The BEST episodes of Creamerie

Every episode of Creamerie ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best episodes of Creamerie!

Eight years after a plague killed all men, three women who run a dairy farm accidentally run over the last surviving male human on the planet in this darkly funny, dystopian series.

Last Updated: 11/27/2022Network:TV2 (NZ)
Episode 6
37 votes

#1 - Episode 6

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired 5/24/2021

Pip races to rescue her friends and Bobby from the Wellness regime, but a figure from the past arrives to turn their world upside down.

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Episode 5
37 votes

#2 - Episode 5

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired 5/17/2021

Pip and Alex must put aside their differences to save their friends from the Bounty Hunter.

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Episode 2
47 votes

#3 - Episode 2

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired 4/26/2021

The mysterious man survives his injuries, but Alex, Jamie and Pip all have very different plans for him.

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Episode 3
46 votes

#4 - Episode 3

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired 5/3/2021

Alex gets to know her prisoner, Pip pushes down her feelings, and Jamie makes a choice that costs the women dearly.

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Episode 4
40 votes

#5 - Episode 4

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired 5/10/2021

After the raid on their farm, the women set out to find more male survivors.

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Episode 1
66 votes

#6 - Episode 1

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired 4/19/2021

Eight years after a viral plague decimated all men, three dairy farmers from Hiro Valley accidentally run over the last surviving male human on the planet.

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