The Best Episodes Directed by Stacey K. Black

Dead Drop

#1 - Dead Drop

Major Crimes Season 5 - Episode 17

A heavy body is found forty feet up a tree surrounded by marijuana when Dr. Morales shows up with his father, a retired detective from Uruguay; Julio Sanchez works to get legal guardianship of Mark Jarvis; Andy Flynn prepares a surprise for Sharon.

star 7.99
841 votes
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Fool for Liv

#2 - Fool for Liv

All Rise Season 1 - Episode 6

Lola contends with a fame-hungry defendant, personal assistant Olivia McLeland, and a circus-like courtroom while presiding over a celebrity’s murder trial that forces her to find peace at Sherri’s home after she’s chased by paparazzi.

star 7.90
244 votes
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Conspiracy Theory: Part 3

#3 - Conspiracy Theory: Part 3

Major Crimes Season 6 - Episode 8

While working two seemingly connected murders, the division suddenly uncovers a series of sexual assaults against servers from Tackles. As a new theory about the killer gathers steam, however, an unexpected twist throws Major Crimes off course and Sharon Raydor off- balance.

star 7.89
543 votes
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Cheaters Never Prosper

#4 - Cheaters Never Prosper

Major Crimes Season 1 - Episode 9

A man from Las Vegas is found dead after an apparent overdose, but the facts become unclear as gritty details begin to unfold. Meanwhile, a series of strange events leave Rusty and Raydor wondering if Dunn (Ian Bohen) can be trusted.

star 7.76
852 votes
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The Missing Piece

#5 - The Missing Piece

Bull (2016) Season 3 - Episode 5

Bull joins the defense team of a seemingly unwinnable case when a doctor is put on trial for murder after his submission to a DNA database links him to a homicide. While Bull and Benny work on selecting jurors who are predisposed to trust their instincts instead of incontrovertible evidence, Danny and Mackenzie research if their client’s DNA sample may have been contaminated.

star 7.76
809 votes
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#6 - Overlooked

NCIS: New Orleans Season 6 - Episode 4

The NCIS team uncovers a sinister plot by a private detention center contracted by the government to house undocumented immigrants. Lasalle and Sebastian travel to Alabama to search for Lasalle’s missing brother.

star 7.75
402 votes
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Trial by Fire

#7 - Trial by Fire

Major Crimes Season 3 - Episode 14

There is a miscarriage of justice when a gang banger is acquitted of murder and released from custody. Sharon’s ex-husband, Jack Raydor represents the suspect in a subsequent murder. Rusty takes a chance when the guy he has a crush on visits the station.

star 7.73
465 votes
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The Past and the Furious

#8 - The Past and the Furious

Stumptown Season 1 - Episode 11

With Sue Lynn's help, Dex works to find a fellow veteran's birth parents after he discovers that he's adopted. Meanwhile, Ansel creates a birthday bucket list for turning twenty-one and enlists Grey's help to complete each item. Elsewhere, Grey continues to work with Hoffman and goes undercover to infiltrate a car ring operation.

star 7.73
370 votes
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Bad Apple

#9 - Bad Apple

NCIS: New Orleans Season 6 - Episode 3

Pride travels to New York after new evidence links to a 20-year-old cold case from his time at Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office.

star 7.73
386 votes
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The Dark Night

#10 - The Dark Night

Station 19 Season 2 - Episode 13

A blackout in Seattle creates dangerous situations throughout the city and the members of Station 19 head out on calls, including locating a missing girl and helping a man on life support where every second counts.

star 7.73
400 votes
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Tick Tock

#11 - Tick Tock

NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 - Episode 10

While on a sunrise jog, Pride is grabbed by two masked men who order him to complete a series of tasks in order to save Wade and his father, Cassius Pride, who are being held captive.

star 7.72
534 votes
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The Last Mile

#12 - The Last Mile

NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 - Episode 15

FBI Special Agent Raymond Isler asks Pride for help with an off-the-books opioids theft investigation he is personally invested in. Also, Percy is sent undercover as a getaway driver with Isler as the muscle for a job tied to the case.

star 7.71
731 votes
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Conspiracy Theory: Part 1

#13 - Conspiracy Theory: Part 1

Major Crimes Season 6 - Episode 6

When a well-known attorney, celebrated for her defense of oppressed women is found dead, there are no shortage of high-profile suspects, including her son, her ex-husband, a film director whose career she helped destroy and a former football player whose sports bars/restaurant chain, Tackles, features scantily clad women. Meanwhile, Rusty and Gus confront issues in their relationship.

star 7.71
600 votes
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Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay

#14 - Drown the Sadness in Chardonnay

Midnight, Texas Season 2 - Episode 5

Lem makes a shocking decision. Olivia's past comes back to haunt her. Fiji seeks outside help from her fellow Light Witches. A suicide pits Manfred and Kai against one another.

star 7.70
634 votes
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Crab Mentality

#15 - Crab Mentality

NCIS: New Orleans Season 5 - Episode 15

The team investigates multiple murders tied to a construction company creating an experimental chemical that strengthens sea walls. Also, evidence from Hannah’s previous mission in Oman is used against her as blackmail.

star 7.69
465 votes
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Hindsight: Part 2

#16 - Hindsight: Part 2

Major Crimes Season 4 - Episode 20

A startling discovery is made in a church. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Sanchez bond over lost loved ones; Rusty discovers that his biological mother's ex is an on-the-run fugitive; and Tao is pushed too far by an old partner.

star 7.69
534 votes
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Dirty Dexy Money

#17 - Dirty Dexy Money

Stumptown Season 1 - Episode 12

Dex becomes fast friends with a new client, the owner of a male strip club who has been mysteriously losing money. Grey continues to help Hoffman and his new partner on the carjacking case.

star 7.69
347 votes
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Star Turn

#18 - Star Turn

The Closer Season 7 - Episode 9

Brenda can't understand what led to a father's disappearance just as his daughter's single was about to hit the charts making her famous very quickly. Brenda has an opportunity to make her lawsuit disappear by settling with the family that brought it against her but that deal may not be as good as everybody hoped it would.

star 7.68
544 votes
Risk Assessment

#19 - Risk Assessment

Major Crimes Season 2 - Episode 16

When a well-off graduate student gets shot to death in a gang-riddled neighborhood, the Major Crimes Division must work with the FBI, including Fritz Howard, to find his killer. Throughout the investigation, it is revealed how each member of the unit became interested in joining the police force.

star 7.67
687 votes
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Off the Wagon

#20 - Off the Wagon

Major Crimes Season 5 - Episode 8

Andy Flynn and Mike Tao investigate the mysterious overdose of a young Hollywood star; Rusty decides how to handle the pregnancy of his biological mother.

star 7.65
705 votes
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Mind Palace

#21 - Mind Palace

Stitchers Season 3 - Episode 4

When an MI6 agent is found dead, Kirsten struggles to sort through his memories due to the visual codes that the spy used to keep secrets. Meanwhile, Linus and Camille go on a double date, but not with each other.

star 7.60
939 votes
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Taking the Fall

#22 - Taking the Fall

Major Crimes Season 4 - Episode 14

The Major Crimes team is called to investigate a follow up attack on a victim of road rage, as a business executive and his wife fall prey to a furious driver in a pickup truck. As Thanksgiving approaches, Flynn suffers a setback on his road to recovery. And Rusty finally gets the interview with Slider that he wanted.

star 7.55
558 votes
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The Fugitive

#23 - The Fugitive

The Fix Season 1 - Episode 6

Sevvy is nowhere to be found before he is due to appear in court. Jessica Meyer’s sister Lindsay meets with Maya and wants Sevvy behind bars, while the police receive a report that Maya is being stalked.

star 7.52
102 votes
Last Woman Standing

#24 - Last Woman Standing

The Closer Season 6 - Episode 9

Brenda's next case has her investigating the brutal murder of an actress who was dating through an online service, unfortunately the case takes a backseat because Brenda has an interview with the mayor for the next chief of police. Brenda still has second thoughts about whether she'd like the job.

star 7.39
691 votes
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