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Last Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Network: TV Asahi

This anime narrates the story of an orphan, Candice White. The story goes from her early childhood in Pony's home, to her being a nurse in World War 1. Sweet Candy is adopted by a wealthy family, who take care of her. Her best friend is Annie, an orphan too. She too is adopted by another wealthy family. Candy and Annie live their lives trough the beginning of the 20th century. The anime shows all Candy's adventures in her life, her boyfriends, love, and heartaches.

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Happy Like in a Dream

#1 - Happy Like in a Dream

Season 1 - Episode 20 - Aired Feb 18, 1977

Candy now lives at the Ardley estate, together with the Cornwell brothers and Anthony and a closet full of dresses given by great-aunt Elroy. Neil and Eliza still try to persist in their lies and accusations, embarrassing great-aunt and provoking Anthony and the Cornwell brothers to remind them that Candy is a member of the family. When they make Neil beg on his knees for forgiveness, Candy stops them: without their deception, she would not have been sent to Mexico and Grandfather William would not have adopted her to save her. Meanwhile, Anthony has become envious about the hilltop prince, believing Candy only likes Anthony because he looks like the prince. The pendant confirms he must be an Ardley. But Candy declares she does not care who the prince is, and that she likes Anthony for being Anthony. Later, at the festive dinner table, the three young men are stupefied by her appearance in a green dress that matches her eyes and Anthony thinks that Candy reminds him of his dead mother. When Candy deftly repels Eliza and Neil's antics to make her appear without manners, she becomes so ladylike in Anthony's eyes that he starts to daydream about marriage.

star 9.83
30 votes
Father-Tree Knows

#2 - Father-Tree Knows

Season 1 - Episode 26 - Aired Apr 8, 1977

At Pony's Home Candy wallows in her sorrow over Anthony's death. The new, bossy orphan Jimmy is fed up with Candy weeping her days away. He taunts her and calls her cry-baby. Finally, when Candy notices Miss Pony and Sister Lane raising money to buy Christmas gifts, she realizes she has neglected the orphans around her. Supportive of her, Miss Pony directs her to find her way back to life. Candy searches for Jimmy and finds him at the base of Father Tree crying and calling for his mother he lost so recently. The tough boy feels as alone and sad as Candy does. Jimmy challenges Candy to a race and tree-climbing contest to figure out who is the true orphan boss. Candy defeats him along with her anguish over Anthony's death. Meanwhile, Mr. Brown, Anthony's widowed father, visits the Ardley family to mourn his son and asks Archibald and Alistear to gather Anthony's things and give them to Candy. He also expresses the desire to meet her someday.

star 9.80
30 votes
A Rose-Scented Birthday

#3 - A Rose-Scented Birthday

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Dec 17, 1976

Someone has savagely cut Anthony's rose bushes and stole his pink roses. All evidence points to Candy who has a vase full of beautiful pink roses in her barn, which she assumes are a gift from Anthony. When Candy learns from Alistear what has occurred, she suspects Neil. Neil explains the thorn scratches on his hand as the result of playing with Sylvia, the family cat. When Anthony does not want to see Candy, she is sure that everybody believes the worst of her. Archibald finds a witness who saw Neil leave the Leagan estate the night before and the three young men trick Neil into confessing. But by then Candy is already gone in Archibald's rowboat to return to Pony's Home on the river that changes into rapid water leading to a huge waterfall. The vagabond Albert saves her from drowning and, before disappearing, directs her to write him a note in a bottle if she should ever require his assistance. When the three worried Ardley boys find Candy, Anthony explains he did not want her to see his birthday gift yet, a new rose called 'Sweet Candy'.

star 9.79
29 votes
The Man Who Forgot His Past

#4 - The Man Who Forgot His Past

Season 1 - Episode 86 - Aired Jul 7, 1978

Dr. Leonard houses Albert in an unpleasant room because nobody knows who he really is, who is his family, where he lives. And Albert is unable to tell, because he lost his memory. Candy realizes she cannot help in that department. She does not know his family name, nor his address. What they do know is that he was a victim of a bomb explosion on a train in Italy, protected Poope with his body, and that there was a spy on the train. He was brought to St Joanna Hospital, because the only two things he repeated over and over was America and Chicago. Candy cries foul whenever people suspect him of being a spy, but the prejudice remains. The Cornwell brothers and Annie manage to distract Candy for a while when they surprise her with Patricia waiting for her in the garden. Patricia's remarks about London of their mutual past and London of now in war, brings back memories of Albert's situation and Candy breaks down crying, explaining Albert's plight. They wish to see Albert themselves, but can do little for either Candy or Albert. Candy goes back to work, intent on making things more comfortable for Albert when she finds him awake finally. But Albert does not recognize either Candy or Poope. He does not even know his own name.

star 9.79
29 votes
The First Date

#5 - The First Date

Season 1 - Episode 23 - Aired Mar 11, 1977

When Anthony's rodeo prize calf wanders into the house in the middle of the night, Great-aunt Elroy orders it to be removed from the premises. Anthony and Candy take the calf into town and look for a new owner there. At the fair they finally meet Steve, Tom's father, who adopts the calf gladly as long as he gets to buy it. Neither Candy or Anthony ever possessed or used any money before and have all they need anyway. So, they decide to spend the money on a service. They take a horsemill ride at the fair, but since they are the first customers, they get a free ride. Then the twelve-year-old Candy and fourteen-year-old Anthony decide to eat hot dogs in a diner. When the owner recognizes Anthony as the winner of the rodeo, he gives him the hot dogs for free. Still looking for a way to spend the money on a service, they decide to visit a fortune teller. Candy will have a happy future full of love, but Anthony's cards foretell death. While it upsets Candy, Anthony assures her he is no child anymore and he is not afraid whether he comes to harm or not. They end the day at dusk by climbing the church's bell tower and enjoy the view. They have only two coins left of their money, which they keep for memory's sake.

star 9.77
31 votes
The Lonesome Three

#6 - The Lonesome Three

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Dec 24, 1976

Neil attempts to poison the horses, however, a shadow rushes into the barn and punches him, before running out again just as Candy arrives. Eliza blames Candy for Neil's black eye at the first opportunity, and torn between his pride, Eliza's wishes and his mother's insistence, Neil elects to blame Candy. Candy realizes it must have been Albert. She writes him a letter, puts it into a bottle, throws it in the river and follows it from the bank, reasoning it will lead her to Albert. He finds her in the morning and takes her to his home, a large but ruined estate of the Ardley family, which he shares with several forest animals. When several gunmen arrive at the old house, Albert makes a hasty retreat and leaves Candy to deal with them by herself. They take her with them to the Ardley home where the boys hope to convince their great-aunt to adopt Candy: only she is able to teach "naughty" Candy to behave. But Eliza spoils the happy conclusion by revealing Candy has led a vagabond life. Disgusted with Eliza and his great-aunt, Anthony starts to see the benefit in leading the life of a vagabond, and, for that day, they gallop off on his horse.

star 9.77
30 votes
Departure to an Unknown Country

#7 - Departure to an Unknown Country

Season 1 - Episode 16 - Aired Jan 21, 1977

The day before leaving for Mexico, Candy wishes to say farewell to Anthony, but instead witnesses how Anthony denounces his great-aunt when she orders her cousins never to play with the "thief" Candy. It does Candy's heart much good that all three believe in her, but she does not want Anthony to lose his family over her. She will go to Mexico and write him each day. But after overhearing the servants talking about the Mexican circumstances, Candy loses her courage with the passing hours. Anthony leaves her a branch of Sweet Candy roses in a pot, along with a note promising he will do everything he can to stop her removal from Lakewood. Suspecting Neil, the three young men make him confess under duress. Neil promises to clear Candy's name before their great-aunt the next day, before Candy is meant to leave for Mexico.

star 9.76
29 votes
Transcending the Sadness for the Sake of Tomorrow

#8 - Transcending the Sadness for the Sake of Tomorrow

Season 1 - Episode 25 - Aired Mar 25, 1977

While the Ardley family buries Anthony, Candy suffers a severe fever and nightmares. Anthony's rose garden seems dead. Neither Candy, nor great-aunt Elroy leave their rooms, let alone the house. When great-aunt Elroy gives Neil her permission to take anything he likes out of Anthony's room, Candy tries to reason with great-aunt without much success, and is horrified when Eliza and the gardener of the Leagans, Mr. Whittman, are uprooting Anthony's roses. Candy's passionate argument that Anthony's spirit will return when the roses bloom again makes the servants pause to reflect on their actions. If Eliza wants Anthony's roses, then she can do it herself, just as Anthony grew them with his own two hands. While Candy wanders through the forest, searching for a way to live with her memories of Anthony and her sorrow, Annie comes to visit per her father's suggestion and meets her. Annie encourages Candy to recall Pony's Home. As Annie and Candy return to the house, Annie discovers the sole rose in bloom in the garden, a Sweet Candy. Candy transplants the Sweet Candy on Pony Hill while she visits Pony's Home for a holiday of the sorrowful heart.

star 9.76
29 votes
A Present of Angels

#9 - A Present of Angels

Season 1 - Episode 27 - Aired Apr 15, 1977

As Christmas day draws near, the news comes it might be their final Christmas: the owner of the land of Pony's Home, Mr. Cartwright, wants to expand his cattle range and wishes to evict everyone. Candy takes seven-year-old Jimmy with her to talk with Mr. Cartwright in person. After escaping an intimidating cowpoke, Candy investigates the premises and notices a gardener who is making sure the trees will keep warm through the snowy winter. She asks him where she can find Mr. Cartwright. When he asks her why she wants to talk to him, she launches a defaming tirade about his greed and heartlessness, not knowing the gardener is Mr. Cartright. When the intimidating cowpoke appears on the scene again, Candy and Jimmy run to return to Pony's Home and find out the gardener's true identity. Candy fears the worst for Pony's Home. In a last attempt to soften Mr. Cartwright, Candy leads the orphans dressed like angels to his home. Each "angel" gifts the rough men a kiss for Christmas. Not even the roughest of the cowboys is able to resist such a confrontation with innocence.

star 9.76
29 votes
You're Cute When You Smile!

#10 - You're Cute When You Smile!

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Oct 22, 1976

Annie is happy at her new rich home; she feels as if living a dream and hopes to invite Candy to her new home. But Mrs. Brighton does not want people to know Annie lived at Pony's Home and Annie has to break all contact. After Annie's final goodbye letter, Candy runs off into the hills and forest where she meets a handsome "prince", dressed in a kilt, who plays her a song on his bagpipes to make her smile again. He tells her she is prettier when she smiles than when she cries. But he vanishes into thin air soon after. Solely the pendant with a small bell that he dropped is evidence of his existence. Back at Pony's Home a representative of the Leagan family from Lakewood visits to convey the Leagans wish to adopt Candy as a playmate for their daughter. Lakewood is close to Jasper, where Annie lives, and the representative's car has the same sign as the prince's pendant. When Candy learns that the Leagans have a seventeen-year-old son, she agrees to the adoption.

star 9.73
30 votes
A Pigeon That Carried Friendship

#11 - A Pigeon That Carried Friendship

Season 1 - Episode 21 - Aired Feb 25, 1977

While Candy is bored by having to learn the aristocratic ways - being dressed, butlers delivering messages, learning all the Ardley names, dates of birth and death by heart - Eliza lures Anthony on a horse riding trip with a lie. After a dispute over it, both horse riders nearly collide with Tom's cart. When Tom demands repayment for the spilt milk, Anthony gives his name, before leaving with Eliza to have her taken care off and upon her pleas remains at her bedside until late at night. Upset at being snubbed by Anthony's no-show, Tom first accuses Anthony of being a coward and a womanizer at the Leagan estate and then at the Ardleys. Early the next morning, Anthony meets Tom in the forest to own up for his mistakes. They hold a fistfight that ends at stalemate when both are exhausted and agree to be friends. To make amends, Anthony and Candy escort Tom when he delivers the milk, and this inspires the townspeople to gossip. Great-aunt Elroy is so incensed that she confines Candy to the house and sends Anthony to live in the dilapidated mountain mansion where Albert used to live. Anthony spends his time with Tom, working at the house and training a pigeon to carry a message to the forlorn Candy. In the message he assures her that he loves his new living situation and freedom.

star 9.73
30 votes
At the End of the Difficult Journey

#12 - At the End of the Difficult Journey

Season 1 - Episode 19 - Aired Feb 11, 1977

Sam transports Candy to a hotel where he meets his boss Mr. George from London. Several times Candy tries to escape, each time unsuccessfully. People laugh at her pleas for help and Candy is treated incredibly well. But eventually, Sam locks her up in the cellar to prevent any more escape attempts. Meanwhile Mr. Garcia arrives at the Ardley estate and brings the sad news of Candy's abduction. Realizing they cannot afford Pony's Home learning of this, the great-aunt wants Candy saved at all cost. Anthony and the Cornwell brothers set off in Alistear's car, while Candy is being transported eastward to New Orleans. Fearing Sam intends to put her on a ship to Europe, Candy escapes once more, this time successfully hiding in a cartload of hay. Candy boards a freight train when she sees Sam's car, unaware that her three friends commandeered it after meeting Sam. When the train stops and Candy is discovered, she runs into a forest. She collapses from exhaustion to wake the next day to the scent of roses - the Ardley rose gates - and into Anthony's arms. Right then Mr. George arrives in Mr. William's car with a letter from Mr. William Ardley who declares Candy as his foster daughter per the request of the three young men who wrote him to adopt her.

star 9.72
29 votes
Setting Out on a Voyage Towards Hope

#13 - Setting Out on a Voyage Towards Hope

Season 1 - Episode 29 - Aired May 6, 1977

While surprised, Miss Pony and Sister Lane give their consent for Candy to become a caretaker and teacher with them. But when Candy returns from a field trip with the orphans, Candy notices a fancy car, thinking it must be Archibald and Alistear visiting before they leave for London. Instead it is Mr. George who has come to retrieve Candy, not to the estate, but London. Miss Pony and Sister Lane agree it would be the best thing: she must be educated first before being either a caretaker or teacher. Upset, Candy runs off with Jimmy in a rainstorm. Wet to the bone, Jimmy develops a high fever and despite her efforts Candy cannot help him. Luckily, the adults catch up, and while George takes the ailing Jimmy in his arms, Sister Lane slaps the panicking Candy. Candy realizes she is a playmate to the other orphans rather than a caretaker and she accepts the trip to London, even if Jimmy swears he hates her for not keeping her promise.

star 9.72
29 votes
Sounds of Joy Roar in the Valley

#14 - Sounds of Joy Roar in the Valley

Season 1 - Episode 108 - Aired Dec 15, 1978

Belle takes off with the small cargo train in order to catch the train to Chicago by herself. Hearing the steam whistle that Belle loves to sound, the workers, Annie, Archibald and Candy run outside and run after it. Candy is just in time to jump in the last wagon and climbs to the front from one to the other. But as the train gains speed and hits a curve, Candy is almost thrown off and can barely hold on. In order to save Candy's life, Belle decides to stop the train after all. When Eliza discovers the whereabouts of Annie and Archibald she uses her ties in Candy's hospital. Annie and Archibald are ordered back to Chicago, while Candy will be transferred to Alaska. Just as the three of them leave, Margot returns, exhausted but exonerated, allowing Belle to stay in Graytown. Candy returns to the construction site with the weakened Margot to take care of her as nurse. But Archibald and Annie continue to Chicago in order to use their own ties to protect Candy's work. As an unexpected bonus, Candy is asked to do the honors of blasting out the final wall before being thrown a farewell party where she is given amended transfer orders complete with a week's vacation.

star 9.71
28 votes
The Old Arbor of the Spring

#15 - The Old Arbor of the Spring

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired Jan 7, 1977

Mr. Leagan returns home from a long absence to find Candy downgraded to a servant, and decides Candy deserves a holiday at Pony's Home. Once there, Candy learns their neighbour, Mr. Cartwright, sold Father Tree to the eccentric Mr. Flannigan from Washington. He wants the tree all to himself, because he believes it would surrender the best business ideas. Candy leads the orphans and farm animals into an insurgency against the workers preparing the cutting and transportation of the tree. Mr. Flannigan and Candy hold a climbing match and, at a stalemate in the treetop, the two negotiate their options. Candy makes valid arguments for the tree to remain at the Pony hilltop, which prompts Mr. Flannigan to decide to buy out Pony's Home and build his own home instead. Candy then gets the idea to make it appear as if the tree is dying by painting all the leaves yellow. The ruse almost works, but for the rain that washes all the paint off. Furious, Mr. Flannigan orders his workers into action—were it not for a single orphan high up in the tree crying out to save her "father". Then the old man realizes the tree is like a parent to the orphans and renounces his claim.

star 9.71
31 votes
The Barn Princess

#16 - The Barn Princess

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Dec 3, 1976

Mrs. Leagan banishes Candy to sleep in the barn. While the horses and she appreciate each other and Candy is happy to sleep with Klint, Candy hopes to conceal the truth from Anthony, as well as from little orphan John and Sister Mary when they visit unexpectedly. Mrs. Leagan agrees to the charade in the face of Sister Mary. But Candy's dirty and bruised working hands cannot hide the truth. Sister Mary reveals to Candy what she knows and wants to take Candy back home with her. But after meeting the Cornwell brothers, she thinks Candy has all she needs to be truly happy: friends. Realizing that Anthony must know too, Candy fears he will avoid her from now on. But Anthony enters the barn, apologizing for not being a gentleman the day before and letting her carry his load when he knows she works so hard already. He presents her a rose, promising that he will give her a more beautiful one on her next birthday, which will be in May from now on.

star 9.70
30 votes
A New Day in the Old Capital

#17 - A New Day in the Old Capital

Season 1 - Episode 31 - Aired May 20, 1977

Candy approaches the young man who sheds tears at the ship's railing and does not even remotely resemble Anthony. The son of the Duke of Grandchester turns, disturbed out of his reverie, laughs loudly and calls Candy "freckles" before retreating as George walks onto the scene. Candy is welcomed into Southampton by Alistear and Archibald. Because the strict school does not allow pets, George wants to give Klint to the zoo. But when Terry Grandchester chases their carriage and its horses off the road, honking his horn, Klint makes a break for it. When they find Kint playing dead, Alistear has the idea that Klint could pretend to be a fur collar around Candy's neck. After a sightseeing tour in London, Candy proposes to visit grandfather William, whom neither has ever seen, at the Savoy Hotel. But inside, they only find the insolent Terry who gives "Freckles" a letter from Grandfather William. Candy's guardian has already left on his voyage back for the US and advises Candy to study hard, to grow into a lady. He promises that some day they will meet. Finally, they arrive at Saint Paul's Academy, where Candy learns the principal has been waiting for her arrival for three hours already. This does not bode well.

star 9.70
30 votes
Fate-Guiding Cross

#18 - Fate-Guiding Cross

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Aired Feb 4, 1977

Candy saves Mr. Garcia from a snakebite and Klint kills the dangerous rattlesnake. They halt at a Texan town where he wants to pick up some laborers. But when the local sheriff cautions them against kidnappers that sell children to childless Europeans, Mr. Garcia immediately goes on his way, not even caring about laborers anymore: Candy might render him a lot of money if he sells her to the child traffickers. While they sleep, bandits enter their night camp. Not finding anything of value, they intend to kill Mr. Garcia, but the coward exchanges his life for the knowledge they could sell Candy to child traffickers and runs off, leaving Candy with the bandits at the camp. But Mr. Garcia's conscience plays up and he returns for a daring rescue. Having managed to save both Candy and the cart, Mr Garcia did something for someone else for the first time in his life. But just then a motorist arrives out of nowhere, seizes Candy and Klint, and rushes off at a fast pace into the sunset

star 9.69
29 votes
Scar on the Healed Soul

#19 - Scar on the Healed Soul

Season 1 - Episode 28 - Aired Apr 29, 1977

Miss Pony and Sister Lane wonder about the Ardleys' silence and what will become of Candy. When Candy learns that Mr. Cartwright wants to adopt Candy, she thinks becoming a cowgirl might fit her better than becoming an Ardley lady. Still, Candy feels it would betray the Ardleys even if she were never to return. On Mr. Cartwright's cart Candy rides the orphans to Tom's ranch after receiving an invitation from him. There she sees Alistear and Archibald again. The meeting opens a whole new venue of emotions, shared memories as well as love and sorrow. When Tom puts on a rodeo for entertainment, he inadvertently reminds Candy of Anthony's performance, as well as the accident. The barely healed wound is ripped open all over again and Candy flees, crying her heart out. Strangely enough, Albert appears and tells her that she has cried enough. It is time to choose her path in life. Candy rejoins the party and rodeo dance, while Alistear and Archibald inform her they are going to London to be educated. On the drive back, Candy ponders her options and realizes the orphans look up to her. She decides her path is Pony's Home and taking care of the orphans.

star 9.69
29 votes
A Wrinkled Transferee

#20 - A Wrinkled Transferee

Season 1 - Episode 33 - Aired Jun 3, 1977

Terry breaks into the girls' dorm, waving off Sister Margaret's warnings and assuring her his father will pay for the broken window. When Candy returns to her room, she encounters Patricia's grandmother Marsha there. Terry helped the old woman sneak into Candy's room by creating the diversion. Candy shows Marsha to Patricia's room. Marsha who has been home-schooled wants to stay a few days to see for herself how a boarding school compares to it. Patricia is much too afraid to hide her, so Candy decides to house Marsha. Marsha repays Candy by playing the violin and aiding Candy with her math homework. Suspicious of the music coming from Candy's room, Eliza challenges Candy into a recital. Candy pretends to play the violin, while the true virtuoso hides behind a curtain. But Eliza will not be fooled and pulls away the curtain and finds Patricia who pretends to be the real violinist. After witnessing a few more pranks from Eliza, Marsha fumes over the school allowing such bullying, but then as Patricia and Candy grow to become friends she admits that one could also befriend wonderful people like Candy.

star 9.67
30 votes
The Inverted Envelope

#21 - The Inverted Envelope

Season 1 - Episode 34 - Aired Jun 10, 1977

When Eliza's attempt to defame Candy by disparaging a letter from Pony's Home and to trick her into a violent reaction backfires, Eliza involves Neil who forces Candy into the forest where two of his friends wait to molest her. Terry intervenes using his whip and fists, sending the cowards running. Yet Terry rejects Candy's gratitude and teases her with her puppy love reaction long enough that he upsets Candy into disliking him. While she attempts to write to Miss Pony, images of Terry wander around in her mind. Patricia passes Candy a note in Morse code from Archibald. Using a torch, from the other side of the park, Archibald invites Candy over to his room for late night chocolate, Klint and Alistear's latest invention. Archibald dislikes Terry, especially after Terry punched him in the face for a minor mistake. It is revealed that Annie Brighton writes letters to Archibald once a week. Candy learns that Annie wants to enroll in the Academy as well. But her excitement is tempered by the fact that Annie does not want her origin known.

star 9.67
30 votes
The Dance Where I Met Him

#22 - The Dance Where I Met Him

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Nov 26, 1976

Upon entering the ball, Candy finally meets her prince, Anthony Brown. Strangely enough, Eliza's favorite remembers the encounter at the rose gates, but not the hilltop meeting. Great-aunt Elroy chastises the Leagans for bringing their maidservant in such informal dress if she is Archibald's and Alistear's special guest. The two Cornwell brothers and Anthony intercede on Candy's behalf. Tricked by Eliza, Candy gets locked up inside a dark room in a hallway that fits the description of Archibald's ghost story. Meanwhile, Eliza detains Anthony from searching for Candy by dancing with him. In a panic Candy manages to break down the door and Anthony finds her. The brothers gift her a ballroom dress and Anthony gifts her some of his late mother's jewelry. Candy joins the dancing with all three young bachelors, making a good impression. Candy asks Anthony whether he knows Pony Hill, but he tells her no, confirming that, though he looks like her prince, Anthony cannot be the hilltop prince after all.

star 9.63
30 votes
From Today, I'll Be a Princess?

#23 - From Today, I'll Be a Princess?

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Oct 29, 1976

Candy departs for Lakeweood together with her raccoon Klint. She hitches a ride with Tom and his father Mr. Steave on their wagon. Mr. Steave expresses his doubts about the Leagans and advises Candy to be strong and never cry. From the very moment of her arrival, Candy is the victim of the nasty pranks by the Leagan children, Neil and Eliza. Neil is not the blonde prince and Mrs. Leagan tells Candy she is Miss Eliza's playmate, not a sister, nor her daughter. Mr. Leagan is kinder and convinced that Candy is exactly the friend his children need. However, he is often absent and lets his wife deal with the children. Meanwhile the servant girl Dorothy is too afraid to back up Candy's version of events against Neil's twisted versions. Candy has all the motivation to run back for Pony's home. But when she discovers a portrait of her prince in the attic where she sleeps, and learns from Dorothy that he spends his holidays in the area, she decides to stay.

star 9.61
31 votes
A Small Ribbon Connecting Hearts

#24 - A Small Ribbon Connecting Hearts

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Dec 10, 1976

When Mrs. Brighton and Annie come to visit the Leagans, Annie pretends not to know either Candy or Klint and Mrs. Brighton begs Candy to keep Annie's secret. Up to their usual tricks, Neil and Eliza press Annie into horse riding, frighten the horse Cleopatra into a panicking gallop and then persuade the adults that Candy caused the incident. Candy races after Annie, manages to grab the reins and halt Cleopatra. Finally alone, Annie admits she is unhappy and cannot forget everything and everyone that ever made her happy. When Candy comes to blows with Neil, exhorting a promise from him to never hurt Annie again, Eliza perverts the situation so that either Annie or Candy have to confess the truth about Annie's past.

star 9.61
33 votes
Take Off! Adventuring Together

#25 - Take Off! Adventuring Together

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 8, 1976

Annie's desire to have parents makes her melancholic, and Candy decides on a plan to lift Annie's spirits: a countryside picnic. They leave on their little adventure, the next morning, leaving a letter for Miss Pony and Sister Mary to inform them about Candy's plan. Candy and Annie enjoy their first taste of wine, slide of hillsides and chase a fawn into the forest. Tomboy Candy takes the initiative and Annie follows. To appease Annie's concern, Candy rigs a rope to a tree branch across the river when they wade in the refreshing water of a stream with a strong current. But the current is still too strong, and they are swept away once the branch breaks off. Luckily Mr. Brighton and his farmhand discover and rescue the girls while they are hunting. At the impressive Brighton hunting lodge they get dry, rich clothes, are welcomed to a barbecue and invited to ride the horse. Annie behaves well in front of these friendly strangers, while Candy is her cheeky self. During the horse riding, Annie suggests Candy they could ask Mr. Brighton to adopt them both so they can stay together forever. The idea of leaving Pony's Home angers Candy. The two girls fight and argue and Candy runs off back to Pony's Home, where she comes upon Sister Mary searching for little John who has disappeared during Annie's and Candy's absence. Candy discovers him sleeping up in the big Pony tree where he waited to be the first to see Annie and Candy return from their outing. While Annie stays the night at the Brighton estate, both girls are unable to sleep, missing each other. Annie returns the next morning, bringing Candy's favorite candy from the Brighton estate. Happy to be together again, they swear never to be separated.

star 9.58
33 votes