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Created by world-renowned supermodel Tyra Banks, who executive produces the series with Ken Mok, AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL chronicles the transformation of everyday young women into potentially fierce supermodels. Fourteen participants will live together and vie for the incredible grand prize: an opportunity to be managed by Ford Models, a fashion spread in Elle magazine, and a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl. Cameras catch each moment as participants face weekly tests that determine who makes the cut. With mentoring by supermodel Tyra Banks and exposure to high-profile fashion industry gurus, the finalists compete in a highly accelerated modeling boot camp, a crash course that could lead to supermodel fame. Participants are asked to demonstrate both inner and outer beauty as they master complicated catwalks, intense physical fitness, fashion photo shoots and publicity skills, all under 24-hour-a-day surveillance of the AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL cameras.

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British Invasion
9 votes

#1 - British Invasion

First Aired 3/1/2012

A fierce new edition of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL returns with Cycle 18 and its first-ever "British Invasion," featuring former contestants from BRITAIN'S NEXT TOP MODEL and an all-new crop of American model hopefuls competing for the grand prize. This cycle will feature a variety of seasoned women from across the pond that will do whatever it takes to make it as a model in America. They will compete against not only each other but a group of aspiring American models. Emotions run high, the women are divided and the competition is intense as they vie for the grand prize.

Season 15
6 votes

#2 - Season 15

First Aired 9/9/2010

AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL goes high-fashion for cycle 15. The show features Tyra Banks and gives real young women of various backgrounds, shapes and sizes an opportunity to prove that they can make it in the high-stress, high-stakes world of high fashion supermodeling.

Season 3
17 votes

#3 - Season 3

First Aired 9/23/2004

8 votes

#4 - All-Stars

First Aired 9/15/2011

AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL returns for another season, with Tyra Banks kicking off cycle seventeen by bringing back an all-star cast of fan favorites and outrageous characters from previous cycles of the show. These women of various backgrounds, shapes and sizes return to prove that they can make it in the high-stress, high-stakes world of modeling and celebrity, featuring an exciting line-up of special guest judges. There is a lot at stake with these seasoned veterans, poised to earn the prestigious title of "America's Next Top Model," that previously eluded them. Time has passed and these models have changed - for better and for worse. In addition to exposure to prolific fashion-industry gurus and successful entrepreneurs, the finalists will compete in complicated catwalks, ambitious fashion photo shoots and work to carefully craft their public personas, all under 24-hour-a-day surveillance of the cameras that chronicle every move.

Season 12
13 votes

#5 - Season 12

First Aired 3/5/2009

Season 10
11 votes

#6 - Season 10

First Aired 2/21/2008

Season 22
31 votes

#7 - Season 22

First Aired 8/6/2015

Season 4
13 votes

#8 - Season 4

First Aired 3/3/2005

Season 20
19 votes

#9 - Season 20

First Aired 8/3/2013

Season 20 includes a new twist – men! The first-ever “Guys and Girls” edition with eight men and eight women living under one roof to battle it out to earn the prestigious title of “America’s Next Top Model.”

Season 2
17 votes

#10 - Season 2

First Aired 1/14/2004

Season 11
9 votes

#11 - Season 11

First Aired 9/4/2008

Season 7
12 votes

#12 - Season 7

First Aired 9/21/2006

Season 13
11 votes

#13 - Season 13

First Aired 9/10/2009

Season 9
10 votes

#14 - Season 9

First Aired 9/20/2007

Season 16
5 votes

#15 - Season 16

First Aired 2/24/2011

Season 14
8 votes

#16 - Season 14

First Aired 3/11/2010

College Edition
14 votes

#17 - College Edition

First Aired 8/25/2012

Season 6
9 votes

#18 - Season 6

First Aired 3/9/2006

Season 1
23 votes

#19 - Season 1

First Aired 5/21/2003

Season 5
12 votes

#20 - Season 5

First Aired 9/22/2005

Cycle 8
10 votes

#21 - Cycle 8

First Aired 3/1/2007

The competition intensifies for the eighth cycle of The CW's hit series "America's Next Top Model," as 13 finalists fight to turn their dreams of becoming a top model into reality. This season, an incredible transformation takes place as the finalists face tougher challenges and photo shoots ranging from the very glamorous to high-tech to controversial, all while living under one roof in a posh Los Angeles mansion. During this cycle, the 13 participants live together and ferociously vie for the grand prize, competing in a highly accelerated modeling boot camp. The participants' abilities are tested each week as they strive to master the runway and fashion photo shoots, perfect publicity skills and learn the business aspects of becoming a supermodel, all under 24-hour-a-day surveillance of the "America's Next Top Model" cameras.

Season 21
19 votes

#22 - Season 21

First Aired 8/19/2014

Season 21, the second “Guys and Girls” edition. welcomes a fan favorite back to the judging panel: J. Alexander, a.k.a. “Miss J.”

Season 24
11 votes

#23 - Season 24

First Aired 1/10/2018

The BOSS is back! Season 24 struts back onto the VH1 stage with Tyra Banks returning as host and returning judges Drew Elliott, Law Roach and Ashley Graham, alongside an ensemble of new experts and a whole new set of prizes in the city where dreams are made: Los Angeles. The competition will once again feature an all-female cast competing for the crown, but this time around the age limit has been lifted.

Season 23
13 votes

#24 - Season 23

First Aired 12/13/2016

Season 23 reinvents the show with a brand new host, new panel members, and a slew of new experts. Returning to its roots, the competition once again features an all-female cast competing for the crown and a whole new set of prizes, returning to the place where it all began: New York City. Singer, actress and entrepreneur Rita Ora hosts with supermodel and body activist Ashley Graham, Paper Magazine Chief Creative Officer Drew Elliott and celebrity stylist and image architect Law Roach serving as judges. Show creator Tyra Banks makes surprise appearances throughout the season.