The Best Episodes Directed by Wayne Rose

Blood on the Scales

#1 - Blood on the Scales

Battlestar Galactica (2003) Season 4 - Episode 14

President Roslin faces off against Tom Zarek and Lt. Gaeta as they try to take control of the Colonial fleet. Both the alliance with the rebel Cylons and Adama's life are at stake.

star 8.36
658 votes
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Guess What's Coming to Dinner

#2 - Guess What's Coming to Dinner

Battlestar Galactica (2003) Season 4 - Episode 7

President Roslin faces challenges as the Colonials plot with Cylon rebels to destroy a Resurrection Hub.

star 8.09
657 votes
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Dirty Hands

#3 - Dirty Hands

Battlestar Galactica (2003) Season 3 - Episode 16

Amid a heated labor dispute, Tyrol asks the imprisoned Baltar for advice. Seelix becomes involved after she is turned down for flight training.

star 7.78
613 votes

#4 - Echo

Smallville Season 9 - Episode 4

Tess forces Oliver to come to a Queen Industries gala to put the Board at ease, but things go awry when the Toyman shows up with a bomb and a plan to take revenge on Oliver. The Toyman tells Oliver he must confess to murdering Lex or he will blow the place up. Meanwhile, as part of his training, Jor-El gives Clark the ability to hear other people’s thoughts.

star 7.78
311 votes
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Ghost in the Machine

#5 - Ghost in the Machine

Caprica Season 1 - Episode 8

Daniel is beginning to suspect that Zoe-Avatar is in the robot, but his pleas for his daughter to reveal herself go ignored. In an effort to flush her out, he launches a campaign of psychological torture, resulting in escalating tests that force Zoe into a choice she cannot take back.

star 7.73
325 votes
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The Imperfections of Memory

#6 - The Imperfections of Memory

Caprica Season 1 - Episode 7

Amanda’s life spirals out of control as she begins to see visions of her brother, who died years earlier. As a result, Clarice sees an opportunity to gain her trust and we learn a dark secret from Amanda’s past that could have major implications for her life with Daniel.

star 7.72
328 votes
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The Chandelier Man

#7 - The Chandelier Man

Rogue Season 3 - Episode 2

Grace works to escape. Ethan reconnects with his father. Escalating gang warfare spills into the suburbs. Ethan investigates Marty's leak at a party, where he meets Marlon Dinard, who is not what he seems.

star 7.66
107 votes
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His Sister's Keeper

#8 - His Sister's Keeper

The 100 Season 1 - Episode 6

Bellamy leads his crew into Grounder territory as they search for Octavia. Raven can't help but notice the deep connection between Finn and Clarke. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal Bellamy's and Octavia's childhood on the Ark.

star 7.64
4272 votes
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The White Guy

#9 - The White Guy

Rogue Season 3 - Episode 1

Grace is still missing. Ethan heads to Chicago to investigate notorious attorney Marty Stein. DEA Agent Harper Deakins' investigation into one of Chicago's deadliest gangs takes a turn when a routine stakeout goes wrong.

star 7.61
106 votes
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#10 - Double

Cleopatra 2525 Season 1 - Episode 11

Cleopatra manages to outwit the female Betrayer, which is pursuing her, then she encounters Hel and Sarge in a bar. Cleo claims that it's taken her weeks to find them after escaping the Baileys (as seen in the previous two-parter), but when the real Cleopatra turns up, the girl surmise that one of the Cleopatras is a Betrayer robot! All of Mauser's and Voice's tests are inconclusive as to which one of the Cleos is real, but a chrono-test reveals that one of them is only 22 days old. Hel and Sarge blast the fake Cleo, but she doesn't regenerate like the Betrayers do. Hel may just have killed the real Cleopatra. The girls and Mauser soon learn the truth; Cleopatra 2 is indeed a Betrayer, but because her programming was disrupted, she is unaware she is a droid, nor is she a danger to them. But as the team studies the slowly regenerating Cleo 2, the female Betrayer who was pursuing her comes calling. Hel and Sarge shoot in out with the amazonian robot, but it's the blasts from the forearms

star 7.36
11 votes
General Deception (2)

#11 - General Deception (2)

Power Rangers Season 11 - Episode 34

Zurgane's Zord is obliterated by the Rangers, but the General manages to get the data from the Rangers' attacks, and uses it when creating a new Zord, the HyperZurgane Zord! It cripples the Hurricane Megazord, so can the Rangers stall Zurgane long enough for the Zords to be repaired? Even if Zurgane survives the battle, one of his fellow Generals has his own plans about his fate...

star 4.50
2 votes
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