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Time Goes By
241 votes

#1 - Time Goes By

Can a shattered family be like a “whole” again? Year 1967…Oceangoing master, Ali Akarsu spends the most of his time away from his family. While he is away, his wife Cemile takes care of their four children. She tries to cover up her husband’s deficiency. The story begins with the return of Ali from his voyage. All the family members are happy that Ali’s coming back from his voyage but they are unaware of the fact that this return will change their lives forever. This time there is a dark side of this return no one knows about. He acts different to everyone, especially Cemile. One day, Cemile finds a letter in Ali’s pocket which will lead to many events that will make the Akarsu family upside down, a letter that will reveal all his love secrets. After reading this letter, Cemile finds out that Ali has an affair with a foreign woman named Caroline. From that moment on, nothing stays the same. Will Cemile forgive her husband? Will Ali choose to stay with Cemile or his secret love? Will the children forgive Ali and accept this affair or make him leave the family?

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Poyraz Karayel
283 votes

#2 - Poyraz Karayel

A defamed ex-cop, is fighting against smuggling, he finds himself in the middle of a trap. He is suspended unjustly because of a crime that he has not committed while he is struggling to get back his son, then finds himself on undercover duty within the biggest mafia in Istanbul "Bahri Umman".

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Beş Kardeş
120 votes

#3 - Beş Kardeş

Beş parmağın beşi bir olur mu? Olmaz. Bu beş kardeşin de biri, bir diğerine en ufak bir şekilde benzemiyor. Sait, Nazım, Turgut, Orhan ve Aziz. Bu şahsına münhasır beş kişiyi ayrılmaz biçimde bağlayan tek bir şey var: "Sarsılmaz bir aile" olmaları.

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117 votes

#4 - Meryem

You can live with secrets, but never by lies. It is a story of three people whose lives were changed by a tragic accident forever. An innocent young woman Meryem, a cynical prosecutor Oktay (Cemal Toktaş) and a vengeful man Savaş. On a rainy night, Meryem and Oktay hit a woman with their car, not knowingly killing Savaş’s wife and her unborn child. Even though Oktay was behind the wheel, Meryem takes responsibility for the crime to help him protect his reputation as a prosecutor. However, Oktay gets appointed to the very same lawsuit of which Meryem is the defendant. Now he has a chance to get rid of both her and the crime he committed. It is the ultimate conflict of interests because what comes first for Meryem is Oktay. On the other hand, Oktay is purely in this for himself. What comes first for Savaş is vengeance for his wife’s murderer. The only thing that will separate the innocent from the guilty and the truth from the lie is love. However, it will grow from hate this time.

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Wounded Love
193 votes

#5 - Wounded Love

Set in the unique picturesqueness of Aegean coasts, this is the love story of a man and a woman whose memorable faith in each other will go through a grave crisis. Powerful portrayal of timeless human emotions, strong characters, a breathtaking romance, a penetrating script, glimmers of grandiose locations unfolding along the beauty of the Aegean coastline, and the highest production quality ensured by the directors of Magnificent Century.

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1001 Nights
97 votes

#6 - 1001 Nights

Şehrazat Evliyaoğlu, a talented architect who works in Binyapı, a construction company owned by Onur Aksal and Kerem İnceoğlu. She is the mother of a five-year old boy who suffers from leukemia and needs an urgent and very expensive surgery. Onur Aksal is a successful businessman and Şehrazat desperately tries to find ways to borrow the money she needs for her son’s very costly surgery, a bone marrow transplant. Only her boss Onur, who is secretly attracted to her, is willing to give her the money on condition that she spends one night with him. Will she accept the offer and how far will she go to save her son’s life? That and many more questions are asked and answered in this riveting love story.

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Mercy (2013)
83 votes

#7 - Mercy (2013)

She is a true hero who has overcome the troubles and miseries dealt by her mean family and the big city. Her story starts in a small village but ends in Istanbul. Narin has had to overcome many difficulties to come to big city, but once she is there, her luck begins to turn… But the fate crosses her path with Deniz, the daughter of a very rich family; the two girls become good friends. Deniz helps Narin adapt to the life in Istanbul and Narin offers her a warm and true friendship in return. Deniz’s jealous younger sister Irmak, however, is determined to get back the sister she “lost” to Narin. She leaves her luxurious life in Switzerland and returns to İstanbul once and for all. However, Irmak is not alone. Her boyfriend Fırat, the handsome and successful assistant director of a big bank is by her side. Narin quickly realizes that Firat is her long lost lover and is greatly pained that Fırat does not seem to even recognize her. On top of all of this, her law firm takes on the case of Sermet Karayel, a shifty character that Fırat’s bank has given credit to. Narin is put in charge of the case, and as it turns out, Sermet is also a character from her past. However, Narin will soon find out that she is wrong and the love she thought was dead will be reborn from the ashes. It will be stronger than ever. But will the shadows of the past leave Narin in peace?

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Yalan Dünya
182 votes

#8 - Yalan Dünya

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Twist of Fate
38 votes

#9 - Twist of Fate

The serie follows the story of a young lady who believes that if she can’t marry her first love, she will be unhappy forever... Ada, is a young woman in her 20s who believes that if her first love abandons her, she can never be happy. Since her great-grandmother, all the women on her maternal side have been victims of the same fate; all those who were deserted by her first love were either widowed at an early age or never remarried. Ada is determined not to end up like the women on her mother's side. Unfortunately, all of Ada's hopes and dreams will be ruined during her third wedding anniversary, when she is indeed abandoned by Rüzgar, her supposed first love, and husband of convenience. As Ada tries to win back her first love, her fate will bring her closer to Bora, a callous and self-righteous workaholic alpha male with doors tightly closed for love. Ada and Bora are reunited by a game of fate and realize that their feelings slowly change from hate to love.

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Valley of the Wolves: Ambush
301 votes

#10 - Valley of the Wolves: Ambush

Polat Alemdar decides to wage a vigilante struggle against four powerful Turkish families that control the national economy, helping Ahu Toros, a young businesswoman who lost her father in a conspiracy by the said families, while simultaneously trying to skirt his rival, known as Alexander the Great.

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North South
215 votes

#11 - North South

When two brothers fall for same woman, irrational decisions are made and the lives of all around them is changed forever.

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Waiting For The Sun
84 votes

#12 - Waiting For The Sun

A teenage girl named Zeynep leaves her small town to move to a big city with her single mother. The story follows her adapting to a new high school and the circle of friends there. Lost her father at a young age, Zeynep is a strong girl who knows how to stand up to anyone who crosses the line. Soon she finds herself in a fight with the son of the high school’s owner, Kerem. Being a good athlete, Zeynep gets noticed by the PE teacher, Cihan who is also her mother’s first love. However, things start to get complicated. Hated by the fact that her father pays attention to the new girl, the teacher’s daughter Melis teams up with the school bully Kerem to turn Zeynep’s life at her new school into a nightmare.

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Price of Passion
179 votes

#13 - Price of Passion

Ferhat is a cold-blooded hitman with a traumatic past. He works for his criminal uncle Namık. On the other hand, Aslı is a young and idealistic surgeon who wishes to serve humanity. One day, their paths cross when Aslı operates on a man that Ferhat shot. Due to the surgery, Aslı unintentionally puts herself in an odd position, which forces her to marry Ferhat to save her life. Stuck in power games, the two who are as different from each other as black and white have to get along. However, Ferhat has too dirty of a life to live an innocent love story. What happens when the woman who saves lives is captured by the man who takes them? A passionate love is about to be born.

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454 votes

#14 - Fatmagul

Fatmagül lives in a coastal town with her naive brother Rahmi and his wife Mukaddes. She is counting days to marry her fiancé, her childhood love, fisherman Mustafa... Kerim lives in the same town. When he was a little boy, his father left him and his mother for another woman. Ebe Nanny who is known as the healer of the town, takes Kerim under her own care after his mother’s suicide. They start to live an average life. Every summer Kerim waits for his childhood friends Selim, Erdoğan and Vural who are all members of wealthy families and live in big cities. At the night of Selim’s engagement party, four drunk friends Selim, Vural, Erdoğan and Kerim come across to Fatmagül who just has sent off her fiancé Mustafa to the seas. They start joking around with Fatmagül which leads to an embarrassment that will never let any of them sleep in peace again. They rape Fatmagül! After Fatmagül is raped, Mustafa goes crazy and breaks it off with her. To cover up this three rich drunk youngers’ dirt, Selim’s family forces poor Kerim to marry Fatmagül. Kerim is not guilty but Fatmagül was not conscious and she thinks that he raped her as well. How could Kerim convince Fatmagül that he is innocent? Will the actual rapists be able to continue living their spoiled and luxurious lives with that sin? Will unfortunate Fatmagül learn to live with and love Kerim? A story that will take your breath away....

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Forbidden Love
244 votes

#15 - Forbidden Love

Adnan is a wealthy man his wife died 11 years he raised his teenage daughter and young son on his own. He also adopted his distant relatives son when his parents died. Then he meets a younger woman and decides to marry her. A secret love affair arise between his adoptive son and new wife. A forbidden love story.

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Ruthless City
28 votes

#16 - Ruthless City

Seher who is living with her 3 children and her mother in law in Antakya, a small city south east of Turkey, moves to istanbul. And Seher's way crossed with her countryman Agah Karagay. Agah is a wealthy man moved from Antakya to istanbul very long time ago. This new encounter will be a test for each an every person in both families.

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Sunshine Girls
140 votes

#17 - Sunshine Girls

Güneş is a high school teacher in her mid-thirties living in the city of Izmir. She is a single mother with three daughters; Nazlı, Selin and Peri. They live quite a peaceful life. For a reasonable mother like hers, listening to her heart has never been a choice. However, everything changes when Güneş meets a mysterious man from another city. Haluk is a wealthy businessman from Istanbul. He proposes shortly after their meeting. Even though the daughters are not aware of their mother’s relationship, Güneş accepts the proposal and agrees to move in. The story follows the never-ending drama of Güneş and her daughters as they become an issue for Haluk’s family. With many secrets to unfold on both sides, nobody is ready to face the consequences of a change this big.

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Perfect Team
20 votes

#18 - Perfect Team

Muhtesem Ikili is an adaption of the famous American movie, Tango and Cash. A story of two police officer Mert Barca and Mustafa Kerim Can / MKC. Barca and MKC, are forced to come together for a drug operation. They are known for their rivalry and made a common enemy.

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Love Trap
42 votes

#19 - Love Trap

Kerem is the son of Yigiter family, one of the wealthiest families of Istanbul that has a textile factory. Being smart, handsome but also playboy Kerem, can never be able to get the approval of his father. Ayse is a poor girl working in Yigiter family's factory. She has a good heart but also has 2 big brothers who control her life. Her only way of getting out of their control is to marry his boyfriend Berk, but their brothers try to marry her with the wealthy boy in the neighbourhood Sabri. Berk who is afraid of her brothers and also from marriage gets lost for good. After Berk’s escape, Ayse decides for the first time in her life to do something good for herself, but something evil for Kerem. She makes a plot and forces him to marry her. This marriage will bound them forever and will never let them out.

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Revenge (TR)
34 votes

#20 - Revenge (TR)

"Intikam" is the Turkish version of the ABC TV series "Revenge". Yagmur Ozden moves to a yali (Bosphorus mansion) at a rich neighborhood on the shore of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Her real name is Derin Celik. Her father, Adil was framed for a crime he didn't commit and sent to prison. Derin was sent to an orphanage and believed that her father was guilty. Adil wanted his daughter to learn the truth and kept a diary to be given to her. Derin learned the truth about her father when she was 18. But it was too late. He died in jail as an innocent man. Derin comes to her childhood neighborhood with a different identity to seek revenge against the people who betrayed her father.

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Lovebird (2013)
60 votes

#21 - Lovebird (2013)

The show brings a new perspective to the classic Turkish book, Calikusu. Feride, the main character has been orphaned as a young girl, and is forced to attend a boarding school while also visiting her aunt during breaks, and holidays. During this time she has fallen in love with her charming older cousin Kamran. Their love soon grows to be mutual and this shows marks their journey as their love grows and intensifies. The highly acclaimed television show will take you through this journey of love, bravery, and humor.

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Falling Leaves
28 votes

#22 - Falling Leaves

When asked to ignore an injustice, Ali Riza Bey, who devoted his life to leave good values to his five children, resigns from his position as District Governor. When his daughter Necla is accepted to a university in Istanbul they all decide to settle in Istanbul. Ali Riza Bey figures out that the city where he was born and raised has changed a lot. His elder daughter Fikret is sad because she left a love story behind, while Necla, Leyla and little Ayse are excited that they will now be living in Istanbul, and his wife, Hayriye Hanim, is agitated. Will the hardships of life let Ali Rıza bey keep his family together or will they completely fall apart?

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