The WORST Episodes of Dragons' Den (CA)

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Last Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Five well-to-do business execs hold the fate of several aspiring entrepreneurs in their hands as they decide in which person and product to invest their funds. This series is inspired by a British program of the same name.

Episode 4

#1 - Episode 4

Season 3 - Episode 4

An army of working women storm the den for a powerful pitch, The Dragons junk an idea for cleaning shopping carts. Plus reading aids, beauty-tainment, and The Dragons take a bite out of the snack business. Pitches Include: Hardbite Chips, Janestrap, Manicures and Martinis, Moxie Trades, Pristine Cart, Tidy Trailers, Walk and Roll, Whale Tail.

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Episode 5

#2 - Episode 5

Season 3 - Episode 5

An eager entrepreneur tries to woo the dragons into the wine business; a pair of BFFs share their big plans for the plus-size industry, and a father-son duo pitch their multi-purpose caskets. Plus, golf gadgets, dazzling diamonds, and the dragons go Hollywood. Pitches Include: data Sentinel, My Date With Hugh, Explosion Bottlecap, Golf Treadz, Hillberg & Berk Jewelry, Maximum Woman, Rigo Recycler, Walker Hall Winery.

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Episode 1

#3 - Episode 1

Season 5 - Episode 1

In the premiere episode the Dragons get the ball rolling with an inflatable toy; a textbook rental service gets schooled; and a waffle business that leaves you wanting seconds. Plus watch a toilet pitch dissolve right in front of the Dragons. Pitches include: Wannawafel, Dr. Pearson's Wonderful Toy Company, Magzy's Kettle Corn, Seymour Dog Umbrella, Moar Books, SSS Venture International, Damn Heels, Wow Ball.

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Episode 2

#4 - Episode 2

Season 3 - Episode 2

The Dragons are torn between a superior pitcher and his inferior idea, and an acrobatic pitch by an aerial artist has Kevin showing his devilish side. Plus, A+ software for teachers, a better way to Roll up the Rim, and the Canadian sombrero. Pitches Include : Aerial Angels, Canada Caps, Curling Stones, E-Student, Lipstixx, ePawn World, Rim Roller, AFAST Supertank.

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Episode 3

#5 - Episode 3

Season 3 - Episode 3

A husband and wife duo has the dragons breathing fire with their spicy BBQ sauce; two mom-preneurs hope to make life easier with their time-saving inventions. Plus, the dragons get steamed up over hot dogs, anti-freeze, and a secret system for parking tickets. Pitches Include: Amphibicraft, Back Buddie, Bubbie's Best, Eco Anti Freeze, Quicksnap, Buster Rhino, Ski and Skate, Steemee Wonder.

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Episode 3

#6 - Episode 3

Season 5 - Episode 3

A little drama helps to sell a business; a juice jug that's ready to stir things up; and a chair company that brings a splash of colour to the Den. Plus things get messy when the Dragons rip into a diaper business. Pitches include: Easy Padala, Kannikin Pet Products, C.R. Plastic Products, Multipurpose Tool Balancer, EcoBumz, Lobster Branding Machine, Tip Alert, Juice Jug.

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Episode 3

#7 - Episode 3

Season 2 - Episode 3

A prolific inventor with bags and bags of products gets a fiery message from the Dragons; a brother-sister team hopes to get a "sweet" deal with their Calgary teashop; plus a lumberjack trying to save marriages one board game at a time, and a 10-year old boy with a "small" idea that's "big" on potential.

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Episode 6

#8 - Episode 6

Season 2 - Episode 6

An arrogant young entrepreneur makes a bet that Arlene is wrong; a fishing game that starts a bidding war among the Dragons; and a new take on the old pizza box, the Dragons are hoping to clean-up with. Plus homemade dog treats, custom-made blue jeans and a cure for hot flashes that leaves the Dragons cold.

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Episode 5

#9 - Episode 5

Season 2 - Episode 5

A sexy spice peddler makes a desperate plea to the Dragons; a self-proclaimed math whiz challenges the Dragons NOT to give him money and one entrepreneur who's hoping to bring some glam and glitter into the office. Plus, a pitch about weapons sparks a heated debate about business ethics.

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Family Special

#10 - Family Special

Season 13 - Episode 18

With support from their loved ones behind the scenes, will these companies expand their family tree to include a Dragon?

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8 votes
Episode 2

#11 - Episode 2

Season 4 - Episode 2

Twins with their line of lip gloss deliberate an offer; a husband and wife duo receive an icy response from the Dragons; and an eco-friendly clothing line parades through the den. Plus a board game inventor hopes to score a deal but gets off-sided by Kevin. Pitches include: Aerial Angels, Rim Roller, Balmshell, The Doubler, Ebesse Zozo Hot Sauce, Freeze N' Snip, Land of Anne, Modrobes, The Permanent Canadian Flag, Soccer Board Game.

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Episode 5

#12 - Episode 5

Season 4 - Episode 5

Hopeful entrepreneurs look to turn dough into dollars; a burgeoning bra business garners support from Arlene; and the dragons get all shook up as Elvis impersonators invade the Den. Plus, a bear bin takes a beating and reality TV show rejects attempt redemption. Pitches include: Yummy Dough, 9to5 Bra, The Bin 120, Canadian Body Painting Championships, Helmet Tech, Luke & Jock Productions, Mobile Process Service, Pro Elvis Jumpsuits.

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Episode 10

#13 - Episode 10

Season 4 - Episode 10

Two young entrepreneurs look to spice up their pitch with a little skin, diamonds made from an unlikely source, and an unusual underwear company braves the Den. Plus, criminals, culture and a coin-toss wrapped into a board game extravaganza. Pitches include: Pet Deli, Ballbra, Euphoria Smoothies, Trader II, Scoundrels, Hole, Wheel of Life, Augenstern Diamonds, Vantage Wire.

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Episode 4

#14 - Episode 4

Season 5 - Episode 4

A fairy tale that brings hope to germaphobic travelers; a communication tool that combines the old and the new; and two innovative bathroom solutions. Plus, a locally grown berry that has an entrepreneur thinking global. Pitches include: Prairie Berries, Snugabell Mom and Baby Gear, Checker Pool, Unisex Urinal, The Fenis, Fax To Email, ZeoGreen, CleanStay.

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Episode 12

#15 - Episode 12

Season 4 - Episode 12

In this special edition of Dragons’ Den, three Canadian icons bring their wealth of expertise to unsuspecting entrepreneurs. A fashionista brings out her inner Dragon; a seasoned contractor is intrigued by a new tool; and a top home designer who is willing to put her own name on the line. Pitches include: Erica Giuliani, Fixin' Vixens, Kelvin.23, Hazard Prevent Circuit Interrupter, Peashooter Tools, Oliberte.

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Episode 20 (Finale)

#16 - Episode 20 (Finale)

Season 9 - Episode 20

On this special episode of Dragons' Den, we celebrate success in every form. We check in on some of the biggest deals of the season; and for the first time ever, the Dragons reveal their secrets to success, what it takes to get to the top, and what keeps them driven to succeed.

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Episode 6

#17 - Episode 6

Season 1 - Episode 6

The Dragons get a pitch for a hi-tech billboard; an entrepreneur tries to convince the Dragons there's big business in custom-made pet products; and the Dragons are presented with a creepy-crawly business idea for life-sized mobile haunted houses.

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2 votes
Episode 13

#18 - Episode 13

Season 13 - Episode 13

An entrepreneur hopes to continue his success; a group seeks to fill some empty spaces; an entrepreneur hopes the Dragons will breathe new life into her invention; a trio presents its version of a tux.

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9 votes
Episode 15

#19 - Episode 15

Season 9 - Episode 15

A legendary creature is spotted in the Den; an adventurous business model has the Dragons on edge; and a wild opportunity looks to breed success with a Dragon partner. Plus, a delivery business serves up their pitch, and hopes not to get fried.

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7 votes
Second Chances

#20 - Second Chances

Season 10 - Episode 10

An entrepreneur gets back on the horse; a returning company thinks it can break a sweat in an out-of-shape market; a man brings his business back to the table; a team returns with a hardy opportunity.

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16 votes
Episode 17

#21 - Episode 17

Season 9 - Episode 17

Three friends hope they will be able to toast to a Dragon deal; a pair of nurses thinks the Dragons will want in, after they have a chance to sleep on it; and an eager entrepreneur sticks her neck out to see if the Dragons will bite. Plus, a CEO tries to convince the Dragons that seed money is all he needs to grow a super business.

star 6.70
10 votes
Episode 12

#22 - Episode 12

Season 10 - Episode 12

A puzzling pitch leaves the Dragons feeling panicked; an entrepreneur has some slick moves; a business plan with a few kinks; a returning company thinks its Major League partnership will help score a home run.

star 6.72
18 votes
Episode 7

#23 - Episode 7

Season 10 - Episode 7

A music artist enters the Den with his kid-friendly music; a hard-working entrepreneur brings the Dragons to tears; partners present an enlightening demonstration; a trio must make a decision before their offer melts.

star 6.79
19 votes
Episode 16

#24 - Episode 16

Season 9 - Episode 16

Business partners show the Dragons how they'll wipe away the competition; one entrepreneur reveals his strategy in the Den; and a family promises their product will relieve the Dragons' swelling desire for a successful brand. Plus, one business tries to prove they have the right ammunition to zero-in on becoming an industry leader.

star 6.86
7 votes
Episode 8

#25 - Episode 8

Season 10 - Episode 8

An unconventional twist on a Canadian classic; childhood friends hope a contest will score them a deal; a father and son aim to land a partner; a boxer tries to get a Dragon on his team.

star 6.93
14 votes