The BEST seasons of Psychopath Diary

Every season of Psychopath Diary ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best seasons of Psychopath Diary!

“Psychopath Diary” is about a man named Yook Dong Shik, who coincidentally witnesses a murder and loses his memory after an accident that occurs while fleeing the scene. He wakes up with no sense of identity and mistakes himself as the killer when he finds the murderer’s diary in his hands.

Last Updated: 6/21/2024Network: tvNStatus: Ended
Season 1
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#1 - Season 1

First Aired 11/20/2019

Yook Dong Sik works at a brokerage company. He is a pushover and a fool too naïve and kind-hearted for his own good. Dong Sik is at a point in his life where enough is enough and goes to end his life. However, the place he chose to end it all was a place where a murder was about to happen. As he flees in fear, he gets into an accident, and the following day, doesn’t remember a thing in his past. The only clue he has about himself is a red diary he unknowingly took. The journal contains details of all heinous killings of a psychopathic serial killer. Being an innate fool, he mistakenly begins to believe that he is a psychopathic serial killer, and the world he once knew changes drastically.