The WORST episodes of Dog Whisperer

Every episode of Dog Whisperer ever, ranked from worst to best by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The worst episodes of Dog Whisperer!

Dog Whisperer follows well-respected animal behaviorist Cesar Millan as he works to help dogs with behavior problems, and their human families. These problems range from excessive barking to behavior, that if not corrected, could leave the owners little choice but to euthanize the dog. Mr. Millan describes his work as "rehabilitating dogs, and training people." Dog owners can learn from him ways to establish a balanced relationship with their dogs that will help to prevent these problems.

Last Updated: 9/7/2023Network: National GeographicStatus: Ended
Ellie & J.J. and Oscar
40 votes

#1 - Ellie & J.J. and Oscar

Season 7 - Episode 3 - Aired 10/22/2010

Actress Missi Pyle and husband Nat Geo Wilds Casey Anderson have Rottie/Lab mix Ellie and Dalmatian JJ. Ellie is dog aggressive and JJ joins in to help on walks, Missi and Casey need Cesar to tame this circus. Sebastian and Rene are expecting their first child and Oscar's fear of children could put the newborn at risk. The Beas had gotten Oscar for their other pit bull, Lola as a playmate. Cesar now needs to answer this 911 call before the baby comes.

Directors: Sueann Fincke
Optimus & Gigi and Sissy
3 votes

#2 - Optimus & Gigi and Sissy

Season 5 - Episode 23 - Aired 10/2/2009

John and Maria's two Great Danes have very different attitudes: Gigi has near perfect behavior while Optimus is far from optimal - leaving the couple wondering where they went wrong in raising the latter. Optimus has bitten John, along with their neighbor and a family friend. Can Cesar transform Optimus' aggressive attitude into that of a more loving dog? Then, Cesar meets Sissy, a shepherd mix who was one of 57 dogs confiscated from a hoarding situation.

Desperate Housedogs
13 votes

#3 - Desperate Housedogs

Season 6 - Episode 12 - Aired 4/9/2010

A once peaceful cul-de-sac is full of tension. Susanne Lee's German shepherd bullies the other dogs. Nancy and John Codeus' three high-energy huskies are impossible to control on walks. Eleanore Godfrey's spaniel/mastiff mix charges and snaps at other dogs when they cross her turf. Amanda and Chuck Parker's Labrador puppy has eaten most of their house. And Holly and Matthew Graczyk can't control their four dogs while on walks. Will Cesar be able to curb this Desperate Housedog drama?

Alice and J
153 votes

#4 - Alice and J

Season 1 - Episode 16 - Aired 7/6/2006

Patrick Lawlor and Karen Erbach have three dogs, one of whom is Alice, a Border Collie mix, who occasionally goes berserk with other dogs, including the two who live with her. There is apparently a pack dominance contest going on between Katie, an Akita, and Alice. It appears that Katie may actually be the aggressor, initiating the fights. Cesar takes Alice to his Dog Psychology Center to work with her in his pack. Patrick and Karen decide that they will walk all three dogs every morning to tire the dogs out before they leave for work, and that they will no longer show favoritism toward Katie. J is a Beagle mix who lives with Janet Canterbury. J nipped a postal carrier, breaking the skin; subsequently the USPS sent a letter to Janet's neighbors stating that mail would not be delivered on that street due to the presence of a vicious dog. Her homeowner's insurer threatened to cancel her insurance, and she was sued by the postal carrier. She calls Cesar for help. He teaches her to not give affection when the dog is anxious because that nurtures the anxiety. He also tells her that she needs to walk J and expose her to those situations that cause the anxiety in order to overcome it and refocus J's mind to a calm state. The aggression may be J's way of draining the anxiety. Cesar shows Janet how to demonstrate the calm assertive behavior that will calm J.

Delta and Dong-Dong (Killer in the Window)
33 votes

#5 - Delta and Dong-Dong (Killer in the Window)

Season 7 - Episode 15 - Aired 2/4/2011

Border collie mix Dong-Dong was rescued from a Taiwan shelter and brought to the U.S. to find a forever home with the Scarborough family. But the only place Dong-Dong can find solace is in a living room chair. Can Cesar help this couch potato? Delta is an aggressive Rottweiler that needs Cesar's help to let passerby's pass by.

Directors: Sueann Fincke
Most Aggressive Breeds
37 votes

#6 - Most Aggressive Breeds

Season 6 - Episode 10 - Aired 3/5/2010

A pit bull attacks two adults and one child in Dallas; a German shepherd attacks its owners; and a Pomeranian kills a 6-week-old girl in Los Angeles. While any size dog can become aggressive, several powerful breeds seem to have developed the worst reputations. Some have even been banned in certain areas of the United States. In a Dog Whisperer poll, more than 10,000 viewers voted for what they thought were the most aggressive breeds.

Maxwell, Brooklyn, and Tipper
5 votes

#7 - Maxwell, Brooklyn, and Tipper

Season 5 - Episode 22 - Aired 9/25/2009

Sabrina Peukert fell in love with her Welsh Sealyham Terrier Maxwell’s cocky attitude. But Sabrina’s constant catering to Maxwell has gotten her nothing but two and a half years of pompous dominance. Giving affection to Maxwell is always on his terms.

Diego and Berkeley (Warrior Dog)
34 votes

#8 - Diego and Berkeley (Warrior Dog)

Season 7 - Episode 12 - Aired 1/14/2011

Paul Mack served in the Coast Guard for almost five years, but when he got out, the adventure wasn’t over. Paul traveled to Argentina, where he spent a week with a pack of the rare Dogo Argentino, an Argentinean hunting dog.

Directors: Sueann Fincke
Wolf-Dogs: Out of the Wild
33 votes

#9 - Wolf-Dogs: Out of the Wild

Season 7 - Episode 4 - Aired 10/29/2010

Due to his lack expertise with wolf-dog hybrids, Cesar brings in wolf-dog expert Jennifer McCarthy to help him in this special episode. They visit the Galvez family, where Sheba has been destroying the backyard and running amok in the neighborhood. Milo Sanchez's hybrid, Ramses, is fighting with English mastiff, Roscoe. Sofie belonging to Janice Reins and Charlie Mendez destroys and escapes whatever confines her. These cases show why Cesar and Jennifer advise against this hybrid breeding.

Directors: Sueann Fincke
Buster, Jack & Marley and Sparky
31 votes

#10 - Buster, Jack & Marley and Sparky

Season 5 - Episode 14 - Aired 5/1/2009

Dog groomer Lauren asks Cesar for assistance with her three worst cases - hyperactive Great Dane Buster; hair dryer devouring Jack, a boxer mix; and fearful Aussie mix, Marley. Then, Jennifer and Michael haven't been able to implement Cesar's techniques with their head strong pit bull Sparky, like their other two dogs.

Seven, Macy, and Lex (Closet Cases)
31 votes

#11 - Seven, Macy, and Lex (Closet Cases)

Season 7 - Episode 14 - Aired 1/28/2011

Jeff and Kelly Ong purchased their first dog, Kaylie, from a breeder. At first, Jeff and Kelly thought Kaylie’s neurotic behavior of barking, running in circles, etc. was cute, but soon realized it to be annoying. In order to try to trump this behavior, the couple got another dog, named Seven. Seven was aggressive from the beginning and did not balance Kaylie at all. In a third attempt to make the dogs behave better, Jeff and Kelly bought Bella, hoping that three dogs would balance out the dynamic.

Directors: Marlene McCurtis
Pepsi and Goldie
148 votes

#12 - Pepsi and Goldie

Season 1 - Episode 20 - Aired 7/10/2006

A Puzzle Named Pepsi Marcela and Bartolo Gonzalez have a German Shepherd named Pepsi and a Himalayan cat named Kitty Love. Pepsi is quite aggressive toward Kitty Love, which concerns the Gonzalez's. As a member of the camera crew finds out the hard way, Pepsi is also very protective of Marcela. Cesar tells them that Marcela's overprotective behavior with Pepsi generates the same behavior from Pepsi toward her. Cesar points out the escalating progression of behavior: excitement, dominance, and aggression. He likens Pepsi's behavior to that of a jealous man-Pepsi is possessive of Marcela, which may well cause Pepsi to bite. Cesar gets Marcela to admit that she allows Pepsi to be the leader, and that by overprotecting him she is creating a barrier between Bartolo and Pepsi. They realize that they both need to participate in the relationship with Pepsi. Bartolo works with Pepsi for awhile and both Marcela and Bartolo can see a difference right away. Spaniel Hospital Jacklyn Zeman, star of General Hospital, and her daughters, Lacey Rose and Cassidy Gorden, have a Brittany Spaniel named Goldie, who is aggressive with other female dogs. They've stopped walking her because they have a large yard, and because she is difficult to walk due to the pulling and female dog-aggression. Cesar points out that dogs still need to be walked regularly even if they do have more than adequate space in the house and yard. Cesar also tells them that from Goldie's point of view, she is number one, she controls Jacklyn and the girls, and she will not allow other female dogs to come and control her females. He teaches them how to be the pack leaders and to master the walk. Jacklyn has a problem getting Goldie to follow her; she is tense, and dogs will not follow tense energy. They work the problem out and commit to a 45 minute walk every day with Goldie.

Mufasa and Tucker (Rocking the Boat)
35 votes

#13 - Mufasa and Tucker (Rocking the Boat)

Season 7 - Episode 13 - Aired 1/21/2011

Mufasa came into Roxanne Husson’s life 6 years ago when she decided to get another dog, a South African Boerboel. At first, Roxanne was intimidated by Mufasa’s size, but as he grew, he also grew on her.

Directors: Marlene McCurtis
Viper and Diesel (K-9 Behind Bars)
35 votes

#14 - Viper and Diesel (K-9 Behind Bars)

Season 7 - Episode 11 - Aired 1/7/2011

As owner and dog handler at All States K9 Detection in Fullerton, California, Chief Harlen “Lamb” Lambert trains dogs to help combat the growing epidemic of contraband cell phones in correctional facilities across the US.

Bella and Jordan
155 votes

#15 - Bella and Jordan

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Aired 7/7/2006

Terror Bella Elisa Francescon and her daughter and niece, Heather and Nicole have a Border Terrier named Bella, who is very aggressive toward anyone coming into the Francescon home. As he usually does first, Cesar and the ladies take Bella for a walk and Bella challenges each of them with her bad behavior on the leash. After they learn to take control of Bella and get her to walk nicely, they work on the door etiquette issue. They are taught to keep Bella on leash when people come in so that they can control her behavior. Un-crossing Jordan Bill Herrera and his sister Barbara Laporte are worried about Jordan's tendency to compulsively attack objects when they walk him. Being a Bulldog, Jordan becomes fixated and is difficult to distract from this behavior. Cesar takes him for a walk to tire him out before starting to work on the obsessive behavior, but Jordan is one tough little cookie and even makes calm Cesar break a sweat. Even all tuckered out, Jordan still tries to get the garden hose, which is one of his obsessions. Cesar returns a week later, and works with them again. It seems to come easier to Barbara than to Bill, who is not by nature very assertive, but he is trying very hard to learn to be calm and assertive with Jordan.

A Dog and His Boy/Mobile Vet
10 votes

#16 - A Dog and His Boy/Mobile Vet

Season 6 - Episode 11 - Aired 3/12/2010

In third grade Josh got his dream dog, a Siberian husky named Spike. But as Spike grew, his sweet demeanor shifted to relentless hyperactive behavior, jumping and nipping incessantly. Can Cesar help young Josh get back the dog he loves? Then, veterinarian Dr. Rick Garcia often helps Cesar and the Dog Psychology Center with routine and emergency calls, but now, it's Dr. Rick who needs help.

Sasha and Shep
166 votes

#17 - Sasha and Shep

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired 7/5/2006

Old Dogs, New Tricks Sasha is an extremely aggressive 12-year-old Lhasa Apso owned by Lois Rubino and Barry Heck. She has been biting her owners for nearly 12 years, and they hope that Cesar can help them. She will not walk on leash, and is very toy and food protective, but Cesar assures them that it is never too late to change aggressive, dominant behavior. He teaches them some methods to regain ownership of their home by taking control of Sasha's food, toys, and walks. He explains that once a dog challenges the owner, like for food or toys, and the owner backs away, the dog is in control-she is the dominant one in the relationship. He further points out that this is a common problem with small, fluffy dogs; since they are so small and cute the owners tend to not provide boundaries and limitations. While Cesar is teaching Lois and Barry how to master the walk, he tells them that using tension to pull the Sasha on the leash on the walk passes the tension to the dog and creates a negative impact on the dog's mind. Cesar shakes a bag of treats to re-focus Sasha's attention. Showdown with Shep Cynthia Holvenstot and her sons Ricky and Jojo Lopez have a German Shepherd Dog named Shep. He is very sweet to them, but can be very unpredictable and hyper. Cynthia is in a wheelchair and would love to be able to walk Shep, but cannot trust him. She tells Cesar that her sons play with him at least 30 minutes a day, but Cesar explains that this activity is like taking a child to Chuck E. Cheese as opposed to piano lessons. Piano lessons are conducive to a calm, submissive state of mind while Chuck E. Cheese just gets them more excited. First he teaches them to master the walk; this will help drain some of Shep's excess energy. Cesar gives Shep the job of carrying a backpack for Cynthia, and he does a great job. He explains that the backpack gives a dog a psychological challenge and makes them feel useful-instead of pulling, now he carries. Three weeks later, C

Cricket and Hemingway & Rigby
65 votes

#18 - Cricket and Hemingway & Rigby

Season 5 - Episode 2 - Aired 12/12/2008

Hemingway, owned by pop star Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and "Fall Out Boy" bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz, is an English bulldog beloved but aggressive. The couple is expecting their first child and are concerned how he would react when the baby arrived. They hoped getting bulldog Rigby would might help, but when the five month old joined, Hemingway's dog aggression escalated. Cesar also rehabilitates Cricket, a retriever who attacks anything between him and his food.

Cesar and the Horse Whisperer
30 votes

#19 - Cesar and the Horse Whisperer

Season 5 - Episode 10 - Aired 4/3/2009

Joan Blank who works with various challenged people at a riding center and needs help. But its going to take two whisperers for her group. Both the horses and her dogs keep her hands full! Chloe, her shepherd mix and Hobo, her Tibetan spaniel mix, chase the working horses and 22-year old mare Cupcake is frightening the riders. While Cesar works with dogs, his enlists the Horse Whisperer Pat Parelli to work with Cupcake. Then back in downtown Los Angeles, Tiffani Hamilton and Jonathan McAlister have two dogs, 1-1/2 year old deaf boxer Ali, and 3 year old schnauzer-poodle mix Maxwell. Maxwell's separation anxiety and extreme dog aggression have the couple worried that Maxwell will get loose and either get hit by a car or hurt by another dog.

Tobi & Riley
64 votes

#20 - Tobi & Riley

Season 5 - Episode 3 - Aired 12/19/2008

Cesar works with sheepdog/collie mix, Tobi who takes over a month to cure at the Dog Psychology Center. Tobi aggressively chases his owners when they walk around their house due to his dislike of sudden movement. Now he has begun to attack and bite guests, especially children. Then Cesar takes on the supposedly easy task of curing a St. Bernard afraid of the stairs, only to discover otherwise.

Cobar and Chase
7 votes

#21 - Cobar and Chase

Season 6 - Episode 14 - Aired 4/23/2010

A dog scared of dog toys? Susan runs a dog toy company in Australia. You would think her koolie named Cobar would be in dog heaven, but Cobar is petrified of squeaky toys. Cobar cowers at even the sight of a dog toy. Cesar takes a whirlwind trip to Oz to quiet Cobar's squeaking fear. Royces shar-pei mix Chase loathes his self-image. When he passes a mirror or window, he lunges at his own reflection. Cesar steps through the looking glass to help Chase accept the dog in the mirror.

Sueki and Coach
199 votes

#22 - Sueki and Coach

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired 9/20/2004

Stubborn Shih Tzu Eula Manocchi and her son Anthan have a Shih Tzu named Sueki who will not walk on a leash; however, when they walk her without a leash, she takes off if there is a distraction. When they try to use a leash, Sueki shuts down, sits down and will not move. Cesar takes her outside, walks away from their home, then puts the leash on her and allows her to stand and get used to it. He says the leash will take her home. He's very patient with her stops and starts, and uses the technique of tapping her back to get her moving when she stops for too long. Soon Cesar gives the leash to Eula to practice, but she is so tense that Sueki shuts down. Cesar shows her how to use her own calm energy to calm Sueki and associate the leash with something positive. One Last Chance Stella and John Albert have two Boxers, Mocha and Coach. Mocha is very quiet and Coach is very active. After nearly five years with the Alberts, Coach began showing very aggressive behavior, forcing the family to reach the decision to have Coach put to sleep. The night before this was to take place, Stella saw an ad in the paper offering help with behavior problems. They called Cesar, who comes to their house to evaluate the situation. They realize that they have been rewarding the behavior they want to stop. Cesar shows them that what Coach needs is exercise and something to occupy his mind. He advises them to take long walks with Coach to relieve some of his pent-up frustration. Cesar returns in two weeks to find that Coach does great on walks, and is well-behaved even with distractions. For this session, they work on Coach's jumping on the fence gate when people go by. Cesar has one of his own dogs, a Pit Bull named Daddy act as the trigger, while Cesar works with Coach on the other side of the fence. Coach responds very quickly to the training.

Neco & Yona and Justice
39 votes

#23 - Neco & Yona and Justice

Season 7 - Episode 7 - Aired 11/19/2010

Search and Rescue volunteers Marcy and Nicholas Razum have a 12 year German Shepherd retiring and two younger dogs 1 year Neco and 10 month Yona who chase shadows instead of training. Justice, a cocker spaniel, tried to bite possible rescue adopters. Chandra Fortier took him in, but he still lunges, barks and tries to bite including her husband.

Directors: Sueann Fincke
Baby Girl
33 votes

#24 - Baby Girl

Season 5 - Episode 16 - Aired 7/24/2009

Suzie Dove Miles, a "cat whisperer," is set on getting a fearful Doberman mix at a shelter. Suzie has tried many of Cesar's exercises with Baby Girl, but needs Cesars expertise to help Baby Girl become a real dog.

Bella, Rocky and Madison & Catalina
34 votes

#25 - Bella, Rocky and Madison & Catalina

Season 5 - Episode 17 - Aired 7/31/2009

Bella harasses her owners and especially their son and his slippers. Rocky, a five-legged, unadoptable miniature pinscher has an attitude. His owners, who run the Venice Beach Freak Show of animals, want it to stop. Pugs, Madison and Catalina are in a constant battle. With the addition of a Chihuahua mix, Sasha, their owners are at a loss to end these doggie brawls. Bella, a terrier, will not leave Kris and Lisa's son, Ryan, alone.

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