The BEST episodes directed by Tara Nicole Weyr

Anatomy of a Murder
609 votes

#1 - Anatomy of a Murder

Devious Maids - Season 3 - Episode 13

The maids put their own lives at risk and unmask a killer.

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658 votes

#2 - Burned

The Night Shift - Season 3 - Episode 13

Scott and Jordan must perform surgery in the field as the burning wildfire gains intensity around them. Syd has caught Typhus along with hundreds of other patients on the Syria-Turkey border, and TC goes to great lengths to get the medication. Meanwhile, Drew and Rick fight to keep Brianna, while San Antonio Memorial finds an unlikely buyer, though saving the hospital comes at a cost.

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Private Lives
655 votes

#3 - Private Lives

Devious Maids - Season 2 - Episode 6

Marisol discovers more secrets about Opal. Rosie attempts to help Lucinda, which only leads to further strife within the Miller family. Carmen prepares for a performance. Zoila tries to move on from her husband and goes on a date. Genevieve interferes with Valentina and Ethan’s relationship.

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We'll Always Have Paris
175 votes

#4 - We'll Always Have Paris

The Bold Type - Season 2 - Episode 10

Sutton's professional dreams come true when she jets off to Paris for Fashion Week, but while there she gains a new perspective on her situation. Jane moves forward with her fertility plan until she learns surprising news about her options and is faced with Ben and Pinstripe's different solutions. Kat faces pressure from Jacqueline to make their Paris party a success while attempting to reset her relationship with Adena.

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All That I Got Is You
264 votes

#5 - All That I Got Is You

Wu-Tang: An American Saga - Season 1 - Episode 4

Bobby and Dennis find a new hustle to make some cream.

698 votes

#6 - Betrayal

Devious Maids - Season 2 - Episode 7

Marisol convinces Nicholas to get rid of Opal; Reggie grows jealous when he learns of Rosie’s history with Spence; Carmen tries to let Ty down easy; Zoila gets closer to Javier; Adrian is suspicious of the relationship between Evelyn and Tony.

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The Angel of San Bernardino
3125 votes

#7 - The Angel of San Bernardino

Lucifer - Season 3 - Episode 20

Lucifer and Chloe investigate a murder during which a witness claims a winged guardian angel saved her life, causing Lucifer to become paranoid about his own actions. Meanwhile, Pierce and Chloe's relationship takes an interesting turn and Lucifer discovers something that could change everything.

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My Little Monkey
6092 votes

#8 - My Little Monkey

Lucifer - Season 2 - Episode 7

When the prisoner convicted of killing Chloe's father is murdered, new evidence suggests he was actually framed. Meanwhile, Maze tries to find a job and Lucifer shadows Dan in order to learn how to be "normal".

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The Woman Behind the Clothes
327 votes

#9 - The Woman Behind the Clothes

The Bold Type - Season 1 - Episode 3

Kat finds herself the victim of internet trolling when she stands up for gender inequality. Sutton thinks she may have found her dream job but worries she doesn’t have what it takes to make it work. And Jane pursues a story about a congresswoman but tries to find a different angle to make her voice heard.

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Scrambling the Eggs
684 votes

#10 - Scrambling the Eggs

Devious Maids - Season 1 - Episode 9

Evelyn blackmails Rosie so she can spend more time with baby Tucker. Zoila is upset when Genevieve presents her with an interesting proposition for Valentina. Marisol discovers some new information about Flora and grows suspicious of Michael. Carmen is troubled by Alejandro's reaction to Odessa's illness.

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One Last Time
538 votes

#11 - One Last Time

Good Girls - Season 2 - Episode 9

Stan faces the consequences for his role in Ruby’s criminal dealings. Meanwhile, Dean gives Beth an ultimatum, and Greg clashes with Annie’s new boyfriend.

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All In
635 votes

#12 - All In

The Night Shift - Season 3 - Episode 8

Topher's mother arrives in the ER with life-threatening symptoms. As her condition deteriorates, the team works furiously to save her before it's too late. Drew and Shannon treat a gravely injured foster mom and while Drew bonds with the scared young foster daughter, the team discovers the mother has a secret. Meanwhile, Jordan and Scott treat a patient with a rare condition and when an important piece of equipment needed for his treatment fails, Jordan must enlist the help of TC's new girlfriend Jessica whose company makes the machine.

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Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith
4499 votes

#13 - Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith

Lucifer - Season 3 - Episode 3

After talking to Lucifer and Linda, Maze realizes that she is looking for more out of life and decides to head to Canada for a tricky case. Chloe however, becomes concerned when she feels that Maze is being deceived by a scheming conman. Upon further investigation, Lucifer and Chloe make a stunning realization when they find that their target may be much closer than they thought.

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Two-Ply (or Not Two-Ply)
1931 votes

#14 - Two-Ply (or Not Two-Ply)

The Good Doctor - Season 2 - Episode 6

Morgan and Shaun’s indecision on how to treat a young violinist who visits the ER with an infected finger could affect her future in more ways than one. Meanwhile, Lim, Claire and Park can’t figure out if their young patient is really ill or looking for attention.

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243 votes

#15 - Labels

Wu-Tang: An American Saga - Season 1 - Episode 8

Industry Rule #4,080…

1755 votes

#16 - Addiction

Revenge - Season 3 - Episode 17

Emily uses her newly single status to unravel a mystery from the past as Pascal attempts to make up for lost time with Victoria.

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Minding the Baby
734 votes

#17 - Minding the Baby

Devious Maids - Season 1 - Episode 8

Genevieve lies to her new boyfriend about her age, much to Zoila's dismay. Rosie begins working at the Powells. Carmen learns Odessa is hiding something. Marisol goes with Taylor to a fertility clinic.

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All About Her
3423 votes

#18 - All About Her

Lucifer - Season 3 - Episode 12

After Lt. Pierce's true identity is revealed, Lucifer tries to figure out his motives. In order to earn Chloe's assistance in his investigation of Pierce, Lucifer goes above and beyond to help her solve the murder of a professional surfer. Meanwhile, Amenadiel deals with a personal health issue.

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5695 votes

#19 - Pops

Lucifer - Season 1 - Episode 10

Lucifer and Chloe are tasked with solving the murder of a prominent restaurateur. When they meet his son, they suspect he played a part in the death. Meanwhile, Chloe's mom returns home, sending Chloe's life into upheaval, as Lucifer learns his own dysfunctional family isn't nearly as unique as he thought.

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Take My Hand
1629 votes

#20 - Take My Hand

The Good Doctor - Season 3 - Episode 4

As a conspiracy theorist questions Dr. Neil Melendez’s of his liver damage, Dr. Claire Brown treats a woman whose inability to feel pain is threatening both her marriage and her life. Meanwhile, Dr. Shaun Murphy and Dr. Aaron Glassman each face crises in their romantic relationships.

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5529 votes

#21 - Backfire

Designated Survivor - Season 1 - Episode 13

An investigative journalist shocks the White House when he reveals classified information during a press briefing and leaves Seth struggling to contain the damage from the leaked story. Hannah unearths a key connection between MacLeish and the conspiracy.

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The Way Back
664 votes

#22 - The Way Back

The Night Shift - Season 3 - Episode 3

Drew returns from deployment in Afghanistan and can't seem to shake off the stress of being back from overseas. Things get crazy right away as he, Jordan and Kenny treat a bride (Lindsey Morgan, "The 100") and her wedding party who have been injured during the festivities, as well as her father, whose presence is not making things easier. Meanwhile, TC helps Topher entertain his demanding mother, whose extended visit is putting stress on the family.

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True Colors
3468 votes

#23 - True Colors

The Flash (2014) - Season 4 - Episode 13

After hearing that Amunet has struck a deal to buy all of the metahumans in Iron Heights, Barry must decide if he should expose his powers in order to save his cellmates. After a visit from an old friend, Ralph is reminded of his shady past and wonders if he’s really a changed man.

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With So Little to Be Sure Of
1839 votes

#24 - With So Little to Be Sure Of

Desperate Housewives - Season 8 - Episode 19

Carlos gets concerned about Gabrielle's new job; an affair makes Susan suspicious; the police ask a hotel owner about Alejandro's whereabouts; Bree needs a lawyer's help in order to get her charges of Alejandro Perez's murder cleared. Jane served to Lynette their divorce papers.

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Best Laid Plans
504 votes

#25 - Best Laid Plans

The Night Shift - Season 2 - Episode 8

A downtown gas explosion sends dozens of casualties to San Antonio Memorial Hospital.

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The Face of Oblivion
1251 votes

#26 - The Face of Oblivion

The Crossing - Season 1 - Episode 4

Desperate to rescue his son, Oliver, from a potentially lethal situation, Jude reaches out to Emma with a request that could endanger the lives of everyone at the camp. Meanwhile, Hannah’s secret past comes to light, Sophie discovers something unexpected in Leah’s blood work and Paul discloses a shocking piece of information about the earlier migration.

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1356 votes

#27 - Fallback

Chicago Med - Season 1 - Episode 3

Dr. Rhodes must confront his past when he treats a close family friend who’s been impaled by glass in a case that reunites him with his sister. Meanwhile, a musician must decide to undergo surgery that will save her life but could destroy her hearing.

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1583 votes

#28 - Interference

Frequency - Season 1 - Episode 8

Raimy and Satch discover a shocking connection to the Nightingale’s first kill. When Raimy shares this news with Frank, he works to dig up additional information. Meanwhile, Frank and Julie are forced to have an honest conversation, and Raimy has a surprise visitor.

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A Pirate's Life
1332 votes

#29 - A Pirate's Life

Once Upon a Time (2011) - Season 7 - Episode 2

When Henry finds himself in trouble, he calls upon his Storybrooke family for help, and together they set off on a mission to find Cinderella. Along the way, Hook is confronted by an unexpected foe who threatens the group’s success. In Hyperion Heights, Jacinda searches for a way to see Lucy with some unwelcome assistance from Henry, while Victoria Belfrey enlists the help of Gold and Weaver to push Henry out of the neighborhood.

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Making the Connection
2175 votes

#30 - Making the Connection

Desperate Housewives - Season 8 - Episode 2

Gabrielle teaches Carlos how to dance on a strip pole; Susan seeks out a punishment for feeling guilty; Renee bonds with one of the customers at a senior center; Tom and Lynette wonder why Parker was at a late night party; Bree discovers Chuck's past.

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She Done Him Wrong
601 votes

#31 - She Done Him Wrong

Devious Maids - Season 3 - Episode 6

Carmen unwillingly helps Adrian with his hobby which has dangerous consequences. Marisol worries over her relationship with Jesse. Zoila struggles with her feelings about having a new baby, while dealing with the arrival of her younger sister. Rosie continues to battle with her love for both of her husbands and makes a drastic decision. Evelyn discovers a new desire within herself.

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The Talk of the Town
659 votes

#32 - The Talk of the Town

Devious Maids - Season 3 - Episode 5

Zoila discovers a secret from Genevieve's past; Rosie is torn between Ernesto and Spence.

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Hostis Humani Generis
583 votes

#33 - Hostis Humani Generis

Billions - Season 6 - Episode 6

After a donation to the city of New York puts a strain on the firm, Prince must find fresh capital. Despite skepticism from his team, Chuck searches for a way to undermine Prince’s largesse. Sacker and a competitor size each other up.

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Truly Content
3039 votes

#34 - Truly Content

Desperate Housewives - Season 7 - Episode 3

Susan is less than pleased when she finds out that some of her best and sexiest internet show moves are being copied by a competitor (guest star Rebecca Creskoff), and Gabrielle hires a private detective to look into an important matter, unbeknownst to Carlos. Meanwhile, Lynette is stunned when Tom's doctor prescribes him a rather unorthodox remedy for his depression, and Renee invites a reluctant Bree to go clubbing with her in order to engage in some local man-hunting.

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1707 votes

#35 - Skidmark

Fear the Walking Dead - Season 5 - Episode 4

Charlie makes a friend, while Strand, Wendell, and Sarah's rescue mission hits a snag. Elsewhere, Alicia, Luciana, and Morgan struggle to fulfill their mission.

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457 votes

#36 - Blindspots

The Purge - Season 2 - Episode 3

The residual effects of Purge Night infect the lives of Ryan, Marcus, and Esme.

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Lovely Dark and Deep
690 votes

#37 - Lovely Dark and Deep

The Purge - Season 1 - Episode 7

Miguel and Penelope hike the forest. Jane must endure David's party. Rick doubts Lila's intentions.

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Rock of Eye
599 votes

#38 - Rock of Eye

Billions - Season 6 - Episode 5

With a new player at Prince Cap, the trading floor scrambles to stake out their turf. Meanwhile, Taylor makes a huge bet on a risky play and Chuck tries to bring home a worthy case but encounters an unexpected challenge.

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The Code
2051 votes

#39 - The Code

Fear the Walking Dead - Season 4 - Episode 11

Morgan's journey is derailed by some new acquaintances.

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Childhood's End
374 votes

#40 - Childhood's End

The Society - Season 1 - Episode 3

After the boys ransack the stores, Cassandra rallies the girls to exert their power. The students plan a prom, and Kelly uncovers a family secret.

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