The Best Episodes Directed by Yorifusa Yamaguchi

Snorkmaiden's Lost Memory

#1 - Snorkmaiden's Lost Memory

Moomin Season 1 - Episode 15

During a spell of rainy weather Snorkmainden has crammed herself with stories about princesses and chivalrous knights. On the first sunny day she and Moomin climb a mountain, where Snorkmaiden sees what she believes is, an Edelweiss. Needless to say it isn't (no such things in Moominvalley), but they have to climb down to get it. Snorkmaiden slips, rolls down the mountainside and winds up in a faint. When she comes to she has forgotten all, and thinks she is of royal blood...

star 8.48
66 votes
The Lonely Pride

#2 - The Lonely Pride

11eyes Season 1 - Episode 3

Kakeru asks Misuzu if she will teach him how to use a sword and she refuses. He is determined to learn so he can protect Yaku the next time they are taken to the Red Night. Can he master the sword before then?

star 8.43
97 votes
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The Day the Lighthouse Lit Up (2)

#3 - The Day the Lighthouse Lit Up (2)

Moomin Season 1 - Episode 26

The Moomin's first night in the abandoned lighthouse is haunted by ghosts from the mysterious ghost ship, who finally take off. One of their group is left behind, and the Moomins have to build a raft for it to sail away on. Moominpappa is in vain trying to light the beacon in the lighthouse and they all try to unravel the mystery with the absent keeper. It is finally solved with the help of the small boy, Toft, from the fishing boat, and when the Moomins sail back to Moominvalley they see the lighthouse lit for the first time.

star 8.31
95 votes
Visitors in Winter (2)

#4 - Visitors in Winter (2)

Moomin Season 1 - Episode 23

Moomin and Little My have finally settled into their wintry existence, living on Too-ticki's fish soup and Moominmamma's jam, of which there fortunately is an awful lot. One day, Mr. Brisk arrives, a very hearty and jovial person, who likes cold baths and roughing it in igloo's. He is much taken with Sorry-oo, a very timid dog who only dreams of running with the wolves that are nightly heard howling in Lonely Mountains. He considers them his brothers, but unfortunately they don't... Mr. Brisk finally leaves, having consumed the last jar of his (and Moomin's) favorite jam.

star 8.30
98 votes
We Will Survive by Any Means Necessary

#5 - We Will Survive by Any Means Necessary

Gurren Lagann Season 1 - Episode 19

With news that the moon will fall in 3 weeks known across the city, riots have broken out. So to soothe the public opinion, Rossiu puts Simon him under arrest. Meanwhile Leeron is trying figure out a way to defeat the Mugan without causing so much destruction. Later on Simon is taken to trial but during this the Anti-Spirals launch a large scale attack on Rittona.

star 8.06
220 votes
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The Wooden Crate (1)

#6 - The Wooden Crate (1)

Moomin Season 1 - Episode 18

It is hotter than ever before in Moominvalley. The river has run dry and everything is wilting. Going down to swim one day with the other children Little My finds a large wooden crate floating in the water and when they open it they find it full of strange-looking, tropical seeds. They plant them as they have nothing better to do and next night the rains finally comes, a veritable deluge. The seeds sprout and next day the house is surrounded by a jungle. Bamboo, orchids, fruit-trees, but also some much more dangerous plants...

star 8.00
95 votes
Chains of Blame

#7 - Chains of Blame

Ga-Rei-Zero Season 1 - Episode 7

Kagura is given time off by the SDCD due to PTSD after killing the middle school doctor, whose death has also been convered up by the SDCD due to the involvement of the paranormal. Yomi is also given some time off to console Kagura. One night, Yomi's adopted father was attacked by an unknown assailant in the Isayama residence.

star 7.84
75 votes
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In Vietnam Part 2

#8 - In Vietnam Part 2

Young Black Jack Season 1 - Episode 5

Hazama's group is captured by the Vietcong. They negotiate with the leader to let them treat an injured member. After days go by, their interpreter is dragged off.

star 7.60
15 votes
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The Gruesome Chronicle Part 2

#9 - The Gruesome Chronicle Part 2

Young Black Jack Season 1 - Episode 10

Yuki's path to becoming a surgeon begins again!

star 7.50
8 votes