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Antimafia Squad
150 votes

#1 - Antimafia Squad

The story - Two women and the relationship that binds them: vice chief of police Claudia Mares and young Rosy Abate, member of one of the oldest criminal clans. The first is called to join a special antimafia corps headed by Stefano Lauria. The second, after a long stay in the USA, returns to Palermo for her wedding.

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Lucky Luke (1992)
155 votes

#2 - Lucky Luke (1992)

Like each city in the West, Daisy Town has a saloon. And who mentions saloons also mentions gunfights, fighting and duels. The Result; the calm town changes rapidly into a hideout for all kinds of bad guys Only one man can get the people to respect the laws: Lucky Luke !

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323 votes

#3 - Corleone

Corleone follows the long and bloody ascent of Salvatore "Toto" Riina in the Mafia, starting with his childhood in Corleone, to the violent war that he led in the '80s and '90s against both rival gangs and law enforcement.

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R.I.S. Delitti Imperfetti
137 votes

#4 - R.I.S. Delitti Imperfetti

RIS is an acronym for Reparto Investigazioni Scientifiche (an actual, real-life unit of the Carabinieri, the Italian gendarmerie), could be approximately translated into English as Unit of Scientific Investigations: Imperfect Crimes. As the title indicates, the series is a crime drama, focusing on the scientific aspects of crime investigations.

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Elisa di Rivombrosa
49 votes

#5 - Elisa di Rivombrosa

An honest, but poor woman, and a member of royalty meet and sparks fly. However, their love is hindered by a conspiracy that threatens to tear the star-crossed lovers apart.

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I Cesaroni
261 votes

#6 - I Cesaroni

The series revolves around the adventures of an extended family, made up by Giulio, widower and father of three boys, and Lucia, divorced and mother of two girls.

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Cave of the Golden Rose
162 votes

#7 - Cave of the Golden Rose

Fantaghirò is the youngest of three princesses born to a warrior King. Although beautiful and intelligent, she causes many problems for her family because she goes against everything expected for a woman in her kingdom, by being literate, adventurous and rebellious, which makes her father furious. One day, the warrior King receives an invitation from the enemy king Romualdo to a duel that can potentially end the centuries-long war that has been going on between the two kingdoms. The warrior king then learns that only one of his three daughters can win the duel. Fantaghirò sees this as a chance for her to prove herself.

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Ciao Darwin
57 votes

#8 - Ciao Darwin

Ciao Darwin is a television program conducted by Paolo Bonolis with the participation of Luca Laurenti. Each episode sees two teams, representing antithetical human categories, facing each other to find out who is the strongest one, in accordance with Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

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The Trial
116 votes

#9 - The Trial

The murder of a teen girl impacts a public prosecutor linked to the victim, a lawyer seeking a career-making case and a suspect who says she's innocent.

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Distretto di Polizia
153 votes

#10 - Distretto di Polizia

In the tenth district of the Rome Police a new female commissioner has just begun her work. Her life has been marked indelibly by the murder of her husband, who was killed by the mafia and it drives the way she runs her division. With the help of her inspectors, she works to tackle crime in her city.

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Mafia Undercover
84 votes

#11 - Mafia Undercover

Undercover cop Marco infiltrates the Corona crime family but finds he must blur legal and moral lines to maintain secrecy and complete the mission.

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Il Tredicesimo Apostolo
83 votes

#12 - Il Tredicesimo Apostolo

Father Gabriel Antinori is a Jesuit who is part of the "Congregation of the Truth", a secret order of which his uncle Monsignor Demetrio Antinori heads. This order is to study paranormal phenomena through religion. One day he meets Claudia Munari, a psychologist called by the social services to take up the case of twins, levitate in the air that night. To deal with the case was also called Gabriel, from the mother of the twins, a faithful. From there, the Jesuit and psychologist will work on all cases to come, more and more inexplicable and that go beyond the paranormal. The bond that once you create between them is very strong, and urges them to exchange an intense kiss. Gabriel discovers to have a gift that is beyond imagination. But Monsignor Antinori will prove to be a vile man, in the service of Minions, a man of power, who wants to convince Gabriel to join his organization, they belong to people with powers, and that he wants to lead on the path of evil. The desperate search for the truth about his past and about the nature of his power, Gabriel will be put before a choice, especially when he finds out that his own mother, who he believed dead, is part of the organization of Minions, and that his father organic is the one who claimed to be her uncle, Demetrio Antinori. To help him in his choice there will be just Claudia, in love with him. Gabriel must choose well its allies, and not confuse them with the enemies. Among the people who will be on his side there are father Isaiah Morganti, who he believed to be evil, Father Alonso, Giulia, his student, Peter, another student who had passed on the other side but that will change their mind soon, and the Dr. Eugenio Muster. Many of them will pay with their lives for having put against Minions, because the organization does not condone. Eventually Gabriel discovers the truth about the organization of Minions discovering that the head of the organization was none other than her mother.

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31 votes

#13 - Adrian

2068: in a dystopic Milan, a simple watchmaker called Adrian takes on a corrupt regime, assuming various identities with the aim of awakening popular consciences.

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