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A literature teacher suspects that a well-respected surgeon has drugged her and begins a legal case against him.

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How many more?
27 votes

#1 - How many more?

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired 5/10/2020

Laura, terrified to discover that Xavier has entered her house, decides to do something. He travels to Madrid in search of evidence against Xavier. He needs to know the whole truth about what happened to Maria, his late wife. He talks to his mother and Elena, his best friend, but gets nothing. Meanwhile, in Palma, Daniela, the inspector who handles the case, cannot bear the idea of ​​having once again left a rapist on the street, and requests a transfer. On the way to the airport, Laura receives Elena's call, there is something she should know about Xavier. He will travel with her to tell the police. They're going to stop him. But at the last moment Elena changes her mind. Laura returns to Palma more lost than ever. Upon arriving home he discovers that Xavier has filed a libel suit against him. You will see him out of his mind. He says he knows why his wife died. But it is useless, he has a new victim, and feels more unpunished than ever. Laura goes to see her sister, devastated.

27 votes

#2 - Consequences

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired 4/26/2020

The post that Laura posted telling what Xavier did to her the night of the appointment, has not had the effect that she expected. The police still do not believe it and also many of the people who have read it. Her sister Cata knew that was going to happen. As they talk, Laura remembers something from the date night. Xavier drugged her to rape her. Convinced that the police will do nothing, Laura finds a way to sneak into the surgeon's house looking for any evidence to prove her version. Meanwhile, Cata, who does not feel the best of the sisters, asks Iván to investigate Xavier. Laura also asks for help. He has seen something in the surgeon's house that may incriminate him, but it must be the police who find him. You have to get your colleagues to search the house. Xavier, very affected by the publication on the internet, needs to know that his son believes him. He has not done anything that the teacher says. A man from Laura's past contacts Xavier to help him.

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Do you believe me?
29 votes

#3 - Do you believe me?

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired 4/19/2020

Laura and Xavier go out to dinner, it is their first date. He is a widowed father; she just left him with her boyfriend of a lifetime, Iván. He is a surgeon, she is a literature teacher. Both enjoy a pleasant evening until the moment of saying until tomorrow. An inconvenience pushes Laura to invite him in: they joke, they drink wine, they kiss ... There is chemistry between them. The next morning Laura wakes up feeling very ill. Xavier, excited by everything that happened the night before, tells his friend Rafa that he wants to see her again. Sends you a message. Laura reading it is even worse. He doesn't want to talk about the date. He goes to his sister's house, he can hardly speak a word. Xavier has raped her. The police arrest the surgeon. Laura has denounced him, but there is no evidence and they release him. Xavier goes to see her. Desperate, he insists that it has to be a misunderstanding, he is not. But Laura is determined that everyone knows the truth.

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The Truth
24 votes

#4 - The Truth

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired 5/17/2020

Laura lets herself be dragged by the sea, but something crosses her head, suddenly she knows what to do. Take the shovel and row hard until you reach the shore. He comes out of the water at the limit of his strength. She collapses, but when she wakes up she is another. He convinces Ivan to leave him a gun to protect himself and leaves after discovering that he and Cata are having an affair. Daniela's tests have tested positive for scopolamine, the gynecologist suspects that she may be the victim of a sexual assault, but Daniela does not want to admit it. Silva discovers it: Xavier Vera has raped her. He assures her that this time he will not get away with it. They get an order to access their car's GPS. Cata and Iván worried about Laura try to find her. But he tricks them into not knowing that she is armed in front of Xavier's house.

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It's no use
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#5 - It's no use

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired 5/3/2020

Police found nothing at Xavier's house during the search. Despite the fear, Laura decides to go home. Meanwhile, Xavier has met with Mario, Laura's former boss. It is not the first time that Laura makes a false complaint. He destroyed his life and he will not allow him to do it again, he will speak to the police. But in the Institute the word has spread and Lucas is suffering the consequences. Laura learns that the judge has closed the case, she feels helpless. He sees Lucas's girlfriend Amal in the schoolyard about to pass out. Something serious happens to him. He takes her to the hospital. The girl's father cannot find out what he has done. Only one person can help them: Xavier Vera. The surgeon cannot believe that he is asking you to lie. Iván, angry at the judge's decision, warns Xavier that he is watching him, but he defends himself: either they leave him alone or he will tell Laura that he is sleeping with his sister.

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We are So Close
21 votes

#6 - We are So Close

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired 5/24/2020

Three months later. Laura has decided to turn the page and move on with her life. He has started dating Fran, the musician he met before his trip to Madrid, he is considering going back to work, changing houses ... When what he feared most happens: he sees Xavier walking quietly down the street, and what he is worse, accompanied by a woman. Laura worries about her. He locates her in the networks and he meets her in a bar He warns her of who Xavier is and what he is capable of, but she does not believe it. Xavier finds out what Laura has done and goes in the middle of the night to threaten her. The next day Laura goes to see Daniela. He tells her what has happened and his suspicions. Because of something Xavier said, she is sure that she recorded the rapes. Daniela ignores him. Laura, upset and without suspecting that the inspector is in charge of an operation to catch the rapist that she cannot speak about, decides to investigate on her own.

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