The Best Episodes Directed by Tim Andrew

Witness for the Prostitution

#1 - Witness for the Prostitution

Son of the Beach Season 3 - Episode 5

Notch is honored at the State Univeristy College of Malibu Adjacent (S.U.C.M.A., home of the Cocks) with the opening of a lavatory science building named after him. But all is not well. After a lifeguard group therapy session (with Chappy as therapist!), Ellen comes in with the news that she's been fired from her job as house mother at the I Eta Pi sorority, where a sister named Tiffany recently committed suicide. Notch smells something fishy, and SPF-30 swings into action: Chip and B.J. accompany Ellen on a stakeout while Porcelain and Jamaica go undercover at the sorority as pledges. Sorority leader Mandy almost immediately offers Porcelain a job working for I Eta Pi's escort service, but she and Jamaica soon find out that the sorority is running a forced prostitution ring, with the knowledge and guidance of the university's Dean Faraday. Notch and the gang rescue the girls before they can be harmed. Also: Kimberlee's mother Marcia is coming for a visit. Kimberlee hates to tell her m

star 8.67
3 votes
Bad News, Mr. Johnson (3)

#2 - Bad News, Mr. Johnson (3)

Son of the Beach Season 3 - Episode 14

""Master of disguise"" Notch Johnson is on the run and he spends some time hiding out at Aunt Jizzy's, where he learns that Kooze and Harry have conspired to move up Harry and Kimberlee's wedding date to the next day. Kooze knows Notch will come when he hears this news and he plans to assassinate him at the wedding. Chip finds out he's in imminent danger of being deported. To avoid this, he convinces a reluctant Jamaica to marry him, which is a great shock to his ""Mootie"" and ""Poopie"" when they arrive for the wedding. Porcelain has now come up with a plan to seduce Nick Jr. into marriage so she can get her hands on the Pappasmearos fortune, so it looks like there's going to be a triple wedding at Malibu Adjacent. Notch sneaks into the SPF-30 headquaters looking for evidence against Kooze, but while he's looking, B.J. goes into labor. Notch helps to deliver her baby, after which the surprise identity of the father is revealed. With the help of Chappy, Ellen and Prof. Milosevic, Notch expo

star 8.67
3 votes
The Long Hot Johnson

#3 - The Long Hot Johnson

Son of the Beach Season 3 - Episode 11

Notch's old wet nurse Aunt Jizzy and company come to him with stories of Klan activity in South Malibu Adjacent and a scheme led by the notorious Bull Cracker to cheat them out of their homes. So Notch joins the all-white South Malibu Adjacent Country Club to find out the truth. But he doesn't make the smartest move by taking Jamaica along with him posing as his fiance! Bull and his boys are about to make a move on Notch, Jamaica and Kimberlee, but they are rescued by a couple of unlikely allies, Bull's wife Pussy Willow and Porcelain. Also, Chip and B.J. try to help out by going undercover as a married brother and sister.

star 8.50
4 votes
Memory Found

#4 - Memory Found

Teen Wolf Season 6 - Episode 9

While Liam and Theo act as decoys, Scott, Lydia and Malia enact a desperate plan to try and remember Stiles.

star 8.44
1614 votes
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#5 - Riddled

Teen Wolf Season 3 - Episode 18

When Stiles goes missing in the middle of the night, Scott and the others embark on a desperate search while Lydia tries to master her new abilities.

star 8.31
1619 votes
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Memory Lost

#6 - Memory Lost

Teen Wolf Season 6 - Episode 1

With graduation approaching, a supernatural force rides into Beacon Hills and crosses paths with Scott and his friends, while Liam discovers evidence of a new enemy in the high school.

star 8.31
2098 votes
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The Girl Who Knew Too Much

#7 - The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Teen Wolf Season 3 - Episode 9

As Allison begins to suspect someone dangerously close to her may be involved in the murders, Scott and Stiles conclude that Lydia's rising talents may be their best bet to solving the murders.

star 8.28
1522 votes
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#8 - Insatiable

Teen Wolf Season 3 - Episode 23

Kira finds herself facing an unexpected antagonist while Scott and his friends try to survive against an enemy growing ever stronger.

star 8.26
1567 votes
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Alpha Pact

#9 - Alpha Pact

Teen Wolf Season 3 - Episode 11

With the threat growing far more personal and time running out on innocent lives, Scott is forced to make a difficult choice in order to save both friends and family. Derek and Peter try to figure out how to save Cora's life.

star 8.24
1626 votes
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#10 - Parasomnia

Teen Wolf Season 5 - Episode 2

Stiles tries to prove his suspicions about a new classmate while Lydia helps a student with night terrors.

star 8.21
1360 votes
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Light My Firebush

#11 - Light My Firebush

Son of the Beach Season 2 - Episode 6

Notch hires his half Indian sister as a life guard and uses savages techniques to help the beach. B.J. is reunited with her mother Ima Cummings. But her (step) daddy butts in her life and threatens B.J. and Ima's lives.

star 8.20
5 votes
A Novel Approach

#12 - A Novel Approach

Teen Wolf Season 5 - Episode 5

The Pack goes into Eichen House to learn more about The Dread Doctors.

star 8.18
1354 votes
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Lies of Omission

#13 - Lies of Omission

Teen Wolf Season 5 - Episode 9

While Scott turns to an unlikely ally for help, Stiles and Lydia try to uncover the truth about Parrish.

star 8.16
1260 votes
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Echo House

#14 - Echo House

Teen Wolf Season 3 - Episode 20

Scott and his friends seek an important Japanese artifact while a mental health institution called Eichen House offers both answers and a difficult choice for Stiles.

star 8.16
1487 votes
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Pressure Test

#15 - Pressure Test

Teen Wolf Season 6 - Episode 15

When Scott and the others try to protect two new werewolves, an unlikely ally joins the fight.

star 8.13
1309 votes
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#16 - Muted

Teen Wolf Season 4 - Episode 3

A new Freshman player threatens Scott's position on the Lacrosse team. Stilinski investigates a brutal murder.

star 8.12
1628 votes
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#17 - Relics

Teen Wolf Season 6 - Episode 4

Scott and Liam protect the lacrosse team from an attack by the Ghost Riders while Lydia searches for clues that lead her closer to finding Stiles.

star 8.12
1656 votes
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Dog Dean Afternoon

#18 - Dog Dean Afternoon

Supernatural Season 9 - Episode 5

While investigating two bizarre murders, Sam and Dean realize there is an eyewitness to both gruesome deaths - a German Sheppard. Anxious to find out if they are dealing with a witch, a skinwalker or other supernatural monster, the guys look up a spell that could let Dean "communicate" with the dog. Unfortunately, the spell comes with side effects that no one saw coming.

star 8.12
3070 votes
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#19 - Fury

Teen Wolf Season 2 - Episode 10

With a shocking secret revealed, Scott, Stiles, Melissa and Stilinski are taken hostage in the Sheriff's Station. Things get completely out of hand when Allison tracks Derek to the station, bringing Argent and Gerard with her.

star 8.06
1703 votes
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Broken Glass

#20 - Broken Glass

Teen Wolf Season 6 - Episode 19

Scott and Malia prepare for battle while Argent searches for an old ally.

star 8.03
1218 votes
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Master Plan

#21 - Master Plan

Teen Wolf Season 2 - Episode 12

With a shocking death on the lacrosse field, Scott and his friends rush to figure out Gerard's master plan while Derek plots to take him down using his own methods.

star 8.02
1626 votes
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Raw Talent

#22 - Raw Talent

Teen Wolf Season 6 - Episode 12

Scott and Malia search for the owner of a unique bullet, fearing that a new breed of werewolf hunter has come to Beacon Hills. At the same time, Lydia must face her own fears of Eichen House.

star 8.00
1410 votes
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It's a Nude, Nude, Nude, Nude World

#23 - It's a Nude, Nude, Nude, Nude World

Son of the Beach Season 2 - Episode 9

The Nude-lympics come to Malibu Adjacent, and someone is killing beautiful, naked women because he feels they are 'Dirty'. Mayor Anita wants to cover up the story, but SPF-30 is at work cracking the case. Kimberlee lands a date with the murderer unaware until he arrives to pick her up that he is the killer of all the women. While on her date, Kimberlee makes a private call to Notch telling him that she is with him but the killer finds out and then tries to kill Kimberlee until Notch and the gang come along to save her.

star 8.00
8 votes
Empty the Dragon

#24 - Empty the Dragon

Son of the Beach Season 3 - Episode 10

Notch travels to Japan with Kimberlee, Chip and Porcelain for the Nagasaki Fried Chicken (NFC) Karaoke Championships. To Porcelain's dismay, the blonde Kimberlee gets all the attention from the press. Notch gets involved with Binaka, whose crazed vegetarian father has concocted a formula that turns a chicken into a giant beast which is rampaging through Tokyo. The giant chicken captures Kimberlee and things look grim when the Japanese troops prepare to blast the big animal, but Notch comes to the rescue. Also, Chip visits a geisha house, where he gets a big, unexpected surprise.

star 8.00
5 votes
Party Guessed

#25 - Party Guessed

Teen Wolf Season 2 - Episode 9

Even as his relationship with Allison becomes further strained, Scott and Stiles must attend Lydia's birthday party while Derek locks his new wolves up to watch after them on their first full moon together.

star 7.96
1693 votes
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Of Grave Importance

#26 - Of Grave Importance

Supernatural Season 7 - Episode 19

Sam and Dean get a call from Annie Hawkins, an old hunter friend, asking for help on a case. When they arrive in town, they find out Annie has disappeared. They trace her last whereabouts to an old abandoned house that is haunted by a powerful ghost.

star 7.96
3716 votes
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More Bad Than Good

#27 - More Bad Than Good

Teen Wolf Season 3 - Episode 14

Scott and his friends race to figure out how to catch the Werecoyote before it's hunted down while Derek and Peter are broken out of captivity by an unlikely ally.

star 7.94
1601 votes
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The Beast of Beacon Hills

#28 - The Beast of Beacon Hills

Teen Wolf Season 5 - Episode 19

With the identity of the Beast finally revealed, Scott and his friends are in a race against time to stop the Dread Doctors from implementing their final plan.

star 7.94
1081 votes
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A Credible Threat

#29 - A Credible Threat

Teen Wolf Season 5 - Episode 17

Scott and his pack use a charity lacrosse game in a deadly gambit to figure out the identity of the Beast.

star 7.94
1151 votes
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Damnatio Memoriae

#30 - Damnatio Memoriae

Teen Wolf Season 5 - Episode 12

Without the support of his pack, Scott confronts what the Dread Doctors’ deadly success means for Beacon Hills.

star 7.94
1232 votes
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#31 - Unleashed

Teen Wolf Season 3 - Episode 4

While Scott tries to keep Isaac from engaging in a deadly confrontation with the Twins in school, Stiles attempts to prove his theory that the killings have nothing to do with werewolves.

star 7.92
1501 votes
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Wolf's Bane

#32 - Wolf's Bane

Teen Wolf Season 1 - Episode 9

Jackson reaches a dangerous revelation regarding Scott. His actions begin to threaten not only Scott's life, but his own. Allison begins to question the strange behavior in her family.

star 7.90
2046 votes
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Smells Like King Spirit

#33 - Smells Like King Spirit

Witches of East End Season 2 - Episode 9

Tarkoff seeks revenge against Frederick; Freya confronts Killian; Ingrid gives Dash an ultimatum; Wendy and Tommy's relationship proves dangerous; Joanna tries to protect her family.

star 7.89
512 votes
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#34 - Gaijin

NCIS: Hawai'i Season 1 - Episode 5

When a Japanese sailor is killed on American soil and evidence links the case to the previous murder of the victim’s girlfriend back in Japan, NCIS must find the murderer before the wrong person is accused and the case triggers a diplomatic crisis. Also, Captain Milius makes a personal request to Tennant.

star 7.88
41 votes
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#35 - Weaponized

Teen Wolf Season 4 - Episode 7

A mysterious outbreak takes over the high school.

star 7.87
1337 votes
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The Heart is a Devil

#36 - The Heart is a Devil

Salem Season 3 - Episode 2

Mary leaves the comfort of Alden's embrace, determined to do whatever it takes to keep evil at bay.

star 7.86
907 votes
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Ice Pick

#37 - Ice Pick

Teen Wolf Season 2 - Episode 3

Scott struggles to stop Derek from creating new werewolves, while Argent decides to officially begin Allison's training and the new creature in town takes another victim.

star 7.84
1837 votes
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#38 - Battlefield

Teen Wolf Season 2 - Episode 11

Scott must help win the championship lacrosse game while also trying to figure out how to stop Gerard. At the same time, Allison and Argent continue their hunt of Derek and his wolves.

star 7.83
1839 votes
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#39 - Venomous

Teen Wolf Season 2 - Episode 5

Derek becomes convinced that Lydia is the shapeshifter they're after, forcing Scott to gather his friends and even some enemies to protect her.

star 7.82
1664 votes
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#40 - Fireflies

Teen Wolf Season 3 - Episode 3

With Boyd and Cora on the loose and under the influence of the full moon, Scott and Derek must turn to an unlikely ally for help.

star 7.79
1578 votes
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The Fox and the Wolf

#41 - The Fox and the Wolf

Teen Wolf Season 3 - Episode 21

An important clue to defeating their enemy is revealed through the story of a World War II Japanese-American Internment camp while Kira’s role becomes ever more crucial as she begins to realize her own unusual abilities.

star 7.79
1393 votes
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Southern Comfort

#42 - Southern Comfort

Supernatural Season 8 - Episode 6

Sam and Dean investigate a murder and find Garth is already on the case. Dean is not happy to learn that Garth has assumed Bobby’s duties, but Garth points out that both Sam and Dean have been missing for the last year and someone needed to do it. They guys discover an "avenging ghost" is responsible for the murders and they need to find the source before the killings starts again.

star 7.77
3474 votes
A Promise to the Dead

#43 - A Promise to the Dead

Teen Wolf Season 4 - Episode 11

Scott and his Pack begin a dangerous battle against an old enemy.

star 7.76
1396 votes
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Here is Wisdom

#44 - Here is Wisdom

Damien Season 1 - Episode 8

Damien's efforts to control his fate lead to a bloody confrontation; Greta and Simone meet Veronica; Shay loses a witness.

star 7.75
760 votes
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B.J. Blue Hawaii

#45 - B.J. Blue Hawaii

Son of the Beach Season 2 - Episode 1

Notch gets honored by the Hawaiian Tropic so he and the gang go to Hawaii. Notch meets up with an old friend and discovers that his daughter is a drug lord growing Marijuana, Cocaine, Methadone, and Hashish so he and Kimberlee team up to stop her. Meanwhile, Jamaica and B.J. enter a Miss Hawaiian Tropic Contest. Also, Chip pretends that he is gay to get the mayor to stop trying to get him in bed.

star 7.75
8 votes
The Monster of the Week Is Patriarchy

#46 - The Monster of the Week Is Patriarchy

Midnight, Texas Season 2 - Episode 2

Manfred investigates a gruesome murder in the hotel. Lem and Olivia’s psychic connection drives a wedge between them. Bobo’s life is put in danger by a series of strange ‘accidents,’ much to Fiji’s concern.

star 7.75
806 votes
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#47 - Lunatic

Teen Wolf Season 1 - Episode 8

With Derek on the run from Stilinski and his Sheriff's department, Stiles must help Scott face his second full moon as a werewolf while Jackson takes advantage of complications in his relationship with Allison.

star 7.73
2049 votes
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Leda and the Swan (2)

#48 - Leda and the Swan (2)

NCIS: New Orleans Season 7 - Episode 8

As Pride and the team continue the investigation of an Officer’s assault and the murder of her therapist, NCIS zeroes in on a prime suspect who’s been working the system for years. Also, Carter and his mother talk about how they’ll move forward after a past mistake, and Sebastian begins a promising new relationship.

star 7.72
235 votes
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Into Thin Air

#49 - Into Thin Air

NCIS: New Orleans Season 7 - Episode 9

Pride and the team are on the hunt for a kidnapped 14-year-old and discover that her father, who will soon have custody of her, is a radical survivalist living off the grid.

star 7.71
251 votes
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Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler (2)

#50 - Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler (2)

NCIS: New Orleans Season 7 - Episode 16

On the eve of Pride's wedding to Rita, and Connor entering witness protection, Pride must find who attacked Jimmy (Jason Alan Carvell) and Connor (Drew Scheid), while also figuring out Sasha's (Callie Thorne) ulterior motives regarding their son.

star 7.71
211 votes
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Smells Like Teen Spirit

#51 - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 - Episode 6

Secrets are uncovered about Rosa’s final day, Isobel’s mysterious blackouts and Alex and Michael’s relationship in high school.

star 7.71
557 votes
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This Is Not a Test

#52 - This Is Not a Test

The Purge Season 2 - Episode 1

Four interconnected characters navigate the aftermath of the Purge over the ensuing year.

star 7.67
510 votes
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Murphy's Law

#53 - Murphy's Law

Z Nation Season 1 - Episode 12

Murphy is kidnapped by a group of outlaws trying to crack the "Fort Knox of Oxycontin." As the survivors battle drug-enhanced zombies, a startling discovery is made about Murphy's abilities.

star 7.66
1377 votes
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#54 - 7:01am

The Purge Season 2 - Episode 10

As Purge Night rages on, Esme, Ryan, Marcus and Ben fight for their lives and their loved ones.

star 7.66
338 votes
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Head Games

#55 - Head Games

Midnight, Texas Season 2 - Episode 1

After shutting the veil to hell, The Midnighters finally settle into a semblance of normality— until the opening of a new hotel rocks their stability once again. Manfred deals with the consequences of ‘taking-in’ six demons. Joe makes a new friend.

star 7.66
898 votes
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#56 - Abomination

Teen Wolf Season 2 - Episode 4

When the new shapeshifter strikes again, Scott has to recruit a reluctant Allison to acquire a rare book in Gerard's collection, while also once again surviving dinner with the family.

star 7.65
1688 votes
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Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!

#57 - Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!

Supernatural Season 7 - Episode 8

While on a hunt, Sam runs into someone from his past and a confrontation ensues. Meanwhile, Dean reluctantly teams up with a quirky, laid-back hunter named Garth, when he finds himself in a situation that he just cannot explain.

star 7.64
3709 votes
Night School

#58 - Night School

Teen Wolf Season 1 - Episode 7

Trapped in the high school at night, Scott and his friends face both questions and suspicions among each other and the threat of attack from a powerful werewolf trying to get in.

star 7.60
2187 votes
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Hibbing 911

#59 - Hibbing 911

Supernatural Season 10 - Episode 8

Jody Mills reluctantly attends a mandatory sheriff’s retreat and is partnered with an overeager sheriff named Donna who wants to bond. Just as Jody thinks things can’t get any worse, a body with just strings of meat and skin hanging off the bones is discovered. While the local sheriffs blame an animal attack, Jody knows better and calls Sam and Dean.

star 7.57
2373 votes

#60 - Plush

Supernatural Season 11 - Episode 7

Sheriff Donna calls Sam and Dean for help after a horrific murder with supernatural elements happens in her town. Sam continues to have visions and asks God for help, which frustrates Dean.

star 7.53
2306 votes
The Shadowman

#61 - The Shadowman

Falling Water Season 2 - Episode 1

Tess, Taka and Burton try to move on, but get drawn back into the worlds of dreams and dreamers; James tells Tess about a dangerous enemy.

star 7.47
228 votes
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So Much for the Afterglow

#62 - So Much for the Afterglow

Roswell, New Mexico Season 1 - Episode 2

The 10th anniversary of Rosa’s death reignites tensions as the town takes aim at Liz and her father. Max confronts Michael and Isobel, who are concerned that his feelings for Liz will expose their secret. Master Sergeant Manes’ attempt to convince Kyle of the alien conspiracy in Roswell takes an unexpected turn. Liz and Kyle make a shocking revelation about Rosa’s death.

star 7.44
736 votes
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#63 - Watchers

Falling Water Season 2 - Episode 2

Tess faces off with an intruder; Burton encounters a ghost from his past; Taka believes his mother's dreams may hold the key to solving his case.

star 7.34
213 votes
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Hamm Stroker's Suck My Blood

#64 - Hamm Stroker's Suck My Blood

Son of the Beach Season 3 - Episode 8

star 7.25
4 votes
Die, Zombie, Die... Again

#65 - Die, Zombie, Die... Again

Z Nation Season 1 - Episode 9

Mack attempts to go on a real date with Addy, but ends up stuck in some Groundhog Day-like nightmare.

star 6.88
1469 votes
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