The BEST Episodes of Frontline (1994)

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Last Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Network: ABC (AU)

Frontline is a satirical comedy on Current Affairs. From the anchor Mike Moore who believes he does all the work (but just reads the autocue) to the egotistic reporter Brooke Vandenberg and the troubles of the other staff (not to mention horrible Friday Night Entertainer Elliot Rhodes) After two years, the show did a thing related only to sci-fi programs, by skipping forward a number of years. The show, however, maintained it's high quality and is one of the Top Australian shows ever made. From Season 2 onwards, there are no specific writing credits as Cilauro, Kennedy, Sitch and Gleisner wrote in practically all episodes. The same is said for directing.

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The Invisible Man

#1 - The Invisible Man

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Jul 4, 1994

A hidden camera story for Brooke backfires while Mike tries to fix up his low profile and the cameramen get an eyeful of Brooke.

star 10.00
1 votes
Judge and Jury

#2 - Judge and Jury

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Jul 25, 1994

Brooke does a series on a priest accused of rape and Mike goes up against cross-network promotion. During a story, Marty unwittingly wipes out an entire genus of butterfly.

star 10.00
1 votes
One Big Family

#3 - One Big Family

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Aired Jul 24, 1995

The network is in chaos with a million things happening at once and the promo idea of ""One Big Happy Family"". New executive producers fly around until Sam Murphey arrives.

star 10.00
1 votes
We Ain't Got Dames

#4 - We Ain't Got Dames

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Jun 20, 1994

The show is losing it's female viewers and a serious effort to get them back is needed. Mike tries to think of humour for a Debate but the big night is ruined.

star 9.00
1 votes
This Night of Nights

#5 - This Night of Nights

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Aug 1, 1994

The Logies are fast approaching and Mike is the only one without a date.

star 9.00
1 votes
Workin' Class Man

#6 - Workin' Class Man

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired Jul 31, 1995

When the working class all reply to Mike as an asshole, the network tries to change it's views. Marty is stuck on a story regarding an ostrich farm.

star 9.00
1 votes
Give 'em Enough Rope

#7 - Give 'em Enough Rope

Season 2 - Episode 13 - Aired Oct 16, 1995

Mike interviews the network head and the team attend the premiere of a new soap ""Rainbow Island""

star 9.00
1 votes
...Add Sex and Stir

#8 - ...Add Sex and Stir

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Jul 11, 1994

While Marty takes a holiday against his will during a low-news period, Brooke transforms a cricket story into a controversial lesbianism story.

star 8.50
2 votes
City of Fear

#9 - City of Fear

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired May 23, 1994

Frontline are accused of being sensationalist after they link two unrelated murders to a mythical serial killer. Meanwhile, Mike is confused over his fan mail

star 8.00
3 votes
The Art of Gentle Persuasion

#10 - The Art of Gentle Persuasion

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Jun 27, 1994

Mike is planning a story but the others convince him to do a so-called expose on table-top dancing. When a crocodile victim's husband won't give a story, Marty goes to extreme lengths to get one.

star 8.00
2 votes
The Souffle Rises

#11 - The Souffle Rises

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired May 9, 1994

Mike, angered by accusations of being a lightweight, decides to editorialize . Such a decision sparks a rash of complications. Meanwhile, Brooke and Marty have their hands full on more important matters.

star 7.40
5 votes
She's Got the Look

#12 - She's Got the Look

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired May 30, 1994

When Brian hires an attractive sports star because he likes her, the team (especially Emma)'s moral values come into play.

star 7.00
2 votes
Smaller Fish to Fry

#13 - Smaller Fish to Fry

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Jul 18, 1994

Mike does an exclusive case that could ""get"" some of the country's top businessmen, and puts his job on the line at the same time.

star 7.00
1 votes
The Desert Angel

#14 - The Desert Angel

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired May 16, 1994

A missing aid worker, who Frontline has just held a memorial service for, turns up alive. Chequebook journalism ensues as the team try and score an exclusive. Meanwhile, Brooke interviews Pat Cash, who the team believe had an affair with her.

star 6.50
4 votes
The Siege

#15 - The Siege

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Jun 6, 1994

A gunman holding his children hostage is the source of Frontline's latest story. When Mike succeeds in negotiating with the gunman, he becomes a hero. Until, a few weeks later, the consequences of the action arrive...

star 0.00
0 votes
Playing the Ego Card

#16 - Playing the Ego Card

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Jun 13, 1994

Mike is looking to gain credibilty, so he travels to Bougainville to do a study on civil war. Back home, the group enjoy his absence and Brooke becomes host.

star 0.00
0 votes
Heroes and Villains

#17 - Heroes and Villains

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired Aug 7, 1995

While Mike is the beginning of a pointless racism debate, Brooke tries to make an unheroic heart surgeon look like a hero.

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0 votes
Office Mole

#18 - Office Mole

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired Aug 14, 1995

Mike, tiring of his job, is given the official-sounding, pointless job of ""International Story Co-ordinator"" which involves faxing stories to Britain. ""A Current Affair"" appear to be getting all the Frontline stories so Mike searches for the office mole. But when Jan begins getting irate phone calls from Britain claiming Mike isn't sending them anything, they discover HE is the mole. He has sent all their stories to ACA by mistake!

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0 votes
Basic Instincts

#19 - Basic Instincts

Season 2 - Episode 5 - Aired Aug 21, 1995

A series of problems rocks the team when Stu is bashed, Mike's thoughts on Euthanasia get in the way and Brooke is jealous of Emma due to a new boyfriend.

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0 votes
Let the Children Play

#20 - Let the Children Play

Season 2 - Episode 6 - Aired Aug 28, 1995

Mike's niece visits the office and begins to discover what really goes on. ACA screens a ""playground challenge"" where a celebrity has 24 hours to build a playground for homeless kids. Frontline borrows the idea but the playground and a story of fraudulent builders come together in a ghastly way.

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0 votes
Keeping Up Appearances

#21 - Keeping Up Appearances

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired Sep 4, 1995

Brooke interviews the victim of an acid attack while Mike appears on the cover of a gay magazine, sparking controversy in the office.

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0 votes
Divide the Community: Multiply The Ratings

#22 - Divide the Community: Multiply The Ratings

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired Sep 11, 1995

Frontline makes an issue of ethnic tension in the community

star 0.00
0 votes
All Work and No Fame

#23 - All Work and No Fame

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired Sep 18, 1995

Mike is bored again and looking to get his hands dirty on a story.

star 0.00
0 votes
Changing the Face of Current Affairs

#24 - Changing the Face of Current Affairs

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired Sep 25, 1995

An american consultant is brought in to change Frontline's image.

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0 votes
A Man of His Convictions

#25 - A Man of His Convictions

Season 2 - Episode 11 - Aired Oct 2, 1995

Mike gets arrested during a wilderness-protest

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