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Last Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Network: ABC (US)

Shark Tank follows aspiring entrepreneurs as they present various business ideas to moguls (known as "the sharks") in hopes of landing an investment in their ideas. Each week, ambitious entrepreneurs present their breakthrough business concepts to ruthless investors to convince them to invest in the concept.

May 10, 2013

#1 - May 10, 2013

Season 4 - Episode 24

Teaching kids how to ride a bike that doesn't have pedals; a movie about motorcycle racing; a hot-pink food truck run by beautiful women; fun photo booths.

star 8.06
97 votes
Week 9: Kitchen Safe, Off the Cob, Magic Cook, Earth-Log

#2 - Week 9: Kitchen Safe, Off the Cob, Magic Cook, Earth-Log

Season 6 - Episode 10

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman is a guest on the panel. Pitches include a farmer's healthier tortilla chip made from fresh-picked sweet corn, and the manufacturer of scented fire logs. Also: an update on Robert Herjavec's Season 5 investment in a company that sells ugly Christmas sweaters.

star 7.99
160 votes
Week 8, The 100th Episode: Storm Stoppers, Pipsnacks, Squatty Potty, Heidi Ho

#3 - Week 8, The 100th Episode: Storm Stoppers, Pipsnacks, Squatty Potty, Heidi Ho

Season 6 - Episode 9

The Sharks celebrate 100 episodes with a look back at their favorite memories, plus they reveal why they participate on the show, as well as take part in a cake-cutting ceremony and a champagne toast. Also: a mother and son who are concerned with healthy bowels; a plywood alternative for storm protection; organic mini-popcorn created by siblings from Brooklyn; a dairy-free line of plant-based cheeses; and an update on the Living Christmas Company invested in by Mark Cuban during Season 5.

star 7.92
166 votes
Send A Ball

#4 - Send A Ball

Season 1 - Episode 14

A woman begins her presentation with shoe fashions; sisters from Chicago present a hilarious pitch; a man from Florida reinvents the umbrella.

star 7.88
95 votes
May 3, 2013

#5 - May 3, 2013

Season 4 - Episode 23

Frozen concentrated gumbo brick; a bird feeder that shocks squirrels; artisan coffee subscription business; wooden home and kitchen items; ECreamery update.

star 7.88
95 votes
Fridge Fronts

#6 - Fridge Fronts

Season 1 - Episode 15

An entrepreneur from Chicago hopes the sharks can dig him out of a financial hole; a single mother believes her aromatic lip gloss can help women. Fridge Fronts, a magnetic skin with a decorative finish that can be applied to any appliance. New Era Brands, Clip 'n' Go cases for mints, gum and contact lenses. Thin Gloss, an aromatic lip gloss that helps curb your appetite. Lightfilm, a light-up decal for car windows.

star 7.88
99 votes
Week 5: Oilerie USA, Honeyfund, EmergenSee, Beatbox Beverages, Jimmy Kimmel

#7 - Week 5: Oilerie USA, Honeyfund, EmergenSee, Beatbox Beverages, Jimmy Kimmel

Season 6 - Episode 6

An olive oil bar where one can sample oils before purchasing; unique wedding registry idea; a product that can turn a smartphone into a personal security device; boxed wine geared toward millenials; a follow-up on Breathometer.

star 7.88
170 votes
Mod Mom Furniture

#8 - Mod Mom Furniture

Season 2 - Episode 3

Children seek a backer for an idea spawned during a family trip; the sharks fight for a piece of a mother's furniture business; a personal trainer thinks he has the next trend in fitness equipment.

star 7.85
130 votes
Crio Bru, Rugged Races, Cerebral Success, Mo's Bows

#9 - Crio Bru, Rugged Races, Cerebral Success, Mo's Bows

Season 5 - Episode 26

An 11-year-old who handcrafts bow ties; a hot beverage made from roasted cocoa beans; nutritional supplements; a 5K obstacle course race.

star 7.85
149 votes
May 17, 2013 (1)

#10 - May 17, 2013 (1)

Season 4 - Episode 25

Two women pitch their military-inspired jewelry line; traditional British scone; custom furniture; door-to-door luggage pickup service; update on the Scrub Daddy cleaning tool.

star 7.85
104 votes
The Factionist

#11 - The Factionist

Season 1 - Episode 12

Two Texas bicyclists have an idea for a hand degreaser; a college student is passionate about his environmentally friendly clothing line; the sharks find out if lifelong entrepreneur Cactus Jack lost at least 35 pounds to seal a deal.

star 7.84
126 votes
Soupergirl, Bundil, Beyond Sushi, Cup Board Pro

#12 - Soupergirl, Bundil, Beyond Sushi, Cup Board Pro

Season 10 - Episode 3

A mother-daughter duo from Washington D.C., is passionate about their healthy vegan soups; an entrepreneur from Addison, Texas, pitches his new tool to make it simpler to invest in crypto-currency; a chef from New York, New York, wants to expand his vegan sushi restaurants across the nation; and in an emotional pitch, siblings from Long Island, New York, present the product of their late father, an NYC firefighter whose dream was to pitch in The Tank, but passed away before he could.

star 7.82
186 votes
January 11, 2013

#13 - January 11, 2013

Season 4 - Episode 13

A capsule that keeps beverages hot for an extended period; a new way to clean stuffed toys; reinventing the ice cream experience.

star 7.82
106 votes
Week 4: Jungle Jumparoo, The Caddy Girls, Red Dress Boutique, Sun-Staches

#14 - Week 4: Jungle Jumparoo, The Caddy Girls, Red Dress Boutique, Sun-Staches

Season 6 - Episode 5

Entrepreneurs include the owner of an all-female golf caddy company, a couple who believe they have come up with a better, safer way for kids to bounce, and a trio who pitch to the Sharks their fun spin on a classic faceware accessory. Also: an update on Mark Cuban's $2 million investment in the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride during Season 4.

star 7.82
177 votes
March 29, 2013

#15 - March 29, 2013

Season 4 - Episode 20

Two entrepreneurs try to solve the "carmuter triangle"; an 18-year-old seeks an investment in her natural skincare line of sugar scrubs; shrink-wrap gift bags.

star 7.82
115 votes
Week 10: Biaggi, S.W.A.G Essentials, Gameday Couture, Zipz

#16 - Week 10: Biaggi, S.W.A.G Essentials, Gameday Couture, Zipz

Season 6 - Episode 11

A Brooklyn man pitches his business of foldable, wheeled luggage; a Texas woman makes soaps, washes and grooming products; a fashionable line of sports apparel for women; a single-serve wine product; an update on some of Lori Grenier's investments.

star 7.81
167 votes
Week 11: Mensch on a Bench, Eve Drop, Q Flex, Hoppy Paws

#17 - Week 11: Mensch on a Bench, Eve Drop, Q Flex, Hoppy Paws

Season 6 - Episode 12

Products for the holidays are featured, including a stamping kit that proves Santa made a visit. Also: a book and plush toy designed to become a Jewish tradition; an easier way to handle the storage and display of Christmas lights; a 13-year-old girl's device to ease muscle pain; and an update on a Hanukkah tree topper invested in by Daymond John during Season 5.

star 7.81
152 votes
Hot Mama Gowns

#18 - Hot Mama Gowns

Season 2 - Episode 5

An entrepreneur presents a line of luxury maternity gowns; a woman tries to impress the sharks with her homemade cakes; the sharks fight over a stay-at-home dad's product.

star 7.80
125 votes
Week 2: SoapSox, Heart Pup, Ninja Cards, DrumPants

#19 - Week 2: SoapSox, Heart Pup, Ninja Cards, DrumPants

Season 6 - Episode 3

Two men try to sell the Sharks on their stuffed animals for the bathtub, a dog lover from Los Angeles shows off a wearable pet carrier, and ninja entrepreneurs demonstrate a darts-like card game. Also: a follow-up on a custom bike company based in Dallas, which was invested in by Mark and Barbara during Season 3.

star 7.79
192 votes
Baker's Edge, Foot Fairy, Tie-Not, BZBOX

#20 - Baker's Edge, Foot Fairy, Tie-Not, BZBOX

Season 5 - Episode 29

Reusable storage box; reinvented cookware; an iPad app that measures foot sizes; a solution to tying water balloons; follow-ups on past entrepreneurs.

star 7.79
131 votes
Mavens Creamery, Spare, Swoveralls, Somnifix

#21 - Mavens Creamery, Spare, Swoveralls, Somnifix

Season 10 - Episode 20

First into the Tank are sisters from San Jose, California, who combine two delectable desserts into one amazing treat. An entrepreneur from West Hollywood, California, pitches his modern alternative to traditional ATM machines. An entrepreneur from New York City presents his clothing design for both men and women that combines two comfortable fashion trends into one. Last into the Tank is an entrepreneur from Mclean, Virginia, who introduces his hypoallergenic sleeping product that helps reduce snoring and dry mouth.

star 7.78
118 votes
Oru Kayak, Bon Affair, Hargitt Marine Services, Cinnaholic

#22 - Oru Kayak, Bon Affair, Hargitt Marine Services, Cinnaholic

Season 5 - Episode 28

Lighter, healthier wine alternative; deep-sea treasure hunting business; collapsible kayak; decadent cinnamon rolls with a twist; an update on a lobster roll food truck business.

star 7.77
141 votes
Episode 1

#23 - Episode 1

Season 11 - Episode 1

Entrepreneurs from New York City pitch their eco-friendly cleaning supply company which helps reduce plastic waste, while entrepreneurs from Nashville, Tennessee, introduce a science-based snack bar that blocks the absorption of fat when you eat it. An impressive 10-year old “kidprenuer” and her a mom from Honolulu, Hawaii, pitch her safe and fun baby spoon design that eliminates the long sharp design of a traditional spoon. And an entrepreneur from Alexandria, Virginia, presents his frozen food brand that delivers authentic, plant-based East Mediterranean cuisine while also helping with social change.

star 7.77
78 votes

#24 - Toygaroo

Season 2 - Episode 2

A shark wants to invest $4 million in a business; a toy-rental business; a bacon-scented wake-up call; an update on a deal from last season.

star 7.77
142 votes
Cougar Energy

#25 - Cougar Energy

Season 3 - Episode 15

The sharks fight for a chance to go into business with an inventor; two fitness trainers pitch their idea for a unique home gym; a young man seeks an investment in his age-defying products; rapper Pitbull endorses a business.

star 7.75
92 votes