The Best Episodes Directed by Todd Holland

Stealing Time

#1 - Stealing Time

Fam Season 1 - Episode 3

When Clem and Nick find out that Shannon stole Walt’s treasured watch, they enlist Freddy to help them get it back from a merciless pawn shop owner.

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Pregnant Pause

#2 - Pregnant Pause

Fam Season 1 - Episode 6

Irritated that Clem has been invading her privacy, Shannon plays a prank on her that ends up having far-reaching ramifications.

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Ocean View

#3 - Ocean View

Fam Season 1 - Episode 9

When Clem and Nick run into Nick’s ex-girlfriend at their hotel during a romantic weekend, Clem is upset to learn that Nick and his ex once lived together in the same apartment they live in now. Also, Shannon’s friend tries to persuade her to throw a big party while Clem and Nick are away.

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0 votes
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Flip (1)

#4 - Flip (1)

The Larry Sanders Show Season 6 - Episode 11

Larry tapes his last show.

star 9.44
80 votes
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#5 - Eight

The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 - Episode 16

Chaos reigns as the eighth anniversary show tapes and Larry tries repeatedly to sneak in a bathroom visit during a commercial break.

star 9.32
50 votes
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Like No Business I Know

#6 - Like No Business I Know

The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 - Episode 10

Regis Philbin causes some major unrest when he intimates to Hank that there might be place for him on Regis' new show. Larry and Artie worry about what guest Bobcat Goldthwait might do to top his chair-burning incident on The Tonight Show.

star 9.10
87 votes
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You're Having My Baby

#7 - You're Having My Baby

The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 - Episode 2

Larry's chances with Mimi Rogers drop dramatically when a woman from Montana turns up with the claim that she's carrying Larry's baby.

star 8.88
84 votes
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Hank's Divorce

#8 - Hank's Divorce

The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 - Episode 13

It looks like Hank's marriage is over, despite everyone's efforts to patch it up.

star 8.73
60 votes
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The Fourteenth Floor

#9 - The Fourteenth Floor

The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 - Episode 14

Larry gets into a feud with the network when he makes fun of their new fall schedule on the air.

star 8.73
60 votes
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Artie's Gone

#10 - Artie's Gone

The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 - Episode 8

Artie gets stuck on the highway during torrential rains and mud-slides leaving Paula the booker to function as the producer for the show.

star 8.72
67 votes
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The Bump

#11 - The Bump

The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 - Episode 4

Larry promises not to bump comic Jeff Cesario again, then finds the show overbooked and Hank needing four minutes for a tribute to his late father.

star 8.52
54 votes
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Jeannie's Visit

#12 - Jeannie's Visit

The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 - Episode 5

A surprise visit by Larry's ex-wife causes an unusual triangle between her, Larry and Hank. Larry offers a cappuccino machine as a substitute for the daily office run to Starbucks.

star 8.44
55 votes
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#13 - Montana

The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 - Episode 1

Larry's going out of his mind with boredom up in Montana when Artie appears with a scheme to resurrect the show.

star 8.43
61 votes
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Dream Thieves

#14 - Dream Thieves

Max Headroom Season 2 - Episode 4

Some shady entrepreneurs are stealing people's dreams and selling them to the highest bidders. Edison goes undercover to expose their lethal business.

star 8.39
66 votes
The Gift

#15 - The Gift

The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 - Episode 4

Paula worries about her job when Larry gets angry with her over guests canceling, and really goes all out to convince a reluctant Danny DeVito not to cancel too. Larry and Artie try to decide what to choose as the guest gift.

star 8.33
60 votes
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New York or L.A.

#16 - New York or L.A.

The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 - Episode 18

Larry seriously considers either quitting the biz or moving his show to New York after the network's new owner begins to meddle with the format.

star 8.33
58 votes
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Would You Do Me a Favor?

#17 - Would You Do Me a Favor?

The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 - Episode 3

Larry's dad pays a visit to California, but Larry doesn't want to see him, so he adds that little chore to the things an already fed-up Beverly has to cope with.

star 8.30
64 votes
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Next Stop... Bottom

#18 - Next Stop... Bottom

The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 - Episode 15

A depressed and unhappy Hank hits on all the female guests before retreating to a hotel room for a boozy marathon with a series of prostitutes.

star 8.29
58 votes
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Doubt of the Benefit

#19 - Doubt of the Benefit

The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 - Episode 12

Larry becomes convinced that Rob Reiner is snubbing him and the show, and retaliates by canceling out of a benefit.

star 8.28
61 votes
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Larry Loses a Friend

#20 - Larry Loses a Friend

The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 - Episode 11

Jon Lovitz makes a strong play for a reluctant Darlene.

star 8.27
59 votes
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Wax Lion

#21 - Wax Lion

Wonderfalls Season 1 - Episode 1

When Jaye Tyler is convinced by a waxed lion to chase after a shinny quarter, she finds herself returning a lost purse to a lady (who instead of thanking her, is punched in the face), meeting an attractive and sweet bartender names Eric, introducing her sister, Sharon to the EPS newly divorced bachelor, Thomas, she knows, and later discovering her sister, Sharon's sexuality.

star 8.15
261 votes
Hank's Night in the Sun

#22 - Hank's Night in the Sun

The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 - Episode 6

Hank gets his shot at the big chair when Larry gets food poisoning just before a taping.

star 8.08
89 votes
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Larry's Birthday

#23 - Larry's Birthday

The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 - Episode 12

Larry celebrates his birthday and the gang all struggle to top each other with their birthday gifts to him. Meanwhile the celebration is darkened by the firing of one of the writers.

star 8.08
65 votes
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The Talk Show Episode

#24 - The Talk Show Episode

The Larry Sanders Show Season 1 - Episode 9

An argument at home with Jeannie causes Larry to lose his concentration during the show that night.

star 8.04
139 votes
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#25 - Party

The Larry Sanders Show Season 1 - Episode 10

Larry's little dinner at home with Arthur, initiated by Jeannie, escalates into a full-blown party and causes Larry to become extremely paranoid.

star 8.01
131 votes
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Beverly and the Prop Job

#26 - Beverly and the Prop Job

The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 - Episode 14

Beverly quits when Larry and Artie refuse to seriously consider her request that a job in the props department be given to a black person. Hank considers replacing Scott with a woman.

star 8.00
53 votes
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The Real Prom

#27 - The Real Prom

The Real O'Neals Season 1 - Episode 13

As the school prom approaches, Kenny tries to think of who the best guy would be to ask as his date. With time running out, Kenny and Jimmy try to come up with the perfect “prom-posal” for the classmates they each have set their sights on. Shannon thinks the idea behind prom is a scam and would rather stay at home, but once Pat discovers she was asked to attend, he tries to convince her to go. Meanwhile, Eileen tries to keep VP Murray’s romantic attention at bay but struggles to resist.

star 7.97
315 votes
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Where is the Love?

#28 - Where is the Love?

The Larry Sanders Show Season 5 - Episode 3

Larry gets upset over a review from TV critic Tom Shales, prompting him to fire off a fax in retaliation and to seek sympathy from show guest Sally Field.

star 7.96
49 votes
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Even Hell Has Two Bars

#29 - Even Hell Has Two Bars

Selfie Season 1 - Episode 5

Eliza and Henry spend the weekend at the Saperstein's estate but with zero cell reception and a prospective promotion being dangled in front of them, both Henry and Eliza exhibit some questionable behavior.

star 7.95
433 votes
Pain Equals Funny

#30 - Pain Equals Funny

The Larry Sanders Show Season 5 - Episode 11

Paula tells Larry that she's leaving to produce the Caryl and Marilyn show, so he impulsively promotes her to producer without consulting Artie. The quality of Phil's work goes up and down as his new girlfriend plays with his affections.

star 7.92
52 votes
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Broadcast Nudes

#31 - Broadcast Nudes

The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 - Episode 11

Hank manipulates Darlene into agreeing to do a Playboy spread and Larry worries about appearing in Architectural Digest.

star 7.92
65 votes
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Larry's Agent

#32 - Larry's Agent

The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 - Episode 5

Larry decides he needs a new high-power agent to negotiate his new deal with the network.

star 7.91
99 votes
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Arthur After Hours

#33 - Arthur After Hours

The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 - Episode 3

After a particularly trying day at work, Arthur spends the night at the studio with two new friends, Nicolae the janitor and Hank's karoake machine, and one old bottle of booze.

star 7.91
55 votes
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End of the Season

#34 - End of the Season

The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 - Episode 17

Roseanne spots Larry's drug dependence and offers herself as his friend and keeper as he kicks the habit.

star 7.90
60 votes
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Casey Casden

#35 - Casey Casden

Shameless (US) Season 1 - Episode 4

A sad and lonely Debbie steals a little boy from a birthday party, forcing the family to scheme a way to return him; a web of lies ends in a marriage proposal from Kevin, who is already married.

star 7.89
4630 votes
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Larry's Big Idea

#36 - Larry's Big Idea

The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 - Episode 13

Larry goes against Artie's better judgement and introduces a new bit showcasing characters based on the production staff.

star 7.89
53 votes
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My Name is Asher Kingsley

#37 - My Name is Asher Kingsley

The Larry Sanders Show Season 5 - Episode 2

Hank's decison to re-embrace Judaism throws the office and the network into a tizzy. Larry worries that someone has been sitting in his new massaging recliner.

star 7.89
53 votes
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Larry's New Love

#38 - Larry's New Love

The Larry Sanders Show Season 5 - Episode 13

Larry's relationship with his new girlfriend is threatened when she takes on the ""mermaid"" role in a show skit, and wants to use it as a springboard for her career.

star 7.89
79 votes
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The Stalker

#39 - The Stalker

The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 - Episode 4

Larry gets a little paranoid when he learns he's being stalked by an obsessed fan.

star 7.88
101 votes
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Brother, Can You Spare 1.2 Million?

#40 - Brother, Can You Spare 1.2 Million?

The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 - Episode 9

Larry scrambles to make some money after his accountant admits he's lost all of Larry's funds. Artie and Hank set out to teach the guy a lesson.

star 7.87
55 votes
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#41 - Pilot

Go On Season 1 - Episode 1

A sportscaster reluctantly joins a support group after the death of his wife, and ends up turning sadness into a sport.

star 7.87
1640 votes
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Roseanne's Return

#42 - Roseanne's Return

The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 - Episode 1

Larry is apprehensive over a guest appearance by former girl friend Roseanne and decides to see a psychiatrist. The office follows the O.J. trial.

star 7.85
61 votes
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Larry's Sitcom

#43 - Larry's Sitcom

The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 - Episode 12

Larry accepts a script from Chris Elliott for a new sitcom to be produced under Larry's deal with the network, then gives it to Phil for some ""fine tuning."" Hank honors his oldest fan.

star 7.85
53 votes
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The Mr. Sharon Stone Show

#44 - The Mr. Sharon Stone Show

The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 - Episode 8

Larry hits it off with guest Sharon Stone, but finds he can't cope with her greater celebrity status.

star 7.85
59 votes
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The Real Thang

#45 - The Real Thang

The Real O'Neals Season 2 - Episode 1

Kenny starts the first LGBT club at St. Barklay's School in honor of National Coming Out Day; Eileen thinks she might have feelings for VP Murray.

star 7.84
358 votes
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#46 - Generalissimo

30 Rock Season 3 - Episode 10

Liz discovers she has a handsome and single neighbor after receiving his mail by mistake. Due to Jack's striking resemblance to a Spanish soap villain, Elisa's grandmother disapproves of their relationship. The new TGS interns invite Tracy out for a night of partying.

star 7.83
1816 votes
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Headwriter (a.k.a. Headwriter Phil)

#47 - Headwriter (a.k.a. Headwriter Phil)

The Larry Sanders Show Season 3 - Episode 9

Phil whines and pleads to be made headwriter for the show, then finds it isn't what he thought it would be.

star 7.83
58 votes
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The Interview

#48 - The Interview

The Larry Sanders Show Season 6 - Episode 5

Mary Lou dents Hank's car but is terrified to tell him. Larry is interviewed for Extra!

star 7.83
52 votes
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The Real Match

#49 - The Real Match

The Real O'Neals Season 2 - Episode 7

When Jimmy recruits a reluctant Kenny to join his wrestling team for a one-time match, a surprise victory gives him the confidence to join the team full time to become the first, openly gay athlete at St. Barklays. Kenny’s newfound stardom makes Jimmy feel a bit replaced, but when an opponent refuses to wrestle his brother, Jimmy puts his feelings aside and rallies the team around Kenny. Meanwhile, Pat injures his back trying to help Eileen prepare for a weekend getaway, but things only get worse when she tries to be the perfect caregiver to impress VP Murray but fails miserably.

star 7.82
290 votes
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#50 - Reaganing

30 Rock Season 5 - Episode 5

Jack's determined to save Liz's relationship with Carol, but Tracy's commercial shoot threatens everything. Meanwhile, Jenna, Kenneth and Kelsey Grammer pull a con together.

star 7.82
2233 votes
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#51 - Bowling

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 20

Malcolm and Reese (Frankie Muniz, Justin Berfield) go to a bowling party where they vie for the attention of a cute girl. With Jane Kaczmarek, Bryan Cranston and Erik Per Sullivan.

star 7.82
662 votes
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Guest Host

#52 - Guest Host

The Larry Sanders Show Season 1 - Episode 4

The success of Dana Carvey as a guest host on his show makes Larry very, very nervous.

star 7.82
180 votes
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#53 - Pilot

Sons of Tucson Season 1 - Episode 1

When the Gunderson boys Brandon, Gary and Robby hire Ron Snuffkin to pretend to be their father after their real father goes to prison, they find out that there's more to their "fake" dad than meets the eye. Ron has to enroll them in school, convince Robby's teacher to keep him in her class, sweet-talk the principal, locate mint-condition toy soldiers at his grandmother's house and avoid a thug who wants his money.

star 7.78
409 votes
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Larry's on Vacation

#54 - Larry's on Vacation

The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 - Episode 17

Larry takes a vacation to recover from plastic surgery leaving Sandra Bernhard to fill in as the show host. But her manager sends shock waves through the office with her pushy ways.

star 7.78
54 votes
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Larry's Partner

#55 - Larry's Partner

The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 - Episode 10

Larry reluctantly agrees to hire his former comedy partner as a show writer.

star 7.77
66 votes
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Larry Loses Interest

#56 - Larry Loses Interest

The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 - Episode 9

As the show's traditional anniversary show approaches, Larry finds it all boring and tedious, so he plays with the idea of writing a book while rumors spread about a film role.

star 7.74
70 votes
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#57 - Houseboat

Malcolm in the Middle Season 3 - Episode 1

It's still summer-vacation time on the jaunty third-season opener, which finds Malcolm and his rowdy clan cruising on a lake in a houseboat with Stevie and his straitlaced parents, Abe and Kitty Kenarban. Some vacation. The vessel itself is a fright, a weathered heap that Dewey hates from the get-go because "There's no TV! There's no TV! There's no TV!" An equally distraught Malcolm is shanghaied by Hal for a fishing expedition, leaving lucky Reese the chance to trawl for bikini-clad beauties at a nearby camp. Back on board, the close quarters are slowly driving Abe off the deep end.

star 7.73
717 votes
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Stupid Girl

#58 - Stupid Girl

Malcolm in the Middle Season 4 - Episode 4

Acting dumb like Reese eases Malcolm's stress and lands him a date with the new light of his life, an attractive girl who's really a dim bulb.

star 7.73
625 votes
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The Grandparents

#59 - The Grandparents

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 15

Lois's nightmare parents, Victor and Ida, come for a surprise visit and throw the family into turmoil not only with their mere presence, but by promising to pay for a much-needed refrigerator and then reneging after Lois and Hal spend money they don't have. Lois and Hal are forced to ask Ida and Victor to stay longer to help take care of the kids while they work some crazy overtime. Victor treats Reese like a king while Ida tortures Malcolm for being a smart wimp. Victor gives Reese a live grenade, and when Reese inevitably arms it, Malcolm's quick thinking blows up the new refrigerator instead of the whole house. Hal extorts money out of Lois's parents to pay for the damage. Francis motivates his fellow cadets to break out for a weekend and go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, but then spend the entire time there suffering from eating bad sushi.

star 7.71
518 votes
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#60 - Casino

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 5

A family weekend vacation to a casino turns into an ordeal in the desert for Hal, Reese and Malcolm, who wander onto an artillery range. Francis sneaks home, but has no one to play with.

star 7.70
788 votes
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#61 - Pilot

Malcolm in the Middle Season 1 - Episode 1

Perhaps the most original sitcom pilot in recent years, this first episode combines sharp writing with a hyperbolic camera style reminiscent of Parker Lewis Can't Lose. Malcolm introduces us to his world, dominated by omnipresent schoolyard bully Spath and made worse by his enforced friendship with Stevie, an asthmatic wheelchair genius. When a battery of tests reveals that Malcolm has an IQ of 165, he is moved into Stevie's special accelerated class, despite his protests that "around here being intelligent is exactly the same as being radioactive." On the bright side, Malcolm discovers a practical application for intelligence when he and Stevie spontaneously hit on a solution to Spath's persistent tyranny.

star 7.69
1385 votes
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Life Behind Larry

#62 - Life Behind Larry

The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 - Episode 7

Everybody has their own ideas about who should host the show being readied to follow Larry, while Larry worries over not winning a major award again.

star 7.68
37 votes
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#63 - Cheerleader

Malcolm in the Middle Season 1 - Episode 12

Reese becomes so head-over-heels for a girl on the cheerleading squad that he actually decides to join. Dewey tries to convince Lois and Hal to buy him a new toy. Francis suffers through a long lecture from Spangler.

star 7.67
824 votes
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The New Producer

#64 - The New Producer

The Larry Sanders Show Season 1 - Episode 5

A friend of Larry's temporarily replaces Artie as producer but schemes to make the job permanent.

star 7.66
142 votes
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Company Picnic (Part 2)

#65 - Company Picnic (Part 2)

Malcolm in the Middle Season 3 - Episode 12

After Hal is mistaken by his new boss, as that guy's boss, Hal plays along. Malcolm is in a three-legged scavenger hunt with the girl he likes, but becomes upset after he confesses he likes her, and she says she likes another boy. Reese is also the the scavenger hunt, and at first doesn't like the big dumb bully he is with, but they grow to like each other when they bond over beating up the other contestants and stealing their items. Lois continues to balance keeping Dewey intact and dealing with the crazy woman, but now must talk to the husband as well. Francis continues to sabotage his own team, this time on the ice.

star 7.66
399 votes
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#66 - Evacuation

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 24

Malcolm's family and scores of others are forced to relocate to a school gym because of a toxic-chemical spill caused by a derailed train. Seems it ran over an old couch that fell off Hal's car on his way to the dump. Amid the chaos, resourcefulness pays off for Dewey, who enlists sympathy by pretending his parents were killed in an enveloping chemical cloud; and for Reese, who schemes to make money off the calamity. As the rascal puts it, "When people are miserable and suffering, it brings out the best in me."

star 7.66
592 votes
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Stock Car Races

#67 - Stock Car Races

Malcolm in the Middle Season 1 - Episode 10

Malcolm is upset about having to dance in front of the school with the other Krelboynes, so he decides to ditch school. But when Hal convinces him that taking him to school will be the highlight of his day, so Malcolm is guilted into going. The boys are shocked though when Hal tells them they aren't going to school. He takes them to the racetrack to see the last race of the best driver ever Rusty Malcolm. After two laps, the boys decide to get some cokes. While arguing over who should watch him though, the boys lose Dewey and enter a forbidden room, only to be caught by a security guard. Meanwhile, Francis' disobedience affects the rest of the cadets.

star 7.65
894 votes
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Reese's Job

#68 - Reese's Job

Malcolm in the Middle Season 3 - Episode 9

Trouble finds Reese at his new fast-food job; a new Krelboyne tutors Malcolm; Hal and Lois sabotage Dewey's plan to get a dog.

star 7.65
536 votes
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The Real Confirmation

#69 - The Real Confirmation

The Real O'Neals Season 2 - Episode 13

Shannon asks Vice Principal Murray to stand for her at her Catholic confirmation which mom Eillen perceives as just too weird since they are only dating.

star 7.64
320 votes
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The Real Third Wheel

#70 - The Real Third Wheel

The Real O'Neals Season 2 - Episode 11

Kenny’s jealousy over Brett’s relationship with his best girl friend leads Kenny to realize he’s been a bad friend to Allison. Jimmy and Shannon start their own ridesharing; company meanwhile, Eileen and Pat are shocked to catch Clive “cheating” on them, but ultimately discover that the three of them make a pretty good “throuple,”

star 7.63
309 votes
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Traffic Jam (2)

#71 - Traffic Jam (2)

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 1

Hal, Lois, Malcolm and Reese are trapped in a horrendous traffic jam. Francis enters himself in a bet that recalls the egg-eating wager in "Cool Hand Luke." Malcolm becomes smitten over a girl he meets. Dewey has his own little adventure--all over the world--before his family returns home.

star 7.62
899 votes
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Krelboyne Picnic

#72 - Krelboyne Picnic

Malcolm in the Middle Season 1 - Episode 8

Disasters abound at a gifted kids' picnic, where stage acts bomb, families feud, and Malcolm's dad Hal serves meat to vegetarians. Despite Malcolm's best efforts -- feigning sickness, planning to go over the wall with Francis -- his family insist on accompanying him to a circus-themed picnic for the Krelboyne class, whom must each perform for the assembled students and families. Once there, Lois immediately feuds with Dorene, the loud-mouthed mother who dominates the other parents; Reese plans to "kick Krelboyne butt" and is hoist by his own petard (okay, underpants) by Eraserhead's much bigger brother; Francis goes through an entire romantic relationship in the course of the single afternoon; and Hal grosses out the entire class by sneaking real meat into their vegetarian barbecue. When a desperate Malcolm turns Stevie's demonstration of catalysts into a gigantic stink bomb, Caroline is convinced she will be fired -- so Malcolm must go on and quell the crowd by demonstrating his abili

star 7.62
828 votes
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#73 - Thanksgiving

Amazing Stories Season 2 - Episode 9

Nora and her father Calvin are farmers who are digging a well for water. The two lower a flashlight on a rope down the hole. Suddenly something pulls on the rope. When they pull it up, they see that the flashlight has been replaced with a gold ingot. Calvin goes to town with it while Nora sends down another package to the "hole people" containing ham and a dictionary. When she pulls it back up she receives gold and jewels and a note thanking her, saying the 'ham' was very tasty, and asking for more things. She sends down chicken and gets even more gold. Calvin returns in a tow truck. On a tow cable, he sends down a container filled with flashlights. When he pulls it up, he discovers they have been destroyed. Calvin is upset and decides to go down into the hole. He gets a gun and puts on a gas mask and army suit. He lowers himself down and tells Nora to bring him up after 10 minutes. Nora brings him up but all that comes up is the suit, stuffed with gold and jewelry and coins.

star 7.59
86 votes
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Academic Octathalon

#74 - Academic Octathalon

Malcolm in the Middle Season 4 - Episode 16

An academic competition faces the Krelboynes in an event Malcolm derides. Especially when he learns his teacher has a cheating plan. Also: a commitment to a formal dance ruffles Reese, who's now trying to ditch his date.

star 7.59
454 votes
Ellen, or Isn't She?

#75 - Ellen, or Isn't She?

The Larry Sanders Show Season 5 - Episode 4

Artie pushes Larry to get Ellen Degeneres to come out of the closet on their show, but Larry pursues some personal research first. Beverly spoils Artie's birthday by circulating the show's budget, with everyone's salary, amongst the staff.

star 7.59
54 votes
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Lois vs. Evil

#76 - Lois vs. Evil

Malcolm in the Middle Season 1 - Episode 9

After the kids blow up the store's steam cleaner, and Dewey confesses to stealing a $150 bottle of cognac, Lois's firing prompts household economizing to an extent that causes Malcolm mortifying embarrassment at school: Julie organizes a food-drive for his family. When Hal winds up in emergency with acute botulism as a result, Lois must re-think her position against apologizing to her odious boss, Mr. Pinter. Meanwhile, Francis thinks he's died and gone to heaven when he's assigned honor-guard duty at a Teenage Miss Alabama beauty pageant -- until he discovers that all the girls think he's gay.

star 7.59
775 votes
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Laura's Secret Diary

#77 - Laura's Secret Diary

Twin Peaks Season 2 - Episode 4

Leland confesses to killing Jacques Reanult. Andy wants to take a new sperm count test. Rumor spreads that a food critic is coming to Twin Peaks. Jean asks Ben to set a trap for Cooper in exchange for Audrey's life. Cooper agrees to Ben's requests, unaware of the trap. Harold Smith reads from the diary to Donna. Josie returns to Twin Peaks. Cooper asks for help from the Bookhouse Boys, and Harry comes through. Donna and Maddy plot to steal the diary. Judge Sternwood arrives for the trials of Leo and Leland. Dick Tremayne makes a shocking offer to Lucy. The Asian man comes after Josie and Hank.

star 7.59
1564 votes
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#78 - Zoo

Malcolm in the Middle Season 4 - Episode 1

Malcolm, whose frenetic home life is a kind of zoo, begins the fourth season by accompanying his family to the real thing. A visit to the zoo offers close encounters with creatures great and small. But Hal wishes he could have passed on an encounter with Lois's former beau, who lectures on rain-forest animals. Elsewhere, Reese butts heads with a goat; and Malcolm and Dewey take a tumble into a tiger den. Another storyline checks in on ne'er-do-well Francis, now the unlikely foreman of a dude ranch owned by a cheery German businessman.

star 7.59
667 votes
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Malcolm vs. Reese

#79 - Malcolm vs. Reese

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 21

Francis has an extra ticket for a wrestling event and it is the prize pitting Malcolm vs. Reese in a one-upmanship war; caring for Craig's cat is troublesome for Dewey.

star 7.54
591 votes
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The Card

#80 - The Card

Me, MYSELF & I Season 1 - Episode 3

Young Alex gives away his most prized possession in an attempt to impress his crush, Nori.

star 7.54
297 votes
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Old Mrs. Old

#81 - Old Mrs. Old

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 11

Dewey starts carrying a purse to school. Francis's friend Richie joins him at military school. Malcolm becomes a slave to an old woman in the neighborhood.

star 7.54
596 votes
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#82 - Pilot

The Real O'Neals Season 1 - Episode 1

Based in Chicago, the O’Neals appear to be a seemingly picture perfect family, but their lives soon take an unexpected turn when surprising truths are revealed. Eileen is a mom who usually has a fine grasp on all matters under her roof, and her soon-to-be-ex-husband Pat is a good-natured father and the emotional center of the family. Their normal routine at home suddenly gets turned upside down when Eileen and Pat announce their divorce, and their sixteen-year-old-son Kenny reveals to his family that he is gay. Kenny never would have imagined his admission would also result in outing his entire family’s secrets, including revelations from his older brother, Jimmy, and little sister, Shannon. Jimmy unapologetically wears his heart on his sleeve and genuinely tries to figure out what’s best in any situation, while Shannon is the youngest but carries herself more mature than her age. Life in the O’Neals household wouldn’t be complete without Aunt Jodi, Pat’s ex-sister-in-law and Eileen’s best friend, who is quite the frequent visitor and is also willing to admit things are far from perfect in her own life. What seems like a sudden upheaval that could mark the end of the O’Neals idyllic lives turns out to be the beginning of a bright new chapter when everyone stops pretending to be perfect and actually starts being real.

star 7.53
489 votes
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What I Did For Love

#83 - What I Did For Love

Red Band Society Season 1 - Episode 10

Emma goes home and learns a secret that throws her into a tailspin, as Jordi debates breaking the law to get what he wants. Meanwhile, betrayal abounds as Leo and Kara hit the road and leave Ocean Park Hospital. Then, Hunter receives the news he has been waiting for and approaches a life-altering medical procedure with Dash by his side. Also, love is in the air as Nurse Jackson and Dr. Naday try to get Charlie to respond.

star 7.53
194 votes
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Things Were Different Then

#84 - Things Were Different Then

black-ish Season 4 - Episode 16

Dre reluctantly helps Junior plan Pops’ 65th birthday party and starts to see his dad’s past in a new light. Meanwhile, Bow decides to say “yes” to everything for a whole year and Jack & Diane take advantage of her.

star 7.51
352 votes
Health Scare

#85 - Health Scare

Malcolm in the Middle Season 3 - Episode 6

When Hal's doctor discovers something suspicious during his routine check-up, Lois and Hal become frantic, nervous wrecks as they wait for the test results. As a result of her anticipation, Lois becomes even stricter with the boys, leaving them to misinterpret the new house rules. Meanwhile, in Alaska, Francis comes to blows with his boss.

star 7.51
616 votes
Francis Escapes

#86 - Francis Escapes

Malcolm in the Middle Season 1 - Episode 7

Francis goes AWOL from military school and comes home to get together with his ditzy girlfriend, so they can get away forever. She turns out to be a thief who doesn't pay attention to Francis. So he hides in the backyard while Malcolm (who is the only one who nows he is there) tries to make excuses to Dewey for whats in the backyard.

star 7.50
866 votes
Halloween Approximately

#87 - Halloween Approximately

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 2

Francis visits the week after Halloween and helps his brothers in a trick that involves a giant slingshot with icky ammo. Hal tries to catch a mysterious hot-rodder.

star 7.50
989 votes
There's No 'Ryan' in Team

#88 - There's No 'Ryan' in Team

Go On Season 1 - Episode 3

Ryan struggles to keep the group separate from his personal life; Steven awkwardly tries to help Ryan overcome his loss.

star 7.50
1276 votes
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The Real Papaya

#89 - The Real Papaya

The Real O'Neals Season 1 - Episode 2

Following the “coming out” confessions made by everyone in the O’Neal family, Eileen is desperate to control the situation and tries to make Kenny “un-gay.” Meanwhile, Kenny tries to find the right time to break up with Mimi and has a heart-to-heart with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.

star 7.49
402 votes
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The Real Retreat

#90 - The Real Retreat

The Real O'Neals Season 1 - Episode 10

When Jimmy is unexpectedly named Faith Leader for the weekend at the Catholic Youth Retreat, a jealous Kenny decides to take on his older brother’s role as ring leader of the bad kids. Home alone without the kids, Pat invites a new lady friend over, and Eileen can’t help but enlist Jodi to spy on them, with surprising results.

star 7.48
318 votes
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Pink Flamingos

#91 - Pink Flamingos

Wonderfalls Season 1 - Episode 4

Jaye's father ends up in the hospital after she helps him collect garbage; the muses instruct Jaye to help an old high-school nemesis.

star 7.48
118 votes
No Small Parts

#92 - No Small Parts

The Unicorn Season 1 - Episode 5

Grace gets the lead in the school musical, but Wade realizes that the teachers are giving her special treatment after he hears her sing. Also, Michelle and Ben persuade Delia and Forrest to volunteer for the chaotic snack bar duty at a school function.

star 7.46
245 votes
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Hank's New Assistant

#93 - Hank's New Assistant

The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 - Episode 2

When Darlene quits while on vacation, Hank hires the temp who was filling in for her. Larry's reluctant to tell Dana Carvey he doesn't like Carvey's Larry Sanders impersonation.

star 7.45
58 votes
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Good Grief

#94 - Good Grief

black-ish Season 5 - Episode 5

Bow’s mom, Alicia, visits the family for the first time since the loss of Bow’s dad, and she is still heavily grieving. Bow decides to throw a big luau-themed party for what would have been her dad’s next birthday. Meanwhile, Mason has an extra ticket to an MMA fight and invites Diane on the same night as the party.

star 7.45
261 votes
Home Alone 4

#95 - Home Alone 4

Malcolm in the Middle Season 1 - Episode 3

Lois and Hal are spending the weekend at a family wedding, leaving Francis -- home for a visit -- in charge. When Malcolm overhears them discussing whether Francis has spent long enough at the military academy, he enlists his brothers in a scheme to get Francis home by preventing any of the usual disasters. But three of Francis's dude buddies turn up to party and trash the house, and while frantically cleaning up Malcolm gets a serious head injury that necessitates the usual trip to the emergency ward. How to prevent Mom and Dad from finding out? Enter Caroline, who has begged Malcolm to look on her not just as his teacher but also as his "friend" -- a declaration that costs her $400 in medical bills. Meanwhile, Hal and Lois discover that his family has a new nickname for her: "Lois Common Denominator." Her humiliation provokes Hal to declare his devotion to her -- and the snooty bride and groom discover that their honeymoon car is already being put to use.... Home again, Mom and Dad a

star 7.45
1126 votes
The Breakdown (1)

#96 - The Breakdown (1)

The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 - Episode 1

Larry is a wreck as he faces sinking ratings, no Emmy nominations, and a divorce suit from Jeannie. So Hank and Artie try to fix him up with attractive women. But the only one he really connects with is Francine, his first wife.

star 7.44
77 votes
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Wound-Up Penguin

#97 - Wound-Up Penguin

Wonderfalls Season 1 - Episode 3

Jaye and Eric find a woman in the Barrel, who they discover is a nun that is trying to leave her abbey. A priest comes looking for her to try to convince her to come back, but isn't very successful in doing so. Jaye naturally gets wrapped up in it, and taking instructions from the animals, eventually helps the two.

star 7.43
179 votes

#98 - Robbery

Malcolm in the Middle Season 2 - Episode 7

Gun-wielding robbers menace Lois and Craig at the Lucky Aide Store, while swarming bats beset Hal and the boys at home.

star 7.42
793 votes
Book Club

#99 - Book Club

Malcolm in the Middle Season 3 - Episode 3

Unfulfilled Lois joins a ladies’ book club, which is really a whining—and wining—session. Meanwhile, at home, Hal’s desperate to busy the boys.

star 7.40
756 votes
The One Where Rachel Smokes

#100 - The One Where Rachel Smokes

Friends Season 5 - Episode 18

Rachel decides to start smoking in order to avoid missing important meetings with her boss. Joey auditions for a soup commercial with Ross's son Ben. Monica and Phoebe plan a surprise birthday party for Rachel.

star 7.40
3195 votes

#101 - Checkmate

Twin Peaks Season 2 - Episode 13

Major Briggs has no memory of the place he was taken, but now has an odd tattoo on his neck. Andy and Dick break into Little Nicky's files. Mike and Nadine begin an affair. Shelly and Bobby's love is strained. Evelyn asks James to kill her husband. Hank attacks Big Ed, but is beaten by Nadine. Ben slips deeper into his fantasy life. When the drug bust goes bad, Cooper is taken hostage by Jean Renault. Leo Johnson comes back to life. After physical and mental torture by Renault, Cooper is saved by a quick thinking Bryson and Truman. Later that night, an explosion and blackout empties out the police station, and when Cooper and Truman return, they find a gruesome scene let by Windom Earle.

star 7.39
1381 votes
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A Stitch in Time

#102 - A Stitch in Time

Stitchers Season 1 - Episode 1

Highly intelligent and emotionally distant, Kirsten Clark has an aptitude for technology but never expected that she’d be hacking into the minds of the recently deceased.

star 7.37
1892 votes
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Kimmy Has a Birthday!

#103 - Kimmy Has a Birthday!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 1 - Episode 9

Kimmy's 30th birthday party isn't quite the fun celebration of adulthood she wants it to be.

star 7.36
1266 votes
The First Step

#104 - The First Step

Me, MYSELF & I Season 1 - Episode 2

Darryl encourages mid-life Alex to get back into the dating scene following his divorce; young Alex has trouble making friends after his embarrassing moment at the school dance.

star 7.36
367 votes
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The Matchmaker

#105 - The Matchmaker

The Larry Sanders Show Season 5 - Episode 6

Paula's new assistant, Marylou, manages to upset everyone, even the affable Tim Conway, with her ineffective pre-interview techniques and celebrity research. Hank's effort to cheer up a despondent Brian with a night on the town at several gay bars earns him a prominent mention in Army Archerd's column.

star 7.35
52 votes
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Everybody Loves Larry

#106 - Everybody Loves Larry

The Larry Sanders Show Season 5 - Episode 1

Larry, worried about the implications of a permanent guest host, sabotages temporary host Jon Stewart at every turn. Hank buys a less-than-perfect used car from Elvis Costello. David Duchovny's friendliness makes Larry wonder about his sexual orientation.

star 7.33
58 votes
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Reese Comes Home

#107 - Reese Comes Home

Malcolm in the Middle Season 6 - Episode 1

When Reese realizes the Army is too much for him to handle, he deserts and dresses as an Afghani woman. But Lois is on a march to find him, and travels to Kabul to hunt him down. Meanwhile, Malcolm volunteers at a veterans hospital as a way to make up for his guilt of making Reese leave.

star 7.32
601 votes
Nothing Personal

#108 - Nothing Personal

The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 - Episode 8

Paula has trouble booking guests for sweeps week, so she leans on Larry to ask his friend Jeff Goldblum, who in turn offers to help Larry get a date with a network publicist.

star 7.26
53 votes
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The Breakdown (2)

#109 - The Breakdown (2)

The Larry Sanders Show Season 2 - Episode 2

Larry is a wreck as he faces sinking ratings, no Emmy nominations, and a divorce suit from Jeannie. So Hank and Artie try to fix him up with attractive women. But the only one he really connects with is Francine, his first wife.

star 7.25
63 votes
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Top Billing

#110 - Top Billing

Tales from the Crypt Season 3 - Episode 5

An unattractive and unlucky actor can't get a role because of his looks. His agent and girlfriend leave him. But he doesn't intend to give up - he wants the role of Hamlet.

star 7.21
128 votes
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Conflict of Interest

#111 - Conflict of Interest

The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 - Episode 10

Paula's dating Larry's agent, but Larry fears he's just using her to book his clients on the show. The network objects to Larry's ethnic guest spots. Hank tries to stiff Phil on a $20 loan.

star 7.21
52 votes
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Company Picnic (Part 1)

#112 - Company Picnic (Part 1)

Malcolm in the Middle Season 3 - Episode 11

Juicy guest casting and ingenious plotting enliven an hourlong episode that airs in the plum post-Super Bowl slot. One storyline unfolds at Hal's company picnic, where Lois clashes with a blabby wife (Susan Sarandon) and her beleaguered spouse (Kaczmarek's real-life husband, Bradley Whitford); and Hal runs afoul of his new boss (Stephen Root) and the big cheese (Patrick Warburton). In Alaska, Francis's scheme to win a bet involves rigging a hockey game that pits loggers vs. a fearsome women's squad led by a blowhard coach (Terry Bradshaw).

star 7.19
582 votes
To Be A Man...

#113 - To Be A Man...

Shin Chan Season 1 - Episode 2

"The Brotherhood of the Groveling Allowance" - Faced with the same lack of funds as his son, Hiro decides to team up with Shin and together outsmart the tight-fisted Mitzi. It's an all-out war between the sexes, but the fairer just won't play fair! When a handful softens Mitzi's stance and she decides to raise more than just his spirits, Hiro rediscovers that he's happy being half a man... "Action Bastard Says, 'Put Your Mouth on a Sausage!" - Shin's superhero sells out, and it's up to the little nipper to swallow enough of his BS to send away for his very own Bastard Belt. But despite Mitzi's urging, the poor kid's courage fails him... He just can't stomach Action Bastard's byproduct. Don't worry boys and girls, it's only Shin's ass on the line! "Hima Nohara in 'Laundry Quandry!'" - It's a sweet stacking short for the littlest Nohara when Hima decides to trash the family duds. "Ench-Man Episode 1: Ench-Man Begins" - The story of his life is not for the faint of heart... By day, mild-mannered principal. But by night - He's Ench-Man!

star 7.17
18 votes
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About Total Exuberance

#114 - About Total Exuberance

About a Boy Season 1 - Episode 2

Andy guilts Will into agreeing to babysit Marcus so Fiona can go on a job interview, but the situation gets complicated when they receive a last-minute invitation to a once-in-a-lifetime charity pool party hosted by rap star Lil Jon. Meanwhile, Fiona discovers that honesty isn’t always the best policy when it comes to landing a job.

star 7.14
431 votes
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Welcome to My Nightmare

#115 - Welcome to My Nightmare

Amazing Stories Season 2 - Episode 4

A horror movie buff's obsession with the girl next door lands him in a terrifying scene from Psycho.

star 7.14
83 votes
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#116 - Boggled

Felicity Season 1 - Episode 4

While playing a game of Boggle in her room, Felicity and Noel kiss. Meghan walks in on them, and quickly spreads juicy rumors. Felicity is upset when Elena (her new lab partner) believes that she is sleeping with Noel. Felicity accepts a ""maybe date"" with Noel. Just as she is beginning to realize her feelings for him, he reveals that he has a girlfriend. Felicity tells him off and storms out of the restaurant. Noel apologizes and explains his situation. Julie tells Ben that she only wants to be friends. She meets Zach, a freshman film student who earns the nickname ""Pink Guy"" after a laundry mishap. Julie upsets Zach with her critical comments about his film. Ben tries out for the track team. When he fails to make it, Ben--unaware that Felicity attended his try-out--tries to save face by telling her that he simply didn't have time to be part of the team.

star 7.14
93 votes
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#117 - Pilot

Mr. Mayor Season 1 - Episode 1

Neil Bremer starts his first day as mayor of Los Angeles, where he faces new challenges on the job and at home.

star 7.12
308 votes
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Love and Marriage

#118 - Love and Marriage

Felicity Season 1 - Episode 15

Javier faces deportation. Horrified by the prospect of being separated from his true love, Samuel, he asks Felicity to help him get a green card by marrying him. Felicity reluctantly agrees to go through with it, although she could face jail time if their scheme is discovered. Javier calls off the marriage because of Samuel's objections. Samuel convinces his boss to transfer him to Spain so that he can stay with Javier. Noel's visiting brother Ryan announces that he is gay. Before Noel can come to grips with this news, Ryan introduces him to his boyfriend, whom he plans to marry. Ryan is infuriated when Noel proves to be less than supportive of his decision. They come to an understanding after Ryan shows up at a graphics exhibit where Noel has some work on display. The swim coach observes Ben's workout and asks him to try out for the team. He is reluctant; until one of the swimmers, Lynn, angers him by bringing up his failed track tryout in front of Julie. Ben competes against Lynn i

star 7.12
52 votes
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#119 - Friends

Felicity Season 1 - Episode 12

Felicity spies Blair kissing another girl in the library. Felicity plans to tell Elena, but keeps quiet when the girl turns out to be Elena's best friend, Tara. Blair tries to convince Felicity that he wasn't even at the library. He and Tara later confess to Elena, but claim that it was an accident. She is still mad, but elects to forgive them. Felicity talks with a guy with a photographic memory who frequents the library stacks. He has seen Blair and Tara make out on several occasions. Elena refuses to believe that Tara would betray her, and essentially orders Felicity to stay out of her business. She soon has a change of heart and backs out of a date with Blair, but tells him to go to the concert alone. She apologizes to Felicity, and they wait for the concert to let out. They discover that Blair gave Elena's ticket to Tara, whom he kisses outside the arena. Julie learns the identity of her birth mother, Carol Anderson. Ben comes along for moral support as Julie prepares to meet

star 7.09
80 votes
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#120 - Deceivers

Friends with Better Lives Season 1 - Episode 10

Will signs up for an online dating service, and challenges Kate as to who can find the better mate. Andi goes to extremes to get Charlie accepted into a posh preschool.

star 7.07
178 votes
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Window Pain

#121 - Window Pain

Friends with Better Lives Season 1 - Episode 2

When Will struggles to meet women on his own, Kate takes him to a bar and acts as his wingman. Meanwhile, Andi's pregnancy hormones heighten her sense of smell and her libido.

star 7.01
450 votes
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Life Of Brian

#122 - Life Of Brian

My So-Called Life Season 1 - Episode 11

Brian's life is a constant struggle over what he wants to express and the ramblings that escape from his mouth; everyone feels like the outsider at the "World Happiness Dance" at school; Patty pressures Graham into taking a continuing education cooking class.

star 7.00
117 votes
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Hank's Sex Tape

#123 - Hank's Sex Tape

The Larry Sanders Show Season 4 - Episode 7

Hank fears for his career after Phil sets a scandalous sex tape circulating among the entertainment community.

star 6.96
84 votes
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#124 - Weekend

My So-Called Life Season 1 - Episode 18

On a romantic weekend getaway to "reconnect" with Graham, Patty reveals another side of her personality; Angela copes with a visit from Rayanne, who has good reason not to leave.

star 6.61
114 votes
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The Broken Record

#125 - The Broken Record

Eerie, Indiana Season 1 - Episode 19

Marshall tries to get a gloomy friend to lighten up by showing him an album from the heavy metal band Pitbull Surfers, but soon the Eerie weirdness kicks in and the quiet overachiever is turned into rebellious headbanger.

star 6.51
72 votes
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