The BEST episodes directed by Takeyuki Sadohara

In Thought I Saw You
29 votes

#1 - In Thought I Saw You

Chihayafuru - Season 2 - Episode 22

Despite her injury, Chihaya requests that Shinobu play with everything she has. As Shinobu takes the lead, Chihaya decides to take the gauze and tape off her finger, as she feels it is slowing her down, managing to win Shinobu's best card. However, Shinobu soon gains a further lead as Chihaya feels more pain from her injury, and the game soon ends with Shinobu's win by 23 cards. After the match, Chihaya thanks Shinobu for not going easy on her and tells her she plans to play against her again in the Queen match. Remembering her childhood friend who she was seperated from due to her karuta training, Shinobu anticipates her next match with Chihaya. Meanwhile, in the Class B tournament, Taichi is in a winning situation against Hiro.

The Road to the Wizard King
257 votes

#2 - The Road to the Wizard King

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 5

The entrance exam finally comes to a close. The time has arrives for the captains to decide which candidates they want to join their squads.

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My Ex Needs Taking Care Of "Thirty-Eight Degrees, Apparently"
30 votes

#3 - My Ex Needs Taking Care Of "Thirty-Eight Degrees, Apparently"

My Stepmom's Daughter Is My Ex - Season 1 - Episode 2

After entering high school, Yume was making an effort to change her personality and looks in an attempt to reinvent herself as a model student. It was all so far so good, but there was one thing she couldn't change about herself. She was never very athletic. On the day of the physical fitness test and body measurement check at school, a melancholy Yume is approached by Minami Akatsuki, a girl from the same class. Meanwhile, Mizuto is as disinterested as ever...

To the Dream Stage
28 votes

#4 - To the Dream Stage

Ace of Diamond - Season 1 - Episode 21

Kanemaru helps Sawamura get ready for the exams. Until Sawamura passes all his exams, he will be ineligible to play in a game. After a few practices, he manages to get a 30, two 35's, and a 36 on his test making him eligible for the tourney. As Chris watches Sawamura pitch into the net, he secretky thinks how he can fine tune Sawamura's grip into a great weapon that no one will be able to defeat. Furuya isn't as lucky and is forced to take the makeup test. Everyone receives their numbers. The opening ceremonies are held for the Tokyo Tournament. Only two schools, those whom make the championship game, will be able to go on to the National Tournament. After the Opening Ceremony, Seido returns to their practice facility. We see Furuya and Sawamura getting used to the fielding, but Kawakami appears to be struggling. Realizing it's time to boost Kawakami's confidence, the Coach takes him aside and announces he will be their ace closer and to not worry about having to start. Furuya is named the starter. Seido opens its first match against Maimon West, who is about to see what Furuya's fastball is all about.

Hone Your Moving Fastball
26 votes

#5 - Hone Your Moving Fastball

Ace of Diamond - Season 1 - Episode 10

Chris finally tells Eijun what sets him apart is his moving fastball. He reveals all the training he's given Eijun could make him the ace if he does it regularly for one year. However Eijun wants to thank Chris personally by delivering his best pitch to him in a game. One night when he's doing secret practices, Coach Katoka catches him and threatens to split him up from Chris. When Eijun tells him his reason for practicing this way at night, he recommends Eijun start a towel exercise that will improve his flexibility and control. Now with his speed back and his movement becoming better than ever, Sawamura is ready for his final JV game. The only question is will there be a catcher available to help him and catch his moving fastball?

The Wizard King Saw
235 votes

#6 - The Wizard King Saw

Black Clover - Season 1 - Episode 12

As they were visiting the Black Market, Asta and the others see an old woman get robbed, and Asta goes after the thief.

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Youthful Indiscretion
18 votes

#7 - Youthful Indiscretion

My Stepmom's Daughter Is My Ex - Season 1 - Episode 9

We are brought back in time to when Yume and Mizuto were once a couple. A time when neither of them could control their nerves in what was their first ever relationship. Having already held hands and kissed before, the young couple are eager to take the next step. Spring break passes, however, with neither able to make the first move. Upon entering their third and final year of middle school, the two are regrettably put into separate classes. Alas, unable to spend as much time together as before, they both begin to grow apart.