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Last Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Network: Cartoon Network

Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master by using the Four Elemental Weapons of Spinjitzu; weapons so powerful, no one can handle all of their power at once. When he passed away, his two sons swore to protect them, but the oldest, Lord Garmadon, was consumed by darkness and wanted to possess them all. A battle between brothers broke out and Lord Garmadon was struck down and banished to the Underworld. Peace returned to Ninjago as the younger brother, Sensei Wu, hid the elemental weapons in the far corners of Ninjago.

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Master of the Sea

#1 - Master of the Sea

Season 15 - Episode 12 - Aired May 9, 2021

Nya learns the history of the Storm Amulet and Wu, Kai, Cole, Ray, and Misako try to stop King Kalmaar from leaving the city with the Storm Amulet.

star 11.33
3 votes
Assault on Ninjago City

#2 - Assault on Ninjago City

Season 15 - Episode 14 - Aired May 16, 2021

The ninjas do all that they can to evacuate the city as Kalmaar's assault on the surface world of Ninjago begins.

star 11.33
3 votes

#3 - Nyad

Season 15 - Episode 15 - Aired May 23, 2021

The ninjas suffer a defeat at the hands of Wojira and Nya contemplates a decision that may save her friends and her city but could spell her own doom.

star 11.33
3 votes
 The Turn of the Tide

#4 - The Turn of the Tide

Season 15 - Episode 16 - Aired May 23, 2021

Nya leads the ninjas against Prince Kalmaar and Wojira in the final battle to save Ninjago City.

star 11.33
3 votes
The Escape from Merlopia

#5 - The Escape from Merlopia

Season 15 - Episode 7 - Aired Apr 25, 2021

Aided by Benthomaar, the ninja fight their way through the palace to the Hydro Bounty and must escape Kalmaar's forces.

star 11.00
4 votes

#6 - Unsinkable

Season 15 - Episode 3 - Aired Apr 11, 2021

The ninja embark on a mission to uncover the source of a mysterious power signal that is disrupting marine life, and Nya’s powers.

star 10.67
3 votes
The Wrath of Kalmaar

#7 - The Wrath of Kalmaar

Season 15 - Episode 5 - Aired Apr 18, 2021

Nya and her mother Maya try to escape the evil Prince Kalmaar, who intends to seize the throne of his father, the benevolent King Trimaar.

star 10.67
3 votes
Riddle of the Sphinx

#8 - Riddle of the Sphinx

Season 15 - Episode 10 - Aired May 2, 2021

In Ninjago City, Wu, Cole, Kai, Ray, and Misako must get into the Explorer’s Club and recover the Storm Amulet before King Kalmaar and his troops

star 10.67
3 votes
The Calm Before the Storm

#9 - The Calm Before the Storm

Season 15 - Episode 13 - Aired May 16, 2021

Kalmaar awakens the doomsday serpent Wojira and sets his sights on the destruction of Ninjago City.

star 10.67
3 votes
The Tale of Benthomaar

#10 - The Tale of Benthomaar

Season 15 - Episode 8 - Aired Apr 25, 2021

The tragic tale of Benthomaar is revealed… a tale filled with treachery, betrayal, but also a glimmer of hope.

star 10.50
4 votes
A Big Splash

#11 - A Big Splash

Season 15 - Episode 1 - Aired Apr 4, 2021

When Nya loses control of her elemental powers, the ninja search for answers, which may lie with the former master of water, Nya’s mother.

star 10.00
3 votes
The Storm Amulet

#12 - The Storm Amulet

Season 15 - Episode 9 - Aired May 2, 2021

Nya and the ninja race to obtain the Storm Amulet before Prince Kalmaar can obtain it and use it to awaken the doomsday serpent, Wojira.

star 10.00
4 votes
The Son of Lilly

#13 - The Son of Lilly

Season 13 - Episode 16 - Aired Jul 11, 2020

As Cole and the Skull Sorcerer face off, the Geckles and Munce storm the Keep. Plundar frees the ninja from their cages and the ninja join the battle.

star 9.86
7 votes
Trial By Mino

#14 - Trial By Mino

Season 13 - Episode 6 - Aired Jul 4, 2020

Kai and Zane stumble into a party of Geckels who think they may be working for the Skull Sorcerer.

star 9.50
12 votes
The Gift of Jay

#15 - The Gift of Jay

Season 14 - Episode 3 - Aired Mar 14, 2021

Nya, Zane, Kai and Cole are captured by the Keepers and encounter Misako, Master Wu and Clutch Powers in captivity. Meanwhile, Jay is taken to an unknown location by the chief.

star 9.50
4 votes
The Darkest Hour

#16 - The Darkest Hour

Season 13 - Episode 13 - Aired Jul 10, 2020

The Skull Sorcerer hunts down the ninja who flee to the Geckle "Strong-Cave". The Skull Sorcerer promises to let the Munce and Geckles live if they turn over the ninja.

star 9.37
8 votes
Superstar Rockin' Jay

#17 - Superstar Rockin' Jay

Season 12 - Episode 4 - Aired Mar 29, 2020

The ninja materialize inside Prime Empire and go immediately on the run when they discover a squadron of Red Visors waiting for them!

star 9.15
13 votes
The Worst Rescue Ever

#18 - The Worst Rescue Ever

Season 13 - Episode 3 - Aired Jul 1, 2020

The ninja attempt to rescue Cole, but the bickering of his fellow prisoners alerts the Skull Sorcerer, and soon the ninja are prisoners too.

star 9.08
12 votes
Game of Masks

#19 - Game of Masks

Season 8 - Episode 7 - Aired May 22, 2018

As Lloyd and Harumi search the Oni Temple for the last mask, the ninja are taken hostage and discover Princess Harumi's true intentions.

star 8.91
22 votes
Directors: Trylle Vilstrup
Writers: Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman
Game Over

#20 - Game Over

Season 12 - Episode 16 - Aired Apr 26, 2020

Unagami breaks into the real world and terrorizes Ninjago City along with his army.

star 8.79
14 votes
Queen of the Munce

#21 - Queen of the Munce

Season 13 - Episode 5 - Aired Jul 3, 2020

Having become separated from the others, Nya, Jay and Lloyd are led back to the Munce "Home-Cave" by a Munce named Murt.

star 8.75
12 votes
Dungeon Crawl!

#22 - Dungeon Crawl!

Season 13 - Episode 10 - Aired Jul 8, 2020

Cole leads the Lowly and Princess Vania and Wu in a series of fruitless efforts to find a way out of Rock-Bottom.

star 8.75
8 votes
The Speedway Five-Billion

#23 - The Speedway Five-Billion

Season 12 - Episode 11 - Aired Apr 19, 2020

Red Visors discover the location of Scott's garage and Scott sacrifices himself to buy the ninja a chance to escape and they race off. The ninja enter the Speedway Five-Billion in the nick of time, just as the race is starting, and find themselves quickly overwhelmed.

star 8.75
16 votes
The Traveler's Tree

#24 - The Traveler's Tree

Season 11 - Episode 21 - Aired Dec 28, 2019

Guilt-ridden over having lost the Traveler's Tea, Cole embarks on a dangerous quest to the top of a nearby mountain in hopes of finding the legendary Traveler's Tree, a tree which is supposedly guarded by a fearsome beast.

star 8.69
13 votes
The Corridor of Elders

#25 - The Corridor of Elders

Season 4 - Episode 10 - Aired Apr 3, 2015

The ninja and fighters discover there's a strategic location called the Corridor of Elders where they can make their last stand against Chen's Anacondrai army... but even with new Destiny Bounty, their forces still aren't strong enough. Fortunately, Pythor escapes Chen's clutches and discovers there is one spell in the Book of Magic that could stop the war, but at a a serious cost.

star 8.62
124 votes
Directors: Trylle Vilstrup
Writers: Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman