The BEST episodes directed by Tom Ruegger

Plane Pals
104 votes

#1 - Plane Pals

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 51

Onboard a plane, the Warners annoy a tightwad who is forced to sit by them because of a computer error. They annoy him so much that he is forced to bail out of the plane.

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Pavlov's Mice
79 votes

#2 - Pavlov's Mice

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 39

In turn of the century Russia, Pinky and the Brain are conditioned to respond in strange ways to the sound of bells. Brain plans to take over the world by stealing the crown jewels of Russia. Unfortunately, his conditioning prevents him from successfully getting the jewels.

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Hot, Bothered and Bedeviled
39 votes

#3 - Hot, Bothered and Bedeviled

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 70

The Warners go to Hades where Satan wants to torment them. Unfortunately, the Warners end up tormenting him. He kicks them out after Yakko freezes the place.

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Four Score and Seven Migraines Ago
77 votes

#4 - Four Score and Seven Migraines Ago

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 44

On a train to Gettysburg, the Warners help Abraham Lincoln write the opening of the Gettysburg Address.

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Taming Of The Screwy
177 votes

#5 - Taming Of The Screwy

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 12

Thaddeus Plotz has invited over some very important buisness people to a buisness dinner and it's Dr. Scratchnsniff's job to train the Warners with manners so they can attend. He suceeds and the Warners are allowed to go to the party, but when they're only there for a minute and are sent back to the Water Tower they start to ruin the party, but in the end the buisness people are pleased and give the check to the Warners instead.

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The Warners 65th Anniversary Special
8 votes

#6 - The Warners 65th Anniversary Special

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 160

The Warners view their 65th Anniversary special, but an unknown figure is plotting to destroy them with a time bomb set to their podium when they give their speech. It turns out to be Buddy, the cartoon character that they had replaced, but after hearing Yakko say that they wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him and wish he was here, his thoughts of revenge vanish and he joins them on the stage. However, when Buddy is speaking at the podium, the time bomb goes off on him, blowing him up.

Beware the Gray Ghost
610 votes

#7 - Beware the Gray Ghost

Batman: The Animated Series - Season 1 - Episode 32

Simon Trent, an actor best known for his past role as "The Gray Ghost", is on the verge of bankruptcy thanks to his declining career. To save himself, he sells off all of his Gray Ghost merchandise. Immediately afterwards, a series of crimes related to the old show begin to occur. Batman, having himself been inspired partly by the show to become the crimefighter he now is, goes to Trent for help, and they team up to put an end to the crimes. In this episode, the voice of Simon Trent is none other than Adam West, the man who played Batman in the 1960's version of Batman

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Big Time
213 votes

#8 - Big Time

Batman Beyond - Season 3 - Episode 4

Shortly after Batman foils a daring, high-tech robbery of a powerful Wayne-Powers agricultural compound, Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow, one of Terry's friends from his wilder days, gets out of jail. Charlie offers Terry a chance to hook up with some contacts he made on the inside for a big job, but Terry refuses, trying to talk Charlie into staying out of trouble. Feeling guilty because Charlie went to jail and he didn't, Terry convinces Bruce Wayne to get Charlie a low-level job at Wayne-Powers. When Terry finds out that Charlie used him to get into Wayne-Powers, he confronts him, hoping to steer him straight before he has to intervene as Batman. Clancy Brown makes his first appearance as Charlie "Big Time" Bigelow.

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Guardin' the Garden
79 votes

#9 - Guardin' the Garden

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 50

God makes Adam and Eve and tells them not to eat the fruit that comes from the tree of knowledge. Slappy Squirrel, however, lives in the tree of knowledge. When evil snake tries to tempt Adam and Eve, Slappy is in charge of guarding the fruit and stopping the snake.

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Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace (2)
3 votes

#10 - Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace (2)

Duck Dodgers - Season 2 - Episode 22

The treaty signing does not go smoothly, and Dodgers finally realizes he must restore his friendship with Cadet by clearing Cadet's name. They join forces with Marvin to capture Z9, who kidnapped the Martian Queen in a grab for power.

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It's Never Too Late
637 votes

#11 - It's Never Too Late

Batman: The Animated Series - Season 1 - Episode 6

A mob war between crime bosses Rupert Thorne and Arnold Stromwell is nearing its end, and comes to a climax when Stromwell is set up to be killed in an exploding restaurant by Thorne. Batman saves him at the last moment, and persuades Stromwell to use his fall into disgrace to help him bring Thorne in, mostly for the sakes of his wife, his ill son and his estranged brother, as well as his own.

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What Makes Toon Tick
8 votes

#12 - What Makes Toon Tick

Tiny Toon Adventures - Season 3 - Episode 4

Buster and Calamity explore the reasons why many TTA characters are the way they are. Whirlwind Romance: Dizzy is lonely and sad, until he comes across a girl whirlwind whom he think is a devil. She then disappears as quickly as she came and then Dizzy meets the beautiful sexy ladies that he always displays.

Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace (1)
4 votes

#13 - Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace (1)

Duck Dodgers - Season 2 - Episode 21

When Dodgers brings Earth and Mars to the brink of war, Dodgers betrays Cadet by letting him take the blame for Dodgers' offense, landing the young pig in space prison.

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Puttin' on the Blitz
38 votes

#14 - Puttin' on the Blitz

Animaniacs - Season 1 - Episode 76

Rita and Runt are in Warsaw, Poland during the 1939 German blitzkrieg. The head of the Polish underground arranges to meet his daughter Katrina on a train that is about to leave the train station. When Katrina is discovered by a dog working for the Germans, Rita saves her. They head to the train station, and jump on when the train begins to leave. Katrina is safe, but Rita when she sees Runt being attacked by German dogs decides to stay. She leaps from the train in order to help her friend.

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Music Day
10 votes

#15 - Music Day

Tiny Toon Adventures - Season 3 - Episode 14

It's Music Day and each episode is filled with musical stories. Loon Lake: Shirley is becoming a big success in her ballet class, but the older loons are jealous of her and want to sabotage her dance skills. Babs helps her out by teaching the older loons a lesson in acting on jealousy.

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The Underdwellers
473 votes

#16 - The Underdwellers

Batman: The Animated Series - Season 1 - Episode 27

Batman traces a series of bizarre robberies on the streets of Gotham back to a band of children - poverty-stricken outcasts who have been raised to do the bidding of their master, the Sewer King.

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