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Last Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Network: ITV

They're beautiful, they're filthy rich and they can have anything money can buy... so why are they hardly ever happy?... The makers of hit ITV1 show 'Bad Girls' invite you to join the wives of the Earls Park FC footballers as they discover the perils, both in the spotlight and out, of being married to their famous husbands - catfights... newspaper allegations... even murder... anyone who's anyone watches Footballers' Wives.

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They Think It's All Over

#1 - They Think It's All Over

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Feb 26, 2002

Chardonnay and Jackie persuade Kyle that the best thing for everyone would be for the young couple to adopt Jackie's baby. Kyle, however, has other things on his mind as Sheena won't take no for an answer. Annoyed at Tanya for flirting with Frank, Jason finds himself back in bed with Marie and promises to leave Tanya to be with her. Sal tells Donna he loves her. Holly is kidnapped when Marie is late picking her up from school - Sal uses his transfer fee to pay the ransom but Donna's distraught when Holly never appears at the arranged meeting point! Jason's new agent, Hazel, cooks up a plan to get Tanya out of her 'affair' with Frank, whilst protecting Jason's position with the team. She arranges for Jason to 'catch' Tanya and Frank together, but Jason loses his temper… which for Frank, brings back chilling memories of the night of his 'accident'...!

star 8.17
12 votes
Series 4 - Episode 9

#2 - Series 4 - Episode 9

Season 4 - Episode 9 - Aired May 26, 2005

Amber demonstrates that she will sink to any level to gain a bigger stake in Earls Park, thereby keeping Conrad and Phoenix in England...but as ever, Hazel calls her bluff! At the Milligans' shooting party, Hazel shows off her new squeeze - an international tennis pro. Noah gives in to his sexual urges and visits a sauna. Lucy makes her escape from Bruno into the arms of solid, dependable Giles...but is she heading for imminent danger!? ...especially when trigger-happy Bruno comes after her - armed. Earls Park will never be the same again!!!

star 7.75
4 votes
Fall From Grace

#3 - Fall From Grace

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired Feb 26, 2003

Freddie tries to make Sal jealous by going on a date with Jason. Kyle and Chardonnay try to make peace with Jason, but he refuses to cooperate, horrifying Jackie with his loathing for baby Paddy. Tanya is busy planning the ceremony to renew her wedding vows, but unplanned rows ruin the occasion. Jackie packs her bags and leaves, with baby Paddy. A secret from Freddie's past, involving Archie, is revealed. A drunken Jason falls...or rather is pushed off the roof...Is he dead?!...Who's responsible?!...

star 7.71
14 votes
Bitter Medicine

#4 - Bitter Medicine

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired Feb 19, 2003

Kyle finally loses his temper and so teaches Jason a lesson he won't forget in a hurry. Darius tells Tanya how he feels, but doesnt get the reaction he'd have expected. Jason thrills Tanya by telling her that he wants them to renew their wedding vows...but then gets cosy with Fredrica who is trying to make Sal jealous! The Turners hold a press conference to raise awareness of baby Paddy's condition. Jannette Dunkley's collaboration with Frank (using a hidden microphone) goes drastically wrong when Tanya says too much during their meal... but will Frank get the information he needs?!

star 7.70
10 votes
...And In With the New

#5 - ...And In With the New

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired Jan 29, 2003

Ian tells Frank where to stick his contract and leaves Earl's Park FC for good. Jason and Jackie are determined to get back baby Paddy but differ in their planned tactics. Tanya is determined to 'win' her arguement with Jason and decides to sleep with Darius, the team's new 17 year-old recruit! Sal and Donna are surprised at how well Ian is taking his break-up. Tanya says on live TV that Jason is an impotent alcoholic! While Donna has second thoughts about her new life with Sal, Jason snatches baby Paddy from the Pascoe's!!

star 7.67
12 votes
A Funny Old Game

#6 - A Funny Old Game

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Jan 29, 2002

Tanya's turns to cocaine to keep her nightmares, is her cocaine habit getting increasingly out of hand? Donna vows to fight for custody of Daniel alone, then throws Ian out of the family home... But soon finds out it's going to be virtually impossible without his lawyers on her side. Ian finds that he is staying at the same hotel as his Italian team-mate Sal Biagi, and the two start to become friends. Newly-wed Chardonnay takes a pair of scissors to her long hair when she gets depressed about her burns - Kyle is concerned but his mother Jackie is less sympathetic. Jason tells Tanya that their marriage is over, but Tanya has other ideas and blackmails him into staying. Tanya befriends Frank's intensive care nurse, Janette Dunkley, so that she can keep tabs on his condition, explaining her interest by claiming that they had an affair. Nurse Dunkley, however, has very dubious motives of her own...and Tanya knows it!...

star 7.57
14 votes
Series 3 - Episode 7

#7 - Series 3 - Episode 7

Season 3 - Episode 7 - Aired Mar 24, 2004

Frank Laslett is dead and buried and Tanya just loves playing the glamorous widow, while living the high life off her hefty inheritance. Kyle wins back Elaine, but now has to break the news to Roger. Amber meets her agent, who has bad news for her - and she takes out her anger on Tanya. Noah's actions land him in trouble with Hazel.

star 7.57
7 votes
All To Play For

#8 - All To Play For

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Feb 5, 2002

Ian is back at home and is with Sal Biagi, at the request of the Stefan - much to Donna's annoyance. Tanya promises not to tell anyone of Nurse Dunkley's exploits, on condition that Nurse Dunkley persuades Frank's ex-wife and son to switch off Frank's life support...just as they're about to pull the plug, they get a nasty surprise! Jason is stopped by the police after he tries to force Sal's car off the road. Stefan makes it clear to Jason that he's on his last warning but persuades Sal to cover for his captain. Chardonnay sells the story of her ordeal to a newspaper in the hope of shaming her attackers, but the article does not turn out as she expected. Kyle spends an evening out flirting, as he is furious to see their private life all over the tabloids.

star 7.50
12 votes
All Credit To The Lads

#9 - All Credit To The Lads

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Feb 19, 2002

When Chardonnay faints at the gym, blood tests reveal that she is pregnant! After announcing their news to the press, Kyle is horrified to discover that he is not about to become proud dad, but in fact, a brother as the test results are those of Jackie! Jackie suggests to Kyle and Chardonay that they bring up the child as their own. Ian is made vice-captain but humiliates himself in his first match by getting sent off. Donna finds herself having a passionate encounter with Sal when she becomes irritated by Ian's obsession with his career! Kyle tell's Sheena, an obsessed fan, where his loyalties lie. Jason's hooks up with a new top agent, Hazel Bailey. Frank, persuaded by Tanya, has Jason reinstated in the team. Tanya has sex with Frank and he starts to have flashbacks about Nurse Dunkley!

star 7.50
12 votes
Go For the Overkill

#10 - Go For the Overkill

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired Jan 22, 2003

Jackie begins to search for a new home. Jason wants to be a baby...but Tanya doesn't! Tanya's cocaine habit is exposed to the public when she is arrested for possessing Class A drugs! Ian is devastated to learn that Donna has been having an affair with Sal, so leaves to stay in a hotel...where he has a drink and drugs cocktail...! The Pascoe's Christen their baby son and are surprised at the gift they receive from the Turners.

star 7.50
10 votes
Facing the Truth

#11 - Facing the Truth

Season 2 - Episode 6 - Aired Feb 12, 2003

Jason and Jackie were told that since surgery wasn't an option for Paddy, they would have to wait to see how the situation unfolded. Jason nearly caught Tanya with Darius again, but then confided his terrible secret to her! Hazel told the Pascoe's that they would have to be seen with baby Paddy, in order to stop the suspicions of the press and later, at Sal's house, had to put up with a drunken Freddie pesterring her and Sal for a threesome!! Jason and Tanya decided to give their marriage another go. Archie, Stefan's right hand man, pestered Freddie for a date again. Tanya bribed the matron and then hired a double to do all her community service, but received a nasty surprise in the form of Nurse Janette Dunkley...the only person who knows the truth about what happened with Frank!...

star 7.50
12 votes
Series 4 - Episode 8

#12 - Series 4 - Episode 8

Season 4 - Episode 8 - Aired May 19, 2005

Roger and Jackie's marriage hits crisis point and Seb is determined to twist the knife in further. Bruno is becoming suspicious of Lucy. Noah breaks the news of his engagement to Conrad - there's no turning back now. Amber's record is getting lots of airplay, but her pop career looks doomed when Conrad is told he's being sold to Madrid. A distraught Jackie spots Roger entering a brothel and seeks comfort in the arms of her stepson.

star 7.50
6 votes
A Change of Career?

#13 - A Change of Career?

Season 2 - Episode 5 - Aired Feb 5, 2003

Depressed and lonely after discovering that Donna has gone back to Ian, Sal falls into the arms of Fredrica...Stefan's daughter. Tanya worms her way back into the marital home, but even so, Jason treats her badly. Tanya's due in court for drugs offences...will she get sent to prison?! Jason manages to talk his way out of trouble with the Pascoe's and even persuades Kyle to let Jackie keep the baby for the time being. Tanya has another encounter with Darius. Jackie and Jason try to decide what to do about baby Paddy, but have more important things on their mind when he develops a fever.

star 7.40
10 votes
The Ties That Bind

#14 - The Ties That Bind

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired Jan 15, 2003

Ian and Donna are overjoyed to have Holly home...but not so delighted when Stefan tells them that Ian is to be put on the transfer list! Jason has a chat with Jackie about the baby, that he now knows is his. Kyle is questioned by the well as Chardonnay and the press... about the body in the pool - did he have an affair? - After some good work by Hazel though, he was given a full apology when it emerges that he didn't. Chardonnay catches Jackie breastfeeding the baby. After a night drinking with Hazel, Tanya wakes up in bed next to Hazel!...oh dear!

star 7.33
9 votes
Series 4 - Episode 3

#15 - Series 4 - Episode 3

Season 4 - Episode 3 - Aired Apr 14, 2005

Tanya asks Amber to be godmother of 'her' baby, but is unaware that Amber is out for revenge because she's discovered that Pundarik was covered in fake tan when he died. Shannon checks out Harley's story and visits Katie to get the truth about what happened in Spain. On the day of Troy's christening Amber takes to the podium to drop her bombshell... but who'll beleive her? Noah is dating the beautiful Bethany - but is his heart really in this new relationship?

star 7.33
6 votes
Series 4 - Episode 4

#16 - Series 4 - Episode 4

Season 4 - Episode 4 - Aired Apr 21, 2005

Will Katie use her harpoon gun as Darius wakes up to find himself at her mercy!? Noah is pleased as punch - he's done it with a girl and she's gagging for more! At the opening night of Bruno's new club, Tanya steals the show with her new engagement ring, but when Conrad hears the result of the DNA test, the engagement is called off - What will the reprocussions be for Tanya! Roger does the deal on a new player - his son Seb! Hazel is far from amused when she learns that Amber has Tanya's shares, meaning she is now on the board!

star 7.33
6 votes
Take Each Game As It Comes

#17 - Take Each Game As It Comes

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Jan 15, 2002

The Turners worry about their future when they are told that Frank, who remains in a coma, could recover. Ian doesn't want to know when Donna meets the child they gave up for adoption 10 years ago. Tanya catched Jason with Donna's sister, Marie, and learns that Marie was only showing an interest in Salvatore Biagi to make Jason Jealous! Kyle's stag night is as lively as ever, at which Ian is photographed enjoying himself rather too much with two lap-dancers. Chardonnay's hen night goes up in smoke..literally when a couple of drunken fans turn aggressive and cause a terrible accident - will her wedding now take place?!

star 7.29
14 votes
Series 3 - Episode 6

#18 - Series 3 - Episode 6

Season 3 - Episode 6 - Aired Mar 17, 2004

Frank has never felt fitter, and his renewed energy frustrates Tanya, who hoped he would fade fast under her harsh regime of Viagra and sex - will she succees? But she soon has other matters to occupy her time - her arch-enemy Amber has lied about the abduction and Tanya must prove it to Conrad. Kyle's gambling habit threatens to take over his life. Conrad finds out the truth about Amber, who herself begins to turn to dark magic for assistance!

star 7.29
7 votes
Series 4 - Episode 1

#19 - Series 4 - Episode 1

Season 4 - Episode 1 - Aired Mar 31, 2005

Roger takes the players to Spain for a 'bonding session', but will one player's shocking behavior with a girl called Katie cause legal and PR disasters for the entire team?, Meanwhile, the wives have a 'bonding session' of their own. Both Amber and Tanya gave birth to their babies, but Tanya hires a face from the past to do her devious work... will Amber get the upper hand? Harley and Shannon reconcile while Noah takes drastic action to 'cure' his homosexuality!

star 7.29
7 votes
Series 5 - Episode 5

#20 - Series 5 - Episode 5

Season 5 - Episode 5 - Aired Mar 23, 2006

Sparks fly when Tanya meets the footballer on her way back to the UK - and after learning Eva is organising Liberty and Tre's wedding, she wangles herself an invitation, hoping to make her move. Meanwhile, Shannon tells Callum about Trisha's cancer.

star 7.29
7 votes
Series 3 - Episode 2

#21 - Series 3 - Episode 2

Season 3 - Episode 2 - Aired Feb 18, 2004

Amber and Conrad find themselves at the mercy of a Triad gang demanding a huge sum of money. Harley's girlfriend Shannon joins him in London, but soon finds her face doesn't fit and pays a visit to a plastic surgeon. Tanya discovers Frank is broke, and soon sets her sights on Conrad - resulting in a catfight with Amber. Kyle seeks solace in gambling dens.

star 7.27
11 votes
Just Can't Give Up

#22 - Just Can't Give Up

Season 2 - Episode 1 - Aired Jan 8, 2003

Five months have passed since the end of series 1...5 months of hell for Donna and Ian, whose daughter Holly is still missing. Tanya and Frank are in court...not because of Tanya's attack on Frank but because she claims he raped her! Jackie has had her baby in the States and is happily claiming that it's Kyle and Chardonnay's - how long will this act be successful as Jason is beginning to realise that it's his baby from his one night stand with Jackie. Tanya withdrew her allegations against Frank but nothijg happened because she convinced the court that he had mental problems. Ian faced being dropped from the team - especially when he left a game, without telling anyone, to follow a postman with a lead on his daughter's whereabouts...

star 7.25
12 votes
Series 4 - Episode 6

#23 - Series 4 - Episode 6

Season 4 - Episode 6 - Aired May 5, 2005

Bruno Milligan is furious when his club Nabakov's Cocoon gets bad publicity in the tabloids; Roger tries to keep an eye on steroid-abusing son Seb and has to make excuses to Hazel; Harley clashes with Shannon whose desire for celebrity is ruining their lives – especially when she adopts a granny to look good on the docusoap; Conrad goes to great lengths to win back Amber; Seb makes a move on stepmum Jackie after downing loads of vodka; and Amber is intervewied by Dr Neil Fox about her pop single Bhangra Bootie.

star 7.25
4 votes
Series 5 - Episode 7

#24 - Series 5 - Episode 7

Season 5 - Episode 7 - Aired Apr 6, 2006

When Bruno is made club manager, a furious Jackie confronts Garry about his treatment of Roger - only to make an idiot of herself after the boss spikes her drink. Trisha resorts to desperate measures to allay Shannon's suspicions about her cancer. Tanya celebrates winning Paulo by holding a Brazilian fiesta at her home - where the jealous footballer spots his new love flirting with Callum.

star 7.20
5 votes
Series 3 - Episode 1

#25 - Series 3 - Episode 1

Season 3 - Episode 1 - Aired Feb 11, 2004

The deaths of Jason and Chardonnay hit Kyle hard. Three new players have been signed - northern whiz-kid Harley Lawson, Noah Alexander and international striker Conrad Gates. Tanya marries Frank Laslett but is soon smitten by bisexual adventurer Conrad. Jackie dates new manager Roger Webb, much to Kyle's disgust. Tanya and Conrad... become aquinted! Also, Jason's killer is revealed!

star 7.13
8 votes