Covert Affairs

The BEST seasons of Covert Affairs

Every season of Covert Affairs ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best seasons of Covert Affairs!

"Covert Affairs" centers on a young CIA operative, Annie Walker, mysteriously summoned to headquarters for duty as a field operative. While Annie believes she's been promoted for her exceptional linguistic skills, there may be something or someone from her past that her CIA bosses are really after. Auggie Anderson is a CIA military intelligence agent who was blinded while on assignment and is Annie's guide in this world of bureaucracy, excitement and intrigue.

Last Updated: 7/28/2022Network: USA Network
Season 2
48 votes

#1 - Season 2

First Aired 6/8/2011

In season two, Annie's personal and professional lives crash into one another, and the balance of her relationships are forever changed.

Season 4
27 votes

#2 - Season 4

First Aired 7/17/2013

Season 1
55 votes

#3 - Season 1

First Aired 7/14/2010

Meet Annie Walker: smart, stunning and the CIA's newest field operative in one of their most secretive branches. Suddenly summoned by headquarters for active duty one month before training is over, she's quickly thrown into a shadowy world full of cons, killers and international crime rings. What she doesn't know is there's something - or someone - from her past that her bosses want badly enough to put her in harm's way. She just has to survive long enough to find out why.

Season 3
37 votes

#4 - Season 3

First Aired 7/11/2012

Everything changes for savvy CIA operative Annie Walker in season three of Covert Affairs. Reassigned to a new and even more covert division of the Agency, Annie takes on missions that become personal and finds herself on dangerous forays into inhospitable territory, while a series of explosive revelations forces her to question her role and what (and who) matters most.

Season 5
30 votes

#5 - Season 5

First Aired 6/25/2014