that the curriculum got tougher.

star 8.19
36 votes
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Marco and the King

#21 - Marco and the King

Season 3 - Episode 4

King River tries to take care of the kingdom by partying it up every day, but he and his subjects wear down quickly. Marco arrives, but River has to deal with angry villagers as well as a large monster who approaches the castle after he yelled at it to leave. River tries to hide, but Marco encourages him to stand up to the monster. River rallies the villagers to fight the monster, and it is revealed that the monster thought River was beckoning it to come to the castle, not to go away. It leaves peacefully, but as River is about to have a party to celebrate, Ludo and his minions appear and take over the kingdom.

star 8.19
48 votes
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Night Life

#22 - Night Life

Season 3 - Episode 22

Star learns that Marco and Hekapoo have been dealing with rogue interdimensional portals.

star 8.19
43 votes
Booth Buddies

#23 - Booth Buddies

Season 3 - Episode 34

A magical photo booth at a wedding goes on the fritz and captures Star and Marco inside

star 8.17
30 votes
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Game of Flags

#24 - Game of Flags

Season 2 - Episode 15

During a reunion between Star's parents' families – the Butterflies and the Johansens – Star is placed at the kids' table. The two families compete in Flags, a king of the hill game where whoever plants their flag atop a dangerous hill full of obstacles gets to look down on the rival family members for a year. Against the wishes of her mother, Star fashions a decoy at the table and participates in Flags. Marco tries to keep up with Star and later tries to convince her to stop when he realizes how serious the participants are in winning.

star 8.13
112 votes
Directors: Piero Piluso
Writers: Evon Freeman, John Mathot, Piero Piluso
The Hard Way

#25 - The Hard Way

Season 2 - Episode 35

Glossaryck agrees to teach Ludo stuff from the Book of Spells. He first makes Ludo do some physical exercises as Ludo wanted to learn the hard way. Ludo learns and masters a levitation spell and is quite proud of his accomplishment. But when he learns there is a secret chapter that Glossaryck withheld from him but showed Star, he makes Glossaryck unlock them. Ludo reads the forbidden chapter and gains some dark magic, but when he talks with Glossaryck, he now has the voice of Toffee, who has possessed him.

star 8.13
46 votes
Writers: Sarah Oleksyk, Cassie Zwart
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